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the news live from berlin after the pomp and circumstance of the trump camp summit what did the two leaders really achieve trump invites came to washington and hailed the meeting of resoundingly six asked questions remain over the concessions he made and the lack of detail in the joint statement a sign will get reactions from seoul and moscow also coming up. macedonia reaches a historic of ford with its neighbor greece to change its name to the decision opens the door for the former yugoslav republic to join the e.u.
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and nato but the mood in the popular with everyone. but decision day for the bond which nations will host the twenty twenty six software world cop out of the world prepares for this year's event a joint bid for the united states canada and mexico goes up against an offering from five time bidders morocco. to call out and welcome to the program u.s. president trump has been praising yesterday's summit with north korean leader kim jong un as a resoundingly success but the meeting that concluded with a one page agreement that's light on detail is prompting questions about the concessions trump made to kim his announcement that u.s. war games in south korea will be canceled seemed to have caught seoul and the pentagon by surprise the nuclear. but we never even discussed the other in an
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interview with the a.b.c. news network following the talks in singapore u.s. president donald trump said it was a big day for the world he also announced that he will freeze military war games with south korea and i'm doing something that i wanted to do from the beginning we stop playing those war games a cost us a fortune you know we're spending a fortune every number of months we're doing war games with south korea and i said what's this costing we're flying planes in from warm and we're bombing empty mountains for practice and i said i want to stop that i will stop that and i think it's very provocative especially george since we're getting along in the us where we're in process of signing something schools you talk about pulling troops out u.s. troops. but we're not going to play the war games. the north has long objected to the drills calling them a security threat in the first reaction since the talks pyongyang's official state news agency released
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a statement saying that it was urgent for north korea and the u.s. to halt irritating and hostile military actions against each other. trump has agreed on a step by step denuclearization process by the north in return for u.s. concessions north korea may have pledged to dismantle its nuclear arsenal the questions still remain as to how and when this will be achieved and verified. north korea's state media also confirm the tramp and cam have both accepted mutual invitations to visit washington and pyongyang. to discuss this further let's bring in correspondent jason strother in seoul jason good to see the first concession coming from trump at the summit it appears to have caught the u.s. military officials and a south korean government off guard though how did this announcement go down in
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seoul. right i think everyone has been caught. by surprise by trump's remarks let alone the united states forces korea which stations nearly thirty thousand american soldiers here however on the streets let's say it's more of a mixed bag there are certainly south koreans who feel that the. united states forces here the annual exercises are sort of a a a lynchpin of the republic of korea u.s. alliance but there are also many south koreans who would be very glad to see the united states gale down any sort of military maneuvers here. it is correct that the exercises are provocative and north korea uses those maneuvers to justify launching missiles making threats to turn soul into
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a sea of fire threatening to strike the united states with intercontinental ballistic missiles but again this has called people by surprise here and i think we can expect negotiations between the u.s. and south korea to engage over this jason you mentioned the nearly thirty thousand u.s. troops in south korea trump has left open the possibility of bringing them home from south korea without specifying a timeframe or whether that would even happen what has the reaction in south korea been to that. right well i mean ever since trump was on the campaign trail he had threatened to bring american soldiers home from south korea and even yesterday during his post summit press conference he kind of threw south korea under the bus saying again making this claim that the south doesn't financially support american forces here to the degree that it should be some debate can be
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made about that. again here in south korea. there are mixed feelings to the u.s. military let's say for the elder generations who remember how united states came to south korea's rescue during the korean war and help fight back north korea as well as china. goes that generation of south koreans would be very horrifying to see american soldiers leave but for younger generations who would prefer better relations with north korea and also the sense that there is an occupying foreign army in their country some people would not be sad at all to see u.s. soldiers go home correspondent jason strother in seoul thank you very much thank you now the meeting between donald trump and kim jong un didn't go unnoticed
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in moscow here is the tell me is russia correspondent emily share when emily how has the kremlin reacted to yesterday's summit. well there has been a foreign ministry statement that was released yesterday and in that statement russia very much welcomed what had happened this as they called step towards a normalization in u.s. north korean relations and they specifically praised the fact that the u.s. would be stopping its its military maneuvers on north korean borders which it's described as provocative actions and what's interesting as well obvious that this statement very much portrayed what is happening at the moment on the world stage is part all part of a kind of russian diplomatic plan it's pacifically mentioned the chinese russian roadmap that was worked out last year and this is kind of being portrayed as just the next step in that roadmap and also the next step in that road map then after
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this meeting between the u.s. and north korea will be to widen talks and russia is very much now calling on all sides to widen out talks and to kind of get russia at the table as well not only the kremlin is surely looking to counter american influence in the region what would they want to see happen down the line especially after this summit the didn't directly involve them. well russia very much wants a seat at the table of role in this process and you can see that by the statement the foreign ministry released and also by official visits that have taken place in the last few days and weeks and also official visits that are being planned already the kremlin a few days ago just a few days ago announced that the sort of south korean president would be visiting moscow and russia in just ten days and also the russian foreign
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minister said again lover off was in north korea just two weeks ago he met with north korea and the north korean foreign minister and with kim jong un himself and it looks like they were trying to kind of get putin to meet kim jong un before trump met kim jong un but that's not happening that obviously didn't happen it looks like there's a meeting between clinton and kim jong un that may be in the works in september so russia is very much pushing to get in on this dialogue. correspondent emily i'm sure when in moscow thank you for your insights now some of the other stories making news around the world in yemen troops backed by a saudi led coalition have launched an attack on the main port city of it's seen as a key battlefront and possible turning point in yemen's three year civil war between the countries saudi backed government in iran. but aid groups warn the high
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data assault risks huge civilian casualties. more than six hundred migrants are headed to spain by boat after being stranded for days in the mediterranean spain offered to take them in on monday as they're expected to arrive on the weekend both italy and malta have closed their ports to the asylum seekers storing fresh debate about refugee policies. e.u. migration policies were also the focus of talks between german chancellor angela merkel and her austrian counterpart sebastian boards who were lent for it said he will prioritize strengthening e.u. borders when vienna takes over the rotating e.u. presidency on july first for america meanwhile is under pressure or does the visions within our conservative bloc over germany's migration policy. our recent macedonia have resolve the dispute that's been blocking the former
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yugoslav republic from joining nato and applying for a u. membership a problem for greece had been macedonia as official name because it's also the name of a great province macedonia as prime minister has announced that his country will now be known as the republic of north macedonia but not everyone's happy about the name change to embattled neighbors extending their hands in peace greece and macedonia have ended a twenty seven year route over a name. to lift the. they've agreed to change their constitutional name for all uses says they've agreed to rename their country the republic of north macedonia moment the change that will apply in their international and by that are old relations as well as domestically. simply look at the these warriors with you in. greece as the new name removed any connection to the northern greek region of macedonia and the ancient kingdom ruled by alexander the great
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fearing territorial and cultural claims greece had long blocked macedonia's bid to join nato and the e.u. the new name means that greece could lift that veto on macedonia prime minister voters to support the deal in a referendum they took this year. before you program i call on all citizens to seize the future twenty five years of being stuck is enough . many generations have been lost macedonia must go forward and be equal with the west compete with them and have the same quality of life of the program so questions like are they going to stick with it in the u.s. . but that deal has sparked protests in both countries with opponents in athens saying it doesn't go far enough decades long disputes die hard.
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electric carmaker taff lie in fact to flash thousands of jobs hard and emails and stuff c.e.o. elon musk said the layoffs were necessary for the company to to become profitable to the cuts which will see nine percent of workers lose their jobs come as the company grapples to address a number of problems including the departure of senior staff and crashes involving self arriving cause musk says the production of tesla's must market models three sit down would be wouldn't be affected shares in chinese technology companies that have crashed almost forty percent in its first day of trading in two months return to the markets comes after the firm reached a settlement with u.s. authorities trading was originally set suspended back in april after washington accused the company of violating sanctions against iran and north korea resulting ban on american companies selling parts to put the company's future in question.
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a federal judge in the u.s. has ruled telecoms giant eighty and can buy a media conglomerate time warner for eighty five billion dollars the decision came after a six week trial and represents a major shake up in the global media and industry the government argued the deal was illegal because it could give a t.n.t. the power to withhold channels like h.b.o. with popular series like games game of thrones and c.n.n. from smaller rivals the deal will allow it t.n.t. to compete with the internet companies that dominate digital advertising. germany's seed its digital trade fair used to be the world's biggest trade show of its kind but visitor numbers have formed drastically from what they were in the heyday of the dot com boom now organizers are trying to revive the brand they moved the date from chilly march to summary june and want to make it feel more like
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a cool startup festival and a trade that surf's up it see that the standing wave is definitely the main attraction and anyone who wants to can hop on a board and have a go this is how a chip maker intel is trying to draw attention to its full array into out official intelligence the whole thing is broadcast via three hundred sixty degree camera and the surface can be viewed with virtual reality technology. laden down in the visitors can have a real time window into the surfing experience with a three hundred sixty degree field of vision out official intelligence is what's behind it software that can recognize which image data can be compressed and which is necessary for quality in an efficient video stream. it's all part of a new groundswell it's a bit to try to attract a younger public. here a robot serves juices mixed from six different ingredients and tailored to each customer's wish. to start up behind the idea wants to demonstrate how one can
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organize a distribution chain using block chain technology. the advantages actually that there's no middleman that means that there's no uncertainty in the supply chain anymore the process has been largely digitalized through block chain technology. but there's also an analog component here food trucks and deck chairs have added a relaxed vibe to see bit but how's the fares reincarnation being received among the visiting public. i really like it i enjoy it there's a lot of places we can go there's a lot of new technologies and everything is really special to me something i i actually hoped for a bit more i find it a bit boring it feels like the old sea bit but just with the ferris wheel and i'm looking at many impressions affecting us today but in any case we plan to come again we've just discovered the fun part and we still have
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a bit to see. but the real fun begins in the evening when bands like compressor heads rock the stage. and if you want to check it out until this friday when it closes. now the british departure from the e.u. the so-called brags it is for. are from a done deal the u.k. government was forced into a compromise late on tuesday when it had to agree to give parliament a greater role in briggs's negotiations rebels from all parties including our own conservatives want to avoid a hard breck's it and instead keep close each time as after britain leaves the bloc next year. we are used to the right age three hundred twenty four the no use to the left two hundred ninety eight so the arteries are at it we are observing a narrow victory for to resume made possible by some last minute concessions to pro
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european m.p.'s on the streets to those who oppose britain's departure from the e.u. continue to ensure their voices are being heard. the path towards brics it is still far from clear. and there are big questions looming over the future trade relationship with the e.u. after britain's planned exit from the union on the twenty ninth of march two thousand and nineteen. there's a lot at stake for businesses on both sides germany is the most important of britain's e.u. trade partners and in two thousand and seventeen exported goods worth around eighty four billion euros to the island goods worth some thirty seven billion euros travelled in the opposite direction. meanwhile the e.u. sends goods worth a total of around two hundred ninety five billion euros to the u.k.
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british exports to europe are worth about one hundred eighty eight billion euros. so it's hardly surprising that companies a nervous breaks in negotiation period is more than half way through and businesses still don't know exactly what conditions they should be preparing themselves for their demands for answers by the day. so. let's bring in senior market analyst. joins us now from london it looks like no deal breaker is. does that mean the exit from. i'm not entirely sure that no deal breaker is necessarily off the cards because what the concessions that the reason may has made is not entirely finding this side there that she has switched from giving a meaningful vote on bragg's it's to court on breaks in the idea that they can push
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for her to to try and renegotiate the terms with the e.u. terms that the e.u. may reject we've seen already members of parliament suggesting that she should try and retain access to the single market in course the machine well that's just not available without accepting the all the terms of e.u. membership so there is still a number of grey areas and there's nothing massively binding about the concessions i think both sides will possibly see this as a slight victory i think the certainly still the potential for no to happen but i think it's going to be politically very difficult and it's going to take someone very bold to suggest that we could have another referendum and risk angering the people that voted brigs it last time. is the government really doing a good job in repairing the country forward from the you. i wouldn't say it's doing a good job in preparing people but at the same time i think it's in
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a mixture in the difficult position the part the whole thing of these negotiations is that they have their ideal more progress it looks like the e.u. as their by they want breaks it looks like and a compromise must be found it's extremely difficult to provide assurances to business when they can't guarantee what businesses want them to guarantee so while they are trying their best it's very difficult especially again when the so much division within the cabinet on what the e.u. exit looks like so i'd have to say no but i'd also have to say that it's a very difficult position to be in. great grief if you can the customs union is an important. for the rebels what it what the argument against the customs you briefly if you can. i think they are going against is the is the hands of the u.k. and sons of all the future trade deals in terms of the you over sites on the on the u.k. industry which is something that people volleyed against during the referendum so politically it's very difficult. from london thank you very much for this another
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says thank you. and now back to ivy the count's ons to the football world cup fog erhard this year's world cup isn't underway quite yet but he's five members are set to vote today on who will host the twenty twenty six tournament where aco is up against a joint bid from the united states canada and mexico the african nation has great support from its neighbors for seeking to bring soccer's showpiece event back to the continent. teams from forty eight countries squaring off in eighty games who can host the new jumbo world cup in two thousand and twenty six the usa says it's more than ready along with neighbors mexico and canada the u.s. would host three quarters of the matches in the tournament though with its wealth of state of the art stadiums and dense infrastructure building costs would be low
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prospects for profits high some fifteen billion dollars by one estimate. officials love the idea. but among some mexican fans the bid is a loser. someone nobody gets quite that i mean we both know work up together and then they try to separate us credibility. there is another candidate morocco that has a completely different plan in mind the north african country is about the size of the u.s. state of california presenting much shorter distances between venues than upin north american bit existing stadiums will be renovated new grounds built using sustainable modular construction fourteen billion dollars is the proposed price tag a bill that the government is ready to help foot. football flows like slug through our veins among the young and the old is all for with. morocco's bid
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seems like a long shot for good reason social inequality is massive the state is deep in debt and infrastructure is poor despite plenty of construction sites features evaluation of the bid was much lower than its rival but morocco may have an ace in the hole donald trump the us president has alienated big partners mexico and canada and his travel ban could stand in the way of some countries teams participating in the turn it he even threatened countries that failed to vote for the north american bid with . consequences the nations of the african confederation have taken the hint in their own way. nearly all fifty four of them say they plan to vote for morocco. the underdog bid may also find some support in asia where china leads a bloc of countries said to be ready to cast their vote for morocco some european
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countries may join them still getting to the magic one hundred four votes will be tough. no matter what the two bids will be fighting for every vote until the last possible minute that it may putin has called an ex fifa president sepp blatter who is expected to lobby for morocco and against the u.s. . current president gianni infantino meanwhile believes the north american bid is the one to take feed into the future. so now from sports joins me now to talk about these beds two massive bit how they measure up against each other max you know it's interesting to the countries involved the real world cup bidding veterans morocco for america it's the fifth time they're going for it so they've been trying very hard you can be oddly doubt the sincerity of that in one thousand nine hundred four for instance they lost to the usa who hosts the world cup tournament then and it's very much a tale of two very contrasting business we saw in the report the north american
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joint bid this raises is extremely low risk and the morocco bid extremely high risk they scored the lowest score in three of the categories which the stadia accommodation and transports are very key categories there and you can see why seven out of fourteen stay there yet to be built in morocco they reckon that around sixteen percent of the g.d.p. is the cost sixteen billion dollars around that figure is what they reckon they'll need to spend so you can see how the north american bit is attractive in terms of profits but there's also some some things going for the moroccans they have a logistically a much smaller. so fans it's cheaper and easier to travel around the same for teams and the vast majority of countries that will qualify for the two women within three hours of the time zones so things going for both bids i think it's going to be very tight and the usa as we heard in the report have the north american bid rather has been slightly undermined by the u.s. president trump who himself has sent three letters to johnny infantino the fifth
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president since march trying to guarantee that things like veces won't be an issue now the five bid process has been scandal hit in the past what has the organization done to tackle this briefly if you can yeah you are right i mean germany two thousand and six russia twenty eight hundred this year and the next world cup qatar two thousand and twenty two all mobbed by allegations of corruption this time rather than a twenty four person committee all all fiefdom members will be able to vote so two hundred seven countries that are not part of the bidding process will be able to vote they each get one vote and the failed experiment with two cups are awarded at once is gone because there was a lot of vote trading back then scandal scandal scandal max now from the sports desk thank you very time thank you. you're watching the news back at the top of the hour thanks for joining us.
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for six and lacking. more and more americans feel they're being marginalized tom. these people want to change that. the poor people's campaign. when this movement for economic justice is gaining momentum throughout the country. three thousand next d.w. . focus on.
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reliable data. systems first class system the study of the most. automotive industry. crimes against humanity civilians become witness it sucked. their recorded images travel around the globe via social media. but what is public come to fiction and what is fact of digital investigators combing through the flood
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of images so they combine sources try to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of prior. forensics between principal parts. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t w. today on global three thousand we take a look at social inequality around the globe in brazil being poor drastically limits your chances of moving up the social data in the polls women from the lowest cost of destin to a life of discrimination and poverty without stopping to change. but first we go to the unite.


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