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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 13, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is do live problem for a length north korea praises the trump kim summit as a resoundingly success and says camp will visit washington the questions are now being asked about the concessions trucks made to the north korean leader and the lack of detail in the agreement they signed we'll get reaction from seoul also coming up. aid groups warning attacks on yemen's main port city by saudi led troops to risk massive civilian casualties and will cut off aid to millions or get the latest from the u.n.
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capital. plus it's decision day for the font where the twenty twenty six soccer world cup will be held as the world prepares for this year's event a joint bid from the united states canada and mexico goes up against an offering from five time bitters morocco. and welcome to the program north korea has praised the summit between kim jong own and donald trump as a resoundingly success the north state media framed tuesday's summit as a win for pyongyang as a list of the concessions made by president trump including his pledge to end joint us south korean military exercises critics are pointing to the lack of detail in the agreement signed by both leaders and the fact that it contains no mention of washington's demand for a complete verify. why
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a ball and irreversible denuclearization of the north of the nuclear weapons we never even discussed the other in an interview with the a.b.c. news network following the talks in singapore u.s. president donald trump said it was a big day for the world he also announced that he will freeze military war games with south korea and i'm doing something that i wanted to do from the beginning we stop playing those war games a cost us a fortune you know we're spending a fortune every number of months we're doing war games with south korea and i said what is costing we're flying planes in from warm and we're bombing empty mountains for practice and i said i want to stop that i will stop that and i think it's very provocative especially george since we're getting along and all of us were in the process of signing sceptics to talk about pulling troops out u.s. troops. but we're not going to play the war games. the north has long objected to the generals calling them a security threat in the first reaction since the talks pyongyang's official state
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news agency released a statement saying that it was urgent for north korea and the u.s. to halt irritating and hostile military actions against each other. trump has agreed on a step by step denuclearization process by the north in return for u.s. concessions north korea may have pledged to dismantle its nuclear arsenal the questions still remain as to how and when this will be achieved and verified. north korea's state media also confirm the tramp and cam have both accepted mutual invitations to visit washington and pyongyang. to discuss this further let's bring in correspondent jason strother who's in seoul jason good to see you north korea's reaction to the summit appears to have causing confusion over the issue of sanctions hasn't it. absolutely
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a statement dispatched today by the north's official news agency the case c.n.a. says that president trump pledged to lift sanctions against the regime that runs somewhat contrary to what president trump said yesterday during his post some a press conference when asked about sanctions he said that while he'd like to lift the sanctions for now they're staying put until there is some progress made in denuclearizing north korea it's unclear if this was a bargaining chip that president trump said you know off the cuff with kim jong un perhaps a misinterpretation a the perhaps the intentions were misrepresented but again this reflects the fact that this was a very watered down very vague declaration the two leaders signed which could have made matters like this more clear what wasn't vague was concession to suspend joint
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military drills with south korea that appears to have caught u.s. military officials and the south korean government off guard how did this announcement that he made yesterday go down in seoul. right there seems have been no prior warning that trump was going to use this as leverage to negotiate with kim jong un. the south korean government just held a press conference earlier today saying that. seoul is still curious about what president trump's intentions actually are to call off these annual exercises but a spokesperson for president moon j.n. indicated that as long as talks are underway with north korea over its nuclear weapons program then the allies need to take into consideration different ways to keep that dialogue going so perhaps seoul is somewhat on board with calling off these exercises and we would also like to know souls' opinion on something else
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trump has left open the possibility of bringing u.s. troops that are stationed in south korea back home what has their reaction been in salt where you are. right well this is something that president trump said ever since he was on the campaign trail that he'd like to bring back the twenty eight and a half thousand american soldiers that serve here in south korea that has from the start that alarmed many people here in south korea but let's say on the on the street level south koreans have mixed feelings to the u.s. military you have older generations that remember american soldiers here fighting alongside south korean forces to repel north korean and chinese military forces but for younger generations here many people view the u.s. military as sort of an occupying force and there are some that would not mind seeing u.s.
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soldiers go home jason strother and sole thank you. to yemen our troops backed by a saudi led coalition have launched an attack on the main port city of what data is seen as a key battlefront and possible turning point and yemen's three years civil war between the countries saudi backed government and iran allied who's the rebels but aid groups warn the whole data assault risks massive civilian casualties and exacerbating the country's already severe humanitarian crisis an estimated six hundred thousand people live in the area we're now joined by. who's with save the children mr shahar you have teams on the ground in the port city can you tell us more about the current situation. well the situation for their city is very worrying because many people are threatened to lose their lives many people are worried two were to lose their source of sources of income it's
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very critical and there there is a contingency around the city for four i'm goes our our stuff with seven children are trying to to respond to the crisis that is happening there we have expanded our operations in the ground. we've we've distributed nutrition and medicines nutritious supplies and with this and still health facilities which is enough for three months in preparation for any catastrophe we also increase the coverage of first ponds we increased also the. the number of the volunteers around the city we did use the nonessential activities in order to respond to the human tell you increases we are providing treatment to children who might might be victimized by by the conflict by air strikes or shelling or whatsoever so so much of that is working in the ground despite the difficulties and
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we cannot just respond to the him and him and tell you need without the world listening to us that this is causing a major humanitarian catastrophe this is the harder you mentioned the work they organization is doing ahead of a potential catastrophe how does this attack on the port city impact the already dire humanitarian situation on the ground. well how did the city was one of our largest responses in the city because this governor towers a lot of people and we have for example personally whenever i went to her they die i saw a lot of children who are malnourished and their reps are just out and that is really hungry and that was the situation before this offensive. now what's happening is that the city is going to have. to be worse for example. is is
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is the largest. port in the country seventy percent of the incomes in the country are come through data. port and now if it's closed that's going to argue evade the problem. and a lot of people will lose their jobs or the people will lose their farm farms etc i want of the things that people are reliant on in for there is the fishery and they cannot now go to the sea to fish and get food for the and this is the problem now i've called family last night and they told me that they heard the bombing they were hearing the bombings and they were they were they were afraid and there were news that if they get their houses they got trucks by by by either party in the in the front lines situation that is extremely difficult and people can barely. provide to provide food for their children and now that was in the past they kept they could not provide food for their children but now they cannot even go out of
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their houses for example a certain hours of the day and as sorry with save the children thank you very much . now to some of the other stories making news around the world the european union and the united nations have welcomed a move by greece's northern neighbor to rename itself the republic of north macedonia macedonia has had a decades long dispute with greece over its name athens had objected to it because of greece's northern province of the same name. a boat carrying more than nine hundred migrants has docked and a sicilian pour in italy after being rescued by an e.u. naval mission the arrival comes days after italy closed its ports to a separate boat with several hundred migrants rescued by an aid group the move has stirred fresh debate about refugee policies. one month after the iraqi elections a cleric rather mocked that i'll sadar an iranian backed militia miri have agreed
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to reform a political alliance decision comes after weeks of negotiations and we were first and second in the may vote that was marred by historically low voter turnout and fraud allegations. on sports now are the football world cup in russia starts tomorrow but before this year's edition fifteen members will vote today on who will host the two thousand and twenty six tournament a joint bid from the united states canada and mexico is the big favorite to win but they face stiff competition from morocco the african nation has great support from its neighbors as it looks to host an increased forty eight team world cup a decision from the fifa congress in moscow is expected shortly. back now from delhi a sports joins me now to talk about the myth dave mack the decision is imminent q talk little bit more about the two bed yet two very different bids both of those well to the countries involved i should say rather veterans of world cup bidding say usa host the tournament in ninety four and have bid to host it again
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since then in morocco this for them this is the fifth time asking so a lot of a lot of attempts from them and the north america bid which is made up for by mexico usa and canada is seen as low risk lots of profits can be expected from not one and low risk because of infrastructure and the stadiums that they already have . is rated as high risk that they have the lowest possible school in three of the categories which are stadia accommodation and transport it's very important aspects of hosting the world cup and it's no surprise seven out of fourteen stadia are yet to be built of those that they want to feature in the world cup and they would have to spend around sixteen percent of the g.d.p. around sixteen billion dollars to make the tournament happen so very very different bids that on the cross on the flip side america does have some things going from like the fact that it's as a smaller region be cheaper for fans to travel easier for teams to travel as well
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but it's a forty eight team world cup so north america has that going for them now if you have bid process in the past and struck by candle have they done anything to alleviate this issue yet if they've tried to change the format quite radically used to be twenty four members of the executive committee would vote on the bidding decide on the bidding process and that led to a lot of allegations of corruption zte two thousand and six world cup here in germany the twenty eight hundred will come and russia's you know tomorrow and the next world cup the twenty twenty two world cup in qatar lots of allegations around there and this bid was actually held back because of the corruption scandal surrounding fifo which started in two thousand and fifteen so. this time it's all the member associations have one vote so two hundred seven excluding the four teams that are involved in the in the two respective bids and there's also no longer this failed experiment of. giving out two world cup hosting spots in one because that
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led to a lot of votes swapping so expecting a fairer result this time as we speak the fee for congress has taken its coffee break so we're a little bit delayed jonathan crane my colleague is there in moscow and he'll give us the latest ones that i want it all becomes clear and obvious for us reporter max merrill thank you for your time bye for now thanks for watching. who do you think is going to be world champion. all the matches all the scores. two thousand and eight the world cup starts june fourteenth on d w news. group.


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