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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 13, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm CEST

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this is d w news live from bali north korea praises the trump kim summers resigned excess and said the country souping thing that will visit washington jan but questions that are being asked about the concessions president trump made the lack of detail in the summit deferential also on the program. a group school in the south he led assault on yemen's main port city risks causing massive civilian casualties because i'm cutting off aid to millions we'll bring you the latest from the yemen economy. i think that is about to decide back to hold the twenty twenty
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six football world cup joint bid from the united states canada and mexico is up against five time because america decision is expected in the next. i feel good and welcome to the program north korea has promised the summit with the united states as a result ending success state media frames tuesday summers as a wind up john young listing american concessions including a promised end to joint u.s. south korean military exercises critics of the deal point to its factness and the fact that it contains no mention of washington's demand for what they call the north complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization. nuclear weapons we never even discussed the other in an interview with the a.b.c. news network following the talks in singapore u.s.
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president donald trump said it was a big day for the world he also announced that he will freeze military war games with south koreans and i'm doing something that i wanted to do from the beginning we stop playing those war games a cost us a fortune you know we're spending a fortune every number of much we're doing war games with south korea and i said what is costing we're flying planes in from warm and we're bombing empty mountains for practice and i said i want to stop that i will stop that and i think it's very provocative to specially george since we're getting along and on the watch we're in process of signing sceptics to talk about pulling troops out u.s. troops because of that now but we're not going to play the war games. the north has longer protected the drills calling them a security threat in the first reaction since the talks pyongyang's official state news agency released a statement saying that it was urgent for north korea and the u.s.
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to halt irritating and hostile military actions against each other. trump has agreed on a step by step denuclearization process by the north in return for u.s. concessions north korea may have pledged to dismantle its nuclear arsenal the question still remains as to how and when this will be achieved and verified. north korea's state media also confirmed the champ and cam have both accepted mutual invitations to visit washington and pyongyang. so this all sounds like good news if a little confusing at times that we can walk our way through it with a young earth of those in east asia security analyst with john boffa welcome to d.w. let's let's. with these sanctions donald trump said yesterday that they would remain in place until he gets rid of his nuclear weapons north korea is saying that donald
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trump intends to lift them so they can both be right does this tell us anything about the official thinking it tells us a little bit about the narrative within north korea and about the pressure under which can just one find himself so he has to deliver value to flee quickly to make this a success at home he needs to lift he needs those sanctions to be lifted balance of the quickly because the economic pressure currently is very high that china has already come to his help and immediately said that at this point in time with a successful summit maybe it could should be considered to lift sanctions or to lift a degree of sanctions at the united nations so this is the situation that we're in at the moment china has actually alluded to it this supports the narrative that kim dillon is trying to pursue to display at home just really interesting because when we think of north korea when we think of supreme leaders we presume that what they say goes and this is that you but you talk about him being under pressure will hit
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the maximum pressure campaign and the sanctions that china actually has enforced this time around have put north korea under economic pressure and kim jong un knows that he has to deliver to his people some sort of prosperity because north korea is not as closed off as it used to be in the times of his father and grandfather so the people in north korea especially the younger generation know that there is another world out there that's a lot more prosperous so there is a demand there is a market that is growing that kim jong un is also allowed to grow and this all has to he has to deliver on these promises or. deja vu of perestroika here if this is sort of incremental james or they can't quite control. military drills president trump has said that he's suspending the joint u.s. south korea military maneuvers yet there are still drills slated to go ahead in august and. no one appears to have told the generals organizing these exercises to counsel him so is this more of him sort of making stuff up i'm almost and that was
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an interesting moment in the press conference yesterday because the declaration only said security guarantees and it wasn't specified in the declaration and the press conference he specified on the question of john of this that this would mean that they would end all war games so what was interesting was not that there is a commitment to stop or temporarily delay maneuvers that was something that was on the page in the book set already but the choice of words is very interesting calling it war games and calling them provocative is taking over the north korean that narrative and that's something that no one forced donald trump to do so it is a big concession and he got relatively little in return for that concession so what people are now saying is that he should have gotten something more out of it for making the statement this should have come a little later along the way to say we actually stop over temporarily delay our hour maneuvers because the problem is that they actually create in top ability between the allies for a case of emergency so these exercises are scheduled twice a year the very regular so these are not. to they're not made to they're not there
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to make can john and happy they're there to make the armies of south korea japan and and the united states interoperable in case of war could look at the the wider ramifications you've touched on china but russia and japan. also have a dog in this fight as it as it were said that this is described as a great step forward but that most big concern about peeling the onion washington moving closer china and russia have jointly proposed this freeze for freeze so the freezing of nuclear testing and the fruits of missile testing for the freeze of military maneuvers so this is this is basically even more that they got out of it so this is playing into russia's narrative for so long but russia is consent of being pushed to the sidelines too much in this conversation they have not been an active part but hey it was not going to moscow to bit deeper if them japan is a different case in this point. close ally of the united states from peo is currently in seoul indeed briefing also the japanese foreign minister while he's there to make that possible for the japanese the most important aspect was the
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apathy issue that was as dr donald trump said in the press conference not in its not in the summit outcome document but it was discussed and he said that in the press conference which allowed to save face at home and say this has been it has been alluded to in the conversation but japan of course is concerned about any potential withdrawal of the united states and backing off any military backing off because it doesn't only back off from south korea that way but also leaves more room for china to expand its military yet reach more three dimensional chess games on the way for the young to urkel from the german model of thank you you thank. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world a boat carrying more than nine hundred migrants has docked in a sicilian port in italy after being rescued by an aid you made the mission at the arrival comes at days after it will be closed its ports to
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a separate boat carrying six hundred rescued migrants during fresh debate about e.u. refugee policies. e.u. migration policies were also the focus of the talks between german chancellor angela merkel and austrian counterpart us courts in valid court says he will power tie strengthening borders when vienna takes over the blocs rotating presidency on the first of july america meanwhile is under pressure of the divisions within her conservative bloc of germany's migration policy. and the e.u. the united nations have welcomed the decision by creases northern neighbor to change its name macedonia is to become the republic of north macedonia the country has been in a decades long dispute with greece over the name athens objecting because greece has a northern province of the same. troops backed by a saudi like coalition have launched an assault on yemen's main port city of her
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data it's seen as the key battle front and possible turning point in the yemen's three years civil war between the countries saudi backed government and iran backed to the rattles an estimated six hundred thousand people live in the area and aid groups are warning that the new offensive risks causing massive civilian casualties and exacerbating the country's already severe humanitarian crisis. discusses with the attaché hari who's with the charity save the children welcome to day w what are your teams in the data telling you about the situation on the ground. our teams and for they did are now living in a war zone where they should also protect their own lives but our team just a for they are trying to save lives there we are supplying the hospitals with medicines and the interest just supplies in order to save children who are living in the city and were supplying them with
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a city with three months supply so that in order to keep them alive for three months but if the assault continues for a for more than three months that's going to be disastrous will include increasing the coverage we're trying to cover more than more than one health facility at that time because the number that we were covering in her day there was very specific was very limited but now we need to expand to further areas where we can save lives we also have given people and conditional cash assistance in order to be able to to live by food by by water etc we also reduced all nonessential non-essential activities in the city because because it's very dangerous now to to hold any other live and activities other than lifesaving activities and what makes the data such an important strategic location. are they there the lifeline to the northern
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parts of yemen and to the to the also entirely and before the conflict before the twenty fifteen there was importing up to ninety percent of the imports of fuel of food of wheat etc so after the conflict with a dollar's functional i was importing at least seventy percent of their communities to the country it's a very important port and if it's closed that's going to lead to further deterioration and the city which is which is already devastated by the conflict and would would just lead to famine and death. if this does not staff. deal with save the children charity dependent on donations from the public yemen only makes headlines when there's been more brutality or the threat of yet another humanitarian crisis i wonder how do you get people to care more about today's crisis than last weeks or the week before. we
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advocated we hold on the different agencies u.n. agencies to the to the. international community in order to stop this and we've called this content for for multiple times we continuously called for for not. involving the military action and and and to protect the lives of civilians. we also we all the time ask the conflict think parties to go to the negotiation table not to to resort to violence because that's not going to be a solution and it's been mentioned more than one time it's not going to be a solution we've called the saudi led coalition and the iraqi led coalition to spare the lives of the yemenis in order to to prevent further fighting and to fasten it all imports of food fuel medicines in order to prefer to prevent any deterioration in the humanitarian situation we have also pressed on the u.k. u.s.
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france and others work and follow us to this ordeal a coalition to to stop this assault we called all roxy's to respect that obligations under the international humanitarian law as well we thank you for joining the d.w. and wish you well as an astrologer from save the children thank you thank you this is newsnight with that they had an electric car make a tesla is slashing thousands of jobs that's rise filters those cut almost tensed of its workforce meaning more than three thousand people will lose their jobs in an e-mail to stop c.e.o. must wrote what drives us to our mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable clean energy but we will never achieve that mission unless we eventually demonstrate that we can be sustainably for the. a lofty mission that certainly come at a cost in its fifteen years of existence tesla has not once turned an annual profit
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but in recent times the situation has worsened the first quarter of this year the company posted more than seven hundred million dollars in losses its worst ever performance that along with other problems like the departure of senior staff and crashes involving tesla cars in assisted driving mode as prompted the company to restructure the key to this company's efforts to finally drive a profit is this car tesla first must market model the model three said. the plan is to increase production from the current three thousand five hundred a week to five thousand target musk is hoping to reach as soon as the end of june now let's bring in our financial correspondent another man who is standing by in frankfurt general won't it be hard for moscow to meet those already stoled production targets for the model three with an even smaller start.
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well musk is framing this restructure as a move that has to be done once although of course it's worth pointing out that this isn't the first job round in. history just its biggest and what must cope says hopefully the last so the company that means the companies employ roster isn't expected to get any shorter after this round of job cuts is through now these job cuts themselves aren't targeted. at assembly workers and production associates rather they're targeted at salaried employees so that's what he means when he says production the production targets won't be threatened by this now it's also worth noting that he said that tesla isn't freezing hiring and that's going to be really important given the departure of ten senior level executives at tesla they left for competitors in the last six six or seven months and they were working on important
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areas like battery tech and field performance engineering so given the recent trouble that tesla has had with with crashes and such in the past month it's not in a position to alienate talent now yeah and certainly if you look at the press it's sixteen years without profits so why can't stop now and how much can it really. well the law must has been under a lot of pressure from shareholders to make a tesla profitable now a lot of this restructuring has to do with correcting mistakes from the past apparently become the company's rapid growth made it higher left and right and that led to a lot of duplication of functions and that perhaps meant they were wasting more money than they had to when they're in a situation now where every cent counts but of course a weather test becomes profitable in the end it hinges on whether it man just transition from an electric luxury car maker to
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a mainstream automotive company able to deliver demand for a mass market car. in that sense you. it was the marriage of true media giants a.t.n. sees takeover of time warner was supposed to have been sealed last autumn a chance you would have would gain control of a popular programming like c.n.n. or game of thrones on h.b.o. but then the u.s. government stepped in to block the deal now a judge has put an end to the deadlock and approved it. c.n.n. has long been a thorn in donald trump signed according to the u.s. president the broadcaster part of media colossus time warner is a push of fake news critics say that's what's driven him to fight tooth and nail to prevent an eighty billion dollar merger between time warner and a t.n.t. trump says he's worried about antitrust regulations but the federal court in washington dismissed those concerns. the judge found that none of those
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concerns had any merit in rejecting any conditions or any position of regulations upon the merger going forward or resolving victory for the company the huge setback for the apartment of justice after months of deadlock the two companies plan to drive home then by the twentieth of june there i am to bring the production and transmission of media content under one roof the case is stands as a testament. to the wisdom of this combination of these two great companies and how it will benefit consumers for generations to come. were disappointed that it took eighteen months to get here but we are relieved that it's finally behind us the judge's decision is being hailed as one of the most important antitrust rulings for years and one with wide reaching significance for
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future u.s. matches and take. germany's seabeds digital trade fair used to be the world's biggest of its kind but this is the numbers fall in from what they were in the heyday of the dot com boom now organizers of trying to revive the brand they moved the date from chile marched in summary june and want to make it feel more like a cool startup festival stale trade that serves up it see that the standing wave is definitely the main attraction and anyone who wants to can hop on a board and have a go this is how a chip maker intel is trying to draw attention to its foray into out official intelligence the whole thing is broadcast via three hundred sixty degree camera and the surface can be viewed with virtual reality technology. laden domenech the visitors can have a real time window into the surfing experience with a three hundred sixty degree field of vision out official intelligence is what's
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behind it software that can recognize which image data can be compressed and which is necessary for quality in an efficient video stream. it's all part of a new groundswell it's a bit to try to attract a younger public. here a robot serves juices mixed from six different ingredients and tailored to each customer's wish. the startup behind the idea wants to demonstrate how one can organize a distribution chain using block chain technology. if. the advantages are actually that there's no middleman that means that there's no uncertainty in the supply chain anymore the process has been largely digitalized through block chain technology. but there's also an analog component here food trucks and deck chairs have added a relaxed vibe to see bit but how's the fares reincarnation being received among
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the visiting public. i really like it i enjoy it there's a lot of places we can go there's a lot of new technologies and everything is really special to me something i i actually hoped for a bit more i find it a bit boring it feels like the old sea bit but just with a ferris wheel and feel i'm looking at many impressions affecting us today but in any case we plan to come again. we've just discovered the fun part and we still have a bit to see. but the real fun begins in the evening when bands like compressor heads rock the stage. and that's all your business it's back over to fill in the war that all of us your t w five project presented you ok thanks so much iranian political scientists. are known in his country for publicly challenging the state line on sensitive topics that's been presented with a dodge of freedom of speech award it was actually prosecuted by the iranian
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government for making critical remarks in an interview with the w u to be awards freedom of speech prizes to individuals or initiatives that promote freedom of expression and human rights in the media. this year's winner of the w.'s freedom of speech awards political scientists the subjects of a callow a well known figure in iran for challenging because from a narrative on many sensitive issues. at the end of december two thousand and seventeen iran soars biggest anti-government demonstrations in almost a decade. the protests quickly spread to dozens of towns and cities across the country just days after the unrest to wrapped it said they gave an interview to d.w. fasc. he characterized the demonstrators as young people disappointed with the entire political system and cities they accused him of spreading false
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information and propaganda against the islamic republic he was sentenced to eighteen months in prison and barred from social media for two years despite social media platform telegram being banned by the iranian authorities has a large online audience. before and on the sidelines of the ceremony in bonn a group of demonstrators protested against it because being awarded some iranian activists in exile argue that he's too soft in his demands for change. in his lords asian german journalist reinhard baumgarten defended the w.'s choice the support he received from the populace is evident through his hundreds of thousands of followers of facebook instagram and the popular messenger service. yet he makes no secret of his closeness to president has won the war on the
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contrary he advocates for reforming iran's current ruling system instead of abolishing it outright. so day exhibit cullom who travel to bone from to iran to accept his award highlighted the sacrifices of political prisoners in iran. i have had to spend a day in prison in islamic iran for my beliefs but there are many iranian writers jordan is lawyers woman and human rights activists trade unionists student artists this is then an opposition figure i believe they deserve far more than i do to receive freedom of speech or. with this year's freedom of speech award doing chevelle and not only recognize. the courageous criticism of this government the price is also meant to encourage civil
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society in iran. the more. the dodge about freedom of speech or tune in they see me for an in-depth report here r d w eleven fifteen in time that's nine fifteen g.m.t. . sport now the football world cup starts in russia on thursday but ahead of this year's tournament members must first agree who will host in twenty twenty six a joint bid from the united states canada and mexico is the favorite they face stiff competition from morocco but the twenty six will be a world cup with a difference as a number of teams will increase to forty eight a decision from the fee for congress in moscow excrete is expected in the next couple of hours. crane. jonathan how do the two measure up against each other.
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really it's a story of two very distinct in fact the big going through the last presentation is now in front of the congress on one side you do have that united base you mentioned the united states canada and mexico now they're promising a big a better world cup the second stage before but in terms of stadiums and infrastructure and also crucially for fee for revenue they're promising more than double what the mexico. rather is offering and of revenue. is really the underdog in this they came through it quite late in the day so they've always been playing catch up and revenue is one of their weak points they played out there that proximity to europe that this is effectively would be a european tournament specific in terms of the time zones. which makes it particularly lucrative for the european t.v. markets but when feet devaluation. in the rock and it came down very low on
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infrastructure and stadiums and high risk one of the u.s. officials i was speaking to just a few moments ago said that they appreciate when they're doing that lobbying saying that it is the safe it does his bidding process. i criticised by by being too abrupt in the past so how they talk. yes indeed cost of mind back eight years ago of course russia and qatar was chosen to host the twenty eighteen and twenty twenty two page respectively decisions that shocked the footballing well then let's say this whole investigation by the f.b.i. criminal charges seventeen of the twenty four people that made that decision have either been charged with corruption or other ethics violations brought about the collapse of the step last regime so now the decision is in the hands of all three thousand member federations two hundred and six. they just need
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a simple majority. it will be one hundred i'm full all the members will vote electronically so we should have the decision pretty instantly and that decision will also be bait publicly for really keen to make sure this is transparent now of course we still have the typical horse trading that goes on in these kind of things as i said the big presentations are going on not in truth the decision by most of the federations will already have been made they know who they are going to vote for we just have to wait for them to do it so this year's world cup which starts tomorrow well can we expect. well well we can expect the opening day mon says day between the hosts russia and saudi arabia now and russia one of the lowest ranked size to ever host a world cup at the lowest ranked side in this tournament so optimism really among the fans and the media is quite low but then that committee that they're not behind this world cup they're very very enthusiastic about it people we've been speaking
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to can't wait to have some of the world's best players here like messi and neymar in terms of the match tomorrow they will be thankful that at least saudi arabia are also one of the lower ranked teams in this tournament just three places about russia in the ranking so russia will need to get off to a good start because they are in a group with egypt and you require as well two very strong teams so a win against saudi arabia for the hosts will be crucial jonathan crane in moscow thank you. we'll keep an eye. in moscow across the rest of the program and soon as.


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