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is in place and the focus is really generating revenue for fee for promising a lot of kind of innovation in the digital spheres about something that fee for will be keen on the big question mark and other ways there will be question marks is what happens in the white house with donald trump what happens with other countries and his relationships with those but it doesn't seem to have put off the fee for a delicate facing here today they have gone without united and quite some facet played by jonathan crane in moscow for now we will be talking more i'm sure in the course of the day. just approaching the top of the us if i could just thank you to max merrill as well. just to catch up with what's been going the decision on the hosting of this which is twenty six world cup has been made the decision has gone to the united bid that's the united states mexico and canada they won the voting was one hundred thirty four votes to the united bed and sixty five to
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morocco so more on that in the course of the program all right you're watching that d.w. news live from the north korea has praised the summit with the united states as i remove resulting success state media framed tuesday's summit as a win for pyongyang is to american concessions including a promised and to that promise and to joint us south korean military exercises critics of the deal have pointed to its vagueness and the fact that it mentions contains no mention of washington's demand for the north's complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization. nuclear weapons we never even discussed the other in an interview with the a.b.c. news network following the talks in singapore u.s. president donald trump said it was a big day for the world he also announced that he will freeze military war games with south koreans and i'm doing something that i wanted to do from the beginning we stop playing those war games a cost us a fortune you know we're spending
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a fortune every number of much we're doing war games with south korea and i said what is costing we're flying planes in from warm and we're bombing empty mountains for practice and i said i want to stop that i will stop that and i think it's very provocative especially george since we're getting along and i know that's why we're all in process of signing sceptics because you talk about pulling troops out u.s. troops said no but we're not going to play the war games. the north has longer protected the generals calling them a security threat in the first reaction since the talks pyongyang's official state news agency released a statement saying that it was urgent for north korea and the u.s. to halt irritating and hostile military actions against each other. trump has agreed on a step by step denuclearization process by the north in return for u.s. concessions north korea may have pledged to dismantle its nuclear arsenal the
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questions still remain as to how and when this will be achieved and verified. north korea's state media also confirmed the champ and cam have both accepted mutual invitations to visit washington and pyongyang. so this all sounds like good news if a little confusing at times that we can walk our way through it with a young earth of them is they sure security analyst with john mark welcome to day w. let's let's start with. these sanctions donald trump said yesterday that they would remain in place until he gets rid of his nuclear weapons north korea is saying that donald trump intends to lift them so they can both be right does this tell us anything about the official thinking it tells a little bit about the narrative within north korea and about the pressure under which can john find himself so he has to deliver value to flee quickly to make this
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a success at home he needs to lift he needs those sanctions to be lifted balance of the quickly because the economic pressure currently is very high that china has already come to his help and immediately said that at this point in time with this successful summit maybe it could should be considered to lift sanctions or to lift the degree of sanctions at the united nations so this is the situation that we're in at the moment china has actually alluded to it this supports the narrative that kim jong un is trying to pursue an approach to display at home just really interesting because when we think of north korea when we think of supreme leaders we presume that what they say goes and this is not you but you talk about him being under pressure will hit the maximum pressure campaign and the sanctions that china actually has and forced this time around have put north korea under economic pressure and kim jong un knows that he has to deliver to his people some sort of prosperity because north korea is not as closed off as it used to be in the times
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of his father and grandfather so the people in north korea especially the younger generation know that there is another world out there that's a lot more prosperous so there is a demand there is a market that is growing that kim jong un is also allowed to grow and this all has to he has to deliver on these promises or. deja vu of perestroika here this is sort of incremental james they've all got control on the military drills president trump has said that he's suspending the joint u.s. south korea military maneuvers yet there are still drills slated to go ahead in oldest and no one appears. told the generals organizing these exercises to come to loom so this is more of him sort of making stuff up i'm almost and that was an interesting moment in the press conference yesterday because the declaration only said security guarantees and it wasn't specified in the declaration and the press conference he specified on the question of john of this that this would mean that they would end all war games so what was interesting was not that there is a commitment to stop or temporarily delay maneuvers that was something that was on
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the page in the book set already but the choice of words is very interesting calling it war games and calling them provocative is taking over the north korean that narrative and that's something that no one forced donald trump to do so it is a big concession and he got relatively little in return for that concession so what people are now saying is that he should have gotten something more out of it for making the statement they should have come a little later along the way to say we actually stop what we temporarily delay our our maneuvers because the problem is that they actually create in top ability between the allies for a case of emergency so these exercises are scheduled twice a year the very regular so these are not. they're not made to they're not there to make can john happy they're there to make the armies of south korea japan and the united states interoperable in case of war could look at the the wider ramifications you've touched on china but russia and japan. also have
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a dog in this fight as it as it were said that this is described as a great step forward but that most big concern about the on washington moving closer china and russia have jointly proposed this freeze for freeze so the freezing of nuclear testing and the freeze of missile testing for the freeze of military maneuvers so this is this is basically the more that they got out of it that this is playing into russia's narrative for so long but russia is consent of being pushed to the sidelines too much in this conversation they have not been an active part but hey i was not going to moscow to bit deeper if them japan is a different case in this point a close ally of. united states peo is currently in seoul and you briefing also the japanese foreign minister while he's there to make that possible for the japanese the most important aspect was the apathy issue that was as drug donald trump said in the press conference not in it's not in the summit outcome document but it was discussed and he said that in the press conference which allowed to save face at home and say this has been it has been alluded to in the conversation but japan of
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course is concerned about any potential withdrawal of the united states any backing off any military backing off because it doesn't only back off from south korea that way but also leaves more room for china to expand its military yet reach more three dimensional chess carriers on the way for the other young to urkel from the german marshall fund thank you you thank. as i look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a boat carrying more than nine hundred migrants was docked in a sicilian for him after being rescued by a u. naval mission to rival comes that days after its lee closed its ports to a separate bird carrying six hundred rescued migrants and start a fresh debate about e.u. refugee policies. e.u. migration policies were also the focus of talks between german chancellor angela merkel and how austrian counterparts bask in courts involving the present course as
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he will progress by strengthening borders when vienna takes over the blocks rotating presidency the first of july and chancellor merkel meanwhile is on the pressure of the divisions within her conservative bloc over germany's migration policy. the european union and the united nations of welcome to a decision by greece's nova neighbor to change its name macedonia is to become the republic of north macedonia country has been in a decades long dispute greaser of the name athens objected because greece has a mills and province of the same. troops backed by a satellite coalition have launched an assault on yemen's main port city of the data it seems a keen battle and possible turning point in yemen's three year civil war between the countries saudi backed government and iran backed rebels an estimated six hundred thousand people live in the area and aid groups are warning that the new offensive risks causing massive civilian casualties and exacerbating the country's
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already severe humanitarian crisis. egeland is a former u.n. undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs he's presently secretary general of the no we didn't refugee council and he will invoke m two d. w. you have staff on the ground what are they telling you about the situation around the data we're getting very worrying reports from from the ground in yemen we have stuff inside this vital port city that's still trying to maintain relief services but is very difficult when the city is under attack so we have withdrawn stuff and set up new helps around where we expect people to flee now that the city unfortunately is becoming a battleground this sounds like a naive question but from what they're telling you what is it like to be attacked because of being with everything being attacked us the. other certain targets
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what's going well what i hear is that this port city is now which with the half a million six hundred thousand inhabitants so it's a large place that has now merely been surrounded by forces that have been fighting up the coast from the south. yemen is divided now in with two. good defacto governments fighting each other in aden in the south is the hot d. or original government backed by saudi arabia and united arab emirates in the north there is a rebel group called that out calmly named as who they control the sun not the capital and most of the country most of the population they have some backing from iran now that war has been waged on and mongst the civilian
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population what's special about today don is that it is the lifeline to most of the population who lives in the north if that is becoming. is now destroyed and that fighting we will loose the lifeline to millions and millions of people that are already on the brink of starvation so what are you calling for at this point what we're calling for today i will be speaking to. two officials from the united arab emirates that is leading this attack it seems we are reaching out to the united kingdom the united states france who are close to saudi arabia that is also at war in part here and a message is the following we need a ceasefire this attack should not happen this is like attacking a lot of dumb and you know what that is what would be for the for the dutch you cannot have
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a lifeline destroyed so we need ceasefire we need talks we need to make this port city and into nationally administers so the united nations to take over running the place so that they will can also make sure that no weapons missiles comes from iran to wherever to the hooty site and thereby threat. saudi arabia so what do you get forgive me for interrupting you there but clearly it's a vital mission but they knew this the saudi backus knew this they also know that if they take it they pretty much won so what can you give them what can you tell of how do you change their minds when it's not easy because in a way we failed because we've been we as human a terrence on the ground struggling we have one interest in that have to civilian population of women and children that in the millions suffer in this senseless war well what i can give them is. less international condemnation and i'm
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actually very surprised and disappointed that the united states the united kingdom france and all these powers that have fingerprints all over this brocade against. yemen very close to the saudi and iraqi led military coalition have not been able to avert this attack or we can give them is some international praise instead of now you know some international law i would say a critique against this attack we wish you well with your efforts the secretary general of the new asian refugee council thank you so much for joining us and reminder the top stories are they south. the member associations all kind of mexico and usa have been selected by the people called us to host the twenty twenty six. world cup thank you and this has been six football world cups going to go
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america to join us canada and mexico was chosen chosen a minutes ago by the fifa congress meeting in moscow. i sit up today with the. great yourself. interior design channel on. the something times went on as came from tourists or didn't i mean they killed many civilians.


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