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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 13, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is news not from the twenty twenty six football world cup it's going to north america. canada mexico and usa have been selected by the fever. to host a time to put the six feet broke up thank you the united big great moral code of folks happy for congress in moscow the day before this year's totemic begins the
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twenty twenty six events will be the first time that forty eight teams and three host of nations also on the program monitoring the the young egg on sense and new attack by saudi arabia on the german threatens to cut off food supplies to the whole country speaking exclusively to d w u q saudi arabia's international allies bearing joint responsibility for the violence and suffering. germany's new foreign minister calls for a new strategy in europe to counter donald trump's american first policy. october weird worlds a french artist for me. these installations in the us fuse in strange new worlds completely floating fish sounds partly a growing east coloring it sometimes takes control of the whole exhibition take at will to pay a christmas. i
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still get a welcome to the program. the united states canada and mexico will host the twenty twenty six football world cup that bit beat morocco's in a vote for congress in moscow twenty twenty six will be the first time three countries have hosted a world cup to a lesser feature i reckon forty eight teams in a poll of fee for members of the north america bit between north africans one hundred sixty five the president of u.s. soccer. was overjoyed on behalf of our united bid canada mexico and my country the united states thank you so so very much for this incredible honor thank you for entrusting us with this privilege the privilege of hosting the fee for world cup in twenty twenty six let us also salute our friends from morocco at the end of the day we are all united in football that's the spirit
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of the world cup the beautiful game and game transcends borders and cultures. let's get more on their sound from the deadly correspondence club richardson in washington jonathan crane in moscow where that vote was held welcome both claire riches and let's start with you how has this news been received that. hi phil as you might imagine soccer fans are absolutely delighted but there simply aren't that many of them in the united states one of the few countries in the world where soccer is not really that popular has been changing a little bit in the last couple of decades since the u.s. last hosted the world cup in one thousand nine hundred four or really it was just in its early days of support and i'm sure you're not seeing the same kind of excitement and joy in the streets here as you are where you are in berlin fell that being said there where you do see a lot of support are often from immigrant communities in the united states particularly the growing demographic of latinos here supporting their home teams that's always
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a big celebration in any world cup but overall i think there is the hope that the united states winning bid to host this alongside with mexico and canada could help rekindle interest in a sport that was just sort of starting to take root over the claim in moscow where does this leave iraq oh they think five times now to no avail yes five times the big five times failed they must be wondering what they need to do to actually be able to host one of these tournament i think in truth the start against them right from the start they were always playing catch up when they actually announced their bid they didn't even have a website or official logo ready and then we know that fee for an open secret really favored the united bid because of the revenue that it was going to generate for them and also because of the risk factor let's not forget that morocco's infrastructure and stadium still needed a lot of work nine stadiums still needed to be built morocco would have needed to pay sixteen billion dollars to get everything ready i think the one thing that is
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in their favor is that these joint bid seems to be something that fee for a very keen on especially with the world cup expanded to forty eight teams so maybe morocco in the future could launch a joint bid with some other north african countries and what a free for itself how much is that organization change following recent corruption allegations bid and vote process clean of them before. they have two hundred. eleven federations here had the chance to vote on this for various reasons not all of them did it was two hundred and three votes in the end but yes after what happened eight years ago. and russia were chosen to host the world cup and then the resulting f.b.i. investigation the former sec glasses regime afifa seventeen of the twenty four people on that executive committee voted for russia and could have either been accused of or admitted to corruption or ethics violations
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a feat that was very key to emphasize that this fight was transparent it was done electronically we know which every country every federation voted for fever hope at least there will be no more questions now about corruption when it comes to that bidding process richardson in washington president threw his weight behind the united debated how will these three countries together given the president's recent actions against mexico. that's right we saw president trump on twitter calling for other countries to vote for this joint and it's interesting that it comes at a time of really growing tensions between the united states and its neighbors with mexico obviously the president's repeated calls to build a wall on the border the ongoing renegotiation of nafta his earlier comments that mexican immigrants to the united states were rapists and murderers all don't play well with their southern neighbor with canada we saw him recently insulting justin trudeau after a g.
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seven summit in which trump managed to snub some of the united states' closest allies by arriving late leaving early in favor of going to a summit to meet with the north korean dictator kim jong un and all of that has really led it to poor relations now it's worth mentioning that donald trump won't be in office in two thousand and twenty six of the on that future is going to be handling a lot of the heavy lifting of actually getting this thing organized so in some ways it will go over that it will not be such a joint effort between these governments but again soccer is something that it seems like all these countries can agree on and agree to look past their differences and not make it such a political issue claridge so in washington the thank you for not i don't think stay with us for he says we turn our attention to this year's tournament but one of the favorites is in disarray i think sucked the coach just two days before the first game. it was meant to be the biggest week in his career you look at the guy was going into his first world cup at the helm of one of the
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favorites spain on tuesday he had been in the next coach of champions league when israel madrid due to take over for the tournament in russia but the timing and manner of the appointment sparked outrage among the spanish federation and firms a hastily arranged press conference the day before the world cup sealed his second movie. his negotiations for real madrid were legal there is no issue with. but the federation's was not informed about it we were told five minutes before press release and we had to send a clear message to all employees of the spanish royal football federation. there is a way to proceed and we have to stick to our principles. less than a month ago he had signed a contract extension with spain keeping him in the job till twenty twenty but the lure of succeeding xina down in madrid proved too much. last minute replacement is
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. spain's sporting director and former real madrid captain. jonathan crane in moscow how big a blow is this for spain there's no getting away from it it is a huge blow for them and mainly because of the shock factor as well just two days before their opening game against portugal obviously cristiana rinaldo leading that side the reigning european champions probably the toughest game in the group and just the manner it came about they were in some form five minutes before. announced that the spanish f.a. president found out he stormed off from this congress such as his anger in fact taking on the sport and now fernando. trying to turn something around here and trying to get this the players behind him because obviously this is happening very last moment and so can he do that can he turn their fortunes around.
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well the thing in his favor is he has a spanish election the eighty nine international caps to the spanish side as a central defender said the players will know him the only problem is he doesn't have too much coaching experience he only had one the year and that was in charge of a second division side in spain. so this really is going to be a bandaid solution. to have some consolation that they have a very strong squad they have players that know how to play with each other and harry was a sporting director so he's worked with them closely as well i think it's a blow to them but i don't think it's a fatal blow i think they will still progress and then the question is in the knockout stages how far they can they go and you never know with. jonathan crane in moscow thank you. assad he led coalition has launched an assault on yemen's main port city of data it's seen as a key battlefront and possible turning point in yemen's three year civil war between the countries saudi backed government and iran backed rebels an estimated
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six hundred thousand people live in the area and aid groups are warning the new offensive risks causing massive civilian casualties and exacerbating the country's already severe humanitarian crisis. egeland is a former u.n. undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs he's currently secretary general of the norwegian refugee council i asked him about the situation on the ground. egeland is a former u.n. undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs he's presently secretary general of the no we didn't refugee council and then into the welcome to day w m you have staff on the ground what are they telling you about the situation around the data we're getting very worrying reports from from the ground in yemen we have stuff inside this vital port city that's still trying to maintain relief services but is very difficult when the city is under attack so we have
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withdrawn stuff and set up new helps around where we expect people to flee now that the city unfortunately is becoming a battleground this sounds like a naive question but from what they're telling you what is it like to be attacked because of being with everything being attacked us. other certain targets what's going well what i hear is that the this port city is now which with the half a million six hundred thousand inhabitants so it's a large place that has now merely been surrounded by forces that have been fighting up the coast from the south. yemen is divided now in with two. good defacto governments fighting each other in aden in the south is the hot de original government backed by saudi arabia and united arab emirates in the
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north there is a rebel group called that out calmly named as who they controlled some not the capital and most of the country most of the population they have some backing from iran now that war has been waged on and mongst the civilian population what's special about data is that it is the lifeline to most of the population who lives in the north if that is becoming. is now destroyed and that fighting we will loose the lifeline to millions and millions of people that are already on the brink of starvation so what are you calling for at this point what we're calling for today i will be speaking to. to officials from the united arab emirates that is leading this attack it seems we are reaching out to the united kingdom the united states france who are close to saudi arabia that is
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also at war in part here and a message is the following we need a ceasefire this attack should not happen this is like attacking a lot of dumb and you know what that is what would be for the for the dutch you cannot have a lifeline destroyed so we need ceasefire we need talks we need to make this port city and internationally administers so the united nations to take over running the place so that they will can also make sure that no weapons missiles comes from iran to wherever the hooty site and thereby threat. saudi arabia so what do you get forgive me for interrupting you there but clearly it's a vital mission but they knew this the saudi backus knew this they also know that if they take it they pretty much won so what can you give them what can you tell of how do you change their minds when it's not easy because in
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a way we failed because we've been we as human a terrence on the ground struggling we have one interest and that have to civilian population of women and children in the millions suffer in this senseless war when what i can give them is. less intense powers that have fingerprints all over this brocade against. yemen very close to the coast of saudi and the rocky led military coalition have not been able to avert this attack or we can give them is some international praise instead of now you know some international law i would say critique against this attack we wish you well with your efforts to secretary general of illusion refugee council thank you so much for joining. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a month after iraq's own actions shia cleric knocked out al salah and iran backed
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militia chief javier al americans have agreed to form a political alliance that two blocs came first and second in may his vote which was marked by historically low turnout and for allegations. european union and the united nations have welcomed at decision by greece's northern neighbor to change its name macedonia is to become the republic of north macedonia a country has been in the decades long dispute with greece or may have been subject to people said greece has moved on problems of the same way. france is committed to cooperation with italy on the issue of migration to europe a statement from the country's foreign ministry comes amid a dispute between the two countries with france criticizing italy for closing its ports to a rescue boat that was carrying hundreds of migrants at the weekend today however its only allowed vessel carrying more than nine hundred migrants to dock in sicily
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they've been rescued off libya's coast are brought to shore by the italian coast guard in a wide ranging speech on european union policy germany's foreign minister heiko bass touched on europe's differences over migration. the decision leads we must men's the rift that has appeared within our union in recent years this applies to the rift between north and south as well as to the rift between east and west this must be our german offer to europe. we want to overcome differences. we want to be a guarantee of europe's an inner unity and string first of it so that europe can better fulfill the europeans hopes and the world's expectations. i call master live at that stage of the post len dublin correspondent fabiana from the mark is that welcome five been talking to the german foreign minister key points. well i painted a picture of europe which is under threat by populism nationalism chauvinism and
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a triumph particularly and his answer was europe has to act united europe united a great europe a big hero which let's not itself be divided from the outside and from within there should be any divisions between north and south or east and west and that would be also the work of germany to overcome these divisions and then europe could act as a global player and maybe to give you one detail he is in favor of a majority vote in the u. in order to be more flexible to act on the global stage a lot of european reforms that the french president announced his proposals on a uniform nearly a year ago everyone's been waiting for some answers from german chancellor i'm going to have a sensed i did have foreign minister's speech contain any hints. yes . the answer from germany can only be allowed clear yes to emanuel in my call but
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he also criticised that it's only about money of the whole discussion about the e.u. reform he said germany would be willing to give more money and you think it should be even more than what america has already suggested but then you also said foreign policy security defense policy and migration are lot more important topics for the people in europe and also for the german french decision which will come probably next week in the government meeting of the two governments and he's quite confident that they will find a compromise there. here. this is diddley news life from burning still to come as the people of north korea read news of the trump kim summit the first time both sides declare it a success. because he says revenge is only now and aspect six draws closer is britain moving backwards all forwards well you brits are moving out but i think you have to say if they're running around in circles i would say forwards all backwards
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right now but what i would say is that it is a mess scottish lawmakers have staged a walkout the irish say the u.k. needs to make a decision the germans warn they'll be no wiggle room and the british government forced into a compromise agreeing to give parliament the biggest say in bragg's at negotiations rebels from all parties want to avoid a hard break sit and keep close e.u. ties once britain leaves the block. we are used to the right age three hundred twenty four the nose to the left two hundred ninety eight so these are the savage we are observing and narrow victory for to reason may made possible by some last minute concessions to pro european m.p.'s on the streets to those who oppose britain's departure from the e.u. continue to ensure their voices are being heard. the path towards brics it is still far from clear. and there are big questions looming over the
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future trade relationship with the e.u. after britain's planned exit from the union on the twenty ninth of march two thousand and nineteen. there's a lot at stake for businesses on both sides germany is the most important of britain's e.u. trade partners and in two thousand and seventeen exported goods worth around eighty four billion euros to the island goods worth some thirty seven billion euros travelled in the opposite direction. meanwhile the e.u. sends goods worth a total of around two hundred ninety five billion euros to the u.k. british exports to europe are worth about one hundred eighty eight billion euros. so it's hardly surprising that companies a nervous breaks in negotiation period is more than half way through and businesses still don't know exactly what conditions they should be preparing themselves for their demands for answers through loud or by the day. oh we asked analyst for
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a girl and if the government is doing a good job preparing the u.k. for departure. i wouldn't say it's doing a good job in preparing people but at the same time i think it's an extremely difficult position the part the whole thing of these negotiations is that they have their idea of what breaks it looks like the e.u. as they're by they what breaks it looks like and a compromise must be found it's extremely difficult to provide assurances to business when they can't guarantee what businesses want them to guarantee so while they are trying their best it's very difficult especially again when there's so much division within their own braggs cabinets on what the e.u. exit looks like so i'd have to say no but i'd also have to say that it's a very difficult position to be in it's because of that with the association of german chambers of commerce and industry i thought there was a decision when when was it made two years ago wasn't it in a referendum it was a decision. as it turns out making decision and then. phoning it to result
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is much more difficult than fault especially from the view of london so also in europe we are still waiting to hear was how can we continue to do business where we're all waiting when when are you expecting some sort of clarity then. a few months ago the but the real issue is. there are too many topics on the table and the topics have to be solved relatively quickly but in the end what we see from continental europe towards u.k. is a fight in between the u.k. government and the companies need to adjust and they don't know how to adjust on both sides whether it's a customs union free trade agreement double duty all standards being still part of the common market questions are all on answered and time is running out and uncertainty leads to a decline in business and we already see the first results ukase g.d.p. is not growing in the same speed as in europe germany's exports are declining to
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the u.k. although it rises to everywhere else in europe so. the result of non-doing already was a bill what about the customs union the question of a customs you can well that's a big one the business is what do you think about that well a customs union is is an important step to make things easy in trading with each other but it's only about customs it's not about regulations then birds and other stuff so it's. it's it's better than nothing but it's only a way to have a bridge into something which is like in the free trade agreement or something else it can provide a bridge but not more and the customs union would solve at least the problem with the northern ireland border and border on the island itself but honestly even there there the signals are not clear so what would you like as
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a business representative to germany europe's biggest economy what would you like to see what's going to solve this mess. well i think there is no easy solution because that a way would never taking part was never taken before but if you don't take a new way then you also have to see all the hurdles on the way and you cannot stop in front of the first one and we still haven't solved how to get a divorce and then would so we also don't get to know already yet how will our business relations we that there is the chance of a free trade agreement we don't hear that so much support for from the u.k. save customs union but only time limited we need a clear plan for longdon first steps first but make steps start walking clarity all you know thank you very much for joining us you're welcome of is the coming clearing the road ahead for tesla as it makes the biggest job in company history and thank you the day after his historic summit with kim jong il u.s.
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president donald trump has declared there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea north korean state media up are trying the summit is a win for pyongyang is doing america's concessions including the promised and to us south korean military exercises critics of the deal point to its vagueness and the fact that it contains no mention of washington's demands for the north's complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization. in a train station in pyongyang north koreans huddle around newspaper stand still and the outcome of the historic meeting between their leader and former arch donald trump on state television glowing praise for kim jong il with the newsreader announcing that washington would lift sanctions against that country and suspend its joint military exercises with south korea. the exercises have angered pyongyang for decades conducted several times a year there
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a major part of washington security structure in east asia but now donald trump says there provoke a tive and a waste of money war games of course of fortune you know we're spending a fortune every number of months we're doing war games with south korea and russia which is costing we're flying planes in from warm and we're bombing in the mountains for practice. suspending the drills is a concession that came as a surprise to many and in japan this concern it may weaken security in the region and what does the waters do up it's my understanding that u.s. troops based in south korea and japan maintain an important role in the safety of this region. and seoul newspapers criticized that the teenie clear as ation agreement was missing three important words complete irreversible and verifiable but the south korean government called the summit a success. as did trump after landing back in the u.s.
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he tweeted that north korea was no longer washington's biggest and most dangerous problem and that the world can now sleep safer. this is did a lot from the world's sport and place bets on the. african migrants fleeing to europe. spanish families living on the poverty line. japanese employees leaving in any existence in a flawless moving society. the one we're going to she will get the impression we're heading for a good culture. a delicate balance not in a global and one in forty five minutes on d.w.a. .
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plate who do you think is going to be closer to the flame. who matches the scores. of two thousand eight hundred cup starts june fourteenth on t w news. we make up we watch as. the under budget. the seven seven percent. want to shape the continent's future. part of enjoying african youngsters testing share their stories their dreams and their challengers. the seventy seven percent. platform africa it's. time for an upgrade. our church that grows all by.
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us with. design highlights you can make yourself. tips and tricks that will turn your home to a special. upgrade yourself with d w's interior design channel on you tube. this is newsnight from. our favorite was chosen north america the twenty twenty six world cup the joint bets off the usa canada and mexico. will be the first world cup play in sri from country. iranian political scientist. known in his country for publicly challenging the state line on sensitive topics has been presented with the freedom of speech award was actually prosecuted by
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iranian government for making critical remarks in an interview with day w d w present c freedom of speech award to individuals or initiatives that promote freedom of expression and human rights in the media. this year's winner of the ws freedom of speech awards political scientists the subjects of a column a well known figure in iran for challenging because from a narrative on many sensitive issues. at the end of december two thousand and seventeen iran soars biggest anti-government demonstrations in almost a decade. the protests quickly spread to dozens of towns and cities across the country just days after the unrest to rock to sedate gave an interview to d.w. fasc. he characterized the demonstrators as young people disappointed with the entire political system and said more than two thirds of people were
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dissatisfied with the islamic republic. those views didn't go down well with the iranian authorities they accused him of spreading false information and propaganda against the islamic republic he was sentenced to eighteen months in prison and barred from social media for two years despite social media platform telegram being banned by the iranian authorities and has a large online audience. before and on the sidelines of the ceremony in bonn a group of demonstrators protested against it because being awarded some iranian activists in exile argue that he's too soft in his demands for change. in his lord's ation german journalist reinhard baumgarten defended did abuse choice the support from the populace is evident through his hunger of thousands of
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followers of facebook instagram and the popular messenger service. yet says he makes no secret of his closeness to president house on the one on the contrary he advocates for reforming iran's current ruling system instead of abolishing it outright. so the exhibit column who travel to bone from toronto except his award highlighted the sacrifices of political prisoners in iran. i have got to spend a day in prison in islamic iran for my beliefs. but there are many iranian writers jordan these lawyers woman and human rights activists trade unionists student artists this is then an opposition figure i believe they is a far more than i do to receive freedom of speech or. with this
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year's freedom of speech or will do inch of eleanor twenty recognized the dixie bickel and courageous criticism of this government the price is also meant to encourage civil society in iran. now for more on the sex it becomes said exhibit on the dodge event of a freedom of speech award tune in this evening for an in-depth report on the w m twenty three fifteen berth in time a twenty one fifteen g.m.t. . corporate news now with tesla has hit another rough patch yet the electric car make a tesla is to cut almost a tense of its workforce we're talking about three thousand people losing their jobs in an e-mail to stuff c.e.o. it on must wrote what drives us is our mission to accelerate the world transition to sustainable clean energy but we will never achieve that mission unless we eventually demonstrate that we can be sustainably profitable. for any company
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that's something quite regular but in this case it's been a hard task it's fifteen years of existence test that has not once turned an annual profit and in recent times the situation's only got worse in the first quarter of the year the company posted over seven hundred million dollars in losses its worst ever performance that along with other problems like the departure of senior staff and crashes involving electric cars has prompted the company to restructure t. to test those efforts to finally drive a profit is this cob the top selling model three sedan the plan is to increase production from the three the half thousand a week to five thousand at a time that musk is hoping to reach as soon as the end of june and also financial correspondent to milan if this is all feasible. well iran last fed last week that it was quite likely that those production targets would be met now that doesn't sound like a promise that and so on but at least one analyst firm on wall street has said that
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based on a survey of dealers and sales centers that tough i was making good progress and they actually upped their delivery estimates for tesla in the second quarter significantly that's also worth pointing out that those job cuts are not supposed to impact on production because they're not meant to hit assembly line workers and production associates but as you said we're already in june that's just over two weeks away and it will be a real moment of truth for a long musk and until mean more about moscow i didn't think he cared all that much about profitability. you know i'm not sure he still does but his shareholders obviously do and in the last months of their patience has worn kind of thin because of iran must take and takes now there was that conference call where he called analysts boneheaded because he didn't like the questions about tesla's finances there was that april fool's joke where he declared bankruptcy now the law must get under a lot of pressure not just to prove a test that can make money and ensure its own survival but that he can bring
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a certain level of maturity to test and make difficult decisions as opposed to just eroding investor confidence for fun if tesla is going to graduate from being a corporate curiosity to a mainstream industry player and shareholders certainly do not like it when you joke about money do they still thank you very much. is it curiosity javanese see that texeira is in full swing and the trade show is open to all including the big critics of our digital age one is form of d r enthusiasm social media skeptic you know online you come to talk about his latest publication. ten arguments for deleting your social media accounts right now to run the nia is promoting his latest book at sea bets the man who wants all virtual reality as the future is not convinced that we're feeding our data into a system that manipulates us third parties pay good money to do just that and the damage can be huge. we apparently have seen democracy and.
4:38 pm
because elections become swayed by mass behavior modification and these weird mind games it apparently happened in the united states and with the briggs it for the chief focus of his criticism facebook is also here in hanover but it refused to discuss the social media network has two billion users worldwide and rising but political pressure seems to be mounting at least in europe the general data protection regulation was introduced a few weeks ago it's a improved data protection across the e.u. like to be very clear on the one side to a need to preserve these capacities of new technologies to create jobs to innovate but on the other side definitely we need to have some rules in order to build the nickel system trust and the conditions are the same for all players back to see
4:39 pm
that when visitors are divided on linnaeus views on social networks as a whole. i like to think many would. have a big influence. and i think. nick says there's no such thing as a free lunch if you consume something that you don't have to pay for you'll end up having to keep something for it anyway. so why not pay to use facebook and co to run the knee or at least thinks that would make things better. and shows in chinese tech giants have had over forty percent of its first day of trading in. months the downward spiral wiping about three billion dollars of its market value its easy return to the markets comes after the firm agreed to pay a billion dollar penalty to the u.s. trading was originally suspended back in april after washington accused the company of violating sanctions against iran and north korea resulting ban on american companies one part is it had driven the company to near bust. ok
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time for some games. i've. three expo brings together the world's top video games developers in los angeles and this you won't know is dominating the event fortnights from epic games the gaming industry a life of calm nostrum from due to social media is here to explain who call never heard of us. the only one. of us what about you not the only one because i've really barely heard this game at all it's called fortnights battle royale this version of fortnight is currently the most popular video game in the world and we have some numbers here for you there are one hundred twenty five million registered players worldwide more than two hundred million dollars in revenue that was just in march and for tonight content received more than two billion streams on you tube
4:41 pm
and that was just in one month earlier this year ok so how you play our game work here's the basics here for you fills and you don't know what this is this is fortnight battle royale and it starts by dropping one hundred players from this floating bus onto a deserted island from there it's basically your classic fight to the death so you click weapons there's healing potions and other resources you can even build structures for self-defense and the game area really starts to shrink quickly so all the players are forced closer and closer together until eventually the last player left standing wins you know phil i am a proper journalist so i did decide to try out this game for myself it didn't go well this is my effort here if you want to take a look and really it's a lot harder than it looks so this is me and my first player here the game gives you lots of different avatars as you can tell i'm not really much of
4:42 pm
a professional here i think i lasted like an average of ninety seconds until i was just gone down over and over again by other players in the game but i do see how once you get better it would be a lot of fun really one of the big. reasons why this is so popular the game is free so you can download the game for you can play it the the developer makes money on in game purchases and also you can play on any platform from x. box all the way down to your smartphone ok so it's free and addictive what sets it apart from the office well ok for tonight is really now just this bigger cultural phenomenon all the way to the fact that the best players are really becoming global celebrities so for example this is one of the best players in the world his name is tyler blevins he goes by ninja he's twenty seven years old but he says he makes more than half a million dollars every month just by streaming himself playing this game has become so big that that arguably much more famous celebrities beg to play the game
4:43 pm
with them in fact this is a stream of him you see him there on the left he's playing with a rapper drake you don't even see drake because ninjas bigger now than drake in this streams of an all time record for viewership you know a lot of people have people pay to watch it all will watch and based on sponsorships donations they'll watch just ninja playing this game and it's that big what parents think well. they do like some aspect so it's creative there's some collaboration involved it's not as bloody as some other games but there are becoming some some serious some side effects some concerns about how addictive this game can be for kids and you're seeing a lot of headlines now like these that are talking about how recently kids just can't control their gaming habits one nine year old even was sent to rehab after she went herself rather than take a bathroom break there was a u.k. mamma says her son has become moody and aggressive because of this addiction there's lots more stories of kids just playing the game in class or not going to class at all because they'd rather be playing for night battle royale it's not
4:44 pm
always fun and games when it comes to video games rarely is with and you do wonder parents who object to it stop your child playing it the chances of stays in the bedroom with a little later we'll see if you can stop co. not thank you. that's let's move on polygamy that's a good thing polygamy generally illegal in india but a colonial era makes an exception i'm exempt all muslims muslim communities of control of opposing a fast like marriage divorce and inheritance i mean india's predominately muslim regions it's common for men to take more than one wife but the movement to ban polygamy is getting stronger i'm now into supreme court is set to decide if the law violates the country's constitution. shabana big rooms tiny living room doubles as a workplace she lives here alone with her children even though she's married chip on his husband moved out and even with his second wife shabana and her husband have
4:45 pm
been married for sixteen years but a number of years ago he married another woman unbeknownst to her. the neighbors told me he had a second i wife they told me that they go out together in public and in there he takes her on the motorcycle and i didn't believe it every time i asked him he denied it. at his father's funeral a year ago i met her. and gave birth to the lines. together with three of her children siobhan moved back in with her mother and sisters her eldest son stayed behind with his father and the second wife shabana is not happy with the situation but under muslim law her husband can marry up to four women he's supposed to support the whole family but she says he doesn't she doesn't get a single rupee from him. i trained as a nurse but i can't do it because i don't want to leave my kids alone.
4:46 pm
so i learned how to sew. because with that i can work from home. once a week and goes with her youngest son to the women's center. shabana can't do much about her husband marrying another woman polygamy is generally illegal in india but for muslims there's an exception made that dates from colonial times muslim communities are allowed to regulate their own personal affairs when it comes to things like marriage divorce and inheritance women's rights activists like jimmy. hope the supreme court will decide that this violates the constitution. since independence equal rights have been in shrines in the constitution and they're supposed to be a uniform family law. our politicians have playing with us agency playing with the lives of these women these that minority women that knocked on speak they had not
4:47 pm
cared for because there is not a body. ceria law is still in place in the muslim area of hyderabad here it's the men who have the say and they don't want that to change one of them is. he's a muslim family judge who marries and divorces people if that's what the man wants he's strictly against the state interfering in their family law. will family and all comes directly from out of the most full people are not allowed to change a single word and this is heart will stay till the end of the world. and. there are no statistics on exactly how many polygamous marriages there are but they are common in the predominantly muslim quarters of india. mohammad chuff he could dean works together with his second wife hasina in this small shop his first wife lived elsewhere sometimes mohammed spence's nights with her but mostly with hasina the
4:48 pm
woodwork i'm building i haven't done anything wrong. twenty three years ago i married my first wife and i married the second twelve years ago i didn't tell my first wife i remarried she found out later on i think that's all right. hostin and to find out after the fact that her husband had married another woman she's come to terms with it. now not all but oddly he treats us the same he treats us both well if he has four if anything he brings two of them to me so we don't have to argue about who gets wants everything goes pretty smoothly. and on that. but no one's happy here at the women's center most have been neglected by their husbands after they married new younger wives the women on the other hand aren't allowed to be with another man and can't get divorced without their husbands
4:49 pm
approval women's rights activists conducted an anonymous survey in the neighborhood of the one thousand women one of the nine hundred were against polygamy their hopes now rest with the supreme court. that i the muslim community won't solve this problem alone. polygamy must finally be abolished so the state needs to ensure that both hindus and muslims are treated equally and everyone should be allowed to have only one spouse. if and when this will happen is unknown the supreme court has accepted the appeal but there is no date set for hearing for a big room any verdict is too late now her husband has taken a third wife she says she wants a better future for her daughters and her son shouldn't get any ideas about having more than one wife.
4:50 pm
welcome to the world of autistic filipe pyatt who whose installations in the us in strange you bolts combining technology sounds and science now for the first time the french author is so emotional in the german capital at both ends it mustn't go beyond our gallery complete with ocean fish. lights out of the music that apparently is well a growing yeast colony that sometimes takes control and david mamet's michael to this is here to tell us why. welcome this is the seems like a lot to take in sounds like and so some sort of see funhouse house yeah it's a lot of fun you could definitely say it's also kind of a full body experience which is why phoebe probably you know has been on the scene in big on the scene since the one nine ninety s because you go into these spaces and they are actually a lot of fun and this one was so immersive we've kind of tried to to create that here for you. i have to say coming out of it i felt
4:51 pm
a little bit like when you come out of a scary movie you know and someone's kind of twisted your head a different way and reality starts looking very strange ok so it's yes fighting the congo that i'll just move out and it doesn't sound like the sort of come to perceive experience that most museum goers are used to know and it's not in someone even so the few the proud owner has revolutionized the concept of of what an art exhibition even can be you find yourself in a new environment sometimes it's soothing sometimes it's your heart racing you've got these pulsating lights sounds of nature eerie music to self playing grand pianos talking stone and talking stone and this yeast culture that you mentioned which sometimes supposedly takes control of the effects and i'm going to hope that they know himself can explain it better periods. i never want to start to a concept to be honest there's
4:52 pm
a structure no show but i know many start with one decision that say one decision and lead to another and then another lead to another submit like this the chain of thoughts. by work is time based no saw you when you quickly and we cycles you know she'll get to people she acted and then stops and starts again things we pete but never will exactly the same way in the same time. they use life forces i did using a bioreactor on the bike of his her life you know ceased wriggling the yeast that you find in cakes and bread they leave within it and from time to time i. stop my kind of like. oh i feel like i'm
4:53 pm
a maturity and leave the yeasts controlling you can be sion. we recalled the reaction of the us when did say when we have a light changi in the shows and we all saw the light chant within the bio react to everything is connected but according to a sort of a logic. like for example you have a lot of hands you know ventilation system and a cleat to block takes so the sufficiency of like floating. face microphone all signed and the birds will be heard that wind is a fish just of not turning on you so we question funny. the water lilies sonique what to do that makes waves there for can see so wrong like figurative that the brains produce when you see things on the to the permanent but out is doing is when you that invent a condition in which the form appear and disappear and both know this is all are
4:54 pm
both these free creating kind of aspect of any given forms to memory now is within the d.n.a. in the east of thing that happened that disappeared nothing we main from the show but in apart from the east memory. yeast memory. i don't i have the same reaction at first apparently this is based on some real science. do have what's called molecular memory and this comes into play when the yeast mate so they can either do that by dividing or by fusing with other yeast cells and the they used certain proteins to remember what was good mating and what was bad mating experiences so they don't make the same mistakes twice unlike us humans. so if this exhibition is links to mating yeast cells one presumes it's different every time that is the idea the pocono shows volved over the course of the installation supposedly in sync with the patterns of the
4:55 pm
yeast i have my doubts i wonder if maybe this is just a cute story that he likes to tell but it's not the first time he's told this story either they know also claim that the yeast was in control of this impressive exhibition of the tate modern in london and twenty sixteen also with films and floating inflatable fish it made a big splash in london and probably don't get says visitors the freedom to roam around the space and take it in their own way i really think part of his success is that he creates art that pretty much everyone can enjoy whether they think they're into contemporary art or not and so that's an imbalance at the moment at the most in the globe gallery well i wish i had more on our website that's a v.w. dot com slash culture like a nice one david let's thank you. just trying to remind you the top story has chosen north america twenty six football world cup joined by the usa canada and mexico beat morocco's cotton for the first ball comes to plane to constrain
4:56 pm
different countries. such i'm sure they will have more feel up to talk of our course as always the website v.w. dot com i'm going to. move . move move move. move. move. move move. move on.
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to. an. african migrants fleeing to europe. spanish families living on the poverty line. japanese employees leaving in the new systems in a false move in society. the one with whom she will get him fresh from reading for a good concert. delicate balanced life in a globalized world in fifteen minutes on d w.
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i think of the award winning documentary starts june fourteenth on d. w. . crimes fs against humanity. civilians see come witnesses. on their recorder which is travel around the globe just social media. but what is propaganda fiction and what is fact digital investigators combed through the flood of images they combine sources to try to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of crimes by seeing this video recording of the soldier who shot the young man is on trial now. all forensics between bits and bytes. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t.w. .
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this is you know we knew whose life for a role in the twenty twenty six soccer world cup goes to. kind of mexico and usa have been selected by the feet. to host the two hundred twenty six. broke up thank you soccer's governing body he thought awards the tournament to north america over.


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