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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 13, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is you know when he was alive for bro in the twenty twenty six soccer world cup goes to. kind of mexico and usa have been selected by the feet. to hold the twenty fifth of the six feet but break up thank you to far worse the tournaments in north america over a bid from morocco the announcement comes as world cup fever grips the host russia on the eve of the kickoff for this year's month long championship also coming up.
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aid groups are raising the alarm warning that one of the world's worst humanitarian crises the one unfolding in yemen could get even worse an attack by saudi backed forces on the mean port threatens to cut off food supplies to the entire country. is great to have you along everyone. soccer is a greatest prize is going to north america the twenty twenty six world cup tournament will be hosted by the united states canada and mexico a soccer's governing body for awarded the cup over the morocco bit that twenty twenty six world cup will be the first time three nations will host the prestigious tournament the competition will also feature a record forty eight teams and in a poll a few full members the north america bid beat the north africans one hundred thirty
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four votes to sixty five the president of the u.s. soccer carla scourged barrow was elated on behalf of our united bid canada mexico and my country the united states thank you so so very much for this incredible honor thank you for entrusting us with this privilege the privilege of hosting the feed for world cup in twenty twenty six let us also salute our friends from morocco at the end of the day we're all united in football that's the spirit of the world cup the beautiful game and game transcends borders and cultures. our talk more about this exciting news joining us from washington is claire richardson and with me on the set is the w.'s oliver moody claire i want to start off with you how has this news been received in the u.s. . hyla as you might imagine u.s. soccer fans are absolutely delighted by this news this is a sport that's really been growing in popularity over the past couple of decades
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especially since the u.s. hosted the world cup last time back in one thousand nine hundred four a lot of the excitement tends to come from immigrant communities here who are rooting for their home countries teams particularly among the latino population in the united states compared to the rest of the world it should be said that the u.s. is not as a soccer crazy as some other countries it's competing with other major sports here obviously like baseball in american football and basketball and of course this year the u.s. men's team didn't qualify so you're probably not seeing the same level of excitement here as you are where you are in berlin for example but overall i do think that there's hope that this winning big means that there is going to they're going to be able to see this sports to really take root something that was just rekindling americans interests oh right and over morocco a lost out to the north american juggernaut they are soccer crazy they are participating in this world cup but to no avail this time around there is scrappy
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underdog the big five times we talked last out you've really got a feel for the moroccan football fans of five times it's an incredible number but in truth it never looked likely that morocco would win this bid you know feet clearly from very early stage or at least the fifa leadership preferred the north american bid in partly because it did so well in the evaluations of the morocco certainly but also because of the money and this is the fear is that like the costs of the moroccan bridge looked much higher they needed to build nine stadiums they had this kind of sixteen billion dollars infrastructure plan where's the north american bid all the stadiums are already built and also it promises more revenues or at least we can expect more revenues from north america and we could have from morocco so i think with the money that was already decided a lot was decided already blue circle a bit more about well something related to money has come under a lot of pressure for not being transparent and tough. in previous bits that they for awarded for instance to qatar and russia had they been more transparent this
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time around this is certainly a very different process to what we had the last time it woke up it was it was proved gone are the days of sepp blatter and his executive committee which many believe cloak and dagger stories inside many members of the executive committee who have since been convicted or at least accused of fraud now we have two hundred federations casting a vote in the world cup down the electronically as well so we can see who voted for which bid and what not of course doesn't rule out corruption it doesn't mean that the whole thing was completely clean no one can say that but it's certainly a very different story it's what happened for the bid for this world cup for example and it's encouraging of course a step in the right direction claire want to go to you in washington president donald trump threw his weight behind this bid what the unintended consequences be that soccer ends up saving now after. well that's right we saw him on twitter calling for other countries to vote in favor of the fed it's interesting that this comes at a time that the united states has had such fraught relations with its neighbors in
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canada and mexico for mexico obviously the repeated calls to build a wall on the border calling of mexican immigrants coming to the u.s. rapists and murderers the renegotiation of nafta as you mentioned is of major point of tension with canada we just heard him insulting prime minister justin trudeau after a g. seven summit in which donald trump managed to snub some of the united states' closest allies via riving late leaving early in favor of meeting with north korean leader kim jong un and refusing to sign onto a joint statement of common values at the very end so in this political climate you might think that this would be really fraught however it's important to remember that fifa is going to be the one doing a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of organizing and most importantly donald trump is not going to be in office once we get around to twenty twenty six clay richard thank you so much for now and all the i want you to stick around because we're going to talk about another breaking news story that's related to the cup because
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one of the favorites of this year's world cup is in disarray spain after having sacked their coach just two days before their first game. it was meant to be the biggest week in his career you look at the key was going into his first world cup at the helm of one of the favorites spain on tuesday he had been announced as the next coach of champions league when israel madrid due to take over for the tournament in russia but the timing and manner of the appointment sparked outrage among the spanish federation and. a hastily arranged press conference the day before the world cup kicked off sealed his second woman who if. his negotiations for real madrid were legal there is no issue with that. but the federation's was not informed about it we were told five minutes before the press release and we had to send a clear message to all employees of the spanish royal football federation. there is
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a way to proceed and we have to stick to our principles. less than a month ago look at the gay had signed a contract extension with spain keeping him in the job till twenty twenty. but the lure of succeeding zoo nadine's down in madrid proved too much look at the last minute replacement is from mundo here to spain sporting director and former real madrid captain. how big of a shocker is this this is this is stunning that i don't think anything like this is ever happened at a world cup with one of the favorites has fired their coach on the eve of the tournament two days before the opening game in spain certainly were probably among the top four favorites this woke up so certainly and with with with a chance. i honestly don't think i can recall certainly in my lifetime an act of self-destruction quite like this we obviously play a meltdown as you think of sanity and sit down with the head but back in two
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thousand and six we've had play revulse and what not where the atmosphere just wasn't right but i can't recall a federation or country have a deliberately making decision the homs that chances so much it's incredible suddenly so where do spain that team spain goes from here well it is still a great team let's remember that as well these players are very very good now been playing together for a long time as well as we had and i don't yet know who is a spy and legend around madrid legend as well he was also already involved in the set up so he knows the players he knows how they've prepared for the tournament i think he will still be able to get a lot out of this team i think certainly they'll get out great for example but certainly their chances of going down in my estimations and i would perhaps pick them to get to the quarterfinals now maybe i wouldn't say any further. develop. it's keeping us on our toes already thank you so very much for that. and i'd like to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. the president of macedonia says he won't sign
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a historic deal to change the country's name all this just a day after macedonia struck a deal with greece to change its name to the republic of north macedonia where the deal is aimed at resolving a longstanding dispute with greece which also has a northern province named macedonia. u.s. president donald trump as a cleric there is quote no longer a nuclear threat from north korea he made the comments on twitter a day after historic summit with north korean leader kim jong il and in singapore trump and kim signed a non-binding agreement pledging to work toward the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. a saudi led coalition has launched an assault on yemen's main port city of the battle could prove a turning point in yemen's three year long civil war the coalition is trying to retake the city from huth the rebels backed by saudi arabia's arch rival iran
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pushing ahead with the assault despite grave warnings from humanitarian groups the u.n. says the offensive risks causing massive civilian casualties and could threaten millions with starvation britain has requested an emergency un security council meeting to address the matter. all right let's find out how things are in the yemen the union felt like is care is yemen assistant country director and she joins us now with from that capital sana'a a misspells vika i mean it's very difficult for us to imagine how much worse things can possibly get for the people of yemen can you tell us what the situation is at the moment in who data. and the moment the fastest it's been programmed about an hour go because it's ramadan a thousand people fast until sundown and i think this is also the scary time because it means that people get energy and we expect the fighting to intensify
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when we when the when it was announced that the attack on the whole day that the offensive mufti voided that it was going to go ahead we have three days to prepare and this is really. i mean it's not enough time or date already very vulnerable it already knows the highest military should rank in the country and if you can imagine as big a ground offensive air offensive maybe he'll fences will only make a complete pass if you train him and i just take you we know six hundred thousand people and we're expecting two hundred fifty thousand or so who does everything that you even then i. missed so if i can you can you describe what is the significance of who day to airport and what would it mean for the country to effectively it were to shut down. so the most died in city hosts the how that up port and outside of port is a key critical importance for only yemen because it sees two thirds of the yemeni
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creation and at the moment even before the offensive started we already knew eight million people were are at risk of starvation and now that the port been closed for one day but we're seeing it being closer nonfunctional for the duration of the assault and then we're very worried as the port gets food is destroyed because that means no fools will come into the country and the food piles are not have to so files and food are not big enough to feed only yemen this is this is this is very tough stuff it tells us about your organization medicare what are they what are you planning to do for the people of data. well we are currently doing for this is a date as we do a lot of work around access to food and access to safe drinking water all day says one location where it's very difficult to find a drinking water that's wild for the call of our race was so high and looking back on us or more familiar to loosely we've counted over one million pesos all around
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and i remember trying to mandate that there will be a third way because that would also be catastrophic for a very weak and i'm so prepare everything has access to food is what we do is we we give passion to the most vulnerable families or they can buy their own assess and see when the market because most of the for the yemeni economy that is there is not going to be bought on the market or as we will see will be now if prices will really increase because there owning imitate is a level that will be very patchy you mean filter mike carey human country director speaking to us from the yemeni capital sanaa thank you very much. right this is no easy transition but such is news oh we want to wrap up things with a new baby that's getting all the attention and belgians plunking dalziell twitter the giraffe is the sixth calf born to his mother barbie and already tops two meters tall a leg a new board was frolicking around his enclosure within just twenty minutes of his
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birth and his timings not bad either twig arrived just in time for world giraffe day which takes please its time. all right thank you so very much for spending time with has been facing and will be up next with all your business headlines station for that. is going to. go managers do not contain. you know the banks. and so was the language of the bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. for minds. we make up obama we watch as after that and educate we are the civil service and.


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