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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 13, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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me me me me me me me me me me. me me me me me me. me me. me me me. me. me me me me me me. me me me me me me me me me me me me me do you think soccer world's college goes to. kind of mexico and usa have been selected by the feedback on the east coast look like people at the six feet up broke up thank you north america wins over a bit for morocco the announcement comes as world cup fever grips the host russia on the eve of the kickoff for this year's month long championship also coming up. putting up a united front and germany's or foreign minister calls for
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a new strategy in europe to counter the dollar chalked up trend of america first plus italy allows more than nine hundred migrants to land in sicily just days after refusing entry to another rescue ship meanwhile france tries to patch up aroud over at least handling of migrants also the truck kim summits has raised hopes of prosperity for north korea but in a special court from inside the secretive state we find that a market economy already has a foothold there. and aid groups are raising the alarm warning that the humanitarian crisis in yemen could get even worse than attack by saudi backed forces on the main port threatens to cut off food supplies to the entire country.
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thank you very much for your company everyone all right soccer's greatest prize has now gone to north america the twenty twenty six world cup tournament will be hosted by the united states canada and mexico soccer's governing body fifa award at the cup over the morocco bit the twenty twenty six world cup will be the first time three nations will host a prestigious tournament the competition will also feature a record forty eight teams in a pool of people members the north america bid beat the north africans one hundred thirty four votes sixty five all right the president of u.s. soccer carlos cory barrow was elated on behalf of our united bid canada mexico and my country the united states thank you so so very much for this incredible honor thank you for entrusting us with this privilege the privilege of hosting the thief or will come up in twenty twenty six let us also salute our
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friends from morocco at the end of the day we're all united in football that's the spirit of the world cup the beautiful game and game transcends borders and cultures . to talk more about this exciting news joining us from washington is claire richardson and with me on the set is the w.'s oliver moody claire i want to start off with you how has this news been received in the u.s. . highway well as you might imagine u.s. soccer fans are absolutely delighted by this news this is a sport that's really been growing in popularity over the past couple of decades especially something u.s. hosted at the world cup last time back in one thousand nine hundred four a lot of the excitement tends to come from immigrant communities here who are rooting for their home countries teams particularly among the latino population in the united states compared to the rest of the world it should be said that the u.s. is not as a soccer crazy as some other countries it's competing with other major sports here
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obviously like baseball in american football and basketball and of course this year the u.s. men's team didn't qualify so you're probably not seeing the same level of excitement here as you are where you are in berlin for example but overall i do think that there's hope that this winning bid means that there is going to they're going to be able to see the sports take really take root something that was just rekindling americans interests oh right and over morocco a lost out to the north american juggernaut they are soccer crazy they are participating in this world cup but to no avail this time around they're a scrappy underdog the big five times we talked last out yet you've really got to feel for the broken football fans of the five times it's an incredible number but in truth it never looked likely that morocco would win this bid you know feet clearly from a very early stage or at least the fifa leadership prefer the north american bid in partly because it did so well in the evaluations of the morocco certainly but also because of the money and this is the fear isn't like the costs of the moroccan
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bridge looked much higher they needed to build nine stadiums they had this kind of sixteen billion dollar infrastructure plan where's the north american bid all the stadiums are already built and also it promises more revenues or at least we can expect more revenues from north america and we could have from morocco so i think with the money that was already decided about a lot was decided already blue circle a bit more about well something related to money has come under a lot of pressure for not being transparent and nuffin to. bits that they've ordered for instance to qatar and russia have been more transparent this time around this is certainly a very different process to what we had the last time that it woke up it was it was proved gone of the days is that blatter and his executive committee which made it always like stories inside many members of the executive committee who have since been convicted or at least accused of fraud now we have two hundred federations casting a vote in the world cup done electronically as well so we can see who voted for
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which bid and what not of course doesn't rule out corruption it doesn't mean that the whole thing was completely clean no one can say about it but it's certainly a very different story to what happened for the bid for this world cup for example and it's encouraging of course a step in the right direction claire want to go to you in washington president donald trump threw his weight behind this bid what the unintended consequences be that soccer ends up saving now after. well that's right we saw him on twitter calling for other countries to vote in favor of the fed it's interesting that this comes at a time that the united states has had such fraught relations with its neighbors in canada and mexico for mexico obviously the repeated calls to build a wall on the border calling of mexican immigrants coming to the u.s. rapists and murderers the renegotiation of nafta as you mentioned is of major point of tension with canada we just heard him insulting prime minister justin trudeau after a g. seven summit in which donald trump managed to snub some of the united states'
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closest allies via riving late leaving early in favor of meeting with the north korean leader kim jong un and refusing to sign on to a joint statement of common values at the very end so in this political climate you might think that this would be really fraught however it's important to remember that fifo is going to be the one doing a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of organizing and most importantly donald trump is not going to be in office once we get around to twenty twenty six. so in the thank you so much share for now and all the i want you to stick around because we're going to talk about another breaking news story that's related to the cup because one of the favorites of this year's world cup is in disarray spain after having sacked their coach just two days before their first game. it was meant to be the biggest week in his career you look at the key was going into his first world cup at the helm of one of the favorites spain on
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tuesday he had been announced as the next coach of champions league when israel madrid due to take over for the tournament in russia but the timing and manner of the appointment sparked outrage among the spanish federation and firms hastily arranged press conference the day before the world cup kicked off sealed his second we don't know if. this negotiations for real madrid were legal there is no issue with that. but the federation's was not informed about it we were told five minutes before the press release and we had to send a clear message to all employees of the spanish royal football federation. there is a way to proceed and we have to stick to our principles. less than a month ago look at the gay had signed a contract extension with spain keeping him in the job till twenty twenty. but the lure of succeeding zoo nadine's the down and madrid proved too much look at the last minute replacement is from mundo here to spain sporting director and former
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real madrid captain. only wow how big of a shocker is this this is this is stunning that i don't think anything like this is ever happened at a world cup with one of the favorites has fired their coach on the eve of the filament two days before the opening game in spain certainly were probably among the top four favorites and it's world cup so certainly and with with with a chance. i honestly don't think i can recall certainly in my lifetime an act of self-destruction quite like this we obviously play a meltdown's you think of the don with the head but back in two thousand and six we've had play revulse and what not where the atmosphere just wasn't right but i can't recall a federation or country have a deliberately making decision the homs that chances so much it's incredible suddenly so where do spain team spain go from here well it is still a great team let's remember that as well these players are very very good now been playing together for a long time as well as we had seven under yet over who is spying legend around
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madrid legend as well he was also already involved in the set up so he knows the players he knows how they've prepared for the tournament i think he will still be able to get a lot out of this team i think certainly they'll get out great for example but certainly their chances of going down in my estimations and i would perhaps pick them to get to the quarterfinals now maybe but i wouldn't say any further. what develops. is keeping us on our toes already thank you so very much for that. all right i'd like to bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. georgia's prime minister has resigned along with his entire cabinet in a televised statement he said he was stepping aside due to fundamental disagreements with the leader of his own ruling party that party georgian dream must now submit a new cabinet list to the country's president within the next seven days. the president of macedonia meanwhile says he won't sign a use story deal to change the country's name is just a day after macedonia struck
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a deal with greece to change its name to the republic of morris macedonia while the deal was aimed at resolving a longstanding dispute with greece which also has a northern province named macedonia u.s. president donald trump has declared there is quote no longer a nuclear threat from north korea he made the comments on twitter a day after a historic summit with north korean leader kim jong un in singapore tromping kim signed a non-binding agreement pledging to work toward the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula and we'll have more on the north korea's emerging market economy coming up in our business block a little later on in the show but it's not only in the korean peninsula where president trump has up and at the status quo here in europe members of the g. seven group of industrialized nations are still digesting trump's decision to not
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endorse the final communique of their summit last weekend well today in a wide ranging speech germany's new foreign minister called trump's america first approach a quote convulsion that would have consequences way beyond his presidency. list . long term reliable partners a crumbling into new crises decades old alliances are being questioned a tweak to time. it was a long time the usa was the leader of the free people. for seventy years it stood up for freedom prosperity and security in europe it's open. for a few days ago i said that we would respond to the recent decisions of the united states with appropriate countermeasures and patient engagement. and that's why our joint response today to america first must be europe united
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europe united germany's foreign minister there making the case for united year want to turn now to milena crane our chief political correspondent to get more on this what exactly does he mean. well he's calling for a more pro-active europe and a more confident europe proactive starting at home within the e.u. he's saying that to germany for example needs to pay more attention to the needs and the varying perspectives of other e.u. members countries particularly eastern and southern member countries and perhaps do a little bit more to promote investment to fight youth unemployment in those countries and looking beyond the e.u. with an eye to america he is certainly saying that that germany and the e.u. need to stand up to the u.s.
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on trade there had been some concern that perhaps germany would press other e.u. member countries to try to make a deal with the u.s. he seems to be saying very clearly no he's throwing his support behind the e.u. trade minister and also the french government both of which has said we are not going to negotiate with the with the u.s. with a gun to our heads we are going to move forward only within the w t o the world trade organization and we are going to stay with a multilateral approach on trade a number little if if the general gist of the message is president trump is throwing his allies under the bus is he making the case for the e.u. to lock horns with this ally the u.s. . no definitely not he's saying that the e.u. absolutely must continue to work together with and cooperate with the united states where that is possible but he's saying that he thinks that the e.u.
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needs to rebalance its transatlantic partnership and at the same time stand up to the u.s. on areas where the two disagree and for example that very much would be in this realm not only of the trade based multilateral order but in general to support what is being called the rules based order that was put into place after the second world war he's saying that on issues ranging from climate change to iran we're seeing the u.s. going it alone and that the e.u. absolutely needs to move forward in those areas to support multilateral approaches but that begs the question really is the e.u. in a position to take over the u.s. as well as world policeman for lack of a better word no certainly not but the foreign minister heikal mass is calling for the e.u. to take a stronger role for example on security and defense he threw his weight behind
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french proposals in that area let's take a listen all of them and we need to true european security and defense union for a time just for defense structures we've already come a long way through permanently structured cooperation. but here the steps are essential and that is why i support the french proposal for european military intervention force. and i just stops a time european crisis reaction team would be more accurate or does this should be create a closely without permanently structured cooperation. we should also consider inviting great britain to join despite cracks it takes. all right melinda crane thank you so much for your reporting and melinda crean chief political correspondent and lays new populist interior minister says an
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upcoming summit with friends should be scrapped unless paris apologizes for criticizing rome's refusal to let a migrant rescue boat dock in italian ports while the diplomatic dispute erupted after french president and many men michael called elites action quote cynical and irresponsible france has since gone into damage control mode trying to calm tensions by saying that it too was committed to cooperating on migration meanwhile italy today did allow a vessel carrying more than nine hundred migrants to dock in sicily they were rescued off libya's coast and brought on shore by the italian coast guard. an italian coast guard ship carrying more the nine hundred migrants who sailed into qatar. picked up the men women and children most from every train sudan and mali during several rescue missions. two bodies were also on board.
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it's only allowed the vessel to duck unlike the aquarius the ship carrying six hundred migrants was stranded at sea for two days until spain said it could land in valencia where it's heading now. as a european i felt shame shame that there was a boat there is a boat in the mediterranean and for several days nobody wanted to take these people did this brings back memories of other. people seeking refuge and being refused and being turned back and we know how it ended italy's new interior minister from the far right leaked party material salvini has rebuffed outside criticism he's vowed to take a tough stance against immigration he hit back at french president emanuel criticized what he called rome's cynicism and irresponsibility.
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actions of solidarity and generosity don't deserve to be described in such terms by certain figures in the french government. i hope i receive an official apology very soon. then salvini accused france of taking in only six hundred forty of the nine thousand migrants committed to accepting under a twenty fifteen e.u. distribution scheme. relations between the two countries the strained italy has even summoned the for. the route highlights the difference says within the e.u. on migration policy. whilst talk about the handling of the rescue ships are carrying migrants in the tussle between member states want to turn to money to saumur she is the senior policy analyst at the european policy center in brussels
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a very good evening mr summers what do you make of the handling of the rescue vessel aquarius this ship initially carrying over six hundred passengers that were left in limbo. and good evening to you two i think it's absolutely no point in what has been a very long conflict and it's a disgrace basically that those people very phone bill people in need of protection in need of aid projects for the purpose of making a political point in a clean well i want to get to that because i mean italy's refusal of the aquarius was meant to send a very clear and loud message to policymakers in brussels and other e.u. member states who have failed to step up to the plate do you think that message has now been received. i'm not sure i can message was already very much on the table and in brussels it's clear that brussels failed to act member states
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together at least feel to come to an agreement but we know since two thousand and fifteen the first march in france is a free fiji started arriving that there is a problem with that and actually the problem is even old year old and that's. hopefully we'll see movements but the added value of this particular move. i'm doubtful so what do you think needs to happen in your expert opinion what needs to happen now to make european a migration work. in the first place absolutely what we are dealing what we need stop very soon is a retrenchment to national positions to national interests etc migration by definition is a phenomenon by which people cross borders and it needs to also be tackled at a cross border level at the european level at that european level be urgently need for political leadership we've heard now today dr is talks of
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a coalition of the billing between france germany and austria that is of course very welcome it's important though that within such a coalition and when thinking about what could be dissolution that we don't go for in next to sort of a spectacle patched up of what is a broken system but that we really go for an overhaul for a new system a sustainable system that really has a solution and ideal we can move towards a fair responsibility sharing mechanism in europe a sustainable solution levy disown or head of the migration program at the european policy center in brussels thank you for joining us thank you. and accept the business with helen now because the fed is making moves on the interest rate absolutely it's raised it to now stand at its highest level since two thousand and eight and eyeless were expecting this rate increase at the end of the u.s. federal reserve's today meeting and they got it a quarter point rise to now sit at one point seven five to two percent we
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announcement from fed chairman jerome powell reflects the economy's resilience the job market strength and inflation that's funny nearing the fed's talk at level but the move what it means that consumers and businesses will face high or low rights over time. and i want to bring in our financial correspondent in new york now yes yes how is this news going down there on wall street. well we see a mixed reaction here on wall street slightly to the downside higher rates are good news for financial institutions so bank stocks for example trading to the upside on the other side higher interest rates or could also drive mortgage rates higher and that does put some pressure for instance on the housing stock so a slight negative reaction on the right decision by the federal reserve and he himself as the rate rises this year. yes the federal reserve
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is unusually clear on the past looking forward to overall the federal reserve expected for interest rate increases in twenty eighteen so we've seen two already meaning another two are to come and then maybe also a couple of more rate increases and twenty nineteen so the next rate hike probably in fall maybe another one shortly before christmas by the way the federal reserve said that the unemployment rate is going to drop a further probably to the lowest level in almost fifty years. or i am out on wall street for us yes quarter thank you so. well the meeting between north korean leader kim jong un and us president donald trump has raised hopes of an economic opening in the isolated country but in one sense that's already been happening seventy legal markets developed off as many as three million people starve to death in the one nine hundred ninety s.
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these markets are now tolerated by the regime that conned provide enough for us and people. images secretly smuggled out of north korea by the news portal daily n.k. the pictures show a bustling market with a wide range of goods in chongqing a city in the country's northeast. many products here come from china. reportedly quine begg works for the news outlet which is based in the south korean capital seoul he says markets like this developed after the famine of the one nine hundred ninety s. when north korea's state supply chain collapsed. markets like this a fuelling social change in the communist regime. to the point in the lives of our informants have also improved and not just because of the money we pay them private enterprise has increased purchasing power in fact these markets are no longer black
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markets and the north korean government generally tolerates them it's a big change from the past. the totalitarian regime is bowing to the profit schemes of its people because it can no longer provide for them itself as a result once empty roads and they are full of transport trucks buses and taxis. lars and heads the office of germany's fleet wish nauman foundation in seoul three times a year he works on projects in the north he says the progress being made is obvious . there are more consumer goods including cars and mobile phones as well as individual eyes clothing styles. from the inside pyongyang there are numerous foreign cars it's incredible you can find brands from japan which is still considered an arch enemy despite that no one seems to have
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a problem with japanese luxury cars and products. a strong sign of the changing times smile fades millions have allegedly been brought into north korea through smuggling operations especially across the border from china. to come. here we can communicate with people in north korea via chinese mobile networks we receive voice mails and videos and go on but this only works along the border in a swath about four to six kilometers wide kind of and. overall though these goods don't change the reality of life in north korea remains one of the world's poorest countries. all right and that's the latest for me at the business desk for now thank you so much and we're going to be catching up with you after the break and we'll have also more news for you coming up in just a few don't go anywhere. wonderful
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. there favs. welcome to the brains darkseid. plane washing manipulation altered memory it's a long plane scientists are now beginning to understand how we get in small plane tricky mentally including plane telling.
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and every language the first word the most political the coax in germany to cut. why not permit him. to keep. it simple online on your mobile and free. t.w. zingy learning course. german may be seen. it's great to have you back with us you're watching the good news only a hard rock and her lead a saudi led coalition has launched an offensive on humans main port city of new data that battle could prove a turning point in yemen's three year long civil war the coalition is trying to retake the city from who theory rebels backed by saudi arabia's arch rival iran they're pushing ahead with the assault despite grave warnings from humanitarian groups the u.n. says the offensive risks causing massive civilian casualties and could threaten
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millions with starvation the u.n. security council is set to address the matter tomorrow in an emergency session all right let's find out how things are in the yemen the union felt like is the cares of yemen assistant country director and she joins us now from that capital sanaa a misspells vika i mean it's very difficult for us to imagine how much worse things can possibly get for the people of yemen can you tell us what the situation is at the moment in who data. since the moment that the fastest it's been broken and about an hour go because it's ramadan a thousand people faster until sundown and i think that is also a scary time because it means that people get energy and we expect the fighting to intensify when we when the when it was announced that the attack on the whole day that the offensive could not be avoided that it was going to go ahead we had three
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days to prepare and this is really. i mean it's not enough time or date already very vulnerable it already knows the highest malnutrition rates in the country and if you can imagine as big a ground offensive air offensive maybe even keel fences will only make it simply have to situation and you know that just if you know six hundred thousand people and we're expecting two hundred fifty thousand or so to do the everything that you even then i. so if i can you can you describe to us what is the significance of who data airport and what would it mean for the country effectively it were to shut down. so the who died in city hold the how died our court and outside of port is key critical important for only yemen because you'd see two thirds of the yemeni creation and at the moment even before the offensive started we already knew eight million people were at risk of starvation and now that the port can close the one
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day you can't be closer nonfunctional for the duration of the assault and then we're very worried at the port gets twenty destroyed because that you know who will come into the country and the food piles are not have to so files and food are not big enough to feed almost yemen because this is this is very cut. and tells us about your organization medicare what are they what are you planning to do for the people of. well we are currently doing so this is all part data as we do a lot of work around access to food and access to safe drinking water all day says one location rare very difficult time drinking water that's why over the call of our rates were so high in fact on our servers are familiar weekly we've counted over one million cases all around and we're trying to mandate that there will be a third way because that would also because of traffic was very weak and i'm so
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prepare every parent with access to food is what we do is we we give passion to the most vulnerable families or they can buy their own assess and see when the market because no support for the m. and the economy that is there is not going to be bought on the market or will be now if prices will really increase because there's owning imitate is a level that will be very passive you mean felt like carers human country director speaking to us from the yemeni capital sanaa thank you very much. and you're watching the news we have so a lot more to tell you about including it begins with one hundred players dropped onto an island and it's the biggest video game on the planet right now but take you into the world of fortnights plus french artist is known for installations that immerse viewers in strange new worlds are now mistaken over berlin's martin group is bow gallery and david leavitt's our culture correspondent groupie here to
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tell us all about it. but first tell us back with more business taking a look at an industry where gender equality is still not quite there thanks very much let's take a look at the sea beat tech in hanover this week for example one thing's clear there are more men attending than women and it's not just a german phenomenon take silicon valley for example that just ten percent of manages a women but that could be about to change we met up with one woman entrepreneur and she wants to encourage other women to set up their own companies. when michael knight set up a company eighteen months ago she kept doing her old job just in case in fact she's only worked full time for herself for a few months her consultancy offers communication advice to start ups and brings them together with large corporations knight has successfully turned her business idea into reality and that's quite rare for
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a woman one reason is that men are still far more likely to be interested in computer sciences and technology we have a problem and found her to get more women to opt for math and science courses how can you get away from gender stereotypes like i'm bad at math my brother is better at math the main i'm better at english this labeling often happens when girls are young and then sticks in their minds on that and even if women do manage to overcome such cliches they still have a far harder time than men when it comes to securing funding. was enough as long as it's knew how to encourage more women to become investors and invest in women's teams and we need to impress upon men upon male investors that it's the teams which embrace diversity that are the most successful visited us just out of a fork like i was and the situation is changing but only very slowly just over fourteen percent of german startups were set up by women so entrepreneurs like my
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kid nights are still very much the exception to the rule. i'm joined now here in the studio by any name it's a from the german startup association and the co-founder of a tech startup civvy thanks very much for coming in and joining us that we just saw in that report that startup founders who are women are in the minority in coding to a report out today the female found us monitor report when it comes to teams of women which you can eight percent of course we both know women on short have good ideas so what's holding them back now if they're not short of good ideas and it's true we see two. if you start to found us in germany but the good news that we now report today is that we found that's number of stuff on us has slowly increased over the past years so we can say that women slowly discover their way into entrepreneurship still they found differently and we see that especially in terms of industries where they go so they go women are much more likely to found an
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e-commerce than for example in software development is it just a case of women finding their way though almost certain things that are holding them back funding for example cash and it's true so of course it's always money and people for start up and when you look of the german sort of ecosystem we could find that women get less capital they raise less venture capital we didn't do research on cause and effect so it could be that women are more likely to focus on profitability but it's a fact that they get less venture capital let's talk about your personal experience for a moment you found a successful startup with the forty employees when you were starting out did you find challenges hurdles that you felt were related to gender i did i. i can i perceive a lot of problems of being a young woman that is successful in what she does but i also see a lot of advantages because still it is not many female founders so you can also
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take the the fact of being special as an advantage and attract that attention that you get right you know minutes from the german startup association which today published its first report on female found us here in germany thank you very much indeed. and it's back over an hour later so. polygamy is generally illegal in india but a colonial era law makes an exception for muslims muslim communities have control over personal affairs like marriage divorce and inherent and india's for dominantly muslim regions is common for men to take more than one wife but the movement to ban polygamy is getting stronger and now india supreme court is set to decide if the law violates the country's constitution shabana big rooms tiny living room doubles as a workplace she lives here alone with her children even though she's married chip
8:40 pm
on his husband moved out and even with his second wife shabana and her husband have been married for sixteen years but a number of years ago he married another woman unbeknownst to her. middle name but the neighbors told me he had a second i wife they told me that they go out together in public opinion and he takes her on the motorcycle and i didn't believe it every time i asked him he denied it. at his father's funeral a year ago i met her. and gave birth to the ninth at getting. together with three of her children shana moved back in with her mother and sisters her eldest son stayed behind with his father and the second wife shabana is not happy with the situation but under muslim law her husband can marry up to four women he's supposed to support the whole family but says he doesn't she doesn't get a single rupee from him. not this i thought it was i trained as a nurse but i can't do it because i don't want to leave my kids alone.
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so i learned how to sew because with that i can work from home. once a week and goes with her youngest son to the women's center. shabana can't do much about her husband marrying another woman polygamy is generally illegal in india but for muslims there's an exception made that dates from colonial times muslim communities are allowed to regulate their own personal affairs when it comes to things like marriage divorce and inheritance women's rights activists like jimmy. hope the supreme court will decide that this violates the constitution. since independence equal rights have been in trying to the constitution and they're supposed to be uniform family law our politicians have playing with us agency playing with the lives of these men these that minority women knocked on speak they
8:42 pm
had not cared for because there is not a body. sharia law is still in place in the muslim area of hyderabad here it's the men who have the say and they don't want that to change one of them is. he's a muslim family judge who marries and divorces people if that's what the man wants he is strictly against the state interfering in their family law. family law all comes directly from out of the most full people are not allowed to change a single word and this is how it will stay till the end of the world. there are no statistics on exactly how many polygamous marriages there are but they are common in the predominantly muslim quarters of india. mohammad chafee could dean works together with his second wife hasina in this small shop his first wife lives
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elsewhere sometimes mohammed spence's nights with her but mostly with hasina the woodwork i'm going i haven't done anything wrong. twenty three years ago i married my first wife and i married the second twelve years ago i didn't tell my first wife i remarried she found that out later on i think that's all right. hoss in a to find out after the fact that her husband had married another woman she's come to terms with it. now not all but out by he treats us the same he treats us both well if he has four if anything he brings two of them to me so we don't have to argue about who gets want everything goes pretty smoothly. and i'm in love. but no one's happy here at the women's center most have been neglected by their husbands after they married new younger wives the women on the other hand
8:44 pm
aren't allowed to be with another man and can't get divorced without their husbands approval women's rights activists conducted an anonymous survey in the neighborhood of the one thousand women one of the nine hundred were against polygamy their hopes now rest with the supreme court. copy that i the muslim community won't solve this problem alone. polygamy must finally be abolished so the state needs to ensure that both hindus and muslims are treated equally and everyone should be allowed to have only one spouse. if and when this will happen is unknown the supreme court has accepted the appeal but there is no date set for hearing for shabaan a big room any verdict is too late now her husband has taken a third wife she says she wants a better future for her daughters and her son shouldn't get any ideas about having more than one wife. we're going to turn our attention now to the
8:45 pm
u.s. where the ether the expo brings together the world's top video game developers in los angeles and this year one name is dominating the event fortnight at the games has set the gaming industry alight and current social media is here to talk to us about this for those who have it never heard a fortnight including. well you may not be the only one i'd only barely heard of as well but for tonight battle royale this is probably on most measures the most popular video game in the world and here's some numbers to prove that one hundred twenty five million registered players worldwide more than two hundred million dollars in revenue that was just in march alone for night content received more than two billion views on you tube and that was just in one month earlier this year ok so how does this game work what was it all about here's the basics here for you a fortnight battle royale you start off in this floating bus one hundred players
8:46 pm
they're all playing simultaneously dropped onto this deserted island and from there it's a classic fight to the death you collect weapons healing potions and other resources and then you can even build these structures for self defense the game area starts to shrink very quickly so that forces the players closer and closer together until eventually the last player or the last team left standing wins laid out you know i am a proper journalist so i decided i had to try this for myself. here are the results and it's not pretty i'll tell you what i was starting to feel for an old flame this game it didn't go so well. it looks easier than it really is a this is me the game gives you different avatars as you can tell i didn't do so well i think i lasted like an average of ninety seconds until i was just gunned down by by various other players in this game i can't see how this would be fun once you get better at it but to be honest i. isn't
8:47 pm
a very good time here but look let's talk about some of the reasons why it's so popular for one it's free you can download this play it right away no money involved the developer epic games they make their money on in game downloads and you can play almost on every platforms that means an x.-box or maybe even on your i phone i actually play this on my i pad so it's free it's addictive but what sets it apart from all the other video games out there i mean this is becoming like a culture a cultural phenomenon all of its own to the point that the game's best players these are becoming mega celebrities probably no other name that you haven't heard of this is tyler blevins he goes by a ninja he's twenty seven years old he says though that he makes half a million dollars every month just by streaming himself playing for tonight i think maybe we're in the wrong profession here he's become so big this is a stream here of him playing a famous celebrity you may have heard of drake he's a rapper drake actually begged a ninja told him to play with him on the street you don't even see drake because
8:48 pm
ninja now is a bigger name than drake you know a lot of kids want to follow in in just footsteps now and you can one american university will offer scholarships for a fortnight players to be on the new eats the sports team this is a big big deal right we are definitely in the wrong at first what do you think this makes i think it's a little bit mixed some parents say look this is nice it's not as bloody as some other video games or some creative problem solving involved there's some collaboration with other players but there are big worries now about how addictive this game is becoming and you can see that in some of these recent headlines here some troubling things kids just can't control their habits when it comes to fortnight one nine year old was sent to rehab after she went herself instead of taking a bathroom break from this game another u.k. mother says her son became moody and aggressive because of this addiction lots of stories of kids even playing the game in class or just not attending school because he'd rather be playing the game so when it comes afford night it's not all fun and
8:49 pm
games and problems there as well congressman thank you so very much. artists that i that a know is the installations immerse viewers in strange new worlds combining technology sounds and science now for the first time the french artist has a solo show right here in the german capital at berlin's martin copious bow gallery complete with floating fish film lights and music and apparently a glowing east a colony that sometimes takes control. yes you. did this here that's a lot it's. so you went today i did it is a lot to take in it's a little bit like a mad house and i mean that in the most positive way possible there are so many
8:50 pm
things that are coming at you it's fully immersive we're trying to recreate that here just a little bit it's a full body experience and that's what made me know such a popular art star if you will when he came onto the scene back in so in the ninety's it's so immersive actually that it messes with your perception you know when you come out of a horror film and you feel like your head screwed on a little wonky and you're like this is reality this isn't what right does kind of how i felt coming out of this today actually so we're not talking about your usual museum visit no actually one person even so the you know has revolutionized the concept of the art exhibition. do you find yourself in a new environment rhythms that are constantly changing pulsating light sometimes it's very soothing sometimes it's kind of scary but there's so many elements here you've got to self playing grand pianos sounds of nature techno music a talking stone and of course this yeast culture which is in control of these
8:51 pm
effects hopefully he can explain it a little better here's the man himself. i never want to start. a concept and i just there's a structure so show but i know many styles was one decision that say one decision and lead to another and then another lead to another submit like the chain of thoughts. by working time days you know saw you when you critically and we cycles you know i've seen you get to be protected and then stops and starts again things we pete but never will exactly the same way in the same time. they use life forces i ended up using a bioreactor on the bike that is a life you know sees
8:52 pm
a regular yeast that you find in cakes and bread they leave within it and from time to time i. stop my kind of like. oh i feel like how much was easy and leaves a yeast controlling ignition. we recalled the reaction of the us when they'd say when we have a light chanche in the shows and we all saw the light chand within the bio reactor everything is connected but according to a sort of the logic. like for example you have a lot of hands you know continuation system and a cleat to block takes so the efficiency over the protein. microphone outside and the birds will be. behind as a fish just like turning around so it will be a question of. the will to live is so new what to do next waves therefore can seem so wrong and i think it is that the brain is produce when you see things on the to
8:53 pm
be permanent but it is doing is what you that invent a condition which before and appear and disappear it is both you know this is all of both these recurring kind of aspect of any conforms to memory and always within the d.n.a. and easiest of thing that up until it does appear that nothing will remain conditionally but in apart from the use memory it's actually really thought provoking a kind of romantic with miss maria you know i work a sense of romanticism but still use with memory really yeah this is a this is a real thing when i heard that i was like what are you but this is actually based on real science vs does have what scientists call molecular memory this actually comes into play in used mating now they can do that in two ways they can either divide their cells or they can fuse together and what they do is they use special
8:54 pm
proteins to create sort of memories of their mating experiences good ones and bad ones basically so they don't make the same mistakes again unlike a lot of humans i was just. really if you spoke of human beings so if you know this exhibit is linked to the meeting of these yeast cells it would have to be different every time that's the idea of the idea is that those exhibitions evolve over the course of their of their time. this is supposed to be linked to the development of the yeast i don't know if that might be a fantasy but he claimed that before as well in london's tate modern where he had a show in two thousand and sixteen also with floating inflatable fish this was a big success whether they used to really were involved or not but then i like to give visitors the freedom to roam around and take it in their own way standing in line walking sometimes touching and i think part of his success is that he makes
8:55 pm
art that people really enjoy whether you think you're the sort of person who wipes contemporary art or not it's interactive which is always creates always goes so very much staged a loss. and before i let you go if you have a fear of heights this next story might not be one for you a humble were coon has captured hearts are around the world after an adventure that had millions around the world following his antics on the web the little brown critter was spotted scaling a twenty five story minnesota skyscraper local media posted a life feed of his perilous ascent which included a well deserved snooze on the seventeenth floor the brooklyn finally reached the top early wednesday morning where he was caught by wildlife control officials and taken to safety all is well with the world thank you so much for spending this part
8:56 pm
of your day with us and we'll see you again at the top of the hour.
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wonderful men. their faults. to the brains darkseid. brainwashes manipulation altered memory means it's all possible scientists are now beginning to understand how we get things more. tricky mentally in fifteen minutes body double.
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this is d w news a lot from the birthplace at twenty twenty six soccer world cup two got up in mexico and usa have been selected by the fever come first so close the twenty fifth twenty six. broke up thank you. north america wins.


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