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this is d w news of life from birth place at twenty twenty six soccer world cup goes to kind of mexico and usa have been selected to by the people come. to blows the plight of people in this six feet make up thank you. north america winds over a big hit from morocco the announcement comes as the world cup fever grips the host russia on the eve of the kickoff for this year's month long championship. also
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coming up it's only escalates a brow with france over migrants the hardline interior minister suggest scrapping the summit in france does not apologize for the remarks made by president i mean ramakant. move on. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program soccer's greatest prize has gone to north america the twenty twenty six world cup tournament will be hosted by the united states canada and mexico soccer's governing body fifa awarded the cup over the morocco bit the twenty twenty six world cup it will be the first time that three nations will host the prestigious tournament together the competition will also feature a record forty eight teams now in a poll of see some members of the north american bed beef the north africans one hundred and thirty four votes sixty five as you can see there and the president of
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u.s. soccer he was really overjoyed have a listen. on behalf of our united. canada mexico and my country the united states thank you so so very much for this incredible honor thank you for entrusting us with this privilege the privilege of hosting the fee for will go up twenty twenty six let us also salute our friends from morocco at the end of the day we are all united in football that's the spirit of the world the beautiful game transcends borders and cultures. and for more now we are joined by richardson who is standing by in washington and all of our movie is joining us from our source asking is here in the studio unclear i'd like to begin with you because i mean we just heard there the head of u.s. soccer he's not the only one who is overjoyed in the united states. hi sarah that's right soccer fans here absolutely delighted by this development and
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this is a sport that's really been growing in popularity in the united states over the past couple of decades certainly since the u.s. last hosted the world cup back in one thousand nine hundred four and although there's not really the same level of support for soccer as you see elsewhere in the world and the u.s. men's team didn't qualify for this year's world cup i think there is still the hope that this winning bid is going to rekindle interest in a sport that was just starting to take root in the united states. yeah we have to say though i mean perhaps some jubilation there in north america but a sad day for the moroccans i mean these guys really have to give it to them they've made five times now they have never won ali why not as painful as five times is an incredible number you really feel for the moroccan football fans. that never looked likely that they would win this particular bed it became clear pretty early on the faith of prefer the north american bid for a variety of reasons this go very well in the evaluations but one thing also we love to talk about with money the revenues coming from the north american. looked
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to be much higher than a potential woman in iraq i would have been and also the infrastructure it's already there the north american soil and the stadiums are already in place whereas morocco wanted to build another nine stadiums and three for is also looking towards more sustainability you know issues with white elephant stadiums and so on in the past and so really it was it was all set up for the north american bid let's talk a little bit more about itself because of course we have those corruption allegations was leave a clean up going on within the organization tell us a little bit about the bid and how this vote was conducted and cleaner than before i think certainly with the vote i mean it's a very different process to what we had back in twenty you know going on the days of sepp blatter and this sort of clandestine executive committee that decided the outcome of this but now this time around we had over two hundred federations all voting for their chosen bid electronically as well so we can see we know who which
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federations voted for which bids and it's a much more transparent process and the last time whether it's completely ruled out corruption whether it's totally clean obviously we can't say that certainly seems to be a better process to what we had back in twenty one the upcoming row house was decided time in the united states clear i'd like to turn back to you because we know that the president there donald trump he threw his weight behind this bid but you know at the same time he has of course been highly critical of his new. when it comes to trade and immigration policy some would say that he's even provoking them and that diplomacy between these three is really at a historic low here could this tournament though have the unintended consequence of saving nafta of improving relations. saving nafta perhaps going a bit far but it's certainly nice to see these leaders from mexico the united states and canada united on something as you say relations between these historic allies have been at a real low partly because of renegotiating nafta but also because of
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a lot of the rhetoric coming out of the white house donald trump's comments about mexicans coming into the united states when he called them rapists and murderers certainly drove a wedge between mexico and united states as well as his repeated calls to build a wall on the border and of course with canada we just saw him insulting prime minister justin trudeau at last weekend blaming him for a disastrous g. seven summit in which the president managed to snub a lot of the united states' key allies by arriving late leaving early making it clear that his preference was to meet with the north korean leader kim jong un rather than sign a joint statement of shared interest with them so a lot of issues there again soccer is a great uniting force they are all coming out saying that this is going to be a wonderful thing to host together and it's important to remember that trump is going to be long gone by twenty twenty six. well actually we're not sure about that . richard said joining us. from washington and all of the mood here in the studio ali you're actually going to stick around because we're going talk about another aspect of this story. there's been of course so much excitement building up for
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this year's tournament where one of the favorites is currently in disarray after having sacked their coach just two days before their first game have a list. it was meant to be the biggest week in his career ulan look at the gate was going into his first world cup at the helm of one of the favorites spain on tuesday he had been announced as the next coach of champions league when israel madrid due to take over after the tournament in russia but the timing and manner of the appointment sparked outrage among the spanish federation and fans a hastily arranged press conference the day before the world cup kicked off sealed his sacking. his negotiations for real madrid were legal there is no issue with that but the federations was not informed about it we were told five minutes before the press release and we had to send a clear message to all employees of the spanish royal football federation. there is
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a way to proceed and we have to stick to our principles. less than a month ago look at it he had signed a contract extension with spain keeping him in the job till twenty twenty but the lure of succeeding zinnanti in the down and madrid proved too much look at the last minute replacement is found mundo hero spain sporting director and former real madrid captain. well back to ali now to talk a little bit more about this shocking news of him where does spain go from here well there are still a great same house to be said and i think you had a will still manage to get a lot out of that same thoughts really this is stunning we've never seen anything like this happen i woke up before where one of the favorites on the eve of the tournament two days before the opening match fires their coach it's i can't think of a nazi of self-destruction like their sort of woke up in the past without moments of madness like the sudan had but we've seen meltdowns where the atmosphere just
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wasn't right for the federation the country actually making the decision to do something that will worsen the chances quite significantly like this i'd call remember anything like this ever happening where you will see how they will cope in the competition oliver moody putting it all into perspective for us thank you. a saudi led coalition has launched an offensive on yemen's main port city of whole data the battle could prove a turning point in yemen's three year civil war the coalition is trying to retake the city from the rebels backed by saudi arabia's arch rival iran they are pushing ahead with the assault despite grave warnings from humanitarian groups the u.n. says that the offensive risk is causing massive civilian casualties and could threaten. with starvation the u.n. security council is have to address the matter tomorrow in mergence. for more now let's bring in the most in said the yemen country director with the
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aid group oxfam he is speaking with us from sanaa thank you so much for joining us this evening oxfam has a team on the ground we understand. what are you hearing from them about the situation in the city. we all know that yemen has been in a war hunger and disease for the last two years so we do snoo development. saudi backed ground troops with support from the air and sea at dancing to us. while the other side hooty. troops and militia they have also gathered around so the city is basically now sound it is a lot so the cities in. the city are almost six hundred thousand people living there almost up there in fear then tension they do not know what was waiting for them in the future the services has been being streamed because of aid
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workers that betty it has been relocated. the aid organization that keeping wanly they used to call for the lifesaving services so you can imagine that the people who have been suffering and living in a city where the medicine. and food and other essential really dependent on this for the poor so if this kind of situation happened then then when we talk. or car i mean the citizens are there they really are not know was waiting for them and there is so much at stake here we understand we have heard that yesterday oxfam and ten other aid agencies wrote a letter urging the british foreign minister to withdraw its support for the saudi led coalition if it attacks we just like to ask you about that particular effort and where you see it in the grand scheme of things. yes and that was adjourned
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later by almost i think doesn't i am doing operational in yemen but is still we did not see any positives we really wanted. to. use position publicly that if these coalition is to continue and takes over. they have to take the responsibility and they can hold them accountable they said that they do have a legal and moral obligation to protect civilians because it will be a violation of international humanitarian and human rights it will be a human you managed to get us to operate but till now we're waiting and doing in the united nations security council when we do need to offer these warning to the stall this war and go back to the fuse negotiations there is no military solution
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so they have to make it very clear and we thank you so much for joining us this evening to tell us more about those efforts your efforts in order to get them to do so we appreciate it most city as you mentioned the yemen country director with the aid group oxfam. italy's new populist interior minister says that an upcoming summit with france should be scrapped unless paris apologizes for criticizing rome's refusal to let a migrant rescue boat dock in italian ports the brow erupted after french president emmanuel bach wrong called italy's action cynical and responsible france has since since gone into damage control mode trying to calm tensions by saying that it was committed to cooperation on migration meanwhile italy today did allow a vessel carrying more than one hundred migrants to dock in sicily. an italian coast guard ship carrying more the nine hundred migrants has sailed into
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qatar it had picked up the men women and children most from every train to don and molly during several rescue missions. two bodies were also on board. it's only allowed the vessel to dock on like the aquarius the ship carrying six hundred migrants was stranded at sea for two days until spain said it could land in valencia where it's heading now. as a european i felt shame shame that there was a boat there is a bulge in the mediterranean and for several days nobody wanted to take these people did this brings back memories all for other. people seeking refuge and being refused and being turned back and we know how it ended. and with that now you are up to date on. latest on our website that is i d
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