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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2018 6:02am-6:30am CEST

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cup goes to north america can the beautiful game help smooth over tension in the region over trade and immigration i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day. canada mexico and usa have been selected by the people growing risk pools that planted twenty six people look up close you down we through problems but we in these three countries will be able to open our doors and welcome the entire world in our countries in north america if you look at the middle you have to open your borders to not just players and team officials but also perhaps and we were very gratified that. the administration. you know lent us very significant so for. someone not to get the point that i mean we was going to go work up together and
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then it's not a separate at the end of the war. and also coming up transatlantic ties loosen further as the german foreign minister gives the clearest sign yet that germany no longer sees its alliance with the united states as unconditional. that i could not to imagine that the german foreign minister would ever be in a situation where they have to say something like this before we stand. but under president trump the atlantic has become wider and trump's isolationist policies have left the globe. and that is coming up later in the program but first the united states canada and mexico will host the two thousand and twenty six football world cup their bid in a vote at the feet of congress in moscow it comes at
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a time when relations between the three countries have hit a new low thanks to u.s. president donald trump attacking his neighbors over nafta and immigration even so the decision has been welcomed by all as the world looks forward to the future of the beautiful game and. the first secretary general five months or more ago the voting underway in moscow a new system aimed at improving transparency so national federations select which bid to support electronically the result the followed was emphatic so we have a winner for the twenty twenty six world cup. the member associations of canada mexico and usa have been selected by the people. it's the first time that three countries will host the world cup together and the twenty twenty six tournaments will also be expanded with forty
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eight teams taking part north american receive the highest score the morocco in faces evaluation all of the stadiums to be used at the tournaments already in place while morocco plans to build nine new arenas projected revenues of eleven billion euros also smooth the path for the north american bid. on behalf of our united. canada mexico and my country the united states thank you so so very much for this incredible honor thank you for interesting us with this privilege the privilege of hosting the fee for walk up. most of america's votes came from fellow african countries and europe that if it means the u.s. will now have to work with mexico to prepare the tournament corporation that may have been made more difficult by controversial comments from president donald trump . but the mexican delegation stressed that football can overcome anything.
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that. we have a lot of history and three time we have had situations where we don't agree and many others where we do agree. both flies overhead and there are no barriers that slow down the will of football. and now there are no barriers to the north american world cup it all kicks off in a year's time. let's get more reaction now from there richardson who is standing by in washington and oliver moody from our sports desk is here in the studio welcome to both of you and clare i'd like to begin with you because as we mentioned at the outset here the u.s. canada and mexico i mean these are three countries that have had very tense diplomatic relations at the moment how is the news about the world cup being welcome there. hi sara as you might imagine soccer fans here are absolutely delighted by the announcement this is a sport that's really grown in popularity over the last couple of decades and certainly the level of excitement you're seeing now is much greater than when the
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u.s. hosted the world cup last time back in one nine hundred ninety four now we're probably not seeing the same what kind of energy that you might be seeing where you are on the streets of berlin partly because the u.s. men's team didn't qualify for this world cup but i think that despite that there's still hope that winning this state is really going to rekindle interest in a sport that was just starting to take root in the united states sport that we know the americans they call soccer everywhere else in the world they're calling it football right ali especially in morocco i mean we really have to give it to them because this is apparently the fifth time that they've had a go at it but they did it when they why well it's a reform for them but honestly they never really looked like they would win this bid for a pretty early stage it was clear that the leadership at least preferred the north america bid and a lot of it came down to infrastructure like other sporting bodies trying to move towards more sustainable told him and the don't leave behind these kind of stadiums that why elephants that used for a few weeks and then just left to roll with the north american bid so much of the
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infrastructure is just already there the stadiums and obviously you know the way the the u.s. is built up and whatnot would morocco lot of stadiums would have been built and see for evaluation flags up some issues in terms of accommodation for fans and other things as well so it was always going to be difficult from the very beginning for the moroccan. as we've seen with martin but did we know let's talk about some other difficulties the difficulties that fifa has been facing allegations of corruption apparently some cleanup going on within the organization talk us through this most recent vote now is a cleaner i think certainly when we saw the kind of process that they were using for this these votes compared to the vote they had back in twenty ten for. the world cup we were about to have the hosting rights about it's just a totally different story back then you have this kind of clan this. executive committee. and this time it was just a totally different story you had two hundred federations involved saying we could see everyone my who. voted for and it was just clearly much more
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much more transparent obviously you can't rule out corruption entirely but there was a lot more information that we had that we already have that we can already see i think from my point of use a definite improvement ok so there are things going in the right direction apparently clarity you know and i want to talk about u.s. president donald trump basically throwing his weight behind this bid from the outset could an unintended consequence of north america winning it improving relations i mean could this save nafta. it's certainly nice to see the leaders of canada the united states and mexico agreeing on something for a change as you mention after has been a sore point as a renegotiating that a president donald trump spent also a lot of other issues between these historic allies the tensions are at an all time high over a variety of foreign policy initiatives from the white house anti immigrant rhetoric coming from the president donald trump we saw him insult
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a canadian prime minister justin trudeau just over the weekend and snow of u.s. allies at the g. seven summit in quebec so all of this has been boiling up but they're saying now that they are going to present a united front all the leaders offer their congratulations and said that they were going to put aside their differences in order to host this tournament and the important thing to remember as well is that donald trump will no longer be president in two thousand and twenty six when they actually play these games we assume at least according to the official calendar according to the constitution he would not be able to but hey you know. play richardson joining us with the latest from washington we appreciate it and all of our movie here on the set you are actually going to stick with us because when you talk about another aspect of the world cup because russia right now gearing up for an action packed month as this year's world cup kicks off and let's have a look at how it's kicking up it's finally time to let the ball do the talking russia's world cup starts here. paula expectations can often hamper the host
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nation to be tournament but these hosts are not on the much pressure in that regard . as the lowest ranked team in the world cup they're hardly a halt favorite but with pride on the line and the home crowd to impress russia to go. to our team once the people to be proud of to be prove their team. and we really want to win their support and make them proud. of it. and they couldn't have a softer start saudi arabia are the second lowest ranking team at the tournament in former valencia and chile coach when antonio pitts see they have a boss with impressive experience but with egypt and europe who are in their group they're up against it as indeed the hosts. and
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i think once the whole thing begins everything's going to fall into place nobody has ever achieved anything by saying words you have to put your money where your mouth is. and churches so charms to cause an upset these upon him on friday night in moscow the wait will finally be over. so can russia put their money where their mouths are ali i mean are they good enough to beat saudi arabia this is this is what i mean. the opening game of the woke up is always such a big deal it's such a big event and yet funnily enough this time around on paper at least it's possibly going to be the worst game of the tournament there are no real stars in either side that we are looking at you know there's not a messy there's no christiane or now there were neymar. so it's going to be interesting to see what the to serve i think a lot of unknown players so perhaps that is going to help out a spot of the unknowns of the game and also the fact that they are as we had the
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two lowest ranked teams in the tournament it's not a mismatch at least it should be quite an even game. saudi arabia game has germany at the weekend and they certainly left a lot of holes at the back side of russia can get their attacking gaming gear they could get something out this and then who knows with the crowd behind them that they could turn into a success after all perhaps a soft launch at the beginning of the world cup here on the anderson you're actually heading to russia aren't you i am indeed yes on i'm heading there tomorrow in fact to watch the games and to cover the tournament for. i'm looking forward to seeing the coming together of different cultures and personalities and whatnot i think that's the great thing about the world cup where you've got teams really from all over coming together in just this kind of melting pot of different people so it can be interesting to see the yeah the people from all over the world coming together to enjoy the football and see what well the russians can offer us and we look forward to seeing your reporting of course joining us giving us the latest on
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the world cup we appreciate it. i've. a saudi led coalition has launched an offensive on yemen's main port city of her data the battle could prove a turning point in yemen's three year civil war the coalition is trying to retake the city from goofy rebels backed by saudi arabia's arch rival iran they are pushing ahead with the assault despite grave warnings from humanitarian groups the u.n. says that the offensive risks causing massive civilian casualties and could threaten millions with starvation the u.n. security council is set to address the matter tomorrow in an emergency session. for more now let's bring in most in said the yemen country director with the aid group oxfam he is speaking with us promise and not thank you so much for joining us this evening oxfam has a team on the ground we understand. what are you hearing from them about the
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situation in the city. we all know that yemen has been in a war hunger and disease for the last two years so we do snoo development the saudi backed ground troops with support from the air and sea at dancing to us. while the other side the hooty. troops and militia they have also gathered around so the city is basically now sound it is a lot so the cities in. the city are almost six hundred thousand people live in that they are almost up in fear then tension they do not know what was waiting for them in the future the services has been being trimmed because of aid workers they expect it has been relocated. they were going to keeping one lee they used to call for the lifesaving services so you can imagine that the people who
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have been suffering and living in a city where the medicine. and food and other essential really dependent on this who the poor are so if this kind of situation happened then then when we talk. the citizens are there they really are not know was waiting for them and there is so much at stake here we understand we have heard that yesterday oxfam and ten other aid agencies wrote a letter urging the british foreign minister to withdraw its support for the saudi led coalition if it attacks we just like to ask you about that particular effort and where you see it in the grand scheme of things. yes that was adjourned later by almost i think doesn't i and operational in yemen but is still we did not see any positives we really wanted.
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to clear. vision publicly that if these coalitions still continue tight and takes over today. they have to take the responsibility and they can hold them accountable they said that they do have a legal and moral obligation to protect civilians because it will be a violation of international humanitarian and human rights and it will be a human humanitarian catastrophe but till now we are waiting to that they're doing in the united nations security council what they need to ask these warring once used to at the start of this war and go back to the peace negotiations there is no military solution so they have to make it very clear and we thank you so much for joining us this evening to tell us more about those efforts your efforts in order to get them to do so we appreciate it most city as we mentioned the yemen country
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director with the aid group oxfam. germany's foreign minister has called on the european union to become more independent and to prepare countermeasures for when the united states crosses red lines it is the latest sign that germany seventy year old alliance with the u.s. is no longer unconditional listen into what he said donald trump. politics america first. donald trump egotistical policy of america first russia's attacks on international law and state sovereignty and the expansion of the china and china to the global order that we knew and the one that we have got used to and maybe grown a little comfortable with it does not exist anymore. long term reliable partners are crumbling into new crises and decades old alliances are being questioned a tweet at a time. let's get more now on that statement from germany's foreign
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minister heiko moss we're joined here in the studio by our chief political correspondent melinda crane welcome to you melinda what exactly does he mean here is the transatlantic alliance of course one of the world's strongest alliances not strong enough to withstand some tweets from donald trump well in fact he said quite literally a bit later on in that speech that the actions we've seen president trump take over the past year meaning leaving the paris climate treaty a rainout seeing the iraq agreement with the u.s. close allies the recent retraction of the u.s. agreement to the final statement at the g. seven summit last weekend the direct criticisms of long term partners and allies that all of that adds up to what he called a convulsion with repercussions that will go beyond the trump presidency and he
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basically is saying that all of these actions are undermining the multilateral rules based order the very principle of the idea that the problems in the world the challenges can only be met by concerted action amongst countries rather than unilateral ad hoc actions and he's essentially saying that this new view that the u.s. takes its own role means that the e.u. itself also has to define a new role for itself so let's define that role then because i mean what exactly does he propose going forward i mean it is the e.u. now going to take on a contrarian role is it going to lock horns with the united states he's basically saying where we can cooperate with the united states we need to do so but we also have to rebalance our partnership as he put it so he said as we heard in that sound bite a moment ago where the u.s. crosses red lines and with that he means where it does. explicitly flout that rules
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based order that i mentioned for example in the area of trade imposing terrorists on the thinnest of pretexts under a national security argument that essentially is not recognized by the world trade organization and the whole system of world trade law he's saying where that does happen the e.u. needs to stand up in the future to the us and for it to do so it needs to be more confident it needs to be more proactive and it most especially needs to be united and that is key here because some people in europe have been speculating that germany might be looking to do some kind of a deal with the us rather than see it move forward with what could amount to a full fledged trade war where germany certainly as a major exporter would suffer and he is saying here no we have to move forward as the e.u. all together which of course has been the line from brussels and he's throwing his weight very clearly behind that united approach of course it is so tricky given
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that interdependence that you're talking about not only on trade but also when it comes to security and that's something that he also addressed in his speech he talked about that because we know that the u.s. of course heavily involved with nato must address this let's have a list of. all of them and we need a true european security and defense union for time just for defense structures we've already come a long way through permanently structured cooperation right. but here to further steps are essential and that is why i support the french proposal for a european military intervention force. so i just tops the term european crisis reaction team it would be more accurate were does this should be create a closely without permanently structured cooperation we should also consider inviting great britain to join despite rex it takes. now a common defense is a topic that often comes up in the e.u.
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how far is it often not they have been moving forward over the past nine months there has been real progress toward a much more concerted effort on both foreign and security policy but key is going to be increasing spending and actually heikal must also address that saying germany does need to ensure that its defense forces are up to speed and that is going to mean paying more and not because don't trump says it's the right thing to do because it's needed for european unity going forward and just briefly we have twenty seconds on how far could the e.u. go at that i mean there's no chance of the them being the world's policeman any time certainly not and security policy is by no means the only thing he sees is key here he's talking about much stronger work together on development partnerships for example with africa much more unified work to prevent the root causes of migration to ensure that the e.u. has a unified common policy on migration he sees all of that adding up together into this
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stronger e.u. that's needed to address the international challenges in the wake of a void left by the us a fascinating vision to the whole correspondent melinda crane chief political correspondent excuse me putting it into context for us thank you. now the future of the e.u. is also on people's minds in ireland where bright as it is looming large irish leaders are determined to stave off the world's worst of the economic fallout and dublin's foreign minister has been a here in berlin talking about the country's relations with the block and with germany post bragg's it kate brady caught up with him for this exclusive interview . do you think that island has the ability to replace the u.k. in that gap that's going to be left behind after tax it no i don't think we can ever replace the u.k. i mean the you know i've said that breaks it really is a lose lose lose for everybody i think i think britain's place in the world will be weakened both politically and economically by their decision to leave the european
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union because they will no longer have the solidarity and support of. half a billion people in the same way that they've had today so i think the european union will be much weaker because britain isn't part of it any longer i think our limbs is going to face real difficulty also in the context of bragg's it so nobody is winning out of this i think it's a it's a political tragedy to be honest but it's happening so we have to face this and we have to look to try to compensate for the absence of britain and the european union in the future and that is why aren't just spending a lot of resources on expanding our networks across the european union in germany and france in particular so we're hearing this call as you say from to blame from berlin and paris as well from law unity in the european union what do you see as the solution as to how the how the european union can overcome these risks to the union stability especially in the face of nationalist populism. i mean my answer
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that question is proactivity you know if we try to just maintain the status quo but to allow populists to promise the world even though they counted live for us to create fears on the back of you know genuine concerns around people security and terrorism and radicalization and so on if we allow that type of populism to take hold then managing it politically is going to be very very difficult in the future for the european union so this is the time for the center to stand up in terms of politics to build narratives and visions that can excite people in terms of what the european union can together as a collective can do as a power. to force not only for our improving quality of life across the european union but also to impact positively in other parts of the world that are going to impact on europe in the future if we don't become more proactive that is why in my view the european union establishment the institutions of the european union need
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to be talking in much more ambitious terms about a foreign policy agenda particular in the middle east and africa particularly in relation to the transatlantic relationship in the future which today is somewhat under strain. but but which is hugely important for global stability in the future and we need to remember that i when we talk about possible retaliation for our decisions that are being made in washington recently. now that you have a fear of heights this next story might not be for you a humble raccoon has captured hearts around the world after the little critter was spotted scaling a twenty five story minnesota skyscraper local media posted this life feat of his perilous ascent which included a well does their snooze on the seventeenth floor apparently. brave little guy they're up to date now on t w news i'm sarah kelly and berlin thank you so much for watching every day.
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i'm going to. enjoy the conflict zone with tim sebastian. afghanistan is fighting on many different fronts these days not just with the militants but also against human rights abuses and massive corruption my guest this week here in london is abdullah abdullah his country's chief executive why is there so much disunity in what is supposed to be a unity government conflicts of food. on the phone.
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african migrants fleeing to europe. spanish families living on the poverty line. japanese employees leaving in no need systems in a soft moving society. the one we're going to she will not be i'm fresh from reading for a kentucky good job. a delicate balance not in a global monstro in forty five minutes on d w. earth. home to millions of species own home. for saving. on those are big changes and most start with small steps and global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term climate change to green energy solutions and reforestation. they create
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interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something here for the next generation. like dio's the multimedia environment series on d.w. . afghanistan is fighting on many different fronts these days not just with the militants but also against human rights abuses and massive corruption my guess this week here in london is a dollar a bella his country's chief executive a role akin to that of prime minister why is there so much disunity in what is supposed to be a unity government.


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