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this is news live from berlin the twenty thousand people call world cup kicks off in moscow russia is expecting up to a million foreign visitors. willing to look past the politics and focus on the pitch we'll go live to moscow and get the latest phosphors correspondent also coming up. our live in a green mark a year since an inferno killed seventy one people downing street and other london landmarks also paying tribute to the shocking scale of the tragedy go live to
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london for more on the commemorations. and international calls for restraint as yemeni forces backed by a saudi led coalition launch a fierce assault on the rebel stronghold of the data two thirds of yemen's population already on the brink of famine depend on the supplies that come through to support city. welcome to the program the world cup is kicking off in a few hours time in the russian capital moscow the first match sets hosts russia against saudi arabia and will be held in the capital lose nicky's stadium seen here thousands of fans from around the globe have been pouring into the russian capital defending champions germany are hoping to become the first team. back to back world
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cups since one thousand nine hundred sixty two. football fever already running high in moscow let's go live to d.w. correspondent emily is sure when emily's good to see you it's always a highly anticipated tournament what have you been hearing and seeing in the capital. well the mood here is definitely one of anticipation you might be able to see obviously heinie the fifa football clock which has been counting down the days to the opening ceremony it's now set to zero the opening ceremony today will feature music by robbie williams and russian opera star to get a full in the russia is certainly prepared for this world cup moscow absolutely looks and licked clean in the last few weeks the final touches have been kind of being made here in the capital to painting repainting construction that's really
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been going on for the last few months and years and russia has put nine billion euros into preparations for this world cup now people here certainly say you know on the one hand they don't have they are very optimistic when it comes to the russian team but they certainly are looking forward to the guests arriving and as the gas have been arriving here in the past few days the fans the atmosphere here has really become really very excited here in the center particularly you might be able to see people behind me taking selfies in front of the clock and yesterday in the center of the city as well around red square there was singing and dancing my colleague. he came into the center to get a sense for that atmosphere let's take a look.
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at. all of this pledge it's absolutely amazing a little bit mazing here oh let me bring the people are really newish great feeling it's a beautiful place a beautiful town three beautiful. people the really nice people expected no it was . not but you know the really nice people. the. us and the pills are extremely pretty. extreme really happy that my controversy is going after thirty six years through their work and i we are here trying to make history. those who are going to be the champion you'll see you'll see the best team name our
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germany i said i hope there when you so that it calls to our dream to be a champion. thank you. who you i didn't you know we had a kind of you know you're going to change but god is the good in you know you in this. very hard to be there because it's my first towards helping rochelle we are all we are coming from all true all can all go back to our moroccan was the god look at that but what a great party for the fantastic he went to when she spoke to who rush rose c.-k. actually i think this will be one of the best one to come but it was you. and i certainly a lot of excitement from the fans there but security always a major issue what has russia done here. well you
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might remember those images from a few years ago of russian hooligan clashing with england fans but the authorities here have very much kept tabs on the hooligans there's a blacklist that they've been keeping of people who won't be able to enter the stadiums and also they've done a lot of work an expert told me speaking to hooligan leaders who've been basically told take a holiday during the world cup or you'll have an even longer haul a day in siberia and there's a huge amount of security forces out in the cities as well i'm only i see relations between the kremlin and the west have these we can ties impact of this world cup in any way well not so far. ahead of the world cup particularly over the poisoning the poisoning of former russian spy sergei screwball in salzburg there were threats of
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a boycott that hasn't happened yet and there is very much a sense though here that on the international stage russia is kind of always the country to blame so this is very much a chance for the russian government to show a different side to russia to show a different face and people here as well are looking forward to that one woman said to me we have a lot to show the world t w correspondent emily sure went in moscow thank you. about what's going to happen on the pitch as we mention it will be host russia taking on saudi arabia and the first match a world cup opener is cause for excitement for any football fan even when the two teams taking part are far from tournaments favorites. it's finally time to let the ball do the talking russia's world cup starts here. high expectations can often hamper the home nation at to be tournament but these hosts are not under
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much pressure in that regard. as the lowest ranked team in the world cup they're hardly a hot favorite but with pride on the line and a home crowd to impress russia raring to go. to our team once the people to be proud of us to be proud of their team. and we really want to win their support and make them proud. of it. and they couldn't have a softer start saudi arabia are the second lowest ranking team at the tournament in former valencia and chile coach when antonio pitzi they've a boss with impressive experience but with egypt and europe who are in their group they're up against it as indeed the hosts. and i think once the whole thing begins everything's going to follow place nobody has
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ever achieved anything by saying words you have to put your money where your mouth is sort of. and church is so strong as to cause an upset upon him on friday night in moscow the wait will finally be. i'm joined by emily ronsard from sports to talk us through the world cup headlines welcome amalie it's finally here the first game saudi arabia versus russia what are we expecting to happen well i always prefer to leave the expectations low and the thoughts of room for surprise and snow different in this opening game we just heard about the rankings at the same time the big story is that no host nation has ever lost the opening game so it's a slippery slope for russia and they're not really equipped with fireworks expected for such an occasion you know they're only scored two goals and therefore friendlies this year so that's probably their biggest problem in the long term i don't think russia or saudi arabia really make past the group stage you know you've
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got the likes of or a guy in their group egypt as well with their striker mohamed salah looking to be fit again so it's going to be very very tough now this is the first day we and certainly fans around the world are already looking ahead to the final who could potentially be there there are so many countries that could take it this year there are two big favorites obviously you know that's germany and her looking to defend the title as we heard earlier as well and then there's brazil who've been in fantastic form neymar is back from injury they've been scoring loads of goals in their friendlies they actually want to from the against germany in berlin in march so they're definitely the two top teams you've also got the likes of friends who've got so many young talented players in their squad and spain who are always favorites to win the world cup but they've gone through a bit of a terminal with the coach in the last few days so it's very difficult to say at this point and there's always some teams that are up for surprises if we remember eisen from the euros a couple years ago let's see let's see what happens here you have
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a ups that england hopefully will and fans are certainly hoping that doesn't happen again and we are auschwitz indeed all the sports thank you very much and now we're going to stay with the. gary hart is looking at all the money that's being made with it gary hart thank you very much for having us the russian economy can expect a sizeable impulse from the one and a half million fans travelling to watch the matches of their national teams football tourists will be spending a total of two billion dollars during their stay in russia the tournament is being held in eleven cities across the country and everywhere local businesses are using the opportunities to make a tidy profit. world cup fans are already adding a party atmosphere to the streets of russian host cities. and. for many it's the trip of a lifetime and they fork out enormous sums of money just to be here but for some costs are likely to blow out the russian government regulates hotel prices but that doesn't mean they have to let their rooms go cheap. was this one using its
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experience of such elan pick games russia was able to regulate the prices for hotels in each region the price depends on how many stars the hotel has. many hotels like the three star slav younker hotel in moscow will take advantage of the price regulations despite the authorities saying they've already find more than five hundred hotels for overinflating prices moscow's five star hotels are charging up to eight thousand five hundred u.s. dollars a night that's more than the average annual salary in russia many fans will have booked train tickets in advance but train journeys between venues can last up to forty two hours for some flying might be the only option. according to research by the r.b.c. group a leading russian business media outlet flight ticket prices have gone up over two hundred percent to some world cup distant nations. from russia to the
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u.s. where the federal reserve has raised its key interest rate by a quarter point to one point seven five to two percent it is the highest level since two thousand and eight the fed chairman jerome howl's said the rise reflects the economy's resilience the strength of the job market and inflation finally nearing the fed's target level but it also means consumers and businesses will face higher loan rates over time the european central bank's policy committee is meeting today as well and is not expected to take a cue from the fate. i'm not joined by five yelena from the macro economic policy institute at the hands of berkeley on this very unwelcome to the studio dr was european politics emerging market turmoil is on shaky ground right now is it the right time for the fed to raise rates i think it is i
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mean the fed is really all about the american economy that has to take its use from the american economy inflation is quite high at the moment and two point seven percent unemployment is quite low at three point eight percent so this is the time to increase interest rates and everybody expected also the fed to increase interest rates is the fed's mandate of course to look at the american economy but is the fate influenced maybe by the fact that the current administration is looking increasingly and only at that domestic situation no not at all i think every fed and every fed chairman arafat committee also on the possible have done exactly the same thing in this economic situation they have demanded from congress they also responsible to congress not to the american president of course and this is why they're increasing interest rates and i think this goes against donald trump because say put in a lot of the break on the american economy so at them would perhaps prefer the interest rates even if you've mentioned. the you mention inflation you've
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mentioned unemployed the unemployment rate but there are more factors of course at the american in the american economy that would either mandate a raise or not what are the other factors and do them and that. no i mean this is really bound by the by the method by congress in the one nine hundred seventy says federal reserve has to and has to look both for inflation and for unemployment whereas in europe you're only have to look at unemployment and this is what it's really doing and given the state of the economy which is really booming they have to put a little bit of a break on that because also a lot lower taxes especially specifically for businesses that gives a huge boost to the american economy and now there's a little bit of a counterweight by the federal reserve and given its many in the has to act within its mandate because it's independent but still you know it has to legitimize itself before congress it has to do exactly that. will or should indeed the e.c.b.
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take a cue from the fed it was a situation completely different in your situation is really completely different we have a much higher rate of unemployment at eight point five percent at the moment also much lower inflation rate so we won't see an interest rate increase. in two thousand eight hundred things you only see the interest rate increases by the. two thousand one thousand very very briefly on buying going to end today today not at all no but he'll spend no i think the announcement will come in september. that thank you very much. today marks the one year anniversary of the grand felt tower fire in west london seventy one people died in the u.k. the deadliest blaze since world war two a tribute to victims began just before one am u.k. time the time of fire is thought to have started the tower and twelve surrounding blocks were lit up and green as was the prime minister's office downing street that
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illumination lasted until five am and will be repeated over the next four days from eight pm to midnight. now one year on from the tragedy british prime minister trees a man has published an apology over short comings and her response to the blaze she says they include failing to meet survivors in the fires immediate aftermath this used to be his home now it's a monument to a tragedy the bento chalo friend follows how meade will be wherever he goes it's always in his mind in this empty space he used to have his fish still in the areas to his home flora can go and how mead used to live on the sixteenth floor now he lives in a hotel like many other survivalists. or this is my story. of got some stuff here for my. new house when i get my.
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somethings because everything he says is wrong on the files. so this is it this is it's just. me two things he was able to escape the flames because he was strong to keep fit he had always taken the stairs instead of the lift luckily his family was not at home that night imagine the new york hospice living with your family and just instantly everything once. in a different way. you upon me you know we were thinking about you see each other kids you probably need everything when these soul we see struggling from day up to now. after almost a year a public inquiry has finally started to investigate what went wrong. its here at
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the public inquiry that many survivors are looking for answers who is to blame was it the construction companies that provided highly flammable cladding material was it maintenance companies that did not adhere to fire regulation or was the regulation itself too weak clary mehndi lost a cousin mary in the fire mary stuart acadia also perished like many of us she blames the corporate culture that put profit before people construction company is this a bra is a con job this is a holy book people. who are embedded in these social mud down because this is what is this social madame by negligence enough for us what we ideally want is gross negligence on stilts on because then you is about into. rituals and it's really important that we see individuals in the town to fight for justice has left many
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survive a strained honeyed wants to go back to work but confines the strength he's asking for more psychological help. just to call you and working and helping people that says. this is what i'm going to do for the rest of my life help as much as i can. helping others because on the night of the fire hamid was unable to rescue his friends from the burning building festo he now needs to help himself and try to come to terms with the haunting image that his grandfather taua. i'll go live to our london correspondent barrett massu standing near ground fall tower how is london remembering those who lost their lives in this horrific fire. there's a lot of attention on grunfeld on the fire happened a year ago here in london just where i am it's been here the tell you can you make
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shift. you right now who is reading calls and people are still putting fresh i was in the station i so fresh flowers so in the local area there's a lot of calm but ration services also there will be in the silence over it day which will be those who by the queen and by parliament and that they throw there's going to be a thailand march just happening every month it's a very powerful experience survivors and people from the area just go through and and think about what's what happened and this will be a big occasion elected today you mentioned the survivors it's been a year since the tragedy and many of them are still waiting for housing why is it taking so long to find homes for them. well in that you mean if the off to the fire the authorities were accused me of being north's attentively off not listening not really seeing what people need now
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i think iran many so still and i covered it can realize that it is not easy to find suitable accommodation for people so for example i meet will be who i've interviewed for the study you showed the he said he had six work is the dealt with his case in the council so the build up crissy makes it difficult but he also says it's difficult to find some that's suitable for him a lot of people don't want for example go to another high rise building i want to stay on the ground floor and having a housing so shortage in london it's ricky picked for for the council to find two to go good accommodation also in the area people want to stay local but most of them that that can really walk a lot of survivors families have been off accommodation and many old know where they're going to get to meet will be for example news his new home but it's just not ready yet some of it could have been accommodation also needed to be built an
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inquiry into the disaster opened just last month what details have come out thus far briefly if you will. well it looks like a catalogue of addicts why was the cladding tiriel so flammable why did the fire spread so quickly and. apparently not the proper ventilation for that type of material but there was doubts about the security of the windows and there's some sprinkler a lot of some fire alarms not work so it seems that there were many areas now the inquiry is getting to the bottom of it as well as a criminal investigation but it will take a while until really the survivors seek justice it's it's a it's a take it is really. get mosque reporting for us from london thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. secretary of state my pompei always says economic sanctions on north korea will
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remain in place until the country has given up all its nuclear weapons on pale was speaking after a meeting with a south korean president to discuss the outcome of this week's summit between the u.s. and north korea prosecutors and have raided the offices of the roman catholic church looking for documents relating to claims of sexual abuse and an attempted cover up authorities say they are investigating of least forty cases of abuse the raids come just hours before vatican abuse and best gaiters were to meet chalange officials to discuss their findings yemenis already struggling through the world's biggest humanitarian crisis could face an almost complete cut off of eight that's a saudi led pro-government troops attacked the country's crucial port city of data two thirds of yemen's population depend on the supplies that come through the port the assault began on wednesday despite mounting international fears about the
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humanitarian fallout the un security council is set to meet today for urgent talks on the offensive. d.c. bingley peaceful images from yemen's rebel have poor town one day down by to aid supplies are delivered here every day to the millions of people trapped in the war torn country but the lifeline now risks being cut due to a fierce military assault by yemeni fighters backed by saudi arabia. on wednesday morning pro-government convoys headed towards one day to wrest control from the country's ruling faction but the rebels are determined to respond with deadly force . we assure everyone and we swear to a law that they will find nothing in your data but hell they will find nothing from it sounds but volcanoes nothing from it sea but waves on their ships. the un says the attack on the city could cause a quarter of
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a million deaths and what may become the largest battle dust in yemen civil war. aid agencies worry the fight will exacerbate one of the world's worst humanitarian crises today we are at the point to a catastrophic is becoming an understatement if you've got scores of civilians tens of thousands of civilians civilians will be displaced in one day though we are also very concerned that the water infrastructure and the transit infrastructure will be damage which would be detrimental to the population off with a. protracted fighting could lead to a shutdown of data support the main entry point for food and humanitarian aid into the country two thirds of yemen's population already on the brink of famine depend on this aid. people are suffering under these conditions we cannot buy anything for our children and we cannot sustain ourselves financially
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. i have a household of eleven people our situation is dire and only god knows when this will change i mean i like her very much u.n. officials said they were continuing negotiations on keeping yemen's keep open despite the assault while adding all sides in the conflict to exercise restraint. the fair minor of the top story we're following for you the twenty eight hundred soccer world cup is kicking off in moscow the host nation russia getting ready to play saudi arabia later today. with news more coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get the latest any time on our web site dot com i got a call often in berlin thanks for joining us. to. move.
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from. congo. to ensure the conflict zone with tim sebastian. afghanistan is fighting on many different fronts least days not just with the militants but also against human rights abuses and massive corruption from our guest this week here in london is abdullah abdullah the first country's chief executive why use there's so much disunity in what is supposed to be a unity government conflict so folks. on the phone.
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can there be peace in afghanistan. at her best discusses with former afghan president hamid karzai. either in the absence of peace. in the prisons false or the insurgents i have to say it's an afghan conflict that was a division within the country and an important topic of the global media for the in sixty minutes w. . crimes against humanity civilians become witnesses to. their recorded images travel around the globe via social media. campaign fiction and what is fact digital investigators comb through the flood of images
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they combine sources to try to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of problems in the. forensics between bits and bytes of. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t w. afghanistan is fighting on many different fronts these days not just with the militants but also against human rights abuses and massive corruption my guest this week here in london is a bell a dollar this country's chief executive role it can so that's a prime minister why is there so much disunity in what is supposed to be a unity government.


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