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this is news live from berlin the twenty football world cup kicks off in moscow russia is expecting up to a million foreign visitors so will the world be willing to look past the politics and focus on the pitch or get the latest from moscow also coming up. our alumina did in green to mark a year since an inferno killed seventy one people downing street and other london landmarks are paying tribute to the shocking scale of the tragedy. and saving one
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of iraq's oldest libraries burned and bomb during the patient by the so-called islamic state now a group of are wrong the students are fighting to rescue thousands of books from the rubble. and welcome to the program the world cup is kicking off in just a few hours time in the russian capital moscow the first match sets hosts russia against saudi arabia and will be held in the capital's luzhniki stadium some thirty two teams will be competing in more than sixty games across the country over the next month thousands of fans from around the globe have been pouring into the country and defending champions germany are hoping to become the first team to win the tournament back to back since one thousand nine hundred sixty two. football fever already running high in moscow let's go live to w. correspondent emily is sure when emily it's good to see you it's always
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a highly anticipated tournament what have you been hearing and seeing in the capital. well i'm right in the center of moscow here right by red square abbey and you might be able to see behind me the feet clock which has been counting down the days to the world cup opening and it's now set to zero now people here have said to me you know they don't have many hopes for the football but they are really looking forward to the guests arriving and that's just what's happening here here in the center of moscow there's really a nice atmosphere people with flags people singing my colleague you were chateaux came out into the center of town yesterday to see what the atmosphere is like see for yourself.
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all of this pledge it's absolutely amazing i love it so amazing here oh image during the people are really not much great feeling russia it's a beautiful place a beautiful town three it's our beautiful people the really nice people expected no . but you know the really nice people. extremely happy that my controversy is one after thirty six years so that worked out why we are here trying to make history. those who are going to be the champion you'll see the best team neymar germany i said also i hope there when you so that a bit of course to our dreamy champion. thank you.
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who you are going to we're not counting the chamber of good of the did. this through it all very well could you be there because it's march first towards gulping rule show we are all we are coming from gonna go to our moroccan was. what a great. defender i stick he went to when she rushed through hose c.-k. ashleigh i think this will be one of the best ones but i. am really certainly a lot of excitement from fans supporting their respective countries but security is always a major concern during these types of tournament what kind of measures has russia put in place well security is certainly
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tight here in russia there are further checks stronger checks in metros at the airports and train stations around the country and you also might remember pictures from two years ago of russian football hooligans clashing with england fans in two thousand and sixteen at the european championships now the russian authorities have taken all measures possible to ensure that there won't be a repeat of that there really keeping tabs on the hooligans and an expert here told me as well that some of the hooligan leaders have been told you better take a long holiday during the world cup otherwise we'll give you an even longer holiday in siberia so the russian authorities are certainly making sure that fans here will be safe in the capital and across the country now i see relations between the kremlin and the west have cast a shadow over this tournament have these weekend ties impacted this world cup in
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any way as of right now. well absolutely there were huge tensions in the past few months particularly over the poisoning of former russian spy said against the fall in salzburg and the british royal family and top british officials actually won't be attending the world cup over that but fears of a wider boycott seem to not have played out there won't be a boycott boycott in fact twenty over twenty hads of government will be attending the opening here in moscow today and this is really a huge opportunity for the russian government as well to show a different side of russia a to show a different face of russia and and for the people here as well people are very much looking forward to that one woman told me we really have a lot to show the world t w correspondent emily sure went in moscow thank you very
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much now back to what set to happen on the pitch as we mentioned it will be hosts russia taking on saudi arabia in the first match a world cup opener is cause for excitement for any football fan even when the two teams taking part are far from tournaments favorites it's finally time to let the ball do the talking russia as well as cup starts here. paula expectations can often hamper the home nation to be tournament but these hosts are not on the much pressure in that regard. as the lowest ranked team in the world cup they're hardly a hot favorite but with pride on the line and a home crowd to impress russia raring to go. you know would do. too much to our team once the people to be proud of us to be proud of their team. and we really want to win their support and make them proud.
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of it. and they couldn't have a softer start saudi arabia are the second lowest ranking team at the tournament in former valencia and chile coach when antonio pitts see they have a boss with impressive experience but with egypt and europe who are in their group they're up against it as indeed the hosts. and i think once the whole thing begins everything's going to fall place nobody has ever achieved anything by saying words you have to put your money where your mouth is. and churches chance to cause an upset is upon him on friday night in moscow the wait will finally be over . all starts today i'm joined now by the only rouse shirts from the sports department to talk about the world cup headlines and when it's finally here the first game russia saudi arabia as we mentioned what do we expect to happen i always
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prefer to keep the expectations low and leave lots of room for surprise and that's that's the same for this match we've already heard about the low rankings but the real big story is that no host nation has ever lost the world cup opener so it's a very slippery slope for russia they're aging team isn't really equipped for the fireworks expected of such an occasion their biggest problem is probably scoring they've only scored two goals and therefore from these this year their top strikers feet are small of plays in russia but you know they can't really just rely on him as well and anyway it's an uphill battle for both teams because the favorites in the group are definitely or a why and also egypt who can probably rely on their star striker mohammed sala again and then i don't think we'll be seeing much of russia or saudi arabia later in the tournament ok so even though it's just the first day a lot of people are already looking ahead to the final on july fifteenth i'm going to ask you for your prediction of course but you know that's what i was really difficult to say i mean so much changes once the world cup kicks off you can say on
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paper there are top teams and germany and brazil and say are definitely the front runners there germany are looking to defend their title they've got their captain back and go mano a neuer so that's definitely a boost but they haven't performed well recently which is not so unusual actually and then there's brazil they also have a player back from injury neymar and he's sure to want to grab the title with them this time after they had a horrible defeat against germany at the last world cup and then there's france who just got so many young talented players that they can rely on as well as spain who are always a force to reckon with a lot has been difficult to say they were going to see too many good teams you know use emily rouse should getting us all the latest thank you very much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o says economic sanctions on north korea will remain in place until the country has given up all its nuclear weapons peo is speaking after
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a meeting with the south korean president to discuss the outcome of this week's summit between the united states and north korea. prosecutors and a have raided the offices of the roman catholic church looking for documents relating to claims of sexual abuse and of an attempted cover up authorities say they're investigating at least forty cases of abuse the raids come just hours before vatican abuse investigators were to meet chalange officials to discuss their findings antarctica ice sheet is melting three times as fast as it was just a decade ago that's the conclusion of a study published by dozens of scientists in the journal nature researchers warn the melting ice could raise global sea levels and in the low lying areas it's been one year since the ground falls our fire in west london seventy one people died in the u.k.'s deadliest place since world war two a tribute to victims began at just before one am u.k.
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time the time the fire is thought to have started the tower and tell twelve surrounding blocks were lit up and green as was the prime minister's office downing street illumination lasted until five am and will be repeated over the next four days from eight pm to midnight one year on from the tragedy british prime minister treason may has published an apology over short comings and her response to the blaze she says they include failing to meet survivors in the fires immediate aftermath. has been talking to some of those survivors. this used to be his home now it's a monument to a tragedy the burned out shell of grenfell tower follows honeyed wabi wherever he goes it's always in his mind in this empty space he used to have his fish stall the area still is home moroccan born hamid used to live on the sixteenth floor now
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he lives in a hotel like many other survivors. or this is my story. of got some stuff here for my. new house when i get my. wee boy some things because everything is is going on the fast. so this is it this is it's just. come eat things he was able to escape the flames because he was strong to keep fit he had always taken the steps instead of the lift luckily this time allee was not at home that night imagine being a new york city living with your family and not just instantly as he once. in a different way but. you go beyond any you know we were thinking about you see each of you kids you'll probably meet everything when these. soul we see struggling from
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day up to now. after almost a year a public inquiry has finally started to investigate what went wrong. its here at the public inquiry that many survivors are looking for answers who is to blame was it the construction companies that provided highly flammable cladding material was it maintenance companies that did not adhere to fire regulation or was the regulation itself too weak clary mehndi lost a cousin mary in the fire mary stuart acadia also perished like many others she blames the corporate culture that put profit before people construction company is this a blah is a con job this is a holy book people. who are embedded in this. because this is what is this social madame by negligence enough for us what we ideally want is gross
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negligence on stilts on because then you is about into. rituals and it's really important that we see individuals in the town the fight for justice has left many survive a strain honeyed wants to go back to work but says congress find the strength he's asking for more up psychological help. well what i need is just to call you and working and helping people that says. this is what i'm going to do for the rest of my life help as much as i can. helping others because on the night of the fire meet was unable to rescue his friends from the burning building festo he no needs to help himself and try to come to terms with the haunting image that is grandfather's talent. and watching the news still to come could one of the world's worst humanitarian crises be about to get even worse yemen's headed up for is a lifeline for millions but an assault by the found a lot
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a lion's could shut down the court for food and aid. salvaging what can be saved from one of iraq's oldest libraries and most all meet the volunteers rescuing thousands of vaults problem the rubble. the u.s. federal reserve has raised its key interest rate guards here with business as the highest it's been in a decade the rise by a quarter point to between one point seven five two percent is seen as another sign of a more aggressive stance for the u.s. central bank it's already the second high in twenty eighteen and it's unlikely to be the last with the fed signal signaling they'll be two more races before the end of the year federal reserve chairman jerome powell said the rise reflects the economy's was illions the strength of the job market and inflation finally nearing the fed's target level but it also means consumers and businesses will pay more to
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borrow money over time the european central bank's policy committee is meeting today and analysts are not expecting the e.c.b. to take a cue from the fed and also raise rates. has agreed to pay a one billion euro fine as a direct consequence of diesel gate the car maker accepted an order by german prosecutors which saves the company a battle in the courts the emissions cheating scandal has already cost v w a total of more than twenty five billion euros mainly in fines to u.s. authorities three v.w. is reeling after being slapped with another billion euros in penalties on top of those that the company must pay in the u.s. as a result of the emissions cheating scandal around eleven million vehicles worldwide were involved said it would not appeal today's decision saying in a statement. by doing so admits its responsibility for the diesel crisis and
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considers this as a further may just step towards the latter being overcome. lower saxony state attorney says the fine must be paid within six weeks the decision doesn't affect the civil suits against the carmaker including those brought by people who purchased the company's cars the criminal investigations into forty nine people connected with the scandal continue in the city of. let's bring in. a financial correspondent in frankfurt. now is this now the last big find for v.w. or can investors expect more misery. well from what we've seen so far investors can expect recurring misery when it comes to diesel gate at least for a while now this is one of the highest ever fines imposed by the german authorities on a company and one billion dollars sounds like a lot of money but we have to put this figure into context we can't forget that five thousand is actually flush with cash that. had twenty four billion euros
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excuse me at the end of the first quarter so this find won't hurt them that much at least from a financial perspective it also pales in comparison to the more than twenty billion it had to pay in fines and compensation in the us but if you do consider that raft of civil suits brought on by angry car owners as well as shareholders who said that they didn't inform them of this impending disaster in a timely fashion well then we'll have more liabilities to sort out later on you know the european central bank will announce results of his mother's or policy committee meeting early this afternoon know what can we expect well i can tell you what they don't expect the markets don't expect a rate hike but it's the expectations towards the near future that are less clear now investors are of course are watching out for any indication of when and how the e.c.b. will and its bond buying program and they may present
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a roadmap today or they could wait until the next opportunity in july to do so now an argument for doing so today would be improved expectations around wages around wages and inflation and that would allow more time for markets to repair on the other hand waiting another six weeks would allow them to assess the risks more appropriately that are potentially coming out of italy to the eurozone as well as a recent economic slowdown so as usual a fine line for mario draghi and his colleagues to walk their own so you have homes in the afternoon thank you very much you know them alone in front of. a bidding war is going on between two u.s. media heavyweights for most of the assets of twenty first century fox disney was widely tipped to take over its small arrival with a bit of over fifty two billion dollars but now come cos has offered twenty percent more of its willing to pay some sixty five billion dollars fox's board must now
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decide which company to choose if the board decides it said come cos bonzi disney will have five business days to respond despite the larger offer analysts believe fox biggest shareholder the murdoch family will reject reject the comcast bid for tax reasons. jet engine maker rolls royce is cutting four thousand six hundred jobs as part of a restructuring program most of the losses will be in the united kingdom the british company is facing problems with reports of folds and its engines grounding flights as well as employs fifty five thousand people around the world nearly half of them are based in the u.k. the cuts are part of a three year plan to simplify the business and save ran four hundred fifty million euros a year. it's back to having as diet conditions for yemenis could get worse and you get harder you monies are already struggling through one of the world's biggest humanitarian crises and they could now face almost complete aid
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cut off that a saudi led pro-government troops attacked the country's crucial port city of data two thirds of yemen's population depends on the supplies that come through the port the assault began on wednesday despite mounting international fears about the humanitarian fallout the un security council is set to meet today for urgent talks on the offensive. deceivingly peaceful images from yemen's rebel held. by to aid supplies are delivered here every day to the millions of people trapped in the war torn country but the lifeline now risks being cut due to a fierce military assault by yemeni fighters backed by saudi arabia. on wednesday morning pro-government convoys headed towards one day to wrest control from the country's ruling kuti faction but the rebels are determined to respond with deadly force. we assure everyone and we swear to
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a law that they will find nothing in the data but hell they will find nothing from it sounds but volcanos nothing from it see but waves on their ships. the un says the attack on the city could cause a quarter of a million deaths and what may become the largest battle dust in yemen civil war. aid agencies worry the fight will exacerbate one of the world's worst humanitarian crises today we are at the point where could those traffic is becoming an understatement the fear that scores of civilians tens of thousands of civilians civilians will be displaced. we are also very concerned that the water infrastructure and the city infrastructure will be damage which would be detrimental to the population off with a. protracted fighting could lead to a shutdown of data support the main entry point for food and humanitarian aid into the country two thirds of yemen's population already on the brink of famine depend
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on this aid. people are suffering under these conditions we cannot buy anything for our children and we cannot sustain ourselves financially . i have a household of eleven people our situation is dire and only god knows when this will change. u.n. officials said they were continuing negotiations on keeping yemen's keep open despite the assault while all sides in the conflict to exercise restraint. smiles on iraq now are a group of university students have found a cause in the ruins of their city a library in mosul is one of the oldest in all of iraq but it was left burned and bombed after the occupation by the so-called islamic state now young male and female volunteers are fighting to save whatever they can rubble this is all
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that's left of the central library in mosul after occupation by the so-called islamic state and did it once housed half a million books before it his bombings and fires armed with lanterns and willpower twenty locals united in their love for their city have joined forces to salvage everything they can. i could do with these shoes john these books are not jewels they deserve to be saved despite the immense destruction these books are still here in the future. and april twenty seven thousand two hundred celeb joined the mosul iraq campaign to save her city's books. so far more than thirty thousand have been salvaged thanks to the commitment and through ziad some of the volunteers . books our life our history our souls. the volunteers come to the library every day and the most i project is also gathering
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donations people from around the world can send books and any language to help restock the devastated library the volunteers are determined to rescue as many books as they possibly can. loading came in high as the library has been burned and destroyed but we must go on we have to return to our lives as they were before i as the war is over you know we can't stand still or our lives will be over to. the she did not leave her house under i-s. rule instead she used that time to read more books and learn new languages now after three years of war and i asked rule these young iraqis are determined to rebuild their city together. the books are being kept in temporary storage spaces in the hope that the library consumed opened its doors again. until then these young people will continue their
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rescue mission until the last book has been raised from the rubble. our minder of the top stories we're following for you twenty eight hundred. kicking off and moscow with the host nation russia getting ready to play saudi arabia later today. and london is lit up to mark the one year anniversary of the deadly inferno killed seventy one people and dozens homeless it was britain's deadliest investing fire since world war two. watching. coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news any time on our web site. and thanks for joining us .
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from. the. center of the conflict zone to. afghanistan is friday you know many different from sleeze days not just with the militants but also against human rights abuses and massive corruption from our guest this week here in london is abdullah abdullah these countries chief executive why is there so much disunity in what is supposed to be a unity government conflict with no children to take the full. what
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happens when state programs. company says. great is a conflict of interest between development aid agencies in the private sector and profits from such a lives as. do they help the needy. and trust that. the business of development. in forty five minutes on the dollar. crimes against humanity civilians become witnesses to. their recorded images travel around the globe via social media. but what is profit can be fiction and what is fact of digital investigators comb through the flood of
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images so they combine sources to try to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of prior incident. forensics between bits and bytes of. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t.w. . afghanistan is fighting on many different fronts these days not just with the militants but also against human rights abuses and massive corruption my guess this week here in london is a dollar a dollar this country's chief executive a role akin to that of prime minister why is there so much disunity in what is supposed to be a unity government.


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