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this is the news line from a coalition in crisis german chancellor angela merkel faces of rebellion over her refugee policy the thumbs up to block it could threaten couple of future or to coming up. london's grantors tower eliminated green to mark a guinness and see in full in tokyo seventy one people downing street and other london landmarks also paying tribute to the shocking scale of the tragedy. of the two thousand and eighteen football world cup kicks off in moscow russia has spend
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billions to recoup the championship to remember the build on buggy willing to look beyond the politics and focus on the pitch. howler of a warm welcome to you i'm under touchy. we saw it in germany red chancellor under mikel is facing a rebellion by her interior minister over migration it's being seen as the most serious crisis to hit mecca since the new government took office interior minister course the conservative bavarian c.s.u. wants some refugees to be talent away at the border medical has rejected the called saying it would undermine european solidarity but is reported to be ready to defy.
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disruption at the german bundestag a session postponed the conservatives of chancellor angela merkel city you and the varian see as you retreating for separate emergency meetings an extraordinary move the battle between merkel and interior minister wholesale who for over asylum issues has brought political berlin to a halt. this we've been taught as we've informed the c.d.u. that we see the need for action right now and. a living will continue to support efforts on the european level to reach similarly efficient results. these days but this isn't forseeable in the near future so we need to act for ourselves. on this until the wee hours of thursday morning markland say over try to reach a compromise but fail to find a solution for once the refuse entry of the german border to refugees originated in other use dates moco insists on the e.u. principle of freedom of movement across national borders is to me the question of
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how to tackle this migration issue is a litmus test for the future and cohesion of europe it therefore needs to take every country's needs into consideration merkel wants to strengthen protection of the e.u.'s external borders in the hope of deterring people from attempting to enter europe at all. over rather wants to follow the austrian approach which he confirmed after meeting with all stressed chancellor as a bust in quotes on wednesday where axtell no control somewhat national border checks should be reintroduced with the conservative leadership at odds with each other as social democrats are growing impatient with a coalition partner. yeah it would be a switch of thing is that we get the impression that this is an aggravated dispute and this is always connected to personnel and leadership the tradition of it as well. as that spread migrants continue to cross the mediterranean the debate about what to do. with them it's keeping germany's conservatives in
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a political showdown. and political editor joins me from the german parliament of the bundestag michel we heard this being described as an aggravated dispute how much of a showdown is this what we're seeing within the conservative blog does it threaten america leadership. it absolutely does it is the strongest challenge she has faced certainly from within her c.d.u. c.s.u. coalition and you seen journalists huddled behind me around the spokesman of americal c.d.u. party parliamentary group nobody will give statements on the record after this meeting no no statements with a camera but the information we're getting here from behind the scenes is that there was an intense exchange here today but overall americans managed to secure the solidarity from her own party her own c.d.u. amidst this attack from this party delegates that all met separately today which is
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saying quite something that this coalition cannot be united and of course it is on this divisive issue of migration but also ultimately on america's leadership and the two sides the two conservative sister parties of often disagreed on the refugee policy but why is wholesale or for making this such an issue at this point and what he's been saying almost sounds like an ultimatum. yes and it certainly is meant that way where in the big question is whether angle america will get more time from the c.s.u. group the c.s.u. said that it will meet on monday it will once again back. its interior minister here in the cabinet to go ahead and use the full force of the rights of his office to implement basically that asylum seekers can be rejected at the german border if they're already registered in a different state what angela merkel managed to secure even from the most critical
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delegates from within her own party just to give her another two weeks until that crucial e.u. summit to forge a whole succession of alliances of bilateral agreements like france has with italy for instance of italy certainly would be a country there that she would be meeting with in fact she is due to meet the new italian. and so here in berlin over the coming days as well so she's got those two weeks from her own party the big question now is whether that ultimatum will be extended by the c.s.u. sides for another two weeks but what has certainly happened is that her hand has been forced on this by this use you by the most vocal critic internal critic of her migration policy and that's her own interior minister hasi over so obviously the question is whether a compromise can be found and who will blink fuzzy hopeful or american but meanwhile mechelle says she is looking for a european solution where do you think this is going. well that was the
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the whole problem really with this this showdown is that i'm going to make our fears for her abilities to secure a pan european solution if she is seen to go it alone for germany to shut down its borders after having really led the way something has become the hallmarks of her leadership migration policy and the question here really is whether her own c.s.u. party just wants to be seen to be scoring political points here is a regional election that is crucial for this sister party coming up in october whether he's acting more on a matter of principle and one thing is for sure he's already damaged ungrammatical significantly michelle of chief political editor thank you very much for that live update from the german parliament. this may not bring you up to date it's a lot of stories making news around the blood a court in hungary has sentenced four members of a people smuggling dancer trying to five years in prison for letting jasmine's of
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lenderman and children suffocate inside a truck in austria seventy one victims were part of a brave of people fleeing to europe at the height of the migration crisis in two thousand and fifteen. the u.s. secretary of state my pump real has warned this still a risk of failure in efforts to bring peace to the korean peninsula following donald trump summit with north korea's leader but he said he was optimistic the country's on the right track pale was speaking after he briefed china's foreign minister. on the talks. antartica ice sheet is melting three times as fast as it was just a decade ago that's the conclusion of a study published by dozens of scientists in the journal nature research as more on the melting ice could raise global sea levels and inundate low lying areas
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the world football club cup starts in less than an hour. in moscow and the world cup as you might know is the most watched sporting event in the was the first match set suppose russia against saudi arabia in the capital newly refurbished. stadium. the fans from all thirty two countries will be watching their teams compete in sixty four games over the next month thousands of already descended on the country in absent patient of the first group games defending champions germany have also arrived ahead of their game on sunday hoping to become the first team to win the tournament back to back since brazil did in nine hundred sixty two. in moscow emily sherman she's fans and emily as i said you are the fans on in
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moscow city center russia is not a big nation for football other getting into the world cup spirit out there. well absolutely i've been out on the streets of moscow all day including at red square where people were dancing singing different groups of fans from different countries waving their flags and it's much of the same kind of celebrate tori's spirit here at the found zone in moscow also it with the russians as well who have been kind of draped in in the russian flag people have painted their faces in the russian flag and people are taking selfies in front of the found zone as well and the people that i've been speaking to ahead of the world cup very much said yes they are looking to the forward to the football but what they really are looking forward to is all the guests from all over the world arriving in russia people really want to show show off their country after all headlines about russia aren't
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always the most positive people want to show a different side of russia and one woman told me we really have a lot to show the world. in fact we've been speaking to you told us all it showed us a lot of these fans reaches in the excitement among all the overseas fans who've already arrived in a moscow russia is playing in the inaugural match today as the host nation dual russian fans believe in russia's victory in this match. well yes and no on the one hand russian fans know that russia is the lowest ranked team in this whole tournaments and in fact i was speaking to one fan who said you know who should i bet on which team should i bet on germany or brazil but of course the russians are also a patriotic nation and people here at the fans on have been telling me that they believe in russia and they said you know if we don't believe in russia who else
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will one other found told me that if russia loses this game and there will be a day of national mourning but it's definitely a mixed bag one found that i spoke to before kind of. shouted at me yes russia and he he used his movies that and then he the movies that we didn't work and he said well even the movies that doesn't believe that we can win this match so it's definitely a mixed bag who like to evolution at the moscow fans and thank you very much for bringing us up to date with the atmosphere there as we get set for the start of the world cup in russia. the since two thousand and six the host nation or displays the opening match and neither russia nor saudi arabia a viewed as they strong in this tournament but a was kept oprah's or riskless for great excitement for any footballer fad it's finally time to let the ball do the talking russia's world cup starts today high expectations can often hamper the home nation at
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a big tournament but these hosts not under much pressure in that regard as the lowest ranked team in the tournament that hardly a hope favorite but with pride on the line and a home crowd to impress russia are raring to go. near would do. much to our team once the people to be proud of us to be proud of their team. and we really want to win their support and make them proud when we treat them with all the bits. and they couldn't have an easier start saudi arabia of the second lowest ranking team at the tournament in the form of a lengthy coach. see they have a boss with an impressive experience but with egypt and europe wind their group they're up against it as indeed all the hosts. but you know i think once the whole thing begins everything's going to fall into place nobody
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has ever achieved anything by saying words and you have to put your money where your mouth is. cherchez off chance to cause an upset is here on thursday night in moscow the wait will finally be over. within the city now is my colleague. fourth desk with an update on the countdown to the kickoff which is going to be they shortly now we saw in russia and saudi arabia in the inaugural matter neither team face it is they strong when it comes to football it's so what are you expecting yeah i think not very strong is an understatement these are arguably the two worst teams in this tournament the two lowest ranked of course you know the seventieth place for russia sixty seventh place for saudi arabia just to give you an illustration. the best football in the world is played in the clubs of europe for the most part the russian squad has two
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players in major european leagues the saudi arabian team has three players who play in spain and they were only brought to spain as part of a promotional partnership where they were all moan for six months there only one of them saw the field for his second divisions been assigned these are clearly very good football players compared to anyone i know but they are not really world club cup quality i think this is going to be a pretty dour game both of these teams play a fairly defensive style but i think russia is going to get it done i think that crowd is going to get behind them and i think that at some point in this match they are going to you know get the ball over the line and it's going to be a big russian party and did they need to win because the host nation is never lost in the opening match it's true although to be fair this is i guess the fourth time that the host nation has played in the opening match prior. to two thousand and six the defending champion was the one who had the first match of the term and they thought well maybe if we want to get the crowd in the host nation behind this we
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want to get the ball rolling we should put the host nation first which they started in germany which is a good place to start because they often win and they did win against costa rica in the match so they decided to keep that as a jewish i'm. really talking about who's going to win even before the tournament has started what a well you'll fave this before well i was going to say spain but two days ago they fired their coach who happens to be a good one so i don't have much faith in them anymore i think actually brazil is the best but they have a much better team than the one they were hosting in twenty fourteen and i think this could be their year right matt one from us sports says thank you very much and we've been talking a lot for the next four weeks about football i hope so. and a lot more what cup coverage still to come on do you have a news we have the business side of the big event. and it will be here to talk about the music at the opening ceremony talking about business javier a good as joins me now and has new interest rates in the euro zone focused thank you very
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much rita indeed the european central bank has just announced that it will leave the key interest rate for the euro zone unchanged there was another countdown we were expecting it will keep rates on historic lows of zero percent at least through next summer but it has also haft its massive bond buying program and said it will end it altogether in december after the financial crisis let's remember the e.c.b. had started to buy eurozone members government bonds to the tune of thirty billion euros per month to stimulate growth since twenty fifteen month after month the e.c.b. has spent a total of two point four trillion euros in the program with the bond purchases that you see viz balance sheet has no swollen to over eleven trillion euros that's about forty percent of economic output for the entire eurozone. earlier i spoke to w.'s financial correspondent john their own in frankfurt and asked her how the end of the cheap money era is going down with investors you know their reactions have
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been quite mixed but you can probably see the docs behind me now that's been the most market of those reactions indicating that investors at least here are happy they've broadly they've gone what they broadly expected in terms of a signal from drag on the future of the interest rates and the asset purchase program that's also worth noting that if the e.c.b. managed to strike a compromise here they had to announce a plan today or at least sue and if they're supposed to wind up asset purchases by december as per the market expectation on the other hand the risks to the eurozone economy like say the italian banks and the threat of a global of a global trade war still exist and the e.c.b. has managed to close about divergence by by some clever wording and said that's it until it's a paid and a tapering off the asset purchase program by september so that leaves the door open leave that both dogs and hawks happy and in contrast to stocks we could see that saw the euro actually sunk against the dollar indicating that this cautious note
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has been noted by investors to to now the loan at the prime for stock exchange thanks very much for what it's reactions. let's cross over to the other side of the atlantic because reacting to a strong u.s. economy in the federal reserve there is also trimming its stimulus it hike rates by a quarter of a percentage point to a range of one point seven five to two percent after its policy meeting it's the second rise in twenty eighteen and the fed signaled there will be two more hikes this year fed chairman powell said the rise reflects the economy's resilience the strength of the job market and inflation finally nearing the fed's target level but it also means consumers and businesses will pay more to borrow money over time. corporate news now and has agreed to pay a one billion euro fine as a direct consequence of diesel get the carmaker accepted an order by german prosecutors the first such order coming from germany while the fine will safeguard
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starting one battle in the courts there are still several more in and outside of germany v.w. is reeling after being slapped with another billion euros in penalties on top of those that the company must pay in the u.s. as a result of the emissions cheating scandal around eleven million vehicles worldwide were involved folks who are considered it would not appeal today's decision saying in a statement. folks can by doing so admit its responsibility for the diesel crisis and considers this as a further may just step towards the latter being overcome. lower saxony state attorney says the fine must be paid within six weeks the decision doesn't affect the civil suits against the including those brought by people who purchased the companies as the criminal investigations into forty nine people connected with the scandal continue in the city of five. and who's going to buy twenty
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center e. twenty first century fox two us media heavyweights are fighting for the company's assets disney was expected to take over its smaller rival with a bit of over fifty two billion dollars but now comcast has offered twenty percent more that means it's made to pay about sixty five billion dollars fox board must now choose one company the board decides to accept comcast offer this knee will have five business days to respond despite the larger offer analysts believe fox is biggest shareholder the murdoch family will reject the comcast bid to texans. are back with more business later in the show till then it's back to a meter and a rather sad anniversary. that's right havea today is exactly one in essence the grand felt hour fire in london the tragedy was the u.k.'s deadliest place since the second world war at midday the nation including the queen observed a moment of silence lasting just over seventy seconds one for each victim of the
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blaze. last time buildings across london were eliminated in green the color adopted by the victims' families to honor their loved ones. from all the story let me draw in our london correspondent because it was a big get an apology from the pit prime minister and the nation fell silent to remember the victims britain is standing together on this very sad anniversary. it's a very sad atmosphere here in west london where we are near the ground felt how many people are a walking around here and they've come to grief they dress themselves in green which was identified as a symbolic color for foreground fell there was going to be more come over commemorations throughout the day church services many people are flocking here to
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to lay flowers and it's not just the people that are immediately have lived in the tower have lost someone it's the whole area because everybody here in the surrounding areas and all the tower blocks in the flats could hear and could see what was going on through the night twenty four storey tower block and it was a blaze that was blazing through the night people would have had others that were trapped in the fire that would have tried to get out they were shouting for help some people they fled and they jumped out of the window so this is what the whole community basically saw one year ago and this is why people also still feel that this is something very wrong or particularly of course those who lived in grenfell tower who lost somebody immediately i spoke to honeyed will be who escaped the fire from the sixteenth floor we're going to show this tree port now. this used to be
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his home now it's a monument to a tragedy the bento chalo french tower follows how meade will be wherever he goes it's always in his mind in this empty space he used to have this fish store the areas to this home. broken bone how the media used to live on the sixteenth floor now he lives in a hotel like many other survivors. this is my store. of got some stuff here for. a new house when i get my house we buy some things because everything is is going on the fast. so this is it this is it's just. come eat things he was able to escape the flames because he was strong to keep fit he had always taken the steps instead of the lift luckily his family was not at home that
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night imagine any of us living with your family and not just instantly everything once. in a different way. we were planning a you know with thinking about she's. kids you'll probably need everything one's desire saw we see struggling from day up to now. after almost a year a public inquiry has finally started to investigate what went wrong. clary mehndi lost a cousin mary in the fire mary stuart acadia also perished like many of us she blames the corporate culture that put profit before people construction company is the suppliers of contractors is a holy book people. who are embedded in this. this is what is this social madame by negligence enough for us what we ideally want is gross
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negligence on stilts on because then you is about individuals and it's really important that we say individuals in the told to fight for justice has left many survive a strained how meat wants to go back to work but says congress find the strength he's asking for more psychological help. well what i need is just to call you and working and helping people in the cities. this is what i'm going to do for the rest of my life help as much as i can. helping others because on the night of the fire i meet was unable to rescue his friends from the burning building festo he now needs to help himself and try to come to terms with the haunting image that his crankshaft. returning to begin in london begin down inquiry into the disaster opened just last month what details have come out so far.
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well the inquiry started with testimonies of those who've lost who've lost family and it was very moving because they could describe and basically relive the grief and move on with their grieving process but i also we've now had a few experts telling what their first impression was from the investigation and from what it looks like it looks like really a catalogue of errors from the flooding material for insulation that was highly flammable so flammable that it just in minutes almost set the whole building ablaze then there was doubts about the suitability of the windows about the suitability of the ventilation system was there enough ventilation for a building like this and with this type of flooding material so it's going to take a lot of time on too long since i found but obviously this is what the survivors this is what the whole community is hoping for. begin in london thank you very much
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. you're watching do you have a news coming up ahead could want the once was a humanitarian crisis be a bad to get was an assault on the saudi that alliance would shut down a key thought in yemen to aid. that and more coming up shortly. wonderful memories. their faults. in the brains and dark side. brainwashing manipulation altered memory and it's all possible other scientists are now beginning to understand how we get things mum tricky managing live leaflets telling.
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you who do you think is going to be the motion of. the measures the scores. of eighteen soccer world cup on t.w. news. climate change. the sustainability of. environmental standards we give globalisation effect biodiversity species conservation exploitation equality. human rights displacement the toll the global and current local actually. three thousand. new land to be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has
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a plan of the initial for yourselves. cloning is kiss the children who have already been the n.i.c.u. and those that were follow are part of a new kind of. i'm they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. minds. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin i'm on the thought she was a pleasure to have your company our top stories german chancellor angela merkel is facing a rebellion by her interior minister with differences on very few cheap policy he backs a tougher stance on the chancellor does and wants to turn away some refugees as germany's border. and the two thousand and eighteen football world cup is kicking off in moscow with the host nation russia getting ready to play saudi arabia just
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in a short time from now. yemenis are already struggling through what the world's biggest humanitarian crises and they could now face an even more difficult situation that's as saudi led pro-government troops attacked the country's crucial port of. two thirds of yemen sparked relation depend on the supplies that come through this port these sort began on wednesday despite mounting international fears about the humanitarian for the u.n. security council is set to meet today for urgent talks on the offensive. closing in on their targets a convoy of pro-government forces films here by state media heading to the yemeni port city of. the saudi led troops trying to seize control of the crucial port from who the rebels. their assault began on wednesday with shelling from land
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air and sea. but the rebels are determined to respond with deadly force. we assure everyone and we. swear to a law that they will find nothing in the data but hell they will find nothing from it sounds but volcanoes nothing from it see but waves on their ships. vital aid supplies are delivered to the ports regularly and distributed to the millions of people trapped in war torn german. aid agencies worry the recent fighting will exacerbate one of the world's worst humanitarian crises which day we at the point where catastrophic is becoming an understatement the fear that scores of civilian tens of thousands of civilians civilians will be displaced in the data we are also very concerned that the water infrastructure that it throws its infrastructure will be. damage which would be detrimental to the population of the data the country is
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already on the brink of famine the u.n. says up to a quarter of a million deaths could result if the port is shut down. people are suffering under these conditions we cannot buy anything for our children and we cannot sustain ourselves financially i have a household of eleven people our situation is dire and only god knows when this will change and. u.n. officials say they are continuing negotiations to keep supply lines open despite the assaults and urging all sides in the conflicts to exercise restraint. to move in iraq now when a group of university students have found a course in the ruins of their city the library in missouri is one of the oldest in iraq but it was set on fire and bombed during the country city's occupation by the
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so-called islamic state now young men and women are fighting to save whatever they can from the rubble. this is all that's left of the central library in mosul after occupation by the so-called islamic state ended it once housed half a million books before it faced bombings and fires armed with lanterns and willpower twenty locals united in their love for their city have joined forces to salvage everything they can i could do with these should these books aren't jewels they deserve to be saved despite the immense destruction these books are still here to keep. in april twenty seven thousand tiny celeb joined the most and i campaigned to save her city's books. so far more than thirty thousand have been salvaged thanks to the commitment and the through ziad some of the volunteers. books are our life our history our souls.
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the volunteers come to the library every day and the most i project is also gathering donations people from around the world can send books and any language to help restock the devastated library the volunteers are determined to rescue as many books as they possibly can. the library has been burned and destroyed but we must go on we have to return to our lives as they were before i as the war is over you know we can't stand still or our lives will be over to. the she did not leave her house under i-s. rule instead she used that time to read more books and learn new languages now after three years of war and i asked rule these young iraqis are determined to rebuild their city together. the books are being kept in temporary storage spaces in the hope that the library
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consumed opened its doors again. until then these young people will continue their rescue mission until the last book has been raised from the rubble. and that exclusive report was filed. here watching the news coming up ahead the turntables of time and. money i mean kenyans learning about the country's history through music and song. but first let's turn to facebook which is back in the spotlight two months off to see mark zuckerberg was grilled by the u.s. congress about the cambridge analytical data leak scandal the hearings are meant to provide on says the tough questions about how facebook handles private data but the ounce of that stood out most was this take a listen more to get back to you i can certainly help my team get back to checking out my team follow up with you i can follow up with you if we can follow up we need
4:37 pm
to follow up with you can follow up with your i question follow up with you and just one final observation chairman grassley i think the mr zuckerberg has entered a lot of questions today but there are also a lot of promises to follow up with some of our members. nothing from the social media desk joins me now bullet talking right here for that grilling and we kept talking about that sentence i'll get back to you so he has got back to them with five hundred pages into says so what do we learn from them yet there's a lot in there i mean facebook finally turned in its homework right and most of those are details that we basically already knew but there's a couple new things in there some revelations that really kind of pull back the curtain on facebook's wide ranging data collection and we can start with a response to a question that we heard we were listening about how facebook tracks us on our digital devices and this is our response and here facebook is essentially revealing that it's tracking us basically everywhere we are on the internet so it's
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collecting quote information from and about the computers phones connected t.v.'s and other web connected devices that we use along with facebook so what sort of information well the battery level of your phone the available storage space you have left even whether your facebook window is open in the foreground or background and your mouse movements so look some of this is likely buried somewhere in facebook's privacy policy of course no one reads as of anyway and here now in plain language seeing it like that to me is actually pretty shocking the just the the amount of data that facebook is gathering and the lengths that it will go to get it about as it really is shocking to me so that i think i'd be the next but in this area what is to done for you well facebook also finally answered a question about a separate app that it rarely talks about and this is an app is billed as something really to protect you while you're on the internet but facebook is now admitting in
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this document that there's actually a little bit more to it and this is the app that we're talking about here this is an app that is called the navajo and as you can see facebook really sells this as a way to protect yourself it's a v.p.n. and that's something that will disguise your location while you're on line theoretically it also helps to keep. keep you from being tracked but as experts have suspected facebook is now admitting that a novel is also designed to vacuum up your data so that means things like which apps you have installed on your phone which websites you visit so the company can analyze your habits now if you have a novel on your phone even when you're not on facebook so some tech experts they've already looked into this they've long suspected what was going on they think it was actually used by facebook to predict the decline of snap chat so basically it was used to see if users were still logging on to snap chat or not that's valuable information snapchat is one of facebook's biggest rivals course this report has some good news they're saying that facebook is cracking down on some of these third
4:40 pm
parties that may have misuse or information similar to cambridge and the like but for me this report it really fills in some of those gaps in testimony the things that we were watching that zuckerberg just didn't want to say out loud now it's buried in this document and i think it's receiving low questions that it's lost one from us so she needed this thank you let's go to kenya like many african countries kenya has for generations written its history in song in a smaller shop in nairobi this is a man who most collectors know simply as jimi he sells secondhand evidence records kenya's history books today's dance i'm using music to write the latest chapter santiso is one of them through the songs they encourage debate about martin africa's important dishes. tucked between shops in a bustling nairobi market is
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a time capsule that jimi has been collecting and selling original african records from here since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine his collection is a journey through the continent's largely undocumented history. this song he explains reveals migrate to repatterning east africa before colonization. venga. and so it's it's something that was important for me. just on the scene you see in this and you see this big swahili and. now that i'm still for. the congolese for this and well you know the movie i see while moving to local east could i decide to return to r.s.s. in order for myself lastly setting up here at the time of colonial rule music was used as a tool to fight back against foreign heinous. shit. and
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today one of the hottest bands in east africa kenya south to seoul are using their music to show a more positive side of africa. that was what they were delicious album live and die in africa the four man band hopes to change how the world sees the continent it's a story we have to tell our people so i'll be on the generations about become be confident that they live here and that they can give back to this continent as opposed to feeling like they're all the people that they or an explanation or an excuse for your you know making up excuses for being african and. so just saw or voices in the sign as their name translates has an even bigger dream of uniting africa. and you know the one commodity that is generated really. course the quantity. of the high is. probably pretty hard to play in reading something with
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a guy you know but get them to give all the play to the guardian game is on completing again and you know like that's the one thing that is magical what. the group has become the voice of a generation across africa. the joining a long list of artists before them who used then music to tell a version of africa's history that's really told. you. nothing. but. not. just music and now to have you from a business desk and he's going to one of my favorite topics ideas to empower females that's right and we know that there is a lot of need for ideas to empower women in business world because it is not easy
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for them now the german association of women entrepreneurs their v.d.u. has been supporting female bosses and women in the business world for more than sixty years the group promotes female entrepreneurship and lobbies for better conditions for business women at the moment the video represents more than one thousand eight hundred mainly medium sized companies that are led by women in areas such as manufacturing and crafts trade and in the service sector together with their companies these women generate eighty five billion euros in sales and employ a lot of people about five hundred thousand people to be exact the video association members are in hamburg for their annual get together on the agenda at this meeting is expanding international opportunities and strengthening networks to raise the profile of female lead business. w.'s business correspondent keeled over went to hamburg to cover the event which presents many different ideas to empower female lead businesses earlier i asked what the conferences focusing. yes as
4:45 pm
you said the problems are many fold but what they're actually focusing on right now is supplier diversity that actually just means getting big buyers to buy at female owned businesses so for example if you are a hotel chain or restaurant chain that means buying more from female and wineries or female and bakeries the problem is that women are very under represented in this field and that's why it's important to push and empower and get bigger buyers to buy at smaller women and businesses that's a very good idea as it sounds to just empower the business led by women but it's probably easier said than done how widely spread is this concept of supply chain diversity. well it depends the way you look at in the world in the u.s. it's quite widespread actually the entire concept is quite far developed big multinational companies big names are participating in it and it's also
4:46 pm
a big deal for this c.s.r. but in germany not so much usually here the big buyers concentrate on the prices and not really does the diversity of their suppliers so that's why they're doing this and they're putting the spotlight on the topic here in germany now let's talk about concrete measures we know that they want to put businesses led by women forefront but how have you heard any concrete ideas on how to achieve this. yes there is one partner also of the association here which is called we connect international and there are a huge platform a networking platform and they basically connect local business owners all around the world actually with global multinational companies big names such as i.b.m. apple killed and so if there is a small business for example in mexico that would like to supply bigger multinationals they provide that connection so there's a very concrete platform there and they have been active all around the world.
4:47 pm
thank you very much insight from hamburg yes our women businesses. now the world cup is finally here the countdown is over and that means of course big business for hotel owners airlines restaurants and of course for fifi but there is so much more going on behind the scenes and we want to tell you about in a football stadium for example is a complex operation and russia stadiums rely heavily on german technology to make sure the world cup runs smoothly in the midst of tensions between russia and the european union the world cup could account for a rather staggering fifteen percent rise in exports to russia from germany this year. these blades for up to twenty centimeters deep into the football pitch allowing air and water to penetrate more easily but it got me look hell fast they move these older blades are worn down so they're about half the length of new once
4:48 pm
. this machine is being used on football fields where the teams are training. you know least of my yeah although they're being serviced in moscow these machines are built by beaten mine a german company they're being used in seven of russia's eleven world cup stadiums . the tournament itself will cost nearly eleven billion euros making it the most expensive tournaments in a world cup history from stadium construction to technical installations and lawns german companies are profiting from these investments. the german national team is coming to russia as defending champs the german economy also has a title to defend we are still the leading foreign economic presence here with five thousand companies and. that number includes re how much has installed pipes under the pitches and almost every world cup stadium in russia. has lots of
4:49 pm
experience playing turf eaters drains and runoff systems and stadium sink looting in europe in munich and in doesn't offer equally important as our service without which it would be impossible to provide for the russian market. on site service gives german firm bosch an important competitive advantage it operates a facility on the edge of moscow with its security climate and heating technology is integrated in all of russia's world cup stadiums most of its machinery is imported. everyone here trusts technology from germany and german engineering. but it's put together here in russia according to standard. that apply here in russia german exports to russia in two thousand and seventeen rose by twenty percent thanks to the world cup this year could see another fifteen percent increase. and that's all for business somebody thought but we stay on the subject
4:50 pm
of the world cup and i'm just going to say sound on sound exactly we're going to talk about music walk would a was b. without a soundtrack to get the fans out palmtop been cheering and david leavitt's walk out of desk is here to tell us mole is so what is the song full of this is what's up or you know even after team usa crashed out they still have two artists singing this year's fifo world cup anthem they are nicky jam and will smith and they're joined by the coasts of our singer singer era is stress free this is their song live it up . so. live it up is your typical hyper corporate feel good song and it's also a very calculated move clearly hoping to cash in on the global obsession with latino beats thank you maybe this will be the new justice eater. and this song itself doesn't really have much to do with soccer actually and it has nothing to do
4:51 pm
with the host country russia which you have to think is also a calculated marketability that they do with soccer is fine but nothing to do with the host country because usually a wistful these songs songs that some to do with the host country like a lack of this time for african i was i think about huge hits of us time in brazil you had songs in portuguese even when germany hosts of the world cup you had official songs in german which is not globally a hugely popular language no russian this time around now sponsor coca-cola actually has their own anthem too let's have a look there maybe there's some russian. doesn't sound like if this is colors by another american jason to rubio and this song actually manages to be patriotic for every country on the globe at the same time it seems quite a feat that is it is available in spanglish they're not in a rush. so there must have been for shoes songs for the wellcome
4:52 pm
not them have anything to do with all the country ole what is this about is it what about just by me yeah. well i mean it's about people getting people feeling good about it about the world cup and maybe drinking coca-cola but yeah it's about money and now it didn't always used to be quite like this the songs for decades were actually about soccer and for a long time you had players singing their own national team songs quite badly some of them like here in germany here's a look back in time. it ninety nine for the german team recorded a song with the village people for the world cup in the usa somehow it failed to make the charts and was the last time the german players were allowed to sing. this catchy and unofficial number by sport for interstellar is perhaps germany's most enduring fan song hit in both two thousand and six and two thousand and ten.
4:53 pm
this year's somewhat bland official german team song features veteran german rappers of the fantastic sion fi and crews of. unofficial rival featuring british comedian jack whitehall and german defender general beau tang is already proving a big fan favorite crouch is. going to wrap little floppy i.q. but. i bid up the bag. with the best nobody running i'm going for the gold too with another cup england and germany were older and wiser now it's time to take the good with the shite. these days woke up songs tend to be quite slick which makes some nostalgic for a more innocent time when all the players including right spectrum hour were allowed to get stuck in regard less of their singing skills.
4:54 pm
were going to somewhat difficult. getting back down to russia i did as one big bucks to take the heat for his involvement in the top twenty of the biggest pop star actually robbie williams has been a cheers back home in britain. selling his soul to putin for being the headliner at the opening ceremony just a few moments ago now this comes after the british royal family and prominent members of the british government have been boycotting the opening ceremony due to russia's alleged involvement in the poisoning of double agent sergei script all british activists and politicians are really having a go at robbie williams this is interesting because he was actually very critical of russian all the guards in his twenty six team song like a russian this is what we're looking at here but robbie williams himself has also
4:55 pm
played for all the guards even allegedly for proteins in our circle so. while i have no idea who is going to win this year's world cup i can say with some level of sureness that i think robbie williams won't be playing for the queen anytime soon. but maybe you think you know they don't make sports and politics i mean you know they do different things and well you can say you know no one's no one's saying the team should be boycotting are they yeah ok ok you have a fairly obvious early. thank you very much for that. you're watching the job news has a recap of the top stories if you're following for you. know michael is facing a rebellion by the interior minister over differences on refugee policy she backs a tougher stance on the chancellor wants to turn some refugees away in germany's border. that's. in the news. because
4:56 pm
of the refute in a few minutes and she left more news on face value. wonderful
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this is it every news live for we're in the twenty eight thousand foot pole world cup is getting underway right now in moscow all the glittering opening ceremony has just come to an end and the first match of the tournament is kicking off between hosts russia and saudi arabia and russia has spent billions to make it a championship to remember but will the world be willing to look past the politics and focus on the pitch also coming up germany's coalition in crisis mode german chancellor angela merkel faces the rebel.


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