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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm CEST

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this is due to news life for berlin on a knife's edge germany's coalition government is in crisis chancellor angela merkel faces a rebellion over her refugee policy within her conservative bloc it could threaten her political future also coming up the twenty eighteen football world cup is now underway in moscow after
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a glittering opening ceremony the first match is now taking place between hosts russia and saudi arabia russia spend billions to make the tournament a success. and today marks one year since a fire in london devastated brimful tower seventy one lives were lost the tower illuminated in green downing street and other london landmarks also paying tribute to the shocking scale of the tragedy. thank you very much for your company everyone we begin our broadcast with a political showdown here in germany where chance on america is facing a rebellion by her interior minister over migration it's the most serious crisis to hit merkel since her new government took office her interior minister horse. they
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offer of the conservative the varian c.s.u. wants to be able to turn some migrants away at the border america has rejected the move saying it would undermine european solidarity but mrs a offer is reported to be ready to defy her. disruption of the german bundestag a session postponed the conservatives of chancellor angela merkel c.d.u. and the bavarian see as you retreating for separate emergency meetings an extraordinary move the battle between merkel and interior minister wholesale who fell over asylum issues as broad political bill and to a halt. this week it could top the we've informed the c.d.u. that we see the need for action right now. will continue to support efforts on the european level to reach similarly efficient results i think. these days but this isn't forseeable in the near future so we need to act for ourselves.
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on this until the wee hours of thursday morning over try to reach a compromise but fail to find a solution for once the refuse entry at the german border to refugees originated in other use states moca insists on the e.u. principle of freedom of movement across national borders is to me the question of how to tackle this migration issue is a litmus test for the future and cohesion of europe it therefore needs to take every country's leans into consideration merkel wants to strengthen protection of the e.u.'s external borders in the hope of deterring people from attempting to enter europe at all. over rather wants to follow the austrian approach which he confirmed after meeting with chancellor is a bust in quotes on wednesday when axed on a control some work national border checks should be reintroduced with the conservative leadership at odds with each other the social democrats are growing impatient with a coalition partner. is always doing is that we get the impression that this is an
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aggravated dispute and this is always connected to personnel and leadership such as you might be able to work. as desperate migrants continue to cross the mediterranean the debate about what to do with them is keeping germany's conservatives in a political showdown. all right let's get you the very latest with chief political editor. or she joins us now from the german parliament the stock mikaela i mean how much of this is down to a power struggle and to do with a chance america's future. well in the end it's all about power it's quite notable that i'm going to michael's hand has been forced here by her sister party by the small parliamentary group really in the german parliament just four days after she went on national television talking about the g seven basically saying that the future of europe would be decided on finding a common approach to migration she now pledged here today before her delegates in
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the room behind me that she would use the next two weeks leading up to the next e.u. summit to do the bilateral deal something she absolute did not want to do she wants to get the big solution on this she wanted to get everybody on the same page so this is in real time the german chancellor giving a lot of political ground and her own sister party challenging questioning her leadership here right and so you have the interior minister publicly defying her given the failure to go mikaela of the rest of europe to formulate a viable response to the migration crisis does mr say hoffer have a point here i mean why should they wait for europe to tackle this issue in a meaningful way when they have failed to do so up till now. well that's the thing i mean he was very critical of the whole for the interior minister from bavaria from day one of this migration crisis against his better knowledge he then
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had to go along with the chances policy but the question is why now because he's in the end he always came around to backing her coalition and he saw last week the german chancellor basically pulling the plug on him wanting to present his asylum policy here mosque a plan that he wanted to present in the bundestag and the open power struggle could happen on monday because we heard here from his parliamentary group that the interior interior minister will potentially use his powers and he can do that to basically implement asylum seekers being rejected at the german border and then going to makkah would have to sack him at the very least as a face saving exercise and that would throw into question the entire government and of course indeed angela merkel's political future so we're germany
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well this would leave germany in disarray it would certainly leave the plans to forge some kind of joint migration policy in disarray but the real crucial days will be those coming days over this weekend whether both sides will find a minimum common ground but damage has already been done the chancellor has been damaged here already evolved during the parliamentary president here actually spoke to delegates and basically questioning whether everybody realized what damage they were doing at this very moment in time to also merkel's leadership became a. political editor reporting thank you. now the moment russia and for bell football fans around the world have been waiting for is finally here the twenty eighteen world cup is underway and our very own matt herman from d.w. sports is on the set with me to talk us through the opening day and to take a look ahead at what's to come in this separate state just tournament but first
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let's take a peak at how russia kicked things off in black she started. with the moscow streets full the fans owns in the russian capital as busy as could be the new sneaky stadium bursting at the seams and the world of football watching closely the opening ceremony had a lot to live up to plenty of pressure on robbie williams shoulders then. the pop star had been accused of selling his soul to putin by agreeing to take part though neither he nor the eighty thousand fans inside the stadium appeared especially fans it seems putin's stated principle of keeping sports and politics apart is widely shared. williams was joined for a duet by russian operatic singa lena. a collaborative rendition of his song an angel's hitting a harmonious note an atmosphere unlike those that football grounds are used to.
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but this isn't just any football match or just any tournament it's a global festival in russia for the first time in history and it's finally on the way. to at the most watched television programming in the world potentially so how what did you make of the opening opening ceremony i thought was pretty all right i liked its short duration compared to an olympic opening ceremony it was downright brief it also lacks some of the ambition i mean if you remember the sochi opening ceremony the last time russia held a big event like this it was long a try to tell the history of russia in several scenes that featured you know three hundred pairs of dancers it was pretty impressive this was pretty low key considering it was robbie williams. it didn't have quite the charm of diana ross
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and perhaps the world's worst penalty kick of all time in a dress and pumps but i liked it all right and it's robin williams he's always great fun ok let's talk about the teams you have any favorites who should we be watching for well for me there are four top favorites in this tournament those would probably be germany the defending champions france who probably have the best squad top to bottom in terms of the pedigree spain who you know they have won two or three tournaments in the last you know decade or so however they fired their coach a couple of days ago so their prospects have gone a little bit iraq and then you have brazil brazil i think is the team who come into this tournament on the biggest high they absolutely boss that in qualifying in south america which is no easy feat a lot of teams have trouble including argentina. the losing finalists from last time and i think that there are significantly upgraded team from the brazil that we
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saw get throttled by germany seven one at home i would put my money on them if i was putting money on this tournament if i was looking for an outsider or a slight outsider i might go with. argentina belgium or england although you know those have quite the strong chances of the first four that i'm speaking of outsiders of course world cup they're famous for also making stars who should be looking for well yeah i mean the big stars that everyone's going to be looking at are the established guys you're cristiana rinaldo so he had his big moment in the sun winning with portugal the european championships twenty sixteen messi but i think the most interesting thing are the guys who play either in leagues that we don't watch or to clubs that we don't watch quite as much and i have three that i'd like to bring up first. milosevic savage of serbia he plays for lots you know he is a very big but still very technical central midfielder he's you know good in the tackle but also good as a passer and as
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a you know handler of the ball he could turn some heads i think irving chuckie was a know of mexico who plays his club football at p.s.v. eindhoven is a very interesting player he scored quite a few goals in the dutch league and then third off is hakim of morocco who used to play at the youth level for the netherlands but switched at the senior level not place for rocco and he's going to be very much the center of things for them he has great free kick ability great dribbling ability and if morocco has a good tournaments i think he could be in for a big big move our right matt herman thank you so very much we'll be talking a lot more with you in the days to come in the hours to come but i want to bring up to speed with some of the other stories making news around the world. a court in hungary has sentenced four members of a people smuggling gang to twenty five years in prison each for letting dozens of men women and children suffocate inside
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a truck in austria seventy one victims were part of a wave of people fleeing to europe at the height of the migration crisis back in twenty fifteen. zero. argentina the lower house of congress has narrowly passed a bill to legalize abortion in the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy following an all night debate one hundred twenty nine members voted in favor while one hundred twenty five were against the bill which is strongly opposed by the catholic church now goes to the senate. and the state of new york is suing to dissolve u.s. president dol trump charitable foundation prosecutors alleged persistently illegal conduct at the nonprofit including misusing donations and supporting trump's own twenty sixteen campaign present job is called a lawsuit quote ridiculous he's pledged not to settle the case. the people
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in yemen are already struggling through one of the world's biggest humanitarian crises and they could now face an almost complete eight cut off all that says saudi led pro-government troops attacked the country's crucial port city of data two thirds of yemen's population depend on the supplies that come through who data assaults began on wednesday despite melting international fears about the humanitarian fallout the un security council is set to meet today for urgent talks on the offensive. closing in on their targets a convoy of pro-government forces filmed here by state media heading to the yemeni port city of. the saudi led troops aim to seize control of the crucial port from who the rebels. their assault began on wednesday with shelling from land
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air and sea. but the rebels are determined to respond with deadly force. we assure everyone and we swear to a law that they will find nothing and hard data but hell they will find nothing from it sounds but volcanos nothing from at sea but waves on their ships but vital aid supplies are delivered to the ports regularly and distributed to the millions of people trapped in war torn german. aid agencies worry the recent fighting will exacerbate one of the world's worst humanitarian crises one day we are at the point to a catastrophic is becoming an understatement if you're that scores of civilians tens of thousands of civilians civilians will be displaced. we are also very concerned that the water infrastructure that it throws its infrastructure will be. damage which would be detrimental to the population of. the country is already on
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the brink of famine and the u.n. says up to a quarter of a million deaths could result if the port is shut down. people are suffering under these conditions we cannot buy anything for our children and we cannot sustain ourselves financially. i have a household of eleven people our situation is dire and only god knows when this will change and. u.n. officials say they are continuing negotiations to keep supply lines open despite the assaults and a urging all sides in the conflict to exercise restraint. and joining us now is how can i get us so with the business headlines and you have a story about the next move in this u.s. terror dispute with the e.u. that's right leila it's payback time you could say at least from the side of the e.u. the e.u. is hitting back at us impose tariffs european union countries have unanimously back
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to plan to impose import duties on two point eight billion euros worth of u.s. products the move is in response to u.s. tariffs and use steel and aluminum measures still need to be adopted by the european commission schedule to meet in a week's time tariffs would come into force by late june or early july now the brussels correspondent bob a visit has been covering the story for us but it's good to see you at the heart of the e.u. there in brussels now let's perhaps explain this to our viewers because on the one hand we are hearing about these tariffs on the other hand we heard at least before that the e.u. was willing to sit down and negotiate trade with the u.s. so what's the current status. the status is unchanged since june one when trump actually started hitting your the europeans was these terrorists on steel and aluminum the european union said apt to the very last minute we are ready to talk
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about anything we are ready to talk about taking away all terrorists in in trade between europe and the us we know there are varying levels for instance and talk of rate to talk about a reform of the w t l what ever you want however we will not negotiate with a gun to our heads we do not want to be blackmailed and that's the status we have so the game is going on the european union dow has formally sort of gone into the next round has formally kicked off the counter measures and we know what they are the list has been on the table since march it's whiskey it's motorcycles it's peanut butter it's jeans it's a mixed bag that it's supposed to add up to two point eight billion euros worth of countermeasures to sort of tilt we we're not playing ball with you in this type of a game according to your rules we do it according to international to w t o rules though
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but we do know however that the e.u. is against tariffs in general they don't really want to do this do you expect more tit for tat tariffs in case this doesn't really get anywhere to a solution. that's the danger in the situation of course because what we're seeing is that the second level of escalation now we might as well go into the third level of escalation trump has already threatened he has already threatened germany who is putting special terrorists up against german cars and then the fed will really be in the fire because germany will then be have to rely on the will then have to rely on the sort of response ability and the unity of the european union help from its european neighboring countries and so then unity in europe will really come to be tested and we'll see what happens next but it will be a full out trade war that seems to be inevitable in any case thank you very much
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bob a visa for the analysis from brussels will change the subject but we stay in the u. because the european central bank says it is leaving its key eurozone lending rate unchanged at a historic low of zero percent at least through next summer but it will have its massive bond buying program from october and it ended altogether in december of this year after the financial crisis let's not forget the e.c.b. had started to buy euro zone's members government bonds to the tune of thirty billion euros per month to stimulate growth now since twenty fifteen month after month the e.c.b. has continuously spent money to a total of two point four trillion euros on the program with the bond purchases that eusebius balance sheet has no swollen to over eleven trillion euros that's about forty percent of economic output for the entire euro zone soon after the decision was announced e.c.b. president mario draghi detailed the strategy the bank will follow as it runs down
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the bond program. we will continue to make ned purchase and the a p p that the current monthly piece of thirty billion euro until the end of september two thousand and eighteen. we anticipate that after september two thousand and eighteen subject to being coming data confirming our medium term inflation outlook we will reduce the monthly piece of the medicine purchases to fifty million euros until the end of december two thousand and eighteen and then and purchase. to double your financial correspondent genelle them allowing is that record stock exchange and has been listening to mario draghi very closely to hydra now well it seems like the times of cheap money in the euro zone are finally over how is that
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going out of the markets. well the markets are actually reacting pretty positively although it has to be said that the end of crisis era stimulus was something that was expected now european stocks went up on the east and on this news it appears that the markets are quite alike to this middle ground between an aggressive and accommodating stance that the e.c.b. has fallen by saying for example it will wrap up bond buying by the end of the year while signaling that interest rates will stay at a historic low for probably longer than projected now the e.c.b. are also indicated that the door was open to future intervention as it said in the wording. it was and dissipated that the tapering would have been after september and. moves would be subject to incoming data incoming data of course that could be affected by any of the challenge and stays in the euro zone today like italy's spending plans or the threat of a threat of
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a trade war but that caution embedded in the statement was something that was noted by currency markets as well the euro went into a slump in relation to the dollar after the policy statement was released. do you know if the euro zone's economy is actually ready to go on without the stimuli and despite the fact that this was a dissipated. you know druggy actually cut the forecast of the eurozone for this year from two point four percent to two point one percent but left the forecasts for twenty nine thousand and twenty twenty unchanged he said underlying growth was good but again he also said that asset purchases remained an easy b.'s in the e.c.b. it's arsenal if the eurozone that faces a situation where it needs more stimulus than it will have that. allow another frankfurt stock exchange thank you very much. and that's all for business now it's back to lay low for a rather sad anniversary with a very very sad a commemoration indeed because today it's exactly one year since the devastating
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grenfell tower fire in london the tragedy was the u.k.'s deadliest place since the second world war and the day the nation including the queen observed a moment of silence lasting just over seventy seconds one for each victim of the blaze many people were wearing green a color adopted by those who survived the tragedy. last night buildings across london were illuminated in green the color adopted by the victims' families to honor their loved ones. all right let's take you now to a london to max zander who is there for us america one year on how do people feel about what happened on that fateful day well as you certainly know there were many commemorative events throughout the u.k.
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today men for example members of parliament got together for a minute of silence for seventy two seconds of silence one for each victim so did players of the national in the swiss ball team at the sidelines of the world cup and in russia do so there is some sense of solidarity throughout the country but more so most importantly here in the in the the in. at the at the site basically in the community and the committee has been standing together close since since day one basically and we've witnessed several events since yesterday of beginning with the fire in the traditional of breaking of the fast in ramadan and then today there were several walks that were held in silence to and from brownsville tower and use performances so you could say there's a strong sense of community and people have been relying on each other from day one basically for help because council and the authorities were very slow to react to the survivors needs in a way so many also here feel that they were essentially forgotten where you were at
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the at grand isle in the hours after the catastrophe last year how were the survivors doing then and how are they doing now. why i remember when i first got here the day later in the day when the fire started i remember there was still smoke coming out of the building you could still smell the fumes it was very chaotic here on the site the police had cordoned off a big area around the town people were out on the streets witnessing the rescue events some trying to find their friends and family members and there was a very little information out there at the time. i remember prime minister may meet in the pier in sierra she talked to first responders she didn't even take the time to talk to survivors and many many people were still looking for their loved ones who they did not know who were still unaccounted for so many people were still felt they were forgotten they felt they were not taken seriously and now one
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year later many people are still in temporary housing they still live in hotels for example and many are suffering from p.t.s.d. or other mental health and physical health conditions basically all right max zander reporting from london thank you very much rick. and before i let you go in our mind you have our main story that we're following for you right now german chance on the america is facing a rebellion by her interior minister over for her migration policy he backs a tougher stance than the chance or does it wants to be able to turn some migrants away at germany's border. we're closely monitoring that story for you and we'll have another update at the top of the hour for now on behalf of myself and the entire news team thank you so much for spending time with us.
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