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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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player. this says you don't really was live from berlin a twenty eighteen football world cup has officially kicked off in moscow very cool littering the opening ceremony when it's not other than robbie williams the first match turned out to be a big win for the hosts who dominated from start to finish. also coming up on a knife edge germany's coalition government is in crisis chosen live miracle faces
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a rebellion over her refugee policy within the conservative bloc that could threaten her political future. also today marks one year since a fire devastated grandchild tower in london seventy one people lost their lives the tower lou many did in green downing street and other lung the landmarks also be a tribute to the shocking scale of the tragedy. plus the role of music in the nation's history it may be outdated technology but we discover how the turntables of time tell the story of kenya through music and songs. and salvaging what can be saved from one of iraq's oldest libraries in mosul we need the volunteers rescuing thousands of books from the rubble.
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it's great to have you along everyone the first final whistle of the twenty eighteen no world cup has blown host nation russia storm to a five nil victory over saudi arabia will russia as yuri gives in ski back to the tournament first goal after twelve minutes stick with the home nation in front before dennis a chair shia needed to kneel just before half time in the second half our timbits who gave out not in a thirty four churches but scored his second early contender for goal of the tournaments sysco moscow's alexander call of in then at the fifth just light the day. and there right after the final whistle i had the opportunity to talk to our correspondent jonathan crane who is in moscow right there where the action is and i asked him how people reacted to russia's big results.
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i can just about here is pretty powerful t.j. pay if you try to map the stereotype of traffic people they were curious best to try to get in there and i never beat my security a lot of people are trying to climb over the barrier and the security for keeping the right things in sight it's mad we did an incredible master rockstar every goal to restore that she is gone out of the crowd johnson proclaiming i wrote. a country that had great expectations very good tournament exactly told me to be right in charge the five goals for the hosts three from substitutes i mean this could hardly have gone better for that. it really couldn't afford much practice to be honest that they were saying well that's over for the games my pacifistic they want to take a broad job and criticise the staff for me changing your mind already having
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a clear right here for formation of my weekend every day but in the end that's what they played out the side and you make you cannot take a serious attempt. to have a score in the end make a world cup then you are going to became a nice golden brown he's made it to most criticise and he was the right partner lantern on the anyone down side really for russia right now with the entry time in soccer yeah i knew going into it and you're a pretty sixty day complaining round number that star players he went on between up to twenty four minutes not supplied so that number might me away and i would not have confidence going into the next day absolutely well let's talk about saudi there for sure you want out of their depth and to the times it's a really awful defending where do they go from here jonathan. i mean it was a reading performance by saudi arabia they badly trained to prosper and confidante and if they are pretty average struck by despite the victory and it might
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a matter of the be prepared maybe you could not print them for two dollars coming straight on to stay put. saudi arabia have a much right to do that and this is already right there on paper was the easiest game that they have to play or you're right i'm easy if you might have preferred if they didn't tighten the belt but maybe these by the more than five no i mean that preparation for the tournament when i feel they had to back up and act on it but i'm being fierce i mean try to make them more attacking i think and think back today say they have got the right all right jonathan corinne i was going to say in a mosque out think you so very much. well of the moment russia and football fans have been waiting for is finally arrived the twenty eighteen world cup is underway as we've been reporting but first let's take a peek at how russia kicked things off in a splashy style with the moscow's streets full the fans owns in the
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russian capital as busy as could be the new sneaky stadium bursting at the seams and the world of football watching closely the opening ceremony had a lot to live up to plenty of pressure on robbie williams shoulders then. the pop star had been accused of selling his soul to putin by agreeing to take part though neither he nor the eighty thousand fans inside the stadium appeared especially feigns it seems putin has stated principle of keeping sports and politics apart is widely shared. williams was joined for a duet by russian operatic singa. a collaborative rendition of his song angels hitting a harmonious note. and atmosphere unlike those that football grounds are used to. but then this isn't just any football match or just any tournament it's
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a global festival in russia for the first time in history and it's finally underway . well on the outskirts of moscow and back to ten key year germany are getting ready to defend their title as reigning champions and one of the big favorites of the title germany are the team to beat well are world cup reporters bringing us the latest from the team known to their fans as the munch up to. germany are off to a flying start the entire squad was fit and ready to train in front of fans who turned up for the team's open day invited. conditions are good but not perfect. and some i know that for one thing we discovered the grass has been cut a couple of millimeters too long so who has to spend
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a few xians to pitch is a bit slow that lots of us in c.z. to get hurt on a pitch like that the coaching staff had groundskeepers war of the grass to prepare for a fresh cut in truth much of the area could use a bit of sprucing up the town on the outskirts of moscow is not the sort of place many would choose for a vacation. isn't in charm but champ has the charm of a sports academy it works for us we have everything we need here train well to have a bit of peace and to concentrate on our matches of the game. peace and concentration are what going to one and mesut ozil need especially if they're under fire for taking part in a photo op for turkish president reject tayyip erdogan reelection campaign a controversy that's starting to weigh on the team as a whole as a kind of scientists need to speak of these two players might get whistled again i think and that's just how it is ok i wish it weren't that the he so but i don't
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have any influence over that my job is to work with these two players in a way that will allow them to be in their best form when we need those the form that they usually bring in the amount of ice it being couldn't a good performance in the opener would go a long way to push those issues aside at the team's base camp germany is already winning fans over the head of the big clash with mexico on sunday. they will have a lot more world cup coverage still to come here on the w.'s that will have the business side of the big event plus our culture editor will be here to talk about the music that featured at the opening ceremony but for now i want to bring us up to speed with some of the other stories making news around the world. the state of new york is suing to dissolve u.s. president donald trump's charitable foundation prosecutors alleged persistently illegal conduct at the nonprofit including misusing donations and supporting trump's twenty sixteen campaign president trump has called the lawsuit quote
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ridiculous pledge not to settle the case according hungriest sentenced four members of a people smuggling gang to twenty five years in prison each for letting dozens of men women and children suffocate inside a truck in austria seventy one victims were part of a wave of people fleeing to europe at the height of the migration crisis back in twenty fifteen. argentina's lower house of congress has narrowly passed a bill to legalize abortion in the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy following an all night debate one hundred twenty nine members voted in favor while one hundred twenty five more against the bill which is strongly opposed by the catholic church now goes to the senate. to u.s. astronauts have begun
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a spacewalk to install high definition cameras on the international space station the new cameras are designed to help commercial vehicles dock at the station in the future aerospace firm space x. and boeing want to begin transporting astronauts to the i s s next year. germany's coalition governments for and only only in march after six months of wrangling is now in full blown crisis the cause is migration chose uncle americal is facing a rebellion by her interior minister horst say offer of the conservative bavarian c.s.u. who wants the power to turn some migrants away at the border while america has rejected the move saying it would undermine european solidarity but misters a offer is reported to be ready to defy or it was a day of doubts and disruption of the german parliament as angle americal was in effect threatened with open rebellion
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a conservative bloc in the bundestag normally acts as one but in unprecedented scenes it held separate meetings on the same issue the varian conservatives of the c.s.u. versus the rest of c.f.c.'s is can wait no longer to see a change in medicals migration policy. and. once again we've made it clear what needs to be done to restore order at borders we should take the stand turning refugees away from our borders who are already registered in another european country. under or. biggest he had sinned c.s.u. lead a horse to see hope and chancellor merkel had battled over the issue late into the night but no compromise was reached both sides agree a european response to migration is needed but for says that it's taking too long merkel is still hoping for a deal with other e.u. states at a summit in two weeks time. to me the question of how to tackle this migration
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issue is a litmus test for the future and cohesion of europe therefore needs to take every country's needs into consideration. the chancellor is putting the focus on beefing up the e.u. use external borders in the hope of deterring people from trying to enter europe until forced c hopeful wants to follow the austrian approach where external controls don't work national border check should be reintroduced he's party says as interior minister he already has the power to implement that but that would force a confrontation with the chancellor which could threaten the government as desperate migrants continue to cross the mediterranean the debate about what to do with them has turned into a political showdown in berlin. and interviews the chief political correspondent milind a korean joins me now from the chancellery year here in berlin i'm linda it seems that there's a lot more to this than meets the eye how much of this is down to
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a power struggle and chancellor angela merkel's future. it's absolutely a power struggle and at least in some quarters including the chancellor's own bavarian sister party the c.s.u. the knives are out and we see that the interior minister is possibly willing to bring down the government and certainly potentially bring down the chancellor over this issue but the struggle is as much about politics as it is about principles there's a very important regional election coming up in bavaria and the topic of migration has been a sore point an absolute bone of contention between that bavarian conservative sister party of the chancellor and the chancellor's own christian democrats basically ever since the migration crisis began in twenty fifteen that wrangling
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that you talked about that took so long to form this new government that wrangling was very much about the same issue with those conservatives absolutely and willing to to go with the chancellor's line on migration so now as i say it's down to the wire essentially the interior minister has given the chancellor an ultimatum saying that he plans to move forward with his own policy on monday if she doesn't go along but i mean that given the failure of the rest of europe to formulate a viable response to the migrant crisis doesn't just as they offer have a point why should they wait for europe to tackle this issue in a meaningful way when they have failed to do so up to now. well the fact is you heard in the in the report that soundbite about reestablishing order on the border but the fact is there's not a lot of disorder on the border right now there is no pressing reason why this has to be solved by next monday and if you ask me who has
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a point i would say that the chancellor has a point here if germany were to go it alone germany is the most powerful country in europe that would leave the countries on the x. sternal boundaries of the e.u. like italy like greece essentially holding the bag as they have so often in the past the chancellor has spoken out so directly just this very week against national unilateral policies like we have seen being put into effect by the old donald trump if germany goes down that path itself what kind of precedent is it setting for the rest of the e.u. i think that's the issue that's at stake here and certainly a regional election is not worth i think establishing that kind of a precedent in the creative use chief political correspondent reporting thank you you're watching news we saw a lot more to tell you about including. the turntables of time to use edith kamani
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meets kenyans learning about their country's history through music and song are. a first i want to hand you over to helena because there's been new developments in the ongoing u.s. terror. the e.u. has now hit back regarding those u.s. tariffs the member states have now noted to say that they back a plan to slap import duties on two point eight billion euros worth of american products and the move is in response to u.s. tariffs imposed on you steel and on i mean you and i just still need to be adopted by the european commission when it meets in a week's time then they are expected to go into effect by late june or july. but i want to bring in our correspondent in brussels now bob barker this bit of double speak here because the european union previously said it wanted to talk about trade now it's impose tariffs xperia likely to impose tariffs what is the current situation all the situation is quite clear because the european union
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already in march announced the list of these terrorists we know it's a mixed bag between whiskey and peanut butter and motorcycles and all sorts of other stuff that is imported to europe from the united states the problem here is that the e.u. has said we will not be cowed by trump we will not negotiate with a pistol to our heads and this is what's happening trump has unilaterally sort of put these. these these the terrorists against illumine them in steel imports into place and the use says ok lift them please and then we sit down and talk and the e.u. says we have to talk about anything lifting off all the terrorists in our in our common trade of reform of the w.t. whatever you want but we will not be pushed into a corner here and sort of pulled over the barrel but don't like we will not be forced by you to move well if this reeve doesn't go down well and i cannot imagine
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it going down particularly well should we brace for further tit for tat measures. real have too few of those because trump already has announced something again seven meeting there was a mumbling and grumbling in the background about the german cars he has repeated that several times so far and so that might be the next step that's sort of in the back of this that's waiting that he will then slept against german courage in then the fit is really in the fire because we know that germany will be really hit hard by it the u.k. will two of the european countries not so much and then the question is what can be the next step in any case that would then be a full blown trade war i very briefly that if it does get to that stage could european unity be put to the test it will be because of course then germany has to
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call on solidarity from all its european neighbors and say ok let's stand together again if we get divided against trump we all know and we'll have to see whether the european neighbors believe in that creed looking at the g. seven they might because they might have understood that europe is really lost if it allows itself to be split up but don't have trump and his policies. covering his trade to speak for us from brussels which appears to have fired the latest shot thanks very much. now the european central bank says it's leaving its key eurozone lending rate unchanged at a historic low of zero percent at least through until next summer but it says it will have its massive bond buying program from october and end its old and it all together in december of this year now after the financial crisis the e.c.b. had started to buy euro zone members government bonds to the chewed off some thirty billion euros per month with the aim of stimulating growth now since twenty fifteen
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month after the month the e.c.b. has spent over two trillion euros all not program now with the bond purchases that you see these balance sheet has now swollen to over eleven million euros that's about forty percent of economic output for the entire eurozone. the last several years have been expensive for the eurozone since march twenty fifth team the e.c.b. has acquired government and corporate bonds with a total value of around two point four trillion euros that poured lots of low interest capital into the euro countries the bonds were intended to fuel inflation and present the e.c.b. as pumping thirty billion euros per month into the market we anticipate that after september two thousand and eighteen subject to the coming day to go fer me in our medium term inflation outlook we will reduce the monthly piece of the net
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loss of purchases to fifteen billion euros until the end of december two thousand and eighteen and then. net purchases. but the central bankers have left a back door open if conditions change they might reconsider their decision there was still no good news for savers in the euro zone key interest rates are expected to remain at their historic low levels until at least summer twenty nineteen. the german parliament has voted to allow class action lawsuits to be brought against big corporations the historic vote is a direct response to the v.w. emissions cheating scandal and the seen as a win for consumer is now the new your means consumers can seek damages without having to go to low against major corporations something not previously allowed here in germany now complaints will be led in the courts by consumer protection associations class tax and action lawsuits a common practice in the united states by the german car making giant has been
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forced to pay out billions of dollars in compensation to do you can see this. french president to many michael has taken a number of risks in his bid to reform the country's labor law but one at least has now seemed to have paid off his controversial rail overhaul has been adopted it will make is imperative now approve the bill meaning one of michael's key projects is still on track off the face resistance from trade unions. for weeks workers and friends have been walking off the job to oppose plans to restructure state rail operator s.n.c.f. but their efforts have been in vain in a victory for french president manuel mccall the reforms are going ahead as he sees that things need to change s.n.c.f. is after all fifty billion euros in debt up from twenty twenty french railways will open up to competition on top of that real workers will no longer enjoy the same
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privileges as before for example new hires won't be guaranteed early retirement at fifty eight marconi has succeeded in something that once cost a predecessor his job. and his government has even more plans major airports are also set to be privatized earning billions for state coffers it probably won't be long before trade unions make their voices heard again. all right now to you struggles and aspirations written in song a great story reflects story recording history like many african countries kenya as for generations written its history and song while in a small shop in nairobi is a man who was collectors know as jimi he says secondhand vinyl records can use history books today's bands are also using music to write the latest chapters.
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tucked between shops in a bustling nairobi market is a time capsule that jimi has been collecting and selling original african records from here since one nine hundred eighty nine his collection is a journey through the continent's largely undocumented history. this song he explains reveals migrate to repatterning east africa before colonization. and so it's something that was important for me. to study or see you see in this and see this swahili and lingala now that will still for. the congolese for me is the way for the viewers who are moving to local east that is to remove the r.s.s. in the world of law that grassley settling up here at the time of colonial rule music was used as a tool to fight back against foreign hands. and
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today one of the hottest bands in east africa kenya south to seoul are using their music to show a more positive side of africa. but they are a dangerous album live and die in africa the four man band hopes to change how the world sees the continent it's a story we have to tell our people so i'll be on the generations about they can be confident that they live here and that they can give back to this continent as opposed to feeling like they're all people that they or an explanation or an excuse for your you know making up excuses for being african. so just saw or voices in the sign as their name translates has an even bigger dream of uniting africa. you know the one commodity that is didn't really. the quantum is. about how you three are. probably pretty hard to. dreaming something
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with a guy you know but get them to gamble the brain of a gumby and leaving again they know they got the one thing that even is magical going to. the group has become the voice of a generation across africa. with. the joining a long list of artists before them who used them music to tell a version of africa's history that's really told. me. i'm not many. oh. was a great report there from our own either combined you're watching video we do this of a lot more to tell you about including today marks one year since the fire devastated grenfell tower in london and seventy one people lost their lives the burnt out tower has been illuminated in green along with other landmarks will go to london to
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capture the mood. and salvaging what can be saved from one of iraq's oldest libraries and most of all we need the volunteers rescuing thousands of books the rubble. those stories and a whole lot more coming up after these messages. to . get rid of. the school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities written by brave people who want justice a flea come in then she this picture was taken in donkey announcing its in an exercise book i don't find many other faith changes people who were in the news in the rain. muslim an injunction against does to one long to children. asleep.
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in the forty five minutes d w. germany which debbie anytime anyplace. they have had the benefit of pop. songs to sing along to downloads she has to come from soup. to them. and they are each posting is kind of into active exercises i think about that detail but you don't come slashdot actually on facebook in the uk still. jammin for free but deafening. how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany
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my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early about it makes sense to explain different realities. i'm out here at the heart of the european union in brussels where you have twenty eight different realities and so i think people are really looking forward and meeting journalists they can trust for them to make sense of this. by the newsmax office i work at the w. . bridge any back with us you're watching the news on the rock and berlin these are made headlines this hour. the twenty eighteen world cup has opened in moscow with host russia dealing saudi arabia a royal spanking in the tournament's first match they won by a nail. and german chancellor angela merkel is facing
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a rebellion by her interior minister over migration policy he backs a tougher stance than the chancellor does and wants to be able to turn some migrants away at germany's border. today is exactly one year since the devastating grenfell tower fire in london the tragedy was the u.k.'s deadliest place since the second world war and midday the queen led the nation in observing a moment of silence lasting just over seventy seconds one for each victim of the blaze many people were wearing green a color adopted by those who survived the tragedy. last night buildings across london were also illuminated in green to remember the victims. despite promises made in the aftermath of the blaze many survivors have still not been allocated new homes due to the news met with one of
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them this used to be his home now it's a monument to a tragedy the burnt out shallow friend follows how meade will be wherever he goes it's always in his mind in this empty space he used to have his fishbowl the area still is home moroccan born hamid used to live on the sixteenth floor now he lives in a hotel like many other survivalists. or this is my story. of got some stuff here. for my new house when i get my house we buy some things because everything is is going on the fast. so this is it this is it's just. come eat things he was able to escape the flames because he was strong to keep fit he had
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always taken the steps instead of the lift luckily his family was not at home that night imagine a deal in your house living with your family and not just instantly everything once . in a different way but. you are planning a you know of thinking about she's future kids you'll probably need everything once bizarre soul we see struggling from day up to now. after almost a year a public inquiry has finally started to investigate what went wrong. clary mehndi lost her cousin mary in the fire mary stuart acadia also perished like many of us she blames the corporate culture that put profit before people construction company is this a briar is a con job this is a holy book people. who are embedded in this mud down because this is what
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is this social madame by negligence and nothing less than what we ideally want is gross negligence non-school time because the need is about individuals and it's really important that we say individuals in that all the fight for justice has left many survive a strain how meat wants to go back to work but says colleagues find the strength he's asking for more psychological help. well what i need is just to carry on working and helping people that says. this is what i'm going to do for the rest of my life help as much as i can. helping others because on the night of the fire hamid was unable to rescue his friends from the burning building says that he now needs to help themselves and try to come to terms with the haunting image that is ground for that's how it. all right let's take you to london out to use
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a mac sander who is near the tower max i see it people walking behind you what's going on where you are. well there have been many commemorative events throughout the country today many people have tried to show their solidarity but most importantly people here from the neighborhood people here from the exact city of town of you have a look behind me there's somewhat five thousand people who are expected to attend this march of silence from the community center down here don to kensington memorial park to demand justice for the victims of the tragic fire about a year ago and one of the people the v.i.p.'s attending this event will be jeremy corbyn the leader of the labor party who tweeted about this a little bit earlier this is important because politicians the past have not always been good at showing solidarity and showing people that they were being being thought of if you remember a year ago while the fire was well the tower was on fire while the rescue was still
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going on had to recently made in the parents here and she didn't even make take time to talk to any of the survivors only to the police and firefighters and people here they are they have not forgotten this and feel left alone they feel left they if they feel ignored in the way and some of this anger and frustration is still prevalent to this day today and a max an inquiry into the disaster opened just last month to what details have come out so far. i mean first of all we heard a lot of moving stories i mean this this inquiry was also a forum for four for friends and families of victims to tell their stories but most importantly also and the forum for four experts two were to bring up the the extreme security breaches that will be talked of that were also talked about in the past year lot the most prominent issue was that was the cladding of the building
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the material that was put in place in the two thousand and sixteen refer to was turned out to be opposite of fireproof and one of the reasons why this tire was sort of blase in such a short period of time then we had a talk about fire doors there were about one hundred twenty fire doors there were malfunctioning was supposed to prevent the toxic smoke from from going throughout the building and then sprinkles and alarms were not put in place didn't go off and remind you people were people or at sleet they were asleep because of the fire started in the night in the early morning so. in a way this inquiry also showed that this was just a matter of time that this would happen. for use a mag sound or reporting from london thank you so very much and that's we're going to have to mosul in iraq where a group of university students have found a cause in the ruins of their city the library in mosul is one of the oldest in iraq but it was set on fire and bombed during the city's occupation by the
8:38 pm
so-called islamic state well now young men and women are fighting to save what ever they can from the rubble this is all that's left of the central library in mosul after occupation by the so-called islamic state and did it once housed half a million books before it faced bombings and fires i'm do with lanterns and willpower twenty locals united in their love for their city have joined forces to salvage everything they can. i could do with these books are the jewels they deserve to be saved despite the immense destruction these books are still here to give you. and april twenty seven thousand two hundred celeb join the muzzle eyed campaign to save her city's books. so far more than thirty thousand have been salvaged thanks to the commitment and to see out some of the volunteers. books our life our history our souls.
8:39 pm
the volunteers come to the library every day and the most i project is also gathering donations people from around the world can send books in any language to help restock the devastated library the volunteers are determined to rescue as many books as they possibly can. the library has been burned and destroyed but we must go on we have to return to our lives as they were before i as the war is over you know we can't stand still for our lives will be over to which. she did not leave her house under i-s. rule instead she used that time to read more books and learn new languages now after three years of war and i asked rule these young iraqis are determined to rebuild their city to get their. the books are being kept in temporary storage spaces in the hope that the library
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consumed opened its doors again. until then these young people will continue their rescue mission until the last book has been raised from the rubble in other news facebook is back in the spotlight two months after c.e.o. mark zuckerberg or was grilled by the u.s. congress about the cambridge analytic a data leak scandal the hearings were meant to provide answers to tough questions about how facebook handles private data but the answer that stood out the most was this. my team get back to you i can certainly have my team get back to my team follow up with you i can follow up with you we can follow up we need to follow up with you can follow up with your own i can i can follow up with you and just one final observation german grassley i had the mr zuckerberg easy answer to a lot of questions today but there are also a lot of promises to follow up with some of our members. carl nasser from our social media desk is with me call we were both there listening to him at that grid
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listening to that grilling because finally got back to the area finally that you kind of turning in their homework a little bit late but it's now here honestly there aren't too many new details here but there's a couple of answers buried in there that really are kind of bringing back the curtain a bit showing us really the wide ranging data collection that facebook does we can start with one response to a question of how facebook monitors our digital devices and here facebook is really revealing that attracts us basically anywhere we access the internet so they collect quote information from and about the computers phones connected t.v.'s and other web connected devices that we use with facebook what sort of information well the battery level of your phone the available storage space even whether your facebook window is open in the foreground or the background and your mouse movements look some of this is likely buried in facebook's privacy policy somewhere
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of course nobody reads that right but seeing it here written now it's in plain language honestly is shocking and really it shows you just the depth of information facebook has on us and the lengths those willing to go to get it what house or not for you well their facebook has also answer a question about a separate app this is a facebook app it doesn't talk about it very much publicly and they kind of sell this as something to protect you while you're browsing the internet but now they're admitting that there's a lot more to it and this is an app it's called old navajo and as you can see this is how facebook build it they say is a way to protect yourself it's a v.p.n. so that means it disguises your location while you're online and theoretically it helps to keep you from being tracked but it's experts have long suspected in a facebook is admitting in this testimony to congress or not it was also designed to vacuum up your data so things like which apps are installed on your phone which websites you visit so the company can analyze your habits even when you're not on. facebook using that tech experts say so
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a novel is something that facebook would have been able to use to perhaps see if snap chat was starting to decline so they could see if users were opening snapshot or not and they could have predicted that traffic was kind of in decline really of course that's one of facebook's biggest rivals so that's why that might be so valuable report has some good news as well we have to mention facebook is saying that they're cracking down on a lot of the third parties like cambridge analytical the might have been misusing our data but for me this is the report that starts to fill in some of those gaps in psycho works text of testimony as we're watching these are the things that he just didn't want to say out loud to congress but now we know now we know karl thank you so very much. again. now for a long time in following quantity often at the expense of quality was the name of the game including a need to end it all mistreated in traded in the indigenous capital for european
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hoshi shine cowles with the hope of churning out woman that is that it turns out that wasn't such a wise move for the environment and now local cows a making a comeback for centuries but the macadam herders have been moving with their cattle across the grassy plains of central uganda bianco they are one of the oldest indigenous breeds famous for their long horns and robust nature for elizabeth cut to shabby this breed is not just about making a living. i think. these co. of uganda is identity and if the animal in this environment it. hush. environment. actually helped us protect our environment but they have a powerful rival the black and white friesian holsteiner the world's most popular
8:45 pm
milking cows bred for maximum milk production the owner of this herd just got rid of all his on kohli just so he could buy these foreign imports but the other modes are not well adapted to the ugandan climate and that forces the herders to use insecticides and antibiotics the only protection from local chicks and parasites. but the ones we do mostly will who get a little bit since we started using the chemicals which we have lost a lot of insects especially bees we used to harvest honey but it isn't possible anymore and other animals and insects have disappeared that's what we've destroyed a lot of trees into we don't have many insects left. and see what the elizabeth cut to xabi is a member of the whole the cattle conservation association she visits farmers around the country she explains why it's important to preserve the ancient breeds and she's often successful these herders introduce them call the cows back into his
8:46 pm
herd veterinarians and medicines are very expensive so the on call days are getting a second chance. but we should find means and ways of you know living with the dog they did you know breeds because they can keep the. property so we should know and only think about producing a little food but we should think about what kind of food we are producing maybe this old way of thinking will win out before the un coley cattle disappear altogether from the grassy. plains of uganda. well if you hadn't noticed it's world cup time and official tea much and ice is always a fan favorite especially right in the middle of the tournament and of course you want to have the official one right and if it's this year's edition well even better now four years ago brazil added us sold more than three million german national team jerseys and they don't come cheap so what is the money go when
8:47 pm
a german a team jersey costs just under ninety euro celeb spray kick down the first the german government takes its share in the form of value added tax on the biggest cut goes to the retailer twice as much as sports web brand added to us just five years and fifty cents goes to the german football association and some of those programs sponsoring football programs in schools than at the amateur level now already eight years and sixty cents and up in the manufacturer's pocket and not in fact is less than ten percent of what you pay for it in the shop but it's not just the much in dice that is turning a profit at the world cup of course there's a lot going on behind the scenes a football stadium for example is a complex operation and russia's stadiums rely heavily on german technology to make sure that the world cup runs smoothly you know in the midst of tensions between russia and the european union the world cup could account for all the staggering fifteen percent rise in exports to russia from germany this year. these
8:48 pm
blades for up to twenty centimeters deep into the football pitch allowing air and water to penetrate more easily but it got me look hell fast they move these older blades are worn down so they're about half the length of new ones. this machine is being used on football fields where the teams are training. the early stuff. although they're being serviced in moscow these machines are built by beaten mon a german company they're being used in seven of russia's eleven world cup stadiums . the tournament itself will cost nearly eleven billion euros making it the most expensive tournaments in a world cup history from stadium construction to technical installations and lawns german companies are profiting from these investments. the daughter of who
8:49 pm
sponsored the german national team is coming to russia as defending champs the german economy also has a title to defend we are still the leading foreign economic presence here with five thousand companies and. that number includes re how much has installed pipes under the pitches in almost every world cup stadium in russia. and how it has lots of experience playing turf heaters drains and runoff systems and stadium sink looting in europe in munich and it doesn't offer equally important as our service without which it would be impossible to provide for the russian market is going to. onsite service gives german firm bosch an important competitive advantage it operates a facility on the edge of moscow with its security climate and heating technology is integrated in all of russia's world cup stadiums most of its machinery is imported. speak of everyone here trusts technology from germany and german engineering. but it's put together here in russia according to standard. that apply
8:50 pm
here in russia german exports to russian twenty seventeen rose by twenty percent thanks to the world cup this year could see another fifteen percent increase. as the days for me at the business desk but i'm assured that david have more well since we're really going to hear more about the world cup because what what the world cup be without a sound check to get the fans pumped up and cheering and they would love us from our culture desk it's here first of all i want to send my condolences because your home team a team usa or do you think it. just says it or you know about that's really sweet of you but you know what it is fine because this year's official fifo world cup anthem is sung by two americans that were still kind of their mickey jam and will smith and the singer struck in kosovo take a listen. this is the song live it
8:51 pm
it's your typical hyper corporate feel good song also a calculated move to see for clearly hoping to cash in on the global obsession with latin beats here. yeah and i'm not really sure of this is the next best buy but the song you have to say doesn't really have anything to do with soccer and it actually has nothing to do with the host country russia and i have to say i think that is also a calculated and it's kind of a lost opportunity because usually songs have something to do with the host nation or the culture of the continent like waka waka waka time for africa that was secure is huge hit in south africa back with with brazil we have songs in portuguese even songs in german when germany host of the world cup i think there's a reason but they're not singing songs in russian i think it might have to do with some controversy there globally speaking now sponsor coca-cola also has its own world cup anthem let's have a look at that. one. this is
8:52 pm
a colorist by another american jason derulo and this song actually manages to be patriotic for like every country on the globe at the same time quite a feat that is now this song is also available with spanish lyrics but not a hint of russian here either. little brazilian there is what. they got out there you've got multiple official songs that none of them have to do with football none of them have to do with the host country so what are they about there got a good beat you know i mean they're about a lot of money to now this wasn't always the case if you look back some some of the songs in the past are all the songs in the past used to be about soccer they used to be about the world cup and you actually for decades have soccer players singing songs for their national team some of them quite badly like here in germany here's a look back through time. in one thousand nine hundred four the german
8:53 pm
team recorded a song with the finnish people for the world cup in the usa somehow it failed to make the charts and was the last time to jump players were allowed to sing. this catchy and unofficial number by sport for interstellar is perhaps germany's most enduring fan song hit in both two thousand and six and two thousand and ten. this year is somewhat bland official german team song features veteran german rappers of the fantastic sion fi and crews of. unofficial rival featuring british comedian jack whitehall and german defender is your own boat tank is already proving a big fan favorite crouch is. going to wrap but a little let floppy i q but. i bid up the bag. with the
8:54 pm
best nobody running around in. to world another cup germany were older and wiser now it's time to take the good with the shite that these days work up songs tend to be quite slick which makes some nostalgic for a more innocent time when all the players including france peckham our were allowed to get stuck in regard less of the singing skills. trip down memory we bear for you now get back not getting back to this year's their world cup robbie williams headlining at this major event but we're not allowed to show it but he at some point i gave. the world the middle finger we are is his middle finger to the cameras and so the world you know i think there are
8:55 pm
a lot of people that he wanted to show his middle finger who knows for sure but there were a lot of he was under a lot of pressure from many sides at home in britain people were saying that he'd sold his soul to putin for playing this concert for not joining a boycott actually by the royal family family and by members of the british government against the opening ceremony due to russia's legit involvement in the scriptural poisoning now it gets more interesting from here because he was under pressure from the russian side to he says he wanted to sing this song party like a russian which has a one that could be read as critical of truth to him but he was warned against it by the russian media and in the end he chose the same other songs not this one party like a russian so there's probably a lot going on behind the middle finger that we can't even begin to fathom one thing i think is for sure when the world cup in russia is over i don't think that robbie williams will be invited to buckingham palace for tea here is going to get
8:56 pm
her old job back i think she was. going to talk a lot more about this for now thank you so much that they were so by us all right and before i let you go remind you of our major story at this hour the twenty eighteen world cup has opened in moscow with host russia dealing saudi arabia a cool washing glow in the tournaments first match they won by mail. away lover lock up at the david of myself thank you so much for spending part time with us.
8:57 pm
i'm going. to. come. to school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities written by brave people who want justice a flea come with convention expansion was taken in bunk he announced it's in an exercise book i don't find many other french and english people anywhere in the news the rape of women and girls to gays does to one wanted children. a
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flick of. fifteen minutes on d w. this is you getting your come to life from the fine but the right to our correspondent is in central istanbul we have our whole correspondents here in the studio let's bring in a full check szymanski from our poland at dash let's go into the box office a car spotted in frankfurt more on those stories in just a minute but first this news just in it's all about the prospective closer d.w. news a good street. crimes first against humanity. civilians she come with six. dogs. there rick. which is travel around the globe just social media. but what is propaganda fiction and what is fact
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digital investigators combed through the flood of images they combine sources to try to reconstruct what happened and to substantiate claims of crimes thanks in this video recording one of the soldiers who shot be a man is on trial now st. paul's forensics between bits parts. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t.w. . frank food. international gateway to the best connection self road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining office and try our services. biala gassed at
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frankfurt airport city managed by from a bought. tickets d.w. news live from her lead at twenty eighteen football world cup has officially kicked off in moscow after a glittering opening ceremony with robbie williams the first match turned out to be a big way for the both sides who dominated from start to finish. also coming up today marks one year since the fire devastated rental tower in london the tower.


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