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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2018 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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mind. this is news alive from birth land on the knife edge angela merkel's coalition in crisis the german chancellor thinks it's a birth bell yet over her policy on migrants within her conservative block her interior minister is leading a revolt that could threaten the american political future. also coming up the twenty eighteen football's world cup has officially taped off in moscow after a glittering opening ceremony with robyn williams the first match turned out to be a big win for the both dominated arms start to finish.
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sara kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. we begin here in germany where chancellor angela merkel is facing a rebellion by her interior minister over migration it is being seen as the most serious crisis to hit merkel since her new coalition government took office in march now the interior minister hosts a hoffer of the conservative bavarian c.s.u. want the power to turn some migrants away at the border merica has rejected the idea saying that it would undermine european solidarity but they offer is reported to be ready to defy her. it was a day of doubts and disruption of the german parliament as angle americal was in effect threatened with open rebellion the conservative bloc in the bundestag
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normally acts as one but in unprecedented scenes it held separate meetings on the same issue the varian conservatives of the c.s.u. versus the rest c.s.u. says it can wait no longer to see a change in medicals migration policy you have. to once again we've made it clear what needs to be done to restore order at our borders we should take the step of turning refugees away from our borders who are already registered in another european country. or. biggest here since c.s.u. leader horsey home and chancellor merkel had battled over the issue late into the night but no compromise was reached both sides agree a european response to migration is needed the whole first says that it's taking too long merkel is still hoping for a deal with other e.u.
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states at a summit in two weeks time and to me the question of how to tackle this migration issue is a litmus test for the future and cohesion of europe therefore needs to take every country's means into consideration the chancellor is putting the focus on beefing up the e.u. use external borders in the hope of deterring people from trying to enter europe or tall or wants to follow the austrian approach where external controls don't work national border checks should be reintroduced his party says as interior minister he already has the power to implement that but that would force a confrontation with the chancellor which could threaten the government as desperate migrants continue to cross the mediterranean the debate about what to do with them has turned into a political showdown in berlin. and for more on this dispute over immigration between the c.p.u. and the c.s.u. we have melinda crane chief political correspondent joining us here in the studio
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thank you so much for joining us belinda because there is really more to this than meets the eye right how much of this has to do with power and with angela merkel's future both absolutely it really is in the end more about politics than principles key to know about this is that this bill varian sister party of the chancellor that is the party of the interior minister who essentially has given the chancellor an ultimatum. they have a major regional election coming up in september and they are very concerned about losing their absolute majority not least because the rise of the far right party in bavaria the a.f.d. that party is very very concerned about migration and about the huge influx of refugees that we've had in germany starting in two thousand and fifteen with the chances open door policy now that policy has been
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a bone of contention with her bavarian sister party since then. basically it's one of the reasons the coalition negotiations took so long to finally form a government but it's coming to a head now very much because there this party the big variances to party wants to look really tough on migration and therefore says this has to be resolved now and essentially the knives are out for uncle americal there's a sense that her power is waning and they have decided to go head to head with her on this and it could indeed it could bring the government down it could bring the chancellor down angela merkel but it also could bring down this interior minister i don't see any winners frankly coming out of this ok this is really about power at the end of the day but let's drill down a little bit deeper into the policy because this is also an interesting element of all this you know given the failure of the rest of europe to formulate a viable response to the migration crisis does the interior minister fundamentally
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have a point. not in my view we're hearing the bavarian sister party the c.s.u. saying we have to establish order on the border but frankly there's no disorder on the border the number of refugees coming into the country has gone down significantly the chancellor says we need to wait for the e.u. summit that will take place at the end of this month we're talking about two weeks she might be willing after that to change of course and make more compromises but she says i can't go to that summit saying germany has decided to move on its own to act unilaterally to act nationalistic lee basically what that would mean is that germany would be saying to all of the countries on the southern perimeter of the e.u. those are the countries that the migrants enter first those are the countries that have systematically been left holding the burden of the immigration crisis germany has done far too little for them in the past she would be repeating that and
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magnifying that if she were to act now unilaterally as the c.s.u. is demanding that she do she could not go to brussels a someone who has said again and again at the g. seven summit for example we need to use multilateral paths to solve the challenges we face we cannot have countries acting unilaterally and nationalistic lee she would be doing exactly what she has forsworn that's why if anybody is right on the principles here i would say she is this is certainly worth waiting for two weeks and a very no election in september cannot be the reason to bring down a newly formed government and lose an experienced politician who in many ways is at the helm of europe absolutely she is currently the longest serving leader here in europe in fact of the ones who are still in power as chief political correspondent linda crane breaking down all of the issues in the complexities for us very much appreciate it. well now let's get
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a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world the state of new york is suing to dissolve the u.s. president donald trump's charitable foundation prosecutors alleged persistently illegal conduct at the nonprofit including misusing donations and supporting trump's twenty sixteen campaign trump has called the lawsuit quote ridiculous he has pledged not to settle the case. britain is marking one year since the grenfell tower inferno that left seventy one people dead survivors and bereaved families gathered near the site of the fire in london releasing white doves in a tribute to the victims the blaze at gruntal tower was the deadliest fire on british soil since world war two. two u.s. astronauts have begun a spacewalk as it's called to install high definition cameras in the international space station the two cameras are designed to help commercial vehicles dock at the station in the future aerospace firms space x. and boeing want to begin transporting astronauts to the i s s next year.
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the twenty eighteen world cup is under way in russia the fans in moscow are hoping for a win in the opening match against saudi arabia knowing that this would be their team's best chance to pick up points and get out of the group and they really deliver on this one they were treated to a goal fest. two didn't have home for it to start the race you're a good ski bagging the first goal of the tournament after just twelve minutes. and on the stroke of half time it was to substitute denny's cherish have putting beaming green on coach church's shelves face. russia might be the tournament's lowest ranked team but they certainly didn't look like it. zuba maybe three five i the best of the bunch came in the ninety first minute cherry chef second and
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early contender for goal of the tournament saudi arabia might have been something of a soft opponent but the spall tof ali was pure inspiration. for the guests elation for the hosts. even then there was more a free kick in the dying seconds completing the russian rout delight for one certain discerning spectator saudi arabia's hopes meanwhile already. i. will get more now on this spectacular win for russia we have met her and joining us from our sports desk and matt i mean this really could not have gotten better for them right five goals here incredible absolutely i mean this was you know a pretty much custom made start for this russia team which came into the tournament with a ton of question marks over its head and whether they were really ready for this level of competition you know when you're the host of world cup you don't play qualifying matches russia's ranking in the world you know fee for rankings fell all
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the way to seventy and a lot of folks thought that even saudi arabia might be a tough test for them and that just wasn't the case at all they scored early they scored often they got two goals from dennis cherry shove a very interesting player who might turn out to be one of their their key performers he's one of the few russian players who play in a top five european laiki place in spain and in fact grew up in spain he's just about a spanish is the russian from his football and a brain and if guys like that can step up and show the fans something special this russia team might actually put a dent in this tournament wow and that would give really amaze. for the home team wouldn't everyone likes to hear a story like that we did talk about saudi arabia though in the meantime because i mean perhaps this is a learning experience for them right i mean their their defense at times they've really looked out of their depth and so where does the team go from here well i don't think we're going to have to talk about saudi arabia for long because i think where they are going from here is out of this tournament at the earliest possible juncture russia is probably maybe the second or maybe third best team in this group
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and they absolutely throttled yes so now every other team that means egypt and i are going to be looking to stack up just as many goals against saudi arabia as russia did to get those goal difference is working in their favor and i just don't think saudi arabia are up to it i mean that second goal that they conceded where two defenders tried to slide tackle after one player both missed and the player was suddenly all alone in the box i mean that this is something you just don't see at the highest level of professional football very often i want to talk about this highest level of professional football now because we have three games coming up tomorrow today there was only one we're really getting down to business so what's ahead three actually quite interesting games and as i mentioned there are two other teams in group and they will be squaring off against each other and egypt so you know a draw at the very least would be good they would not like to be on zero points along with saudi arabia then you know we also have
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a kind of an interesting game where it's hard to judge to me a clash of styles it's iran versus morocco a very defensive minded team against a team that loves to have the ball and show a lot of flair and then finally the big one that is portugal versus spain and that is also going to be very interesting because of what's happened with spain they fired their coach who look after you know he took a job at real madrid after the tournament and they brought in fernando yetto who you see in the pictures here yet has only ever had one head coaching job at a second division spanish club he didn't get them promoted so he left the club and they're facing off again. portugal the reigning european champions coached by fernando santos who's been their coach for four years who led them to the title this could be a tougher match for them than even expect family expects you to tell us all about it right afterwards matter of men at the very latest from our sports desk thank you so much. all there was plenty of action in the russian capital even before the opening game at the stadium that was hosting the spectacular opening ceremony fans
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lined the streets and filled the public giving zones in moscow while the eighty thousand supporters inside the stadium were treated to a gasp of formants from the british pop star robbie williams. i and songs written to boost support for national teams have been a popular feature of the world cup championships for decades some have been hits but most by all and are never heard again fortunately came back your ears for d. w.'s play list of german world cup songs. day ninety nine for the german team recorded a song with the finnish people for the world cup in the usa somehow it failed to make the charts and was the last time the german players were allowed to sing.
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this catchy and unofficial number by sport for interstellar is perhaps germany's most enduring fan song hit in both two thousand and six and two thousand and ten. this year's somewhat bland official german team song features veteran german rappers of the fantastic sion fi and crews of. unofficial rival featuring the british comedian jack whitehall and german defender is your own boateng is already proving a big fan favorite crouch is. going to wrap. up i q but. i bid up the facts like we did. with the best nobody running around in. both two world another cup germany were older and wiser now it's time to take the good with the shite these days world cup songs tend to be
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quite slick which makes some nostalgic for a more innocent time when all the players including french spec amount were allowed to get stuck in regard to most of the singing skills. that the like back music helena free is here for us now is taking a look at the e.u. taking a step closer to a trade war absolutely sara that is right the e.u. is hitting back at those us tariffs the member states have now rotates it seems. say that they back a plan to import duties on two point eight billion euros worth of american products movies in response to u.s. tariffs imposed on the steel an aluminum emissions still need to be adopted by the european commission when it meets in a week's time then they're expected to go into effect by late june or early july.
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and we can bring in our financial correspondent yens quote is standing by for us at the new york stock exchange james house the nice gone down in the u.s. where it is going to hurt certain industries but overall we're talking about an economy the size of about what eighteen trillion dollars and now we're talking for tariffs of about two point eight billion euros but still if you look at companies like harley davidson or levis both of those companies they achieve about a fifth of their revenue in europe a so that is going to hurt but the big question for sure is how will the u.s. report respond on those tariffs so will they actually beef up the terror of someone other contemporaries as well so that's probably going to be the big question looking ahead and yes we understand potentially now the shot in the trade war about
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to be fired off on friday night tell us more about that. well it's pretty likely that the u.s. president to donald trump. new tariffs on chinese imports the talk is that. eight hundred to nine hundred different products out of china could be affected we do not have a dollar value and actually those eight nine hundred products could be a good news because originally there was talk that there could be tariffs out of china. for in the amount of about one thousand three hundred products but to a certain degree also when we talk about the the you know clear is asian of north korea the u.s. probably would need the support to china so that actually could help to kind of smooth and trade war between china and the u.s. but as i said on friday we probably will see
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a new chair of send then we're again curious to see what we hear out of beijing seoul the trade war in full swing and in that respect it is surprising that the market overall the stock market is not really reacting in a big way the dow jones industrial average only was a small decrease on thursday the nest egg composite so the heavyweight index and actually achieved a new all time high while we wait nevertheless with bated breath the ends quarter for us so move three thank you. now a day off to the fed hikes u.s. rate european central bank says it's leaving its key your is a lending rate unchanged at historic lows erode percent lease through until next summer but it will halt its massive bond buying program from october and end it all together in december this year now after the financial crisis they see they started to buy your is a members government bonds to the chain of thirty billion euros per month to
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stimulate growth now says twenty fifteen month after month the e.c.b. has spent over two trillion euros on the program now with the bond purchases the e.c.b. his balance sheet has now swollen to over eleven trillion euro's about forty percent of economic output for the entire euro zone. the last several years have been expensive for the eurozone since march twenty fifth e.c.b. has acquired government and corporate bonds with a total value of around two point four trillion euros that poured lots of low interest capital into the euro countries the bonds were intended to fuel inflation at present the e.c.b. is pumping thirty billion euros per month into the market we anticipate that after september two thousand and eighteen subject to being coming data confirming our medium term inflation outlook we will reduce the monthly piece of the net
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dasa purchases to fifteen billion euros until the end of december two thousand and eighteen and then and net purchases. but the central bankers have left a back door open if conditions change they might reconsider their decision there was still no good news for savers in the euro zone key interest rates are expected to remain at their historic low levels until at least summer twenty nineteen. well they are sorry now for an update on a truly perilous situation in yemen absolutely the people in yemen they are already struggling through one of the world's worst humanitarian crises and now they could face an almost complete cut off in aid that is that saudi led pro-government troops attacked the country's crucial port city of odessa two thirds of yemen's population depend on the supplies that come through the date up the assault began on wednesday
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despite mounting international fears about the humanitarian fallout the un security council met and urged all sides to uphold their obligations under international humanitarian law. closing in on their target a convoy of pro-government forces filmed here by state media heading to the yemeni port city of hunting down. the saudi led troops want control of the crucial points held by iran. but in a news conference on thursday the leader has vowed they would not give up even an inch of the city no danger your money will be jenna shouted the yemeni military has prepared to fight a historic battle. probably hard the animals account to our aggression through a long war cargo has emerged. on what get i've yet to reassure the enemies that had they there's no patient is impossible there is to have let you get out of her data. today that is the main entry point for food and aids to the war
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torn country but saudi arabia an edge is the who have been using the port to bring in arms from iran. it with the militias exploded the port of. the war and increased the suffering of the yemeni people by using the port for smuggling weapons and iranian ballistic missiles into yemen. tehran has repeatedly denied the charge and civilians in now have to bear the brunt of the still meet. people are suffering under these conditions we cannot buy anything for our children and we cannot sustain ourselves financially . i have a household of eleven people our situation is dire and only god knows when this will change and. u.n.
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officials see their continuing negotiations to keep civilian supply lines open despite the assault and restraint from all sides in the conflict. harrowing situation there we'd like to leave you there now on a lighter note and kenya has for generations written its history and song at a small shop in nairobi is a man who most collectors know as jimi he sells secondhand vinyl records and kenya's history books today bands are also using music to write the latest chapters of a list. tucked between shops in a bustling nairobi market is a time capsule that jimi has been collecting and selling original african records from here since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine his collection is a journey through the continent's largely undocumented history. this song he explains reveals migrate to repatterning east africa before colonize asian.
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bengal. and so it's something that was important for me. to study at sea you see in this and see this big swahili and lingala now tell for. the congolese for me somewhere in the movie i see while moving to least that is around to return to r.s.s. in the world of the one that grassley settling up here at the time of colonial rule music was used as a tool to fight back against foreign hands. and today one of the hottest bands in east africa kenya such as soul are using their music to show a more positive side of africa. but they are a dangerous album live and die in africa the four man band who has to change how the world sees the continent it's
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a story we have to tell our people so i'll be on the generations about they can be confident that they live here and that they can give back to this continent as opposed to feeling like the people that they or an explanation or an excuse for your you know making up excuses for being african. so just saw or voices in the sign as their name translates has an even bigger dream of uniting africa. and you know one leg commodity that is generated freely across. the condom with. a bow is. probably pretty hard to avoid reading something with a gumby you know but get them to bare bones of many of the gumby and leave in getting the leg that's the one thing that is magical what's going to. the group has become the voice of a generation across africa. joining
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a long list of artists before them to used then music to tell a version of africa's history that's really told. me i'm not. and but that you're up to date now on news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching have a great day. more
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intrigued international talk show. four journalists discuss the topic of the week during that historic summit in singapore u.s. president donald trump a north korean dictator kim jong un promised a complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula can they deliver on one of my guests have to sign on quadriga coming up shortly. quadriga sixty minutes on t.w. .
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germany state by state. the most colorful. the loveliest. the most traditional find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w dot com. a clash of cultures in india. a clash between those who believe in arranged marriage but those who want to marry for love.
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a clash that's shaking families and society to the core. of. my father would be angry sometimes i think i'm a dead. commandoes starts july eighth d w. cut. showdown in the buddhist germany's coalition government is in crisis chancellor angela merkel faces aber belly and over her refugee policy within her conservative bloc it could threaten her political future i'm sara kelly in berlin this is the day. to me the question of how to tackle this migration issue is a little.


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