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a clash between those who believe in the arranged marriage those who want to marry for love. but that's shaking families and society to the core. my father will be angry sometimes i think the more we don't. start going to w. . hi everyone and welcome to a new episode of you max before we get started let's have a look at what's coming up today. grab bloom's richard fisher and his photos of
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extraordinary flowers. side attic fan medley collects anything and everything to do with the rolling stones. do it yourself in our series we show you how to make a coffee table out of old fart crates. flour was say more than a thousand words sounds trite but it is somehow to no matter whether it's on mother's day for birthdays or as a declaration of love with flowers you can say a lot however x. but thing that almost one in every three species of plants is in danger that the photographer richard fisher has a special way of bringing this to our attention with his photos which almost to rest peace is a flower so his current exhibition in the german town of that saw is a kind of noah's ark for plants. laughs in flower as american poet ralph waldo emerson wrote in his punch hammer tray our.
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photographer richard fisher shows us blooms that bright now spirits even though they're indoors at the german environment agency flowers like these radiate joy and light. instead of the burner which i put a plant on a stage give it a relatively neutral background and i separated from all the foliage from everything that surrounds it and i focus on a very fundamental factor the flower itself. and then it looks is imposing as this rare rothschild. fish shows it just before it blooms and in full bloom. these are bloom of it all this flower is traded on the black market as it won't get one for under five thousand dollars why is because it's extremely
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endangered acts that only grows on the island of borneo on mount kinabalu off the ball and nowhere else in the world t w incidentally the flowers are all much smaller than they appear here with the dollar business line i see here darkest it out as you see here dark this one so high and so long when it opens in time roughly so small when it's closed. then you was photos on display were taken last year in close cooperation with the botanical garden in potsdam it's home to many endangered plant species. richard fisher also set up his studio here. to take the photos he uses old fashioned flash bulbs that aren't produced anymore. for quality and they have a special radiance and range of contrasts that i exploit to the fullest thus long
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there are different qualities of like now that it's a question of fashion well it is business lot of them i don't follow fashion i stick with what i think is best. best this is my light and i'm sticking with it was my list. after he takes the shot the creative process continues on the computer here fisher uses light painting a technique which originally stems from analog photography and gives his photos they're incredible women all city. is that little shy contrasts light and shade and light painting to give the impression that i'm depicting a three dimensional flower really it's like here this is a very flat leaf if i take it in capture it's contours with light and shade the leaf bans acquires a structure a depth and height. as selection of his photos have been published in
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a new book entitled a tribute to flowers. reveals the fragility of his subjects and presents dying david's flowers which have entered the final stage of their lives the figure in the decay dying and death make us uncomfortable but we'd rather not have anything to do with them. two months of the we do it nature and in this case taking the flower is a metaphor it's made you realize that there's something spectacularly beautiful and or inspiring about it but not by mainly or inspiring. a hardness for. the german environment agency often shows which depicts the destruction of nature and the environment normally there are apocalyptic images which leave little room for hope. richard fisher is very different if he opens our eyes
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to want creation is and how to preserve it. he shows us how unbelievably beautiful nature can be he was. not to come. but much of this natural beauty is disappearing it's estimated that one in every three plant species is threatened with extinction so ultimately richard fisher is creating a kind of photographic noah's ark with his speech in the us but all of the first endangered flowers that i photographed fifteen or seventeen years ago no longer exist but some are already extinct it's a big dilemma or a big problem but at least my photographs exist. and that is something to be thankful for. the queen is known for her fancy outfits adelaide as a gauge man and she even had a flower on a traditional hat matching the cold of course where she was and with whom let's find out now in today's express. meghan
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markle and queen elizabeth the second had their first royal engagement together on thursday the duchess of sussex accompanied the queen for a series of engagements in the county of cheshire in north west england they inaugurated the bridge and attended a performance by schoolchildren from the town of witness megan married the queen's grandson prince harry in may. an exhibition celebrating mexican artist frida kahlo opens at london's victoria and albert museum on saturday frida kahlo making herself up will feature paintings photographs and some of the artist's personal items including medication she took after suffering severe injuries in a bus accident and some of the corsets that were made specially for her. traders identity her appearance. all wrapped in the
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landscape of her disability she lived her life in pain but she transcended it frida kahlo who died. one thousand nine hundred fifty four was one of the most important tartars of the twentieth century submission will run till november the fourth. british actor hugh mcgregor will play the lead in a sequel to stanley kubrick's legendary horror film the shining the one nine hundred eighty cult classic it's about a family that spends the winter in an empty hotel over the course of the film the father jack torrance played by jack nicholson begins to lose his sanity. in the sequel dr sleep ewan mcgregor will play jackson danny has now become an adult. those the shining and dr sleep are novels written by best selling us writer stephen king.
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so easy and live an august man novel floats across the stage the twenty six year old russian is a prima ballerina with the bolshoi ballet in moscow but at the moment she's especially guests at the hammock ballet where she's dancing in a piece called the lady of the chameleon us to become such a great dancer a crass immense discipline and a great deal of hard work and of course a passion for the dance. times fiery and powerful at others graceful and sensitive august men of expresses emotions through her dancing in hamburg the soloist of the world famous ballet is playing marguerite the cortisone in the lady of the chameleons smen over discovered her love of ballet early on. that the first time i was in the theater i just wanted to reach the highest levels
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of proficiency and i wanted to be the center of attention and master the toughest techniques for it they would look at it with nothing but once i started to perform choreography like those of john neumeier i realized that i needed to be an artist on stage and that emotions are also part of the role of an invalid enough then every john noir maya director and chief choreographer of the hamburg ballet invited smen over to perform here for a long time he's wanted her to dance the lead role in his ballet the lady of the chameleons and go on and go home one reason why i have such a positive or a is that she's the prima ballerina claim about being an ace but not as cast are how can she has no airs about her and but rather a direct message that's astonishing her blue front is as a dancer she's famous for her perfectionism and her stage presence something noir maya has contributed to. the book drawn
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so expect that what i find fascinating about john new meyers work is how it teaches you to just be present on stage and that it's not about doing nothing it's the very essence of stage performance. it allows you to be honest and trust in yourself that that's the. oldest man over has been a prima ballerina with the bolshoi ballet since twenty sixteen but she's already graced the greatest stages in europe asia and north america long before that now she's. guest before. him for me in times of her dancing very smooth and pleasant very expressive she's very suited to the role while the past i really like her expression a lot of the dance music of that oppression has such beautiful technical proficiency it's nice to see how that she can layer her artistry on top of that as well. in november all grossman over will return to hamburg to give further
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performances of the lady of the coming years. it's all over now a song released by the rolling stones in one thousand nine hundred sixty four it seems it's never over for them the members of one of the most famous bands of all time i have aged a little but musical e. they are still turning up the heat down the stones are on tour again most of the voted founds is matt leaf from london who won't miss a single concert by the british band and he has one of the biggest private collections of songs more billy around. there's almost three hundred years of life experience assembled on this stage the rolling stones are currently on their no filter european concert tour and living up to their reputation as the hardest working band in rock n roll. bands that still come in droves to see them. they know how to do.
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and i don't know that song about them that you they would never ever do they will not ever lose that something i don't know what but yesterday. it was amazing we saw them in eighty two in round a park in raids and it's the first time you see them since i think was amazing and trusting that all the old stuff that this new stuff and he was really having it would have sold the guy with the i just i was i was just making a little and i'd rather keep. matt leave from london is also a big rolling stones fan he started collecting stones memorabilia when he was nineteen now he owns one of the world's largest collections he loved the band's music as a child. and when i was twelve my father gave me a running stand compilation cassette called solid rock for christmas and i played it and played it to the war out i was remember it started with honky tonk woman and
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the cow bell at the beginning and they want to drive into. the wrong stones were from to the one nine hundred sixty two to the stage of their live shows are legendary often causing fans to go want to. close tyler and see the nice ninety five live they were just you know it kind of new that the catalog for our five or six days and as a lawyer you x. . in my opinion i completely unraveled and it was just the excitement of the year led me to to want to continue. madly has seen the stones more than one hundred fifty times traveling to over twenty five different countries to catch their shows .
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the band is known for its lavish stage shows on the bigger bang tour the stones played to four point six million people and raked in some five hundred fifty million here and. i. highlighted the tour was their performance at the super bowls halftime show in detroit in two thousand and six. matt league has assigned football as a souvenir from here for example you can say they are the big bang savages album and to cross two thousand and six and seven one st. party with director martin scorsese documented that tour in his rockumentary shine a light. i. just got a cinematic release and matt levy has
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a special souvenir to remember that occasion. this is a fender custom shop guitar made to celebrate the release of shine a light to martin scorsese picture so they have charlie watts keith richards when he would. mick jagger and martin scorsese. with twenty five studio albums and sixty four tours under their belt the rolling stones are in a league all their own along with the beatles one of the greatest british bands of all time and these rock legends continue to perform live to the delight of their fans people enjoy this band in many many different wives some people collect very we're going to rock or some we would just go to shows some people just listen to the music and the absolute experts and exactly every try at length and every scientology detail of which which note was played by which musician eccentrics are
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and i think that's fantastic. as far as the band and their fans are concerned you're never too old to rock n roll. bands because a rolling stone gathers no moss mick jagger and his band mates are on the road again. and now it's time again to get creative and you can join in a tone because now you're max d.i.y. serious we show you how you can brighten up your home in no time and with just a few things today you experts hang should shows you how you can put a really i catch in coffee table have fun with it. why there is tension. and would like to have an eye catching piece in your
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apartment with just forgotten crates for example you can already build a stylish and rustic coffee table that will get you home and individual touch oh sure you have. wooden crates you can get them online or at a free markets a small wooden board this will later become the center of the coffee table for that you need for shelf brackets. a paint brush and mixing container. a troop with the family meet a bit. connected both sides on the street driver these are available in home improvement stores sent paper in three different grades. and find. a pair of scissors. ascending sponge to wrap the sunday paper round measuring tape. a pen for marking. and
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another sponge to clean up the fruit traits. down your. first scent of the fruit crates with the call center to get the brush sports off next to medium grade sand paper and finally the fine great keep sending the crates until you are satisfied with their smoothness. and. once you're done wipe off the sawdust with a damp sponge now it's ready for staining course some with paint into a cup so you can apply it with a brush. i'd suggest to lay some scraps of fruit on any sort of french with stain can drive through only. plywood stain two to small wooden board and. let everything dry. for at least two hours. once was trying to arrange the crates the way you want to have them to remember their positions every crate with a different letter.
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next mark the drilling codes leave a mark on the top and bottom of each crate so you can true right through me later on i push the crates against the wall so they don't slide well and drilling a cushion can help protect the wall from scratches and streams. now through through the crates where you have marked them. a great standing opposite each other with quite additional holes for the small wooden board at the center of the coffee table. now set to crates where you want your coffee table to be. time for the connectable. use them to strew the crates together. finally and start a small wooden board. and your homemade coffee table is ready to use. i filled the coffee table in
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a way that you can easily disassemble it again so you have fewer problems to the next time you move. i know that was a bit too fast no worries if you want to see that video again or other interesting d.i.y. projects then just had to all you did w. interior design they will find many creative ideas for your home and much more. interior design at its best check out our you tube channel detail the interior design stunning ideas spectacular buildings and d.i.y. tutorials on home to gratian we'll take you inside the most beautiful european homes show you the latest in furniture fabrics and accessories subscribe and don't miss out see you on you tube. do you know babe it don't we know not david's but we in fact we're talking about
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babe it though yes it's the name of the new exhibition at quincy staten your home book on this play out works by you not to me. and this stuff i want do these three there are it have to do with david bowie well nothing but that's not the only thing that makes the exhibition so special the john pictures of the show were created in just two days but the three artists have been friends for twenty years and he is the result of the cooperation. at first glance it may seem like an ordinary contemporary art exhibition and yet the concept of this museum in northern germany is quite different this time. and the artists are curating the exhibition themselves and we haven't hung works on the wall as we would like or from the perspective of art historians it's very
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important for us that artists curator the exhibition themselves and we're letting them do it. solo artist unison man daniel richter and tao are spoiled for choice they have a whole crate full of words they've created together that they don't always agree on which should be hung on the walls. the three have known each other for decades and of course their relationship has its ups and downs. our good hunt and hunt we work hand in hand and also side by side like captains on a ship on board the ship it's like make a good some can step with love and be friends that may believe but then we might grow apart before it and come together again and go park again it was that but in any case we create create create. over the years they've created
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so many words that they might run out of wall space. is the second stop on what they have called their baltic world too. but we were offered london paris and new york or finland denmark and germany we opted for finland denmark and germany for reasons of provincial ism and local patchett is a man does a statement against. oh i forget my statement again something. some of the paintings are brand new almost got reactions. to them on and we weren't allowed to do that in art school until our gut feelings but it was forbidden so that we would do it. the gut is a second brain well i think the third one actually i'm just going to. do you understand i understand everything and nothing. breaks brain drain braining people think it's a joke but they're kidding themselves of course. there are also several individual
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works by the three contemporary artists who are inspired by absurdism and isn't just what is called david because he couldn't think of anything better almost to kill. the exhibition title certainly didn't push off the museum. bisan dance with us we're very glad to be part of this storm absolutely of course it's a special experience for us marc retreats fun and it will surely be an absolute highlight for the coming years that we will think about a lot. the main window we exhibition runs until the twenty third of september. that's all we have time for today but you can find much more stories from all over europe on the internet just go to d.w. dot com slash lifestyle or join us on facebook us here all next time i'm watching but. next time on your i'm
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max diver and filmmaker dancers ten meters underwater in her short film. the frenchwoman can hold her breath for up to six minutes long enough to capture some amazing and astonishing underwater scenes to go. into the world of shooting next time on your.
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own. home. after. a school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities written by brave people who want justice a free come with a nation this mansion was taken in donkey announcing its in an exercise book i don't find many other photos of people in the morning news the rape of young women and girls today's goes to one wanted children. become.
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fifteen minutes on d w. such. a. reliable day in the. news destined for classics such as. the movie. automotive. trying. to. land be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan for your children so nothing is just on the children who have already been
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there all day and that's you and those that will follow are part of a new process. you know they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d.w. made for mines. crimes against humanity. civilians become witnesses. caught with. their recorded images travel around the globe yes social media. what is the gamut of fiction what is fact the digital investigators combing through the flood of images they combine. trying to reconstruct what happened and to substantiate claims of the crimes. thanks to this video recording and a soldier who shot the young man is on trial now. forensics between
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bits and bytes are you going to come on. anything again. evidence. of the chance because justice is about the truth of. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on g.w. . the united states canada and mexico have won the right to host the twenty twenty six football world cup they beat the rocco in a vote at a fee for congress in moscow it will be the first time three countries have hosted a well cut. a saudi led alliance has launched an assault on yemen's main
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port city of her data the battle to prove a turning point in yemen is three years civil war the coalition is trying to retake the city for.


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