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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  June 15, 2018 4:30am-5:00am CEST

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fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of war here's what's coming up. on w o they do still superheroes on a mission such as how to smart women smart trucks smart strange and legislation by no means missed out on a brain creasing doing dangerous stuff from w. to make more money. to turn eighteen one cop has kicked off the moment of the year we preview the final
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group but cycle of a great fight perhaps the toughest group to project. featuring experience and team effort of japan smooth moves from the columbia few muslims and muslims polish beef in the case of robert love and don't speak the product of his wife's hard work and expertise. and finally let's not forget the why did underage a team from senegal. can't wait no can wait. we almost come to the end of all while cup round up seven groups already done and dusted and it's almost time for me to make some big predictions but first there's.
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one more group we need to break down and is possibly the most open group that's russia twenty eight let's take a look. how long do you want to build on that twenty four team performance while poland to back up the two children so why senegal it's taking power for just the second time japan roundoff the final world cup. you might look at this group shrug your shoulders and think none of these teams have a hope in hell of winning the world cup is it even worth watching well you'd be partly right this is the only group of russia twenty eighteen when none of the countries have ever won the world cup but it's still a group with plenty of stories starting with a couple of buy in team mates going head to head is there a better sense of forward in football than this month. he has been the dominant force in the bundesliga for years and since joining pi and during the last world cup he's taken his talent up and up he's already racked up
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a hundred and fifty goals in a bye and shit and he's pollens all trying to help school run. this will be his first time playing at a world cup side so you better believe he'll want to make his mark on the biggest day live on dusty's won seven league titles and three cups but this could be his only chance at the tournament the source the men from the boys. will face tough competition in the group stage especially from colombia on a certain by insane my. guess is the man with the magic feat for colombia he was one of the stars of the last world cup winning the golden boot just spiked columbia's quarter final exit and he hit form at the right sign catching fire towards the back end of the season for bio. hannah's ball the way of expectation for colombia brazil twenty four two and he thrived on it but list time out will have a big helping hand. falcao was injured at the last world cup but now l.t. . gray is back to his best he's one of the game's great sense of forwards and his
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country's record goalscorer. so already we've got some genuine stars in greece but what about the other twenty one senegal have their own superstar who's played a major role in your going clubs liverpool revolution sunday i man a has been in stunning form since moving to merseyside linking up with roberto for me no and mohammed salah in a fierce some from free it might just be senegal second world cup ever but they can take plenty of inspiration from their first born. back in two thousand and two they beat then world champions france to advance from the group and made it as far as the quarterfinals. a repeat performance would put them in dreamland so that leaves us with japan ok they don't have a standout talent like the other teams but their teamwork makes them from middle of our and we all like this guy right. shinji carried away is one of japan's best
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players the dortmund midfielder will be one of their main threats along with the former premier league championship. and scored fifty goals for japan. they'll have another point as leader play leading them on to the pitch the man they call the ball from first makoto has say b. is a dependable as they come he'll demand total commitment from his team mates with no obvious favorites this has to be the hardest group to call up a world cup but hey that's why i get paid the not so big bugs anyway here it is my final group prediction i have to go for hamas and colombia to win group after that it's tough but i have a feeling senegal will inches a second place ahead of eleven dusty's poland sorry japan i think you guys are heading home early. with group h. in the bag it's time to finish the series with a few predictions for the tournament and from that i need a little help. because i'm not the only one a d. w.
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who's excited let's hear what my colleagues think. my calling. the moment the year we all love to watch football right this minute and not must mean the mustn't put bunting then they want to think i'm very excited not to see my team it's only claim for the first time in sixty years i'm going to the world cup so very excited just about even having fun. drama tosh text me first i'm excited for the world cup it's the world cup i get this time i will just end it for germany from the very beginning egypt of course the first moment not one german you're away but in football you have the soul of the soul rose for you were on this eight and you would have asked me but i had the time my my old self you got to know if you think there will be in for on a brotherhood they are going to do socially for them i'm excited about seeing those kind of players that will stand now and she's a chance to see some of the best players in the world
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a little of the prettiest girl or thing i want to be called white see hurricane school a last minute winning penalty against germany in the final you know if you get past the group stage and i think my speaking is right when i mean the quality those players seem to fancy i mean lining up i think being up looking over to see that they're going to lose seven one again maybe not confident that you know you know that one day you have a team germany the much i couldn't even make it go get starstruck i've been was a good come on and learn and you have to kill all. those. gadding he said it. solo you see a little. if that's not enough for you here are my big predictions for the wildcard starting with the goal to will it be rinaldo messi. you know i'm backing. just take the top score
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prizes. with everyone watching hopefully fits again naima and the likes of fit me knows and could she know supplying him jesus has a real opportunity to bang in the goals and a great brazil should dominate. which team is going to go further than anyone is expecting i thought about like iceland but then after the success of the euros it wouldn't be that much of a shock i think they'd get out of the group so instead. they never won a world cup match but most salah is a game changer if egypt can keep it tight at the back and give solid the service he needs they could easily make it out of the group and threaten the favorites. so finally the big one who is going to win the twenty eighteen wildcard who are now all messi finally when it's not. germany were saying that science will. find belgium england. i'm hedging my bets it all comes down to one.
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if neymar can get back to full fitness brazil will take the title but that man is such an important player if he's not firing on all cylinders i can't see it happening in that case i'm backing france to claim the crown and france or brazil whoever wins this world cup has so much potential i can't wait for everything i said to be shown up as complete nonsense thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe to pick ups you can channel for all of our world cup coverage here in russia. cold cocked way. we waited for years but now it's finally here. it's finally well to come up time again. get a new world cup ready. all you really wanted to know about russia twenty eight sitting right here until we talk into the details so who are the biggest players what are the big. story but not just from the office we've traveled across the
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world to answer your questions and received this time. what do you think is going to work out. why around the world are bland in russia to attract germany's golden voice with chico. keeping the special high on team germany. that's who let's get the cup again. gets in the first one jim oh bosh i need they see me from my. go school favorite during the world cup so you get to subscribe to kickoff you can channel for all of our walk up coverage of. the back ins with the first football related global blama couple. said they wish akira and p.k.u. ocelot in a fight. marriages between stars of the public and football worlds. robot
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love and dusty's wife anna is likewise a star in her own right unlike her husband she's a wild and european champion in karate she's also a professional dietitian responsible for robert's buff body. she reveals how we mere mortals can become a little bit more like her husband. oh yeah the fight had been the focus of on and i had been settled and i'm going to get out. but we'll get to see if you guys i mean that's the most common thing is in the past think of it most of the fish has been going to the one in the past that's weak us but self-sufficient so i would tend to mug i'm not so good that i saw it as a man down the aisle of c.b.s. going to go on to say because of the status of us beata. no but you start with food
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which means getting your ingredients from the supermarket blue because of what the rights of a productive. means thank you to try. to get to the quad near. the sophist because they're over. and that's next since robert teamed up with he's been getting his dessert before the meal and his salad afterwards. has to be one hundred percent cocoa. also the best selling author of you guessed it diet advice books also has to tell me something you sleeping by if you hear a couple exclusively. to some of the some of them i thought it was probably a question know if i mean very much a sentence and i have said again that's in this part of the. good that i knew that the key. to get the violence of the snow into the news more.
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when you get. to some of the chance that they're going to get a message that i'm saying with the enemy number it's really push us to push you a. there's nothing. i mean. for your business to. go just on his up to get enough to lose your sports like. this nor does it the kid that he has i think even with my thought. on you push charlie. that it's not love and over there that there's something that you find the motto that sort of opposed to not around the sport so. this is. tell you not that unusual bias affected me. later in love and peter thank you still on the floor clean on eleven also picks up. some flowers to further the feel
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good factor at heart a couple of worship like royalty back in holland by the wife there's even a special name for them live in the city utah thank you so much since they are chicago at that number of the no mama spend almost as this number so that army post key moments for them was this one person that i'm is the register knows it's our you know with so much there she's been over to reduce the damage because if it's the best one that again just says it's a because it's a quiet question finite as it's a. function of we were so one of the by the desert first i did the we're going to have some cake right now we also now know how robot love and dusty stays in such good shape.
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hi i'm juliet from kiko flight. i'm going to travel to colombia to report on how my country is preparing for the work in russia. i bet when you think of colombia you can go for drugs and weapons at football that's a real shame. i'm feeling a little cramped if you're not going to get them because i think we colombia's done just laughs we love life and we love to the apps. one of us you. plays as my friend he says and when the. evening say you wanted to go. it's all about positivity involves football and life in general am i right. of
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course i am. proud to say. i will see all. in wonder if you have felt both envelope with all of the things. i wanted to trace their roots of things up to me we call our national team because they better because of our love for a coffee can that coffee farmers really find their way to the world cup title is not to be a great place to grow cold. but it's also recently become the third most important people talent pool literary. looking at the national team to the founders stand out that isn't songes is in his early twenty's and are ready to play him in the premier league for tottenham. and he's the fancy foreigner daring me now is twenty three years old and super athletic he plays for barcelona. these two will be holding
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things down as a back in their first work copyright. game brasil in two thousand and fourteen colombia at its best result ever dancing all the way into the quarterfinals of. paris how much will the eagles was a tournament stops corner with six goals can our boys do even better in russia at least thomas one has to do it on his own. monaco's about five go we'll be there to us will you give us one call that out though both of whom are critical for day pops . never before has colombian playfulness been so press and in european football. is colombia prepared to take that next level let's fight it out. i found some people who have. told. on the streets of colombia. football
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journalist. lives and a former footballer even a balance ya know. he was as tracker for the colombian national team using night he's golds and him the nickname elbel but of little day bomber today he's a football expert her father is a kid. and yes yes yes really this inherently it king of the undead will show that we're just the same which in my locations and colombia finished fourth in qualifying behind brett seal why i magine tina good for a direct hit to russia hopes are high. let's make sure i did that hugo chavez and if you go you got to be young because you've been answered. she's everybody's as you pointed out is going to love me for three. years and not they are going to. really morkel but then. they're when you're in the public.
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they've got to. do it on the mantle are you. going to come as well that i guess is our goal to make superstar called on him colombians expect. new russia just like it's dark look came before him. rocked the words in nineteen ninety colombians first world cup appearance in twenty eight years leading up to that last sixty and they call him feeling the boy. on his teammates became national when she is. the medal of freedom he doesn't own it but when i was with them up there is a world record. pretty simple. really i'm going to avoid both of those things where
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the only. thing i want. you to think how i did. it wasn't just him he had the stars like i may get i'm fred by his side they enraptured football fans around the world no wonder everybody in colombia argues over which generation he's better. for that he will. go towards the. airport. came all they knew in. reals and the place in case. they're lucky. he really. meant. they could he didn't want to.
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be defaced. i was just a kid back then and we played really beautiful football but i do admire the professionalism of today's come in players despite our international stars columbia is that true a team. from atlanta to be. a. good. deal. of this year and. that's our coach. he used to coach argentina since taking over at columbia in two thousand and twelve he's made our game more flexible and capable of matching any open and. two thousand and eight team that's helped us beat france in a friendly beating top teams. would only show the look was agreed
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in the other levels without liberties it was either the israelis or the iraqis sadly for a long time no one really felt like dancing in colombia the country was stronger apart by a conflict that began in the one nine hundred sixty s. and less at over fifty years. and in the airlie next brutal drug. was one of the most famous colombians in the world. even football wasn't free from the buy a listen crime in an event that shocked the world national team player and was that says nectar after scoring the own goal that eliminated columbia from the night tonight a forward it's a steal on clear if he's mortar was related to dropping or gambling or the madness of a fan. noise
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up for fun i think. there's no question it was colombian football's lowest point but it also made columbia really evaluate things. things had to get better in full and the politics mess businessmen developed the rest and years and broke the war to an end in two thousand and sixteen and the colombian government signed a peace agreement with the main gate reject the group and is currently negotiating with all the rival horses. today the atmosphere in bogota our capital is good football was always the best way to get your mind off the war it might even be more important to us than politics time for a little test if president ron has received a child can. to date in two thousand and fourteen after the world com movie i made
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him answer my big money and made it much more subtle including. on the left is colombian president juan manuel santos national team coach for save my good man is on the right. we already know this guy picking a man has been one of the most popular people in the contrie since the two thousand and fourteen world cup he was even given honorary citizenship while president assad does one day two thousand and sixteen nobel prize for negotiating an end to the war let's start our survey. studies. immediately people seemed i missed by my question. above that never get them. to get on a one we really don't take life too seriously football always comes first. need more proof to culture but. the epicenter colombian football. team but i think
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you will feel the fear. it might be just a little way out of the truck for good if that's where the losses are going is that just so they can feel like you know shipbuilding before this all are going to come but i wish you all the bank of us your are listening to. all. you feel towards the new stars of the very young was his first note of my work at the energy requirements that are you. going to. be for them this of course not what i will personally have been and so i don't know what i guess i'm going to have seen go by is as much for he says that look. he's colombia's footballing capital looks like d's there's no question we colombians don't take things too seriously got it. i've seen an awful college
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colombian up to me but i believe we really can dance to the title in russia that's my prediction zone colombia out the back in germany after travelling along with the locals will what they say colombians are happy to leaf life to the fullest the but the most important thing is now being enjoyed the things the believe the be . the be. the be. the bad. the be. the be. the
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be. the best . the stars the models in the form of the big. dial and its very just things above that motion on the b.r. in the float i must say. cutlasses
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splendid job would. you accidentally shed some of the flame the troll. time in the field. how can you get out. with him cut it oh it's serious. shit this week on d w. to fasten your seat belts. her comfy good. look at the book. king. of. the travel guide to
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dublin. we make up oh but we want tons of coffee that under budget cuts we ought to seventy seven percent. want to shape the continent's future. be part of it enjoy african youngsters testing share their stories their dreams and their challenges. to seventy seven percent of the dummies platform for africa charting. playing. the folks who for. the first.
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elude. to repeat of the. illegal. alien the united states canada and mexico have won the right to host the twenty twenty six football world cup they beat the rocco in a vote at the fifa congress in moscow it will be the first time three countries have hosted a world cup. precedence in the yemen.


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