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you. live from berlin is the german government on the verge of collapse over the issue of refugees anglo-american mutiny over immigration policy led by her own interior minister this as a new poll reveals eighty six percent of germans want a tougher deportation policy for failed asylum seekers also coming up. catastrophe in yemen a lifeline of aid for civilians could collapse as an assault by saudi led forces on the port city of intensified. and gold goal or russian celebrate
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a dream opening for the world cup after trashing saudi arabia by mail we'll get the latest live from moscow. and welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel is facing a mutiny in her own conservative bloc over migration policy that could threaten her hold on power merkel's interior minister or say hold for of the conservative bavarian c.s.u. party is openly defying her he's demanding the power to turn some migrants away at the german border merkel has rejected this idea insisting instead on finding a joint european approach this is being seen as the most serious crisis to hit the chancellor since her new coalition government took office in march. it was
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a day of doubts and disruption of the german parliament as angle americal was in effect threatened with open rebellion the conservative bloc in the bundestag normally acts as one but in unprecedented scenes it held separate meetings on the same issue the varian conservatives of the c.s.u. versus the rest of the c.s.u. says it can wait no longer to see a change in medicals migration policy. and. once again we've made it clear what needs to be done urgently to restore order at our borders we should take the step of turning refugees away from our borders who are already registered in another european country. under or. biggest who had sinned c.s.u. leader horsey home and chancellor merkel had battled over the issue late into the night but no compromise was reached both sides agree a european response to migration is needed but says that it's taking too long
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merkel is still hoping for a deal with other e.u. states at a summit in two weeks' time. to meet the question of how to tackle this migration issue is a litmus test for the future and cohesion of europe therefore needs to take every country's means into consideration the chancellor is putting the focus on beefing up the e.u. use external borders in the hope of deterring people from trying to enter europe at all. wants to follow the austrian approach where external controls don't work national border checks should be reintroduced his party says as interior minister he already has the power to implement that but that would force a confrontation with the chancellor which could threaten the government as desperate migrants continue to cross the mediterranean the debate about what to do with them has turned into a political showdown in berlin. now pollsters in for a test have been looking at the attitudes of germans toward refugee policy over the
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last month here's a look at some of those findings there are various measures being discussed by german politicians on the refugee question the pollsters asked a representative sample of german voters are the proposals right or wrong the proposal that drew greatest agreement was for more consistent deportation of asylum seekers whose application had been turned down eighty six percent of respondents agreed with that and only ten percent disagreed. for more on this i'm joined now by my colleague correspondent thomas ferro from our parliamentary studios thomas and this was the proposal that garnered the most support but what other proposals are on the table and are they also popular with german voters there were specifically three other proposals that did meet with people's approval over say not as much as that proposal that you yourself mentioned but there was still viewed in a positive light we're talking here about offering migrants not necessarily money
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but other types of help for example services or rejecting the entry of refugees without documents or even those famous centers which are part of horses a whole fuzz master plan for migration centers in other words where the application procedure would be dealt with from the beginning until the end those are also proposals that show that also in the german population there is an idea there is some sort of approval about the focus that the german government is placing on deportation they're not necessarily on welcoming other refugees descry the germany will still continue to welcome those who flee their countries for political reasons or wars or so or aspects but it's important to stress abi that based particular poll here by inference as the map was conducted before this latest episode this latest political crisis it was conducted at the beginning of the week so it's important to understand that when we look at the results aren't comments now let's look at how this is all potentially affecting the popularity of anglo americans
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coalition the poll also asked the question how satisfied are you with the german government's performance and a clear majority almost two thirds admitted they were dissatisfied only about a third of voters said they were satisfied with the government's record. thomas nothing vague about that how damaging is this to the government and specifically to the chancellor it is obviously damaging there's no doubt about that and it does have to do with with migration there's a lot of doubt among the german population regarding the policies in the german government about migration not only this latest political crisis but also for example the crisis in the office of migration of refugees a crisis that we've covered in the last few weeks as well but it's also here important to stress that this skepticism is not only about migration and it's not necessarily new there was also skepticism as german politicians try to form that new coalition or even as a new coalition was formed there was already skepticism about what that coalition could achieve so you can clearly say that obviously of this latest political crisis
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has affected the government but it's not only this latest political crisis that reveals why germans in particular gave those opinions and they're sticking with about the government could this lack of satisfaction have been damaging to the governing party standings and potentially strengthening fortunes of the opposition while the stats say no that's the short answer anyway all of the parties are about where they were last time anglo american conservatives have about thirty one percent support her coalition partners the s.p.d. would take about eighteen percent the far right alternative for germany are in third with fifteen percent while the business friendly f.t.p. would garner eight percent if there was an election anytime soon the left party would garner around ten percent of the ballots and the greens would take thirteen percent thomas this doesn't seem to add up though anglo-american his name is certainly attached to the refugee issue here in germany but while the voters appear to want policy changes the chancellor is still germany's most popular politician
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she hasn't been hit in the polls what accounts for this. well essentially because there's a clear division in germany between the political parties on the one in time that i'm going to merkel for example when it comes to foreign policy when it comes to all those crises around the world that she might be seen as an encore of stability to a certain extent and that explains why for example i'm going to michael continues to be germany's most popular politician obviously she has suffered as well have approval ratings around fifty percent on. for example the foreign minister gets forty six percent so that also explains specifically this point that i'm discussing whereas the governing coalition may be fighting maybe facing a serious crisis on the other hand many people in germany still view on that imo cold as a politician herself in a positive light w. correspondent thomas farrow thank you for your insights now to some of the other stories making news around the world the state of new york is suing to dissolve the
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u.s. president donald trump's charitable foundation prosecutors allege persistently illegal conduct at the nonprofit including misusing donations and supporting trump's twenty sixteen campaign trump has called the lawsuit ridiculous he's pledged not to settle the case. former f.b.i. director james comey is now under fire for using his personal e-mail during the clinton e-mail probe as potentially embarrassing detail has been released and a highly anticipated report by the u.s. department of justice it criticizes komi handling of the hillary investigation and accuses him of having insubordinate but not politically biased. university students have clashed with police and bolivia's capital of the students were taking part in protests that began last month to back faculty strikes in support of pay rises the students are also calling on the government to pay for their education one student died during the violence she weeks ago. and watching the news still to
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come world cup host russia celebrate their explosive five nil win against saudi arabia at the tournament opening match we'll go live to moscow. and doesn't look like a good day for world trade care hard no it doesn't and several serious developments happening today washington is today publishing a list of chinese products it will slap with tariffs italy says it won't read the fine the seeds of free trade agreement between the e.u. it and canada potentially killing it off for good and the e.u. is getting the tariff guns into position to hit back at the u.s. but one after another thought in retaliation against u.s. tariffs on use steel and european union countries have unanimously backed the plan to impose import duties on two point eight billion euros worth of u.s. products like whiskey or motorcycles the measures still need to be adopted by the
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european commission and would come into force by late june or early july but donald trump's war on the balance of trade continues on the eastern front today he will release a list of fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods targeted for twenty five percent tariff which he said was in response to beijing's trade and technology policy. the white house's list is only the first phase of tariffs on up to one hundred fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods beijing had worked to reach a deal promising to buy more american soybeans and natural gas and to cut import duties on cars and some consumer goods but they warned that all deals would be off if trump's threatened tariffs went ahead in beijing on thursday u.s. secretary of state mike pompei i met with chinese officials he said president trump still considered the u.s. trade deficit with china as too high chinese foreign minister said there were only
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two paths they could go down. she. mentions on the trade issue that mr secretary has just mentioned in fact we are now facing two options one is cooperation and when when the other is confrontation and lose lose we have chosen the first one and we hope the u.s. will make the same wise choice. of course we have prepared for the second option. should. the international monetary fund has warned president trump's new import tariffs threaten to undermine the global trading system and would ultimately damage the u.s. economy. come back to europe italy's minister for agriculture says he will not ratify the c to free trade deal between the european union and canada in an interview john monaco's and t. nyos said other e.u. members would likely follow italy in refusing to sign the deal the pact was agreed
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two years ago and eliminates almost all tariffs between the two sides it has provisionally taken effect but still must be ratified by all twenty eight e.u. members italy's new populist government says it does not ensure sufficient protection for the country's pharma so it's fresh foods like young tyo parmesan cheese canada says it's still confident that all parties will eventually approve the deal. but it doesn't really look like a good day for free trade hold this meeting is the chief economist at bill back bank and joins me in the studio these three new developments today how worried are you i am getting a bit worried about all this there is now quite a lot of protectionism going on we are not yet at a stage where i would say that these measures really good global trade but this is
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now significant uncertainty which clouds to some extent the near term economic outlook. you say doesn't already effect world trade but if they come into effect all these measures they will want they actually these measures are not very big if we compare them to the volume of would trade or compel them to the g.d.p. of the countries concerned they are still. tiny we would barely see them the real thing is that we no longer can have as much trust in the roods of trade than we used to have and that means that a lot of companies who are not affected may be rethinking their tread strategies for the future there may be uncertainty weighing on business investment and that is probably doing some damage as we speak especially to trade oriented countries including those in europe. do you would you call this a trade war now we're getting pretty close to it i would not yet call it a trade war this is now between the u.s.
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and china sort of the second round if we go into a third round after this then probably the labor trade war would be appropriate is it a question of stale because you said at the moment it's sort of just fractions of country's g.d.p. is affected does the need to grow to be called the trade. this second round now between the u.s. and china seems to be bigger than the first round if the third round is once again worse than the second round then probably the bad labor trade war might be appropriate i hope that this is all sort of blustering negotiating tactics to get to a deal in the end both sides are ready to talk but unfortunately we don't seem to be there yet. the u.s. will announce what other products they will slap tariffs on what can we expect there will be the reaction from china if it were probably a big mix of production and there may be quite a few high technology products in there in sectors which china still wants to develop so they actually may not hurt a lot of current chinese exports but
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a lot of potential chinese exports in the future to sort of hinder the development of these sectors that would be an interesting and warrior development journals trade policy has been pretty one sided for ages so does trump have a point there is a general point in that china has for a long time been treated like a developing country which gets special its. status in the global trade order but as china has advanced and become quite aggressive in force technology transfer china needs to be treated more like an equal and that means tougher rules need to apply to china especially on technology issues so those meetings he's going to find thank you very much for joining us in the studio today. reports are coming in at least thirty nine people have been killed in a saudi led offensive to retake a key port in yemen a saudi like coalition says it wants to drive who think rebels from the port city
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of more data as part of efforts to end a three year conflict in the country however the leader is urging the rebels to resist the assault. an emergency meeting last night the united nations security council called for the port to be kept open. closing in on their target a convoy of pro-government forces filmed here by state media heading to the yemeni port city of hunting down. a saudi led troops want control of the crucial points held by iran allied rebels but in a news conference on thursday who's the leader has vowed they would not give up even an inch of the city they know gauge earlier many will be jenna shall be the yemeni military has prepared to fight a historic battle here probably not be able to count our aggression through a long war cargo has ema. what general idea to reassure the
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enemies that had dangers occupation is impossible there is to have let you do that and for data. today that is the main entry point for food and aids to the war torn country but saudi arabia alleges the hoofy have been using the port to bring in arms from iran. it with the militias exploded the ball to. the war. could be the suffering of the many people by using the pole for smuggling weapons and iranian ballistic missiles into yemen. tehran has repeatedly denied the charge and civilians in now have to bear the brunt of the still meet. people are suffering under these conditions we cannot buy anything for our children and we cannot sustain ourselves financially . i have
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a household of eleven people our situation is dire and only god knows when this will change. un officials c.b.s. continuing negotiations to keep civilian supply lines open despite the assault and restraint from all sides in the conflict now that military operation is underway to all parties to action accordance with international humanitarian law protection of civilians. back in her data residence prepare for the west the u.n. says the attack on the city could cause a quarter of a million deaths. now the world cup is under way in our sports department is all over it i'm joined in the studio now by only i'll show them our sports desk and our correspondent jonathan crane is standing by for us in moscow jonathan let's start with you the wait for the world cup appears to have been worth it for russia a stunning day we can only imagine the scenes the celebrations we witnessed in
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moscow. definitely not just for the nearly eighty thousand people who were lucky enough to be inside the luzhniki stadium that behind me to see the game celebrations really across the streets of moscow across the whole country and if you'll forgive me for trusting out of football crease cliche it really was a policy atmosphere because we had the german d.j. paul van dyke performing at the fans and you can only wonder what would have happened if russia hadn't won but the fans were partying long into the night it's a really morale boosting five nail victory for that now if you contrast that to the mood before the tournament one of pessimism i was at russia training camp on choose day and the players were in the country to unite behind the team for the five no victory they will surely be doing that now and they certainly had every reason to be celebrating it was indeed a spectacular opening match yesterday let's take a look and see how that game unfolded.
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russia could not have hoped for a better start i eureka's in ski backing the first goal of the tournament to just twelve minutes on the stroke of half time it was two i substitute dennys cherish have putting beaming green on cards churches shelves face. russia might be the tournament's lowest ranked team but they certainly didn't look like it. does you've made it three i the best of the bunch came in the ninety first minute kerry chef second and early contender for goal of the tournament saudi arabia might have been something of a soft opponent but the spall tough ali was pure inspiration. for the guests elation for the hosts. even then there was more a free kick in the dying seconds complete the russian brought delight for one certain discerning spectator saudi arabia's hearts meanwhile dashed already.
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disappointing for the saudis but a fantastic result for russia jonathan crane is still with us from moscow and emily russia is with me in studio emily just last week saudi arabia almost drew with defending world cup champions germany but they were just taken apart yesterday by the russians what happened i mean i'm always a bit wary of comparing test game results with the actual competition because so much changes and you know germany typically doesn't perform so well before big tournaments so it wasn't that surprising but saudi arabia were indeed taken to pieces it wasn't a game of super high quality but they just looked on fit they gave the russians too much space they weren't going back they looked morally broken just after the first goal so i mean this this group was always going to be an uphill battle for them but now they really have to try to you know say face and not lose every game too high yeah i mean all with russia jonathan they outperform all expectations can they make it to the knockout stages. they were said to be confident abi you have to go
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back to nineteen thirty four to find a bigger margin of victory in a world cup game and on that occasion it was host italy they beat the united states seven one and then went on to win the competition now i don't think anyone is expecting russia to do the same indeed. just off said that everyone would be keeping their feet firmly on the ground they were that the victory goes to the head so that he did have to pop out during his post much press conference to take a call from one of the them to me a piece in passing on his congratulations so you can forgive him for a base of euphoria but he has said that this group stage for that is like a weight lifting tournament you have to do your starting weights and you gradually build up and that's what russia have to do because the matches for them will get progressively harder they have egypt next and then they finish with you require the favorites to win the group so this is just a fast step but nonetheless a good start all the same with much to go and really we have more games coming up three in fact what can we expect. so the first game today is the real the real game in group a it's egypt against uruguay or wire favorites they have players like
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loose wires from barcelona and some kabbani from piers she and then there's egypt their star striker mohammed saleh he has recovered from his injury in the champions league final so hopes are high that he's going to bring them bring them far at this tournament later on in group b. morocco face iran before the real game kicks off tonight when portugal face spain portugal are the reigning european champions they have christiana ronaldo in their ranks but they weren't so convincing during the course of the euros really they had a lot of draws building up to the final they only had three actual wins over ninety minutes so the eyes are going to be on them whether they're going to perform better at this tournament and get far and then their spain who are world cup favorites but there's been so much turmoil in their camp after their head coach. was fired earlier this week amidst this whole his nomination as a real madrid coach and there was some discussion with the spanish football federation and now fernando yaro has taken over who is actually
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a real madrid legend and he said he's not going to change much it's a winning team he's going to try to keep everything calm so we'll have to see how that plays out today in the first game now spain's not the only team dealing with some controversy germany also has an issue right now in terms of scandal with two players what's going on. i'm not sure germany has the issue as much as the media and maybe some fans what happened a few weeks back was. going around they met with the turkish president in london and there was a lot of controversy about it they handed over some scientists sure it's going to go on you know row for my president so fans weren't too happy about that but really i think the i should be focusing on the sports on the world cup what's happening on the pitch said he's trying to try to focus his players. on their performance now at the world cup and hopefully the headlines will be towards their first win ok we saw that germany's i know that you said that you don't like to compare those previous matches to world cup ones but germany perhaps didn't play so well against the
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saudis is there any concern at all heading into that first match on sunday and there's some concern in germany sure not all fans are convinced that really this is the team to defend the title but again as i said earlier in the show already germany doesn't perform so well before big tournaments you might have tried out some some things you know he might have told the players be careful not to injure yourself especially if we have a look at marco voice these devastating injuries before other tournaments so you never know we really just have to wait and see how that works out and sports does and jonathan krane who is standing by in moscow thank you both very much thank you . here now a reminder of the top stories. that we're following for you german chancellor angela merkel is facing a mutiny in her own conservative bloc over migration policy that could threaten her hold on power the standoff with her own interior minister of india is being seen as the most serious crisis to hit marigolds three month old coalition government.
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and goals goal or russian celebrate a dream opening to the world cup with a five nil win against saudi arabia. more coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get the latest news and information anytime on our website dot com. and in berlin thanks for joining us.
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on the. international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week showing that historic so much unsinkable u.s. president donald trump a north korean dictator kim jong un promised the complete. ization of the korean peninsula. to live up to my guess who's to say on point three coming up shortly. d.w. . kickoff like we take football personally. when. all these world cup preview goes into the final round to finish off he takes
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a look at the way. things get very tense and exciting especially in these two by munich players clash. in sixty minutes on t.w. . a clash of cultures in india. a clash between those who believe in arranged marriage and those who want to marry for love in. a clash that's shaking families and society to the core. my father will be angry sometimes i think i'm already dead.
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commandos starts july eighth on w. . the. following a very welcome indeed to quadriga where we're looking at the fallout from the nuclear summit in singapore between us president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un now at the meeting there were historic handshake followed by the signing of what was described as a comprehensive document in which trump and kim promised to work towards the completes denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula the question is though will these two vala.


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