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this. is the german government on the verge of collapse over the issue of refugees . mutiny over immigration policy her own interior minister this as a new poll reveals eighty six percent of germans want to time for deportation policy for failed asylum seekers also coming up. a bleak day for world trade. billions in tariffs on china retaliates against american and italy says it won't mind the free trade agreement between the european union and canada. and
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a presidential candidate running for election from jail as turkey heads to the pool in just over a week one of the main opposition candidates is stuck behind bars but that's not stopping him from trying to unseat president. and gold gold war and moscow russia. to the world cup after beating saudi arabia. will get the latest from moscow. and welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel is facing a mutiny in her own conservative bloc over migration policy that could threaten her hold on power merkel's interior minister horsley hoffa of the conservative bavarian c.s.u. party is openly do. firing her he's demanding the power to turn some migrants away
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at the german border americal has rejected the idea insisting instead on finding a joint european approach this is being seen as the most serious crisis to hit the chancellor since our new coalition government took office in march. unprecedented scenes in the german bunds talk yesterday as chancellor angela merkel was in effect threatened with open rebellion a conservative bloc in the bundestag normally act as one but in an extraordinary move it held separate meetings on the same issue the bavarian conservatives of the season versus the rest this is a says it can wait no longer to see a change in michael's migration policy. toward the once again we've made it clear what needs to be done more urgently to restore order at borders we should take the stand turning refugees away from our borders who are already registered in another european country. or patient
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biggest here since c.s.u. leader. and chancellor merkel have battled over the issue late into the night but no compromise was reached. both sides agree a european response to migration is needed but what they will for says that's taking too long merkel is still hoping for a deal with use dates at a summit in two weeks' time and to me the question of how to tackle this migration issue is a litmus test for the future and cohesion of europe that therefore needs to take every country's leans into consideration the chancellor is putting the focus on beefing up the external borders in the hope of to tearing people from attempting to enter europe at. once to follow the old strain approach where external controls don't work national border checks should be reintroduced. his party says as interior minister he has already the power to implement that but that would force
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a confrontation with the chancellor which could threaten the government. as desperate migrants continue to cross the mediterranean the debate of what to do with them has turned into a political showdown in berlin. as attention as a new poll shows that a majority of germans want the government to take a tougher line on migration a poll by research institute and for a test the mob asked a number of questions about refugees and one very clear answer and overwhelming majority eighty six percent of respondents said they were in favor of a more efficient system to deport people whose asylum request had been denied for more on this correspondent thomas farrow joins me from the german parliament the bundestag thomas what do you make of this result. well there were other aspects that show that this particular result is important to many here in germany
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and now also focusing bradleys think that the focus from a political standpoint should be on deportations are not necessarily on well welcoming more refugees in fact they were for example where they would approve giving refugees not necessarily money but other type of help services and many also approved that they were asked whether they approved of jose who was migration plan in particular the so-called and consent is where asylum procedures will be handled from beginning to end and a majority of germans also approved this particular case so these elements among others show that for many in germany the focus should also be on more consistent deportation i don't know asylum policy that specifically focused on these kinds of issues thomas a massive issue and there are questions on how all of this is affecting the popularity of anglo-american coalition the pull specifically also asked the question how satisfied are you with the german government's performance and a clear majority here almost two thirds admitted that they're dissatisfied only
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about a third of voters so that they're satisfied with the government's record thomas there's nothing vague about that how damaging is this to the government specifically the chancellor. well it is obviously damaging dining has to do with the fact that we're witnessing here a very serious political crisis over migration but it's not only this particular crisis it's also the previous crisis on the office for migration of refugees beach which we've reported on as well but it's also important to stress that it's not only these elements there was also a certain skepticism among among germans even when the coalition was being formed we had months and months of uncertainty and even after the coalition government was formed there was still skepticism as to whether the grand coalition between the conservatives on the social democrats was the way forward for germany so although you can clearly say that obviously these latest episodes have. a government you can't only explain them by these latest figures. new figures perhaps the same old
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story thomas this poll also looked into whether this lack of satisfaction has been damaging to the governing party standing and if you could possibly strengthen the fortunes of the opposition on no that's the short answer anyway all of the parties are about where they were last month anglo-american as conservatives have about thirty one percent support her coalition partners the s.p.d. would take about eighteen percent the far right alternative for germany are in third with fifteen percent while the business friendly f.t.p. would garner eight percent if there was an election anytime soon the left party would take about ten percent of the ballots and the greens would take about thirteen percent thomas this doesn't really add up though anglo-american name is certainly attached to the refugee issue but while the voters appear to want policy changes the chancellor remains germany's most popular politicians what accounts for this. well yes that's true what you say so it's important to stress that this
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particular poll was not conducted yesterday as we were witnessing this important crisis but earlier this week but when you when we talk specifically about angela merkel many germans here view a difference between the specific politicians and on the other hand the coalition in government whereas many see that coalition in government as a very very critical way on the other hand they see specific politicians very differently and that explains why angle merkel continues to be germany's most popular politician with approval ratings around fifty percent which is not necessarily brilliant but it's still better than everyone else who was polled and it reflects also why germans for example when it comes to foreign policy still feel that anglo merkel is in a way amount of stability so whereas there are specific elements in local politics in national politics where many germans are critical we're talking specifically here about migration when it comes to foreign policy many still view that anglo merkel is compared to other world leaders an anchor of civility and this explains the differences between the approval ratings of angela merkel on the one hand and
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the coalition government on the other d.w. political correspondent thomas farrow thank you for your insights. now to some of the other stories making news around the world and yemen at least thirty nine people have reportedly been killed in a saudi led offensive to retake a key port in the city of new data the saudi led coalition says it wants to drive through thing rubbles from the city but who the leader has urged the rebels to resist the assault. a state of new york is suing to dissolve u.s. president doll chums charitable foundation prosecutors allege persistently illegal conduct at the nonprofit including misusing donations and supporting trump's twenty sixteen campaign trump has called the lawsuit ridiculous his pledge not to settle the case. university students have clashed with police and bolivia's capital of the students were taking part in protests that began last month to back faculty
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strikes in support of pay rises because students are also calling on the government to pay for their education one student died during the violence two weeks ago. and watching the news still to come world cup hosts russia celebrate their explosive five nil win against saudi arabia at the tournament's opening match we'll go live to moscow. russians are having a good day but it doesn't look like a good day for world trade is all actually several developments the e.u. is getting the terrorist guns into position to hit back at the u.s. italy says it won't gratify the seeds of free trade agreement between the e.u. and kind of potentially killing it off completely but most importantly the united states has approved plans to pose another round of tariffs on billions of dollars worth of chinese goods levy's could come into effect as soon as today friday more than thirteen hundred chinese goods worth about fifty billion dollars will be subject to
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a twenty five percent tariff the products in question to be found on this list here was one thousand three hundred items published earlier this year ranging. from flat screen t.v.'s to act craft parts like rotors tires and turbines are cultural to tools like milking machines or bulldozers it's a very comprehensive wish list of us in the street here china's health sector will also be affected to federal agents and other medical devices also appear on this list the move is part of trump's plan to crack down on what he describes as china as unfair trading practices perhaps a surprise then that mobile phones are nowhere to be seen after all they account for forty percent of chinese imports to the u.s. perhaps that donald trump doesn't want ordinary u.s. consumers to feel the effects of the tariffs is more the white house's list is only the first phase of terrorists that will be imposed on chinese products the total
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value of the goods affected could be up to one hundred fifty billion dollars beijing had worked to reach a deal promising to buy more american soybeans and natural gas and to cut import duties on cars and some consumer goods but they warned that all deals would be off if trump's threatened tariffs went ahead in beijing on says day u.s. secretary of state might pump am met with chinese officials he said president trump still considered the u.s. trade deficit with china too high chinese foreign minister one he said there were two bombs could go down sean taylor shoes on the trade issue that mr secretary has just mentioned in fact we are now facing two options one is cooperation and when we . the other is confrontation and lose lose we have chosen the first one and we hope the us will make the same wise choice. of course we have prepared for
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the second option. sure. but the latest rhetoric from the white house however is an indication that the united states is not yet considering backing down. and further developments the e.u. is hitting back at us impose tariffs european union countries have unanimously backed of plan to impose import duties on two point eight billion euros worth of u.s. products the movers in response to u.s. tariffs on in new zealand element the measures still need to be adopted by the european commission schedule to meet needs in a week's time the terrorists would come into force by late june or early july. and on another trade front italy's every culture minister says he will not ratify the seat a free trade deal between the european union european union rather and canada in an interview john markets and deny all said other e.u. members would likely follow italy in refusing to do so the deal was signed two
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years ago and eliminates almost all tariffs between the two sides is has provisionally taken effect but still must be ratified by oh twenty eight you know members italy's new populist government says it does not ensure sufficient protection for the country's farmers and speciality foods like powers and chinese and while canada says it's still confident that all parties will eventually approve the deal. i.m.f. chief christine legarde has expressed her concern about these latest developments and world trade here's what she said so-called trade war driven by reciprocal increases in import tariff gives no winner. and we find generally loses on both sides the negative impact on the global economy would be serious not only the united states takes action but especially if other
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countries as a result were to retaliate notably those that would be most affected such as canada such as germany and other european countries. well that's only a business for now it's back to every now and there were trouble one opposition party is facing in turkey ahead of the upcoming vote that's right there when turkey goes to the polls in just over a week's time the incumbent president rajeev dhawan may be the clear front runner but that's not stopping opposition candidates from running against him even if they're in jail the pro kurdish h d p presidential candidate. was detained in late two thousand and sixteen he told the istanbul correspondent you leon what it's like campaigning from behind bars. if you knew how to muse a political campaign a through and through from sun up to sundown he can be found working the streets of istanbul district he's drumming up support for the program. the voters who don't
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cross his path are unlikely to learn much about the party's program many turkish media outlets don't report on them if it is that you do it isn't the heat you yeah the. we don't get any airtime on turkish t.v. you love the we're practically invisible they're broadcasters and newspapers that have reported on us but they've been shut down if see if they want to make it difficult for us because it's a little head again george clooney we're not going to give up the. other mother that. according to the watchdog reporters without borders more than eighty percent of turkish media are owned by companies close to president. that is particularly evident during election campaigning. for example in the last two weeks of may turkey's public broadcaster t.r.t. spent more than sixty eight hours reporting on outlines compay opposition leader what i mean gente his c.h.p.
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were given only six hours of air time met on auction as each party featured for just thirteen minutes b h d p candidates. has never been shown at. the protocol it is a sticky in particular faces many difficulties president out and has effectively declared the party an enemy of the state he accuses it of spreading terrorist propaganda and having ties to the militant p.k. take because of this the h.t. peace presidential candidate salatin damage runs in his campaign from jail he has been in custody for more than one and a harvey is a presidential candidate standing from inside prison that's a first for turkey the e.u. and international observers have sharply criticize the government's handling of. but that doesn't help him much his election campaigning has so far been limited to social media recently on twitter he asked launches news broadcast as why they have never reported on his campaign but he didn't get an answer in
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a written interview with g w he said. there's no justification why in these critical times the media are opting to see no evil hear no evil and speak no evil and why they are serving the interests of the government. funny how dania the h.t.t.p. can painter in istanbul such obstacles are just part of everyday life but despite the challenges he continues he says the harder life becomes for his people the harder he will work for change. the world cup is underway in our sports department is all over it i'm joined in the studio now by only sports desk and our correspondent jonathan crane is standing by for us in moscow jonathan let's start with you the wait for the world cup appears to have been worth it for russia a stunning day we can only imagine the scenes the celebrations you witnessed in moscow. definitely not just for the nearly eighty
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thousand people who were lucky enough to be inside the luzhniki stadium that behind me to see the game celebrations really across the streets of moscow across the whole country and if you'll forgive me for trusting out of football crease cliche it really was a policy atmosphere because we had the german d.j. paul van dyke performing at the fans and you can only wonder what would have happened if russia hadn't won but the fans were partying long into the night a really morale boosting five nail victory for them there if you contrast that to the mood before the tournament one of pessimism i was at russia training camp on tuesday and the players were in the country to unite behind the team for the five no victory they will surely be doing that now and they certainly had every reason to be celebrating it was indeed a spectacular opening match yesterday let's take a look and see how that game unfolded. russia could not have hoped for a better style i eureka's in ski backing the first goal of the tournament after
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just twelve minutes on the stroke of half time it was too i substitute dennys cherish have putting a beaming green on coach churches shelves face. russia might be the tournament's lowest ranked team but they certainly didn't look like it i. made it three i the best of the bunch came in the ninety first minute cherry chef second and early contender for goal of the tournament i saudi arabia might have been something of a soft opponent but the spall tough ali was pure inspiration. for the guests inflation for the hosts. even then there was more a free kick in the dying seconds complete the russian brought delight for one certain discerning spectator saudi arabia's hopes meanwhile dutch already. disappointing for the saudis but a fantastic result for russia jonathan crane is still with us from moscow and emily
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is with me in studio amily just last week saudi arabia almost drew with defending world cup champions germany but they were just taken apart yesterday by the russians what happened i mean i'm always a bit wary of comparing test game results with the actual competition because so much changes and you know germany typically doesn't perform so well before big tournaments so it wasn't that surprising but saudi arabia were indeed taken to pieces it wasn't a game of super high quality but they just looked on fit they gave the russians too much space they weren't going back they looked morally broken just after the first goal so i mean this this group was always going to be an uphill battle for them but now they really have to try to you know say face and not lose every game too high yeah meanwhile russia jonathan they outperform all expectations can they make it to the knockout stages. they would certainly be called for than ave you have to go back to nineteen thirty four to find a bigger margin of victory in
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a world cup game and on that occasion it was host italy they beat the united states seven one and they went on to win the competition now i don't think anyone is expecting russia to do the same indeed stanislav just off said that everyone would be keeping their feet firmly on the ground they were going to go to the head so that he didn't have to pop out during his post much press conference to take a call from one of the them to me a piece in passing on his congratulations so you can forgive him for a base of euphoria but he has said that this group stage for them is like a weight lifting tournament you have to do your starting weights and you gradually build up and that's what russia have to do because the matches for them will get progressively harder they have egypt next and then they finish with you require the favorites to win the group so this is just a fast step but nonetheless a good start or the same with much to go emily we have more games coming up three in fact what can we expect. so the first game today is the real the real game in group eight egypt against uruguay or of wired favorites they have players like loose wires from barcelona in sync avani from pizz shea and then there's egypt
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where their star striker mohammed saleh he has recovered from his injury in the champions league final so hopes are high that he's going to bring them bring them far at this tournament later on in group b. morocco face iran before the real game kicks off tonight one portugal face spain portugal are the reigning european champions they have cristiana ronaldo in their ranks but they weren't so convincing during the course of the euros really they had a lot of draws building up to the final they only had three actual wins over ninety minutes so the eyes are going to be on them whether they're going to perform better at this tournament and get far and then their spain who are world cup favorites but there's been so much turmoil in their camp after their head coach. was fired earlier this week amidst this whole his nomination as a real madrid coach and there was some discussion with the spanish football federation and now fernando yaro has taken over who's actually a real madrid legend and he said he's not going to change much it's
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a winning team he's going to try to keep everything calm so we'll have to see how that plays out today in the first game now spain's not the only team dealing with some controversy germany also has an issue right now in terms of scandal with two players what's going on. i'm not sure germany has the issue as much as the media and maybe some fans what happened a few weeks back was. they met with the turkish president in london and there was a lot of controversy about it they handed over some scientists sure it's going to go on you know row for my president so fans weren't too happy about that but really i think the i should be focusing on the sports on the world when ok we saw that germany's i know that you said that you don't like to compare those previous matches to world cup ones but germany perhaps didn't play so well against the saudis is there any concern at all heading into that first match on sunday and there's some concern in germany sure not all fans are convinced that really this is the team to defend the title but again as i said earlier in the show ready germany
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doesn't perform so well before big tournaments you might have tried out some some things you know he might have told the players be careful not to injure yourself especially if we have a look at marco voice these devastating injuries before other tournaments so you never know we really just have to wait and see how that works out and sports does and jonathan crane who is standing by in moscow thank you both very much thank you . our minor of the top stories we're following for you german chancellor angela merkel is facing a mutiny in her own conservative bloc over migration policy that could threaten her hold on power the standoff with her own interior minister is being seen as the most serious crisis to hit merkel's three month old coalition government. and golden goal or russian celebrate a dream opening to the world cup with all five nil win against saudi arabia. and don't forget you can always get on the go just download from google player from
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the apple store that i'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use that to send us photos and videos. of the news more coming up at the top of the hour. for all the latest. thanks for joining us from. washington the surprise. surprise
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good. cos want to take football personally. when. ali's world cup preview goes into the final round to finish off he takes a look at the group make sure. things could get very tense and it sounds either especially if these two by munich players clash. next on the c.w. . more intrigue international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week suring the historic summit in singapore u.s. president almost trump
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a north korean dictator kim jong il the promise of a complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula dot com they did live up to my guess was to sign on for free just coming up shortly. quadriga sixty minutes. crimes against humanity civilians are becoming witnesses to. their recorded images travel around the globe via social media. but what is propaganda fiction and what is fact of digital investigators comb through the flood of images and they combine sources try to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of promise and. forensics between bits and bytes.
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truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t.w. . after. trying a team one cop has kicked off the moment. we preview the final group let's take a look a quick bite past the toughest group to predict.


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