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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 15, 2018 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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this is due to fly in from berlin could a row over refugees bring the german government to its knees angle americal faces a mutiny over immigration policy led by her own interior minister this as a new poll reveals eighty six percent of germans want a tougher deportation policy for failed asylum seekers also coming up. running for election from jail as turkey prepares to head to the polls one of the main opposition candidates is stuck behind bars but that's not stopping him from trying
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to unseat turkey's president. and goals galore in moscow russia celebrate a dream opening to the world cup after demolishing saudi arabia five nil we'll have more on that coming up. amount a cough and welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel is facing a mutiny in her own conservative bloc over migration policy that could threaten her hold on power merkel's interior minister jose a whole for of the conservative bavarian c.s.u. party is openly defying her he's demanding the power to turn away migrants at the german border merkel has rejected the idea insisting instead on finding a joint a european approach this is being seen as the most serious crisis to hit the chancellor since her new coalition government took office in march. unprecedented
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scenes of the german buddhas talk yesterday its chancellor angela merkel was in effect threatened with open rebellion her conservative blog on the board does talk normally acts as one but in an extraordinary move it held separate meetings on the same issue the bavarian conservatives of the c.s.u. versus the rest the c.s.u. says it can no longer wait to see a change in machall migration policy. again we've made it clear what needs to be done more agents lead to restore order borders we should take the stand turning refugees away from our borders who are already registered in another european country. or. c.s.u. leader host and chancellor merkel had battled over the issue late into the night but no compromise was reached both science agree a european response to migration is needed but says that's taking too long mankell
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is still hoping for a deal with other e.u. states at a summit in two weeks time. to me the question of how to tackle this migration issue is a litmus test for the future and cohesion of europe it therefore needs to take every country into consideration the chancellor is putting the focus on beefing up the e.u. sexten all borders in the hope of deterring people from attempting to enter europe at all. wants to allow the austrian approach where x. journal controls don't work national border checks should be reintroduced his party says as interior minister he already has the power to implement that but that might force a confrontation with the chancellor which could threaten the government. as disparate migrants continue to cross the mediterranean the debate about what to do with them has turned into a political showdown in berlin. for more on this d w correspondent thomas sparrow
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joins me from the german parliament the bundestag thomas is there and actually realistic chance of biscuits all the end of this government. i wouldn't say just yet if there's something that we've learned from her nearly thirteen years in power is that she can negotiate very well but what we can also say at the same time is that this is definitely a very significant political crisis here in germany and a very significant challenge to anglo merkel's authority and now i'm going to merkel will have to in some way find her priority over european solution at the same time make sure that you can find a solution that satisfies those who prefer a national alternative a national solution to this political crisis it won't be easy for merkel i think no one expects that to be easy for merkel in fact they expect this to be one of the most significant challenges that she has hired as a german chancellor now the interior minister has long been a fierce critic of her migration policies so why is this rebellion brewing now.
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well in the first time because there are elections in bavaria coming up in the autumn and that's something that for the c.s.u. for the bavarian conservatives is over the past particularly important but it's also because wholesale hope is now in a position where he believes he can act as interior minister the c.s.u. now holds the interior ministry and as such they believe that they have to actually try and solve this migration or problem wholesale find fact came to the interior ministry or someone as a sort of law and order politician and he sees that also was his responsibility he prefers those national measures instead of the european measures but he has to do also obviously with the elections coming up in the autumn in bavaria thomas as miracles conservatives work through that is just a few a new poll shows that a majority of germans want the government to take a tougher line on migration the poll by research institute in for a test asked
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a number of questions about refugees and one very clear answer and overwhelming eighty six percent of respondents said they were in favor of a more efficient system to deport people whose asylum request had been denied. thomas what do you make of this number eighty six percent. well it obviously shows that also among the german population many want a tough line on migration a line that focuses on on deporting those who are not allowed to stay there oh there were other proposals that were asked in the opinion poll for example giving refugees not necessarily money but other type of assistance for example services or making sure that those migrants without documents are not allowed to enter germany those proposals were also met with approval by a majority here in germany so it clearly shows that not only here in the german parliament many want a tougher line on on immigration but also many among among germans many also want
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to tougher line so that obviously shows what priorities many would like the government here should have and there are questions now on how this is affecting her popularity merkel's popularity the polls also asking the question how satisfied are you with the german government's performance and a clear majority will see that in a second almost two thirds admitted that they're dissatisfied only about a third of voters said that they're happy with the government's record. on this there's nothing big about that one how damaging is this in the government and specifically to the chancellor. it is obviously damaging for the government the fact that many of you very critically the way the coalition is handling different issues obviously migration being one of them but it's also interesting that that same poll. approval ratings for specific politicians are not going to michael was still the most popular politician in germany so there's a clear difference between politicians are such on the governing coalition and it seems the german people german people are more skeptical about the coalition of
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such than they are about the chancellor d w political correspondent thomas sparrow thank you very much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world and yemen at least thirty nine people have reportedly been killed in a saudi led offensive to retake a key port in this video the saudi led coalition says it wants to drive the rebels from the cities that are who the reader has urged the rebels to resist the assault . the state of new york is suing to dissolve u.s. president trumps charitable foundation prosecutors allege persistently illegal conduct at the nonprofit including misusing donations and supporting trump's twenty six thousand campaign has called the lawsuit ridiculous and he's pledged not to settle the case. for the u.s. department of justice has criticized former f.b.i. director james comey for saying he was reopening investigation into presidential candidate hillary clinton use of private e-mail server on the eve of the twenty
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sixteen election and in the department condemns call me for errors of judgment but did not say he was politically biased. and turkey goes to the polls in just over a week's time incumbent president roger may be the clear front runner but that's not stopping opposition candidates from running against him even if they're in jail the pro kurdish presidential candidate. was detained in november twenty sixth seen he told the. correspondent you leon what it's like campaigning from behind bars. nihad dania is a political campaigner through and through from sun up to sundown he can be found working the streets of istanbul scotty could district he's drumming up support for the d.p. the voters who don't cross his path are unlikely to learn much about the party's program many turkish media outlets don't report on them. they had to protect it
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isn't. the we don't get any airtime on turkish t.v. the we're practically invisible and it's their broadcasters and newspapers that have reported on us but they've been shut down it's that if they want to make it difficult for us because it's a little. head again george clooney we're not going to give up the. other mothers you know. according to the watchdog reporters without borders more than eighty percent of turkish media are owned by companies close to president. that is particularly evident during election campaigning. for example in the last two weeks of made turkey's public broadcaster t.r.t. spent more than sixty eight hours reporting on outlines compay opposition leader what i mean gent his c.h.p. were given only six hours of air time met on action as party featured for just thirteen minutes b.h.p. candidates. has never been shown on our. program it is
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a sticky in particular faces many difficulties president out and has effectively declared the party an enemy of the states he accuses it all spreading terrorist propaganda and having ties to the militant p.k. take work because of this the eight stickies presidential candidate. runs in his campaign from jail he has been in custody for more than one and alvie is a presidential candidate standing from inside prison that's a first for turkey the e.u. and international observers have sharply criticized the government's handling. but that doesn't help him much his election campaigning has so far been limited to social media recently on twitter he asked turkey's largest news broadcast as why they have never reported on his campaign but he didn't get an answer in a written interview with g w he said. there's no justification why in these critical times the media are opting to see no evil hear no evil and speak no evil
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and why they are serving the interests of the government. dania the h d p campaign or any stumbles such obstacles are just part of everyday life but despite the challenges he continues he says the harder life becomes for his people the harder he will work for change. the twenty eighteen world cup is now underway in russia yesterday fans in moscow were hoping for a win in the opening match against saudi arabia knowing this would be their team's best chance to pick up points for a chance to get out of group a and they were treated to a goal fest. russia could not have hoped for a better start i hear you got jim ski backing the first goal of the tournament after just twelve minutes and on the stroke of half time it was to i substitute dentist chair a chair for putting
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a grin on coast churches of face would russia might be the tournament's lowest ranked team but they didn't look like it awesome juba made it three i the best of the bunch came in the ninety first minute cherry chap second in the early contender for goal of the tournament i saudi arabia might have been a soft opponent but this hot volley was pure inspiration a nightmare for the guests elation for the hosts even then there was more by a free kick in the dying seconds completed the russian routes delights first certain discerning spectator would saudi arabia's hopes however dashed already. disappointing for the saudis and a stunning result for host nation russia in the world cup opener and it always on jonathan crane is in moscow and he took in the celebrations. celebrations really across the streets of moscow across the whole country and if you'll forgive me for
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trusting out of football christian cliche it really was a policy atmosphere because we had the german d.j. paul van dyke performing at the fans and you can only wonder what would have happened if russia hadn't won but the fans were partying long into the night it's a really morale boosting five nail victory for them there if you contrast that to the mood before the tournament one of pessimism i was at russia training camp one choose day and the players were urging the country to unite behind the team for the five no victory they will surely be doing that out. former tennis champion boris becker is claiming diplomatic immunity and then attempts to stave off a suing case backer was declared bankrupt in twenty seventeen in the u.k. over money owed to a private bank is now being pursued for further assets but as a sport and culture anti-gay on behalf of the central african republic to the e.u. the three time wimbledon winner is asserting diplomatic immunity to avoid further legal proceedings. in washington more coming up at the top of the hour with my
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colleague for the cima and the ranking of the latest anytime on our website dot com . and in berlin thanks for joining us. the people of the world for information take the fight to the unions they want to express t.w.x. facebook and twitter today and in touch with us.


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