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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 15, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm CEST

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this is do the obvious coming to you live from berlin is the job of the government on the verge of collapse over its refugee policy. faces a rebellion led by her own interior minister this as a new poll shows germans dissatisfaction with the government's migration policy also coming up. migration also top of the agenda at talks in paris the leaders of
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france of italy and smiled but faced tension after president called criticized italy for turning over a rescue ship. and on the brink of a trade war u.s. president donald trump slaps billions in town it's on china and beijing promises to retaliate. and match it to look at the comp is underway with egypt just finished taking on louis a lot is applauded and group was trying to decide to a victory over the favorites going to be left frustrated. playing. an unwelcome i'm going to touchy migrates you have your company. german chancellor angela merkel is facing a serious challenge to a party that could threaten her hold on power it's all about migration her interior
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minister horse they were far from machall own conservative doc wants to implement what he calls a master plan for migration under which some migrants would be turned away at the german border machall has rejected the idea insisting instead on finding a joint european approach. governing coalition has begun to wobble over a welcoming policy toward refugees while her own conservative party the c d u still backs her the bavarian conservatives the c s you are in open rebellion. despite attempts at finding a consensus c s u leaders say a change in policy is needed now. through flows of the stream of illegal migrants to germany is a big problems of the before and the populace is very critical of it it's a political hot potato wherever we go we have to solve this problem now. machall
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hopes to negotiate a european solution to the migrant issue when e.u. heads of state meet in brussels in two weeks' time she argues that germany shouldn't be acting on its own offering a quote to the effect that international problems require international solutions. the world is highly integrated everything is too interconnected for any individual country to determine its destiny alone a very wise words. but germany c.s.u. interior minister horst c. who for wants germany to refuse entry to migrants registered in other countries and he made issue orders to that effect against merkel's wishes the opposition sees this as a political porch does isis do not the government is on thin ice that's obvious this is another attempt from the right wing of the conservatives to launch. a staged put just in a hired on your own. time is running out for the two sides to reach
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a compromise if they don't. government could be in serious trouble. that's been our joint chief political correspondent melinda crane at our parliamentary studios leader the question everyone is asking could the german government fall apart over this issue. it could if indeed the interior minister stays with his ultimatum no compromise is found and he then moves to enforce that ultimatum by essentially imposing border controls on monday and turning away refugees who has been registered in another european union country namely the countries on the external perimeter of the e.u. that would be for example italy or greece if he goes through with that the chancellor basically would have no option for preserving her authority except to fire him if she did that his bavarian conservatives would then leave the governing coalition the coalition would no longer have
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a majority in parliament that means essentially germany would then be obliged to see the government fall and new elections are called so that is one scenario but many people here in berlin believe that a compromise will shape up on the weekend or on monday in which there would be some face saving means found by which the chancellor would get two weeks more time to try to work out the european solution up to and including that european union summit at the end of june and perhaps there would be some face saving gesture offered to the varian conservatives but again if that compromise doesn't come into place yes the government could fall but do you suspect that they will both pull back from the brink and let me or you know that there's always been huge friction between america but what we're seeing right now is quite unprecedented want is this
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standoff really about. it's about principles and policies on the one hand but it's also about power and tactics on the other so let me briefly just talk about the tactics as you mentioned there's been tensions between these two conservative parties the varian conservatives and chancellor merkel c.d.u. for a long time essentially the bavarians the c.s.u. they rejected that open door policy right at its inception in two thousand and fifteen have continued to do so but why the pressure now the fact is there is no urgency there is no great disorder on the border the influx of refugees has greatly abated since twenty fifteen but what is around the corner are there elections very important poll to be taken there in just a couple of months the c.s.u. is desperate to look tough on immigration in order to ward off gains by the far right party the a.f.d. that's the reason for the time pressure that's the reason for the ultimatum there
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are principles behind this on the one hand as we heard in the report questions about the immigration policy that the e.u. has been following and that germany has been following on the other hand the chancellor stance that the only way to get a truly sustainable framework for immigration is multilateral and at the e.u. level anything else like what the interior minister is suggesting would reimpose closed borders within the e.u. violating a basic principle of the european union and secondly would involve sending refugees back to those countries on the external perimeter of the union which basically have been left with most of the burden of the refugee crisis for the past three years she says that's a lack of solidarity and would undermine the e.u. as a whole and i think on the matter of principles she has the stronger stand at least for now. right chief political correspondent linda crane thank you very much for
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that very clear and alice is on what is really a very complicated issue. so how do germans feel about this current situation event out on the streets of berlin to find out have a listen and. i think it's very difficult i just apart i'll begin that goes if a boat holds thirty people and there are fifty on board it sinks and no one benefits from that. from that i think the current crisis is set the c.s.u. is trying to implement their right wing ideology ahead of the state elections. this is still on talks but i even have mixed kids my kids are white so you can imagine if you want you know i mean your country then you don't want your kids and. they didn't also known as a foreigner so ok but now it's got a bit too far and this is not their country on skids so we're doing well here in germany and there are people who are worse off who come from other countries and
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they have the rights you can hear. this in vote buying we're from a very a and i have to say we've always agreed with mr zero for on most issues honestly i do not have to welcome every refugee to germany we feel any ated being surrounded by foreign us. do three things for the problem can only be solved through european consensus we are all partially responsible for the refugee crisis so we have to solve it together we cannot see lower country off as c.e.o. first seems to want to be just. so range of opinions that the religious measures for managing the migration situation are being debated by german politicians boast is in fact this demand aust of representative sample of german voters all of the proposals right or wrong the proposal that drew great disagreement was for one efficient deportation of asylum seekers whose application has been turned down eighty six percent of respondents agreed with that only ten percent disagree.
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along this i'm joined now by the head all off in protest the map provide how to slink out in bonn welcome guy not the back figure of eighty six percent stands out but but is that just a small part of the break to tell us more about the other questions you asked about refugees to get more context. number one this high figure we have found out eighty six percent is of course also due to the fact that in recent weeks media have been reporting about incidents of refugees murder. committed in front crimes but in principle we have a big agreement between germans that people without a passport to say they should be stopped they should not be allowed without papers to enter germany and there's also a majority who says when we get refugees when it's saddam seekers come to germany
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we should have them in special centers and to their side and program process we have about sixty percent who said that's a good idea and but it comes to money people say don't give them money the majority give them their food and other items but stay away from financial aids ok so loved let's take a look at how this is affecting the popularity off on the americans coalition not you know or when a station in fact is deemed off how satisfied are you with the german government's performance and here's the result a clear majority almost two thirds said they would dissatisfied only a lot of voters said they were satisfied with the government's record rather not a majority clearly dissatisfied with the cot and the government how damaging is that for chancellor meccas popularity. well in a way she still stands right high end when we ask. which party teach and
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how do you judge the work of the politicians and michael in principle stands where she was four weeks ago about half the population says i'm happy with the other half says i'm not happy that it's the same thing when it comes to the two the question is do we have a good government it's the majority of the city which says yes we have but the s.p.d. voters they do have problems and that that's the same thing you find in the rankings of a politician's angle america still having it so she's still number one in terms of popularity she's series number one but fifty percent you could also say says it's fifty fifty half of the book is asians as she's bad the other half say it's good ok so let's move on to issues outside jumping on the violet copies on invests but not everyone agrees that the tournament should even be taking place that the post says your company was it dried to give the fifo what's got to russia or
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a mistake germans are even split on that issue forty five percent say it was right forty two percent say it was a mistake in fact says the map also also the german voters agreed with the sanctions against russia and that was the question do you think that use economic sanctions against russia over the annexation of crimea appropriate one was sixty percent of the respondents agreed that the sanctions why just one in three thought they went too far so why not jim and a split on the world cup but support for the e.u. sanctions on russia what is the picture like when you compare the formal calmness is germany with the for what west germany. yeah when it comes to football if it was good or bad there are not big differences you know germany is a football nation but when it comes to sanctions you still feel that the eastern part of the excess german democratic republic has better relations to the soviet
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union to the exit with union because then we have only half of the population fifty percent who say no the sanctions are not correct and even nearly forty two percent that's about half half saying yes it's rights to have the sanctions against russia we still have that division in the minds of germans here ok there's another month to go to the was cup final but germans are already pretty confident about who is going to win forty two percent off a gym and surprise surprise expect germany to win the trophy for a fifth time equalling visit but eleven percent of the german surveyed by organization expect result to win this time around third and fourth in the rankings spain and france respectively so right now to must have an opinion a person have been oh well who do you think will win mean you'll get your squad ring called the trophy again for germany. anyway you know germans before the games
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though always very positive for me i saw the match of the century four years ago in belo horizonte when germany was beating as a rule is about the egyptian defense to have the rebel. so matalan founded obvious both says is here with me welcome mat me just seen the us come off the first game of the day today what do you make of the result well i thought this was a pretty entertaining game despite it only being a one no i mean first of all i thought that it was a deserved result were slightly better of the two sides but i was actually quite surprised that egypt without mo sala there were no superstar player there you know england's player of the year looked pretty good they held tough for a good eighty seven minutes before we're glad we're able to penetrate that defense that had a lot to do with some of those misses that we saw in that report just earlier but i thought the fis was a really good omen as well for were glad because this was
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a frustrating game for them they are notorious slow starters in the world cup they hadn't won an opening game since one thousand nine hundred seventy but they did that back then and they made it all the way to the semifinals maybe they'll do it again ok we have to wait and see maybe what ruby i have also kicked of them matches today we had morocco taking on iran and portugal a facing spain what are your expectations there well morocco versus iran should be an interesting match for those of us who don't get to see a lot of these players especially the players in iran most of them play in the domestic league there aside from a few in europe and that's morocco's a very often civic minded team iran's very defensive minded team it should be interesting class of styles but the big one is definitely portugal for spain first of all because portugal features one of the world's two top soccer superstars that is cristiana rinaldo and you know people caught a glimpse of him sort of preparing for this game. yesterday and he looked cool calm
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and collected just hanging out on the balcony this is a very experienced team they won the european championships in twenty sixteen they've been coached by the same guy from under santos for four years they know exactly what they're going to do and spain is not quite in that situation it will be interesting to see what happens but mid-span also want the favorites this fact that coach a couple of days ago the head coach do you think that will have an impact on rattle the players to some extent you know i can't imagine that it would do anything other than rattle the players in some senses i mean the guy who they chose to bring in as the new coach fernando yetto is a very experienced players the most capped outfield player for spain he also is a real madrid legend he was already part of the coaching set up there so they already know him but at the same time it is clear both from public statements and rumor that the team did not want the taking need to be fired they thought he should be able to lead the team through this tournament and you know they're closing ranks
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now trying to say that this is you know the mission ahead of them is one that they can concentrate on they're confident they can get results but i definitely think that it threw them off their game and it will be interesting to see if they can get off to a good start against portugal or if if they draw or lose this match the mood in that team could really shift ok looking ahead now talking about a good start germany and mexico play on a sunday everybody obviously be excited about that match germany can kind of reclaim their title in this tournament why definitely think they can i mean this is a squad that has a lot of experience about half of the squad was present for the triumph of two thousand and fourteen and the new additions to the squad i think are quite strong. they are however opening with the toughest match of the group against mexico i think mexico is better than sweden and korea so how they make out in this match on sunday will be a real bellwether for them i mean germany often starts well and then. it's a different form so i think they'll get
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a win but it might not be as easy as some people would think here but as we heard in a poll and survey just forty two percent of the germans think they would win so let's say that i think you're a good sport sex but not him thank you very much. listen take a look at the opening match russia faced as saudi arabia on day one of the world cup and started in moscow fans were treated to a five nil win the first match of the tournament russian fans prompting wild celebrations in the capital as the lowest ranked team in the tournament in russia got them sounds a much needed head start in group a. russia could not have hoped for up at the start. the euro got jens keep backing the first goal of the tournament after just twelve minutes and on the stroke of half time it was to. substitute dentist chair a chair for putting a grin on coach churches of face. russia might be the top of its lowest ranked team
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but they didn't look like it awesome juba made it three. the best of the bunch came in the ninety first minute cherry chip second an early contender for goal of the tournament saudi arabia might have been a soft opponent but this hot volley was pure inspiration a nightmare for the guests elation for the hosts even then there was more a free kick in the dying seconds completed the russian routes delights first certain discerning spectator saudi arabia's hope so i've attached already. well one person is not going to be able to enjoy the want atmosphere in russia first hand is highly separate he's a german journalist whose work unleashed massive investigations into russian state sponsored doping and that resulted in russia being punished ahead of the two thousand and sixteen summer olympics and banned from the two thousand and eighteen
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winter olympics last week's effort was in balance bellevue palace with president francois to steinmeyer to receive the federal order of merit the highest civilian award in the country for what is described as outstanding commit. went against doping but russian reaction to his investigations has been less positive he's been threatened online and this week in germany security agency said it was too risky for him to travel to russia for the tournament. and while several joins me now from potsdam just outside willing to talk more about his situation about what it says about freedom of speech in russia welcome io separate russia initially denied you a visa to go to there was god that decision was reversed but not you're being advised to stay away for your own safety what more can you tell us about why you're not going to russia. so have been some serious concerns by a federal criminal police office in germany and says concerns have been
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forwarded to the drum ministry for foreign affairs it is based on rocketry letters on request for assistance in a criminal matter from two thousand and seventeen. in a case against russian whistleblower google which i golf was not having in the united states in the witness protection program and the russian authorities wanted to interview gave me this request has been the night in two thousand and seventeen but when they heard that i would come to russia say announced publicly that able tried to get me under any circumstances to to to talk to the state run investigation committee and you never know what happens i can be a witness i can be maybe become a defendant and that causes serious concerns so it was a first match as a second one was that they could not exclude the german authorities they are some physical attacks against me from russians because many people in russia influenced
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for me from my point of view by the state run media have a very negative opinion on our coverage about the russian state run doping system. now you say that the level and organization of doping in russia was so advanced that it must have been done with the knowledge of president vladimir putin how will it not being able to walk in russia affect your investigations into doping in top level sport there. it becomes more complicated if you are not allowed to go to russia but that doesn't mean necessarily that we cannot continue our work on our investigation because i'm not working on my own i have people who are working with me and some of them are working confidentially for me some of them over can grow king and my office so it is not a big secret but it makes it complicated and again is the whole situation in russia is a very very sensitive one and it's was obvious that it's proven that there was state
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run doping and the story is not over because they are still some investigations with an wada in order to check out how big was a prevalence of doping a russian sports and also in russian football and also the story as not to an end there is something which will come in the next couple of days i assume because there are some open questions which are related to fi father god governing body in football but also to russia now fortunately football has remained largely untouched by duping revelations so far i do think that that in two thousand and eighteen woke up there could be something which could come out could be affected. to be honest i have my doubts because to doping during a competition during the few five world cup would read really silly. because there are so many doping controls so it's the whole system it's much tighter and before the world cup so to do that that's a competition during a game before a game would mean that you have a really a risk to get caught by the d.c.
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ost by the doping control offices so i doubt that really people are so city to dope at least with substances were detected detectable or methods what detectable i have my doubts as will happen and again we have to concentrate in the fight against doping globally more on the periods before competitions that make sense in the training process to dope to prepare was better conditions for a big event but that doesn't mean necessarily that you should adopt during an event again this would be city investigative journalist hyla separate it was a pleasure to have you on the w. thank you a veteran journalist an editor who's also worked for d w has been shot dead in indian controlled kashmir police say assailants came on motorbikes and fired a volley of bullets at sujata because his car as he was leaving his office and she
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now has press enclave his two bodyguards were also killed in the attack a colleague who was the chief editor for seven years with including the rising costs means he was a vocal advocate for a peaceful resolution of the question we dispute he works for him the or the an english services. is editor in chief in a spill has released a statement condemning the attack on because here's what she said d.w. mourns the death of this fearless colleague who despite threats and was still iffy remains committed to freedom of expression and freedom of the press. people around the world have also reacted to the news human rights ngo amnesty international tweeted we are deeply dismayed to hear about the killing of sujata because the editor of rising costs me he was a brave an outspoken voice of justice and equality in jammu and kashmir. the editors guild of india also spoke out saying it unequivocally condemns the
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assassination of rising cost me an editor should just become this as a grave attack on press freedom and democratic voices and a photographer who attended because his burial today in the journalist's native village in question means shared an image of mourners he captured the four to saying this is gut wrenching. well coming up shortly. a school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities written by brave people who want justice. come with intention this picture was taken in donkey in the us it's in an exercise book on the inside many other photos of the england who were in the news the rape of women and. one wanted children. you know forty five minutes on d w.
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the baby who do you think is going to be choking. the measures the scores. goals in eighteen soccer world cup on d w news. germany state by state. the most colorful. the most traditional. minded all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w dot com wouldn't be fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of what appears has come out.
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on t.w. clone latest the superhero on a mission to check out. smart women spy smart talks smarts to the legend this and by no means missed out on. bring creasing green dangerous stunt. double major. you're watching. live from on the other top story jim and just i'm going to mechanise facing a rebellion in her own conservative block that could threaten power the sound of migration and refugee policy to own interior minister is being seen as the most serious crisis to three months coalition government. then joins me now and to talk about the escalating created dispute in the world
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yeah amrita rao has just moved up a few notches all at once donald trump hitting china hard beijing saying it will retaliate and adding fuel to the fire the heat are coming from washington today with trump announcing twenty five percent tariffs as of next month on some thirteen hundred chinese products valued at around fifty billion dollars of what he calls unfair trade practices the european union is hitting back against the previous u.s. tariffs on steel and aliment him by imposing levies on american goods worth about three point three billion dollars including blue jeans whiskey and motorcycles the e.u. may be united on that matter but on other issues of trade cracks of beginning to show italy's government threatening not to ratify the e.u.'s trade deal with canada italian saying the agreement doesn't protect regional products like power jato and pursuit oh and uncle americal is threatening a tougher stance as we'll hear in a moment we're on the brink of
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a trade war. here's us with tariffs and we'll hit you back that was china's response to the latest twist in a dispute pitting the world's two biggest economies against each other. and if the united states imposes unilateral protectionist measures that harm china's interests we'll react quickly and take the necessary steps to resolutely say all guards are fair. right. of arguing. a clear statement of intent just a day after u.s. secretary of state mike pompei you met his chinese counterpart in beijing but those diplomatic efforts didn't stop the united states from imposing twenty five percent tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods. meanwhile on the other side of the world another country is vowing to fight back against trance protectionist measures speaking at an event in berlin chancellor angela merkel has
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this to say. well as addressing the issue of tariffs on steel and dahlia minium that you use retaliatory measures the economy minister will also tackle the question of the strategic importance of the car industry for u.s. security. starting from the newly cause must. believe we should consider the strategic significance of the car industry for the european union in the same way so that we can prepare for an exchange with the united states . and start. an exchange is one way to put it but as the war of words heats up it's becoming clear that the white house is aggressive stance on trade it's leaving the united states increasingly isolated from its allies. as wall street opens the deal is slipped against its global peers the dow jones industrials also taking a dive a similar story for european equities i pointed out the big fold in the dax to our
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financial correspondent in frankfurt general do rely on. indeed the picture paints a thousand words bad what you're looking at is the biggest decline in the docs in about a week and it's mirrored by similar declines in other european markets so barely an hour after that announcement came from the white house we have the chinese immediately vowing taxation measures of quote the same scale and the same strength as the u.s. tariffs which basically is the same thing as saying for tat now the u.s. already said before that it would slap on more terrorists if china decides to retaliate and investors are failing to retain their cool despite of the relatively high expectations that this would happen but of course there is this perception that with every round of tit for tat tariffs the next round could be likely and that can be especially helpful especially given germany's heavy dependence on exports we're talking about the next round what about medicals comments is that a new front in this war of words. indeed there could be and it's an important one
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the car industry is the most important industry for germany cars are the most traded products in the world and there are those here who are saying that retaliation of this kind might actually make things worse what would be more pragmatic would be to engage trump he wants lower car import tariffs in the e.u. while they are higher here than maybe he should give them and that in due in so doing create good will in the in future negotiations but there are those again who argue that that's exactly what the chinese tried to do remember that they did offer to lower their own car import tariffs and look at where we are now that's clearly not helped the situation from escalating and thus it only remains to be seen what will happen from there whether the chinese will even hold on to that concession you know here's someone who's trying to ease tensions the head of the international monetary fund's christine legarde is increasingly concerned about the developments here's what she had to say soon called trade war driven by reciprocal
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increases in taare gives no winner. and we find generally loses on both sides the negative impact on the global economy would be serious not only the united states takes action but especially if other countries as a result were to retaliate notably those that would be most affected such as canada such as germany and other european countries. she's got a point there especially considering the us economy is so broke bust right now i mean these sanctions aren't going to hurt the u.s. . well the point of the e.u. countermeasures for example really isn't to knock off points off the us is g.d.p. but rather to make a political statement by highlighting american iconic products and products tied into republican constituencies and as we know the chinese are set to set to do the same they're going to impose they're probably going to impose tariffs on the
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products coming from the states that make up trumps voter base so no country is in grave economic danger just yet but again the problem is this if it is whether this escalates and. in confidence and rules based trade is then eroded and that creates a free for all and everyone loses something so like are does have a point there you know developing for us in frankfurt the czech republic could finally have a government that is eight months after an inconclusive election billionaire undivided bobbish has been struggling to find coalition partners for his centrist party the social democrats are said to agree to a deal but any government will still depend on the communists. bread for prague straight out of the factory belonging to the country's prime minister and. the bread factory with its two hundred seventy employees belongs to and grow fat a business success story for bobbish. has a yearly turnover of one point five billion euros the company's interests extend
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far beyond bread but it keeps its cards close to its chest only reluctantly giving a statement on the prime minister's involvement. hasn't been responsible for that since january two thousand and fourteen when he joined the government and finance minister and now that he's heading up the government he's no longer with i grow fat his share in the company has been transferred into a trust fund in other words mr bush has no part in agro daily business. directly opposite the company headquarters the main office of the political party founded by bobbish is now the biggest political force in the czech parliament andrey bobbish is estimated to be worth around three billion euros was many czech people are concerned that so much wealth and political power concentrated in just a few hands in early june thousands of people took to the streets to protest against what they call an oligarchy. the anti bobbish protests were organized by
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a group of students. his holding which is now managed by his wife and by his close friends burned during prohibition in government during four years burned one and a half billion of europe and is the same amount his holdings earned during twenty years before together. the activists say agra fat has acquired the most important newspapers in the country turning them into propaganda instruments. the senior editors have all left the papers and are now working independently. and very publishers are interests in the health agriculture and community and first two businesses are very much dependent on the state and the legislation of the state many see an indisputable conflict of interests between his business activities and
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his role in politics business consultant at a brown knows the mood among czech business leaders how does he see things developing. the government will continue to align itself with the e.u. and the west and there's no danger of the czechs it either. so it's likely the czech republic will stay loyal to the e.u. but it won't adopt the euro as a currency the economy is growing wages are on the rise there seems little reason for to change track. the caribbean island nation of barbados is drowning in debt it has the world's fourth highest state to g.d.p. ratio behind japan greece and sudan now the i.m.f. is stepping in to get barbados back in the black the new prime minister mia motley recently announced undisclosed liabilities raising state debt from one hundred thirty seven percent to one hundred and seventy five well they had no choice but to contact the financial life gods of the international monetary fund the i.m.f. signaling it would assist the ailing economy with an emergency debt restructuring
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plan but bales then suspended payments to external creditors to regroup the island owes two thirds of its state to local investors and banks some tough debt restructuring measures are required without endangering its domestic financial system although he says the government wants to protect bombadil says most vulnerable citizens as well as business sectors critical to the nation's growth officials used to consider barbados one of the better fiscally run countries of the caribbean grey mine is a journalist from the region i asked him how did it got so high well to be fair you know prime minister motley was voted in just last month and i think that the issues that we're seeing in barbadoes now point to gross inadequacy from the previous government or previous leaders. you know she's taking on a lot of burden of socially economically politically culturally even and you know
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like you said a lot of people do think that barbadoes is champagne it's beaches it's beach front property as you know but regular people are impacted as well as how's this local restructuring going to affect local banks and the financial sector and is a go to work to be fair it's up in the air right now. prime minister motley is looking at you know raising the taxes on water bills for commercial entities to fifty percent by fifty percent now how's that going to impact local residents that have local businesses. good question will it what's going to happen to residents that that was my first idea i mean we're talking about. the richen and all these financial problems but what about regular people in barbados why i think that the economy is definitely not vulnerable state right now and that vulnerability is taken on by the people you know you see the same thing happening in jamaica which is second for g.d.p. to debt ratio in the caribbean at a distant second but still second place you see it in the british virgin islands
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you see it in bermuda the cayman islands you know so instability has become a part of the political and social landscape and i think that people are doing the best they can to cope you know prime minister motley rallied people they said you know our grandfathers and our forefathers went through worse and we're going to pull together to get through this but talking about the rich i thought the panama papers was trying to help clarify the situation and get things back on track i believe that the panama papers brought the issue to the world stage you know to shine to close relied on the financial institutions based in caribbean countries but what you have to understand is that business will go on as usual as per usual you know so while barbados may be under closer scrutiny by the e.u. by the us by international bodies it still has to conduct business as it did and it's a problem that's also affecting other islands in the region and of course bermuda for example you know has been falling in and out of favor with the european union
4:43 pm
because of the panama papers and businesses not being openly listed british virgin islands cayman islands as well so it is a kind of a shared burden that all these arlen's do face and i think moving forward and have to face in the other way miners thank you very much for coming in to clarify the situation it's sad you're from but butte and you know this region going through all these problems it's for must be nice for you which must be nice. to talk now between two of europe's biggest economies. the issue of migration talked of the agenda at a meeting between french president in london mccraw and italian prime minister just sepic on today and tensions have arisen between the two countries of italy's refusal to speak to allow a risk you ship with more than six hundred refugees to dock and at an italian port mccall called the decision cynical and is responsible for the talks come to say the situation of a close remarks kept being clarified. the need of
4:44 pm
a correspondent max often has been covering this these talks and he's at leas a paris palace in paris a welcome a max now what did mcchrystal and just sipek on to discuss because they've been talking to journalists after their meeting yes just a couple of minutes ago the meeting just ended and it seems like they smooth things over at least that's the impression that they wanted to give that both shared and in a manner and a call for example said that he wished from the bottom of his heart that italy and france would go hand in hand when it comes to finding solutions to the two biggest problems of the european union the migration crisis and the eurozone crisis but once the two leaders have fundamentally different visions off europe mccraw is let mr european union that come to is heading a government which is deeply euro skeptic how do you see that playing out.
4:45 pm
it's hard to tell because we're at the beginning of this new government in italy at the moment also the question of the competency of that government will have to be proven at this point but when we talk about the migration crisis in the solutions to migration they are more or less in accordance at least more than you would think so because italy once more solidarity in europe because they get the law it largest part of the at the moment of the migrants coming over the mediterranean route and solidarity this are the principle is something that might cross stands for as well just like i'm going to make of the german chancellor at the moment so it seems likely that italy would support any solution that involves redistributing refugees throughout the european union strengthening the outer borders of the european union with the help of the agency frontex and those are also the points that micro mentioned here at the moment now as for the convergence of the euro zone and also what to do with public debt that's a completely different story because the italian government is very in that it not
4:46 pm
the government but the state is actually only second to to greece here and it's a much larger economy so huge risk there and the italian government has announced that they want to basically ignore that and spend more that is something that eminem and i call cannot be on board with right might still fund impasse thank you very much for that live update on the meeting between amman and mccraw of france and just that because they're off italy getting on to turkey where incumbent president richard jhana may be the key a frontrunner in elections but that's not stopping opposition candidates from running against him even if they're in jail the pool could issue a cheapie presidential candidate selah hot then demitasse was detained in november two thousand and sixteen he told he'd obviously istanbul correspondent on what it's like campaigning from behind baas. nihad dania
4:47 pm
is a political campaigner through and through from sun up to sundown he can be found working the streets of istanbul district he's drumming up support for the program. but voters who don't cross his path are unlikely to learn much about the party's program many turkish media outlets don't report on them. and if it you did as in the heat you live. we don't get any airtime on turkish t.v. the were practically invisible and it's their broadcasters and newspapers that have reported on us but they've been shut down if city hall they want to make it difficult for us because it's a little. head again george clooney we're not going to give up the. other mothers yet. according to the watchdog reporters without borders more than eighty percent of turkish media are owned by companies close to president. that is particularly evident during election campaigning. for example in the last two weeks of made
4:48 pm
turkey's public broadcaster t.r.t. spent more than sixty eight hours reporting on alan's compay opposition leader morgan in gent his c.h.p. were given only six hours of air time met on action as each party featured for just thirteen minutes the h d p candidates. has never been shown on them. the procrit is a sticky in particular faces many difficulties the president out has effectively declared the party an enemy of the states he accuses it of spreading terrorist propaganda and having ties to the militant p.k. take work because of this the eight stickies presidential candidate. runs in his campaign from jail he has been in custody for more than one and alvie is a presidential candidate standing from inside prison that's a first for turkey the e.u. and international observers have sharply criticize the government's handling of. but that doesn't help him much his election campaigning has so far been limited to
4:49 pm
social media recently on twitter he asked turkey's largest news broadcasters why they have never reported on his campaign but he didn't get an answer in a written interview with g w he said. there's no justification why in these critical times the media are opting to see no evil hear no evil and speak no evil and why they are serving the interests of the government. funny how demure the h.p. can painter in istanbul such obstacles are just part of everyday life but despite the challenges he continues he says the harder life becomes for his people the harder he will work for change. and they just a handful of living artists whose work fell for tens of millions of euros now if you have that kind of cash you can buy their wax of this is art basel in the city of basel in switzerland for instance this installation by chinese superstar. or
4:50 pm
maybe some thin things by the african american artist keri james martial art basel is considered the was premier art fair and this syria for collectors it's a real feeding frenzy. joining me now is david levitz well to this welcome david frei is also with the what makes boston the best of the best well what you have to know about the art world is there's this whole segment of it that spends a good part of the year sort of air kissing its way around the globe from art fair to art fair and for them they will tell you that art basel is the highlight this is where the biggest dealers go and they don't just bring any artworks with them they bring the best the most valuable the most desirable and now also unlike other art fairs people don't just stroll around the big sales are choreographed the dealers are courting buyers for weeks in advance and opening day is open only to the
4:51 pm
v.i.p.'s these are the people with the fattest wallets right and they're basically pitted against each other for the most desirable works now here is a look at this year's art basel. almost three billion euros of art is up for sale at the forty ninth edition of art basel this mosaic for example by spanish artist. it has a twenty one million euro price tag. or if abstract oil paintings are more your thing how about this work by the american artist joan mitchell two of her works for fourteen million a piece in the first days of the fat at the high end of the market money it seems is no object despite economic uncertainty. there may be tear clouds on the horizon in general economic terms and we're not going to go into that right now however the point is that even if those clouds start to thunderstorm the very high net worth individuals still continue to collect in trade
4:52 pm
are at their level there are untouchable. highlights include a number of picasso's and those are hanging metallic sculpture by louise bush who are up for grabs standout pieces of beyond most art basel visitors pockets but they are also and ferns for the top galleries who have to maintain standards to keep being invited to back. it's the most important fair bar not if the gold standard of how the art world is here what you're showing literally people put things aside all year and save them just for this experience there's nothing that compares. the arts basel unlimited home houses larger works like this like sculpture neon forms by carriage when evans despite a seventy five thousand euro fifty nine hundred calories fights for around three
4:53 pm
hundred places art basel keeps a close eye on what's going on if a calorie is selling then new artwork. of the same quality expected to be hung in the place. the standard in the yacht. and business seems to be booming and will and is into it is big business fifty four billion euros in global arts and antiquities sales last year alone that was a twelve percent rise over the year before now you would think that our dealers would be pretty happy about that right well it turns out this is actually a problem because what is happening is that people only want to invest in the top shelf right you've got the rich investors who keep getting richer and some of them only want to spend our money on art that's worth a million euros or more that means we're seeing more and more top works by stars going for bigger prices including at art basel outpost fairs in hong kong and
4:54 pm
miami beach which are seeing here now the problem is that more and more wealthy collectors are starting to think they can't get anything good for under one hundred thousand euros and that means basically that the medium size galleries the ones that foster up and coming talent you know who knows maybe the next picasso they're getting squeezed out of this one new york gallery even announced it's quitting art basel this year instead it's going to be posting works for sale on its instagram account these are sponsored posts that are aimed at art basel visitors and i think you know as the high end of the market grows we may see more and more smaller galleries resort to other tactics and that doesn't sound like about it into instagram we want to be a watches us on the top and he's been posting does he does so we've got a real art star watching us maybe right now i don't know all that different on instagram. david levison got to dislike you so much of bringing that story to us and. you're watching the news here's a quick recap megamind to
4:55 pm
a story that jimmy johns anglo-american is facing a bell in in her own conservative blog that with trek now hold on power the standoff over a refugee policy with our own interior minister is being seen as the most serious crisis to hit our government. that it cannot come by. the be. able. to.
4:56 pm
come. home to. a school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities written by brave people who want justice. and then she didn't match up was taken in bomb he denounced it in an exercise ball why don't chide many other french and more in the news the range of the women and girls who is goes to one long to children. in fifteen minutes.
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sustainability. environmental factors. of globalization affect biodiversity species conservation exploitation quality. human rights displacement. of the global and current local large. global three thousand. it's all happening notes of it going to. your link to news from africa and the world. your link to inception stories and discussions can you and will come to the news actually program tonight from funny to me from the news of easy to our wild with safety deputed constant africa join us on facebook d w africa.
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this is you know every news line for berlin stress test germany's governments have boiled it in a serious crisis over the country's refugee policy close ongoing medical facing a mutiny led by her interior minister that risks bringing down the government a new poll now finds eighty six percent of germans want a harder line against failed asylum applications also coming up migration front and center at talks in paris also the leaders are france and italy put on smiles but tensions are simmering.


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