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from son jimmy from a user of easy town while with sandy deputy comes to africa to join us on facebook t w africa. this is you know every news line for berlin stress test germany's government embroiled in a serious crisis over the country's refugee policy those ugly american facing a mutiny led by her interior minister that risks bringing down the government a new poll now finds eighty six percent of germans want a harder line against failed asylum applications also coming up migration front and
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center at talks in paris also the leaders are france and italy put on smiles but tensions are simmering after president mccall criticized italy for turning away a rescue ship. and on the brink of a trade war u.s. president donald trump slaps billions in tears on china and beijing promises to retaliate. thank you very much for your company everybody germany is embroiled in a serious political crisis chancellor angela merkel's authority publicly challenged by her interior minister horst say hall for her position hanging by a thread after mr say ha for a member of her own conservative bloc and sister party the c.s.u. went against her say offer once to implement a plan under which some migrant. would be turned away at the german border america
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has rejected that idea insisting instead on finding a joint european approach. medical's governing coalition has begun to wobble over her welcoming policy toward refugees while her own conservative party the c d u still backs her the bavarian conservatives the c s u r n open rebellion. despite attempts at finding a consensus c s u leaders say a change in policy is needed now. to flaws in the stream of illegal migrants to germany is a big problems with the populace is very critical but it's a political hot potato wherever we go we have to solve this problem now. machall hopes to negotiate a european solution to the migrant issue when e.u. heads of state meet in brussels in two weeks' time she argues that germany shouldn't be acting on its own offering a quote to the effect that international problems require international solutions.
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the world is highly integrated everything is too interconnected for any individual country to determine its destiny alone very wise words. but germany c.s.u. interior minister horst c. who for wants germany to refuse entry to migrants registered in other countries and he made issue orders to that effect against merkel's wishes the opposition sees this as a political puts does isis deneuve the government is on thin ice that's obvious this is another attempt from the right wing of the conservatives to launch in a staged pushes in a hired on your own. time is running out for the two sides to reach a compromise if they don't until americans government could be in serious trouble. all right that every is the chief political correspondent melinda crane is standing
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by melinda lots of ground that i want to cover with you is this chose the america's worst crisis and could we see the german government collapse over its migration policy. it is certainly her worst internal power struggle and that within her own party and there is absolutely a risk that the government could collapse at the moment most people seem to believe that some kind of compromise is likely to be found and we've heard that the former finance minister of wolfgang who is now the head of the parliament that he has been asked to mediate between these two conservative parties the chancellor c.d.u. and the bavarian conservatives the c s u and he is highly respected by both sides and that kind of a compromise would involve some sort of face saving measure for the c.s.u. but essentially allow the chancellor her two weeks to keep trying to find a a multilateral sustainable e.u.
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approach prior to that summit at the end of june but if that compromise isn't found over the weekend or on monday and the interior minister actually follows through on his threat to essentially reimposed border controls and send migrants back to other countries where they were registered then in fact the chancellor would be left only with the choice of firing him that would see his conservatives leave the government the government then would no longer have a majority in parliament and we'd be heading into new elections so well into the begs the question why is there so much bad blood between mr they offer and chancellor merkel. there have been long simmering tensions over immigration essentially the bavarian conservatives were never on board with that policy opposed it essentially from the inception in two thousand and fifteen but the fact is that this current urgency is not so much about real problems at germany's borders the fact is that the flows of refugees have abated and there's no great disorder on the
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border but what it's really about is the fact that in the area in the heartland of the c.s.u. elections are coming up. and a far right wing anti immigration party has been making gains so the c.s.u. this interior minister's party is desperate to look tough on immigration and therefore is essentially pushing for this deadline now so it's essentially on one hand about tactics and and politics but it's also to some degree about principles on the one hand the questions about a broken immigration system in the e.u. and on the other hand the essential need in the chancellor's eyes for a multilateral approach that essentially sustains solidarity within europe she says sending refugees back to those countries on europe's perimeter italy greece would essentially leave them once again holding the main birth right now of melinda i
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only have thirty seconds left so i have a really long question for you this is a really risky move by mr they offer and his party the c.s.u. because these two parties the c.d.u. and the c.s.u. are joined at the hip could there be a backlash ramp absolutely there could be a backlash in fact i don't see a good end game for him if a compromise is found i guess that then he does remain in office as interior minister but it seems to me that he then looks substantially weaker and otherwise as i said he gets fired and essentially that means his time in government is is over all right to be continued use chief political correspondent melinda crane thank you so very much. and the issue of migration also topped the agenda at a meeting between the leaders of france and italy french president emmanuel mccall once migration policy reforms arguing that europe's response to mass migration has not adapted to the times italian prime minister just to pick on day says he is
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working on a proposal for what he called a radical paradigm change to migration management the two leaders had a dispute over at least refusal to allow a rescue ship with more than six hundred refugees to dock in an italian port this week all right let's check in now with max hoffman who is covering this bilateral let me to him he is outside the elite a palace in paris where this talk of these talks took place the maxim that they patch things up. least at the outside they patched things up they were very keen on trying to show that they're on the same page here and in my new memoir called the french president said that he really deeply hopes that the two countries france and italy will work hand in hand to solve the most pressing issues and those are of course the migration crisis that we've been talking about but also the convergence of the euro zone. now america considering that this issue
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is not about to go away and it remains a hot button issue for a definitely the months to come these two leaders seem to have very different perspectives on the role of the e.u. . they have very different perspectives on many things but if you look on the migration issues they might not be as far apart in spite of what happened this week than many people think because what italy is demanding from other countries is solidarity because they of course are having most migrants arriving on their shores at the moment and the solidarity principle is something that not only i'm going to medical the german chancellor wants but also the french president a man who read my call so they seem to be working in the same direction here but other topics not so much when it comes to solidarity in the eurozone for example it's completely different topic if you look at what this italian government is promising its citizens in spite of a mountain of debt that they have this is clearly something that will upset all the
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other member states because it might trigger the next financial crisis at least that's what many financial experts in the european union think aren't so means that so the two don't see eye to eye on the several issues that they don't see eye to eye on several issues and you also have to consider that it's completely unclear how this government is going to operate it's made up of left populist left wing populists and right wing populists many of them who have been extremely euro skeptical in the past some of them even calling for leaving the euro so how is this going to work out not only with the european institutions but with other leaders like i'm going to i'm actually from germany who's very procedural base that is completely unclear not a stable situation and as italy is a much larger country than greece where we had a similar crisis a couple year ago this might spell real danger for the european union max hoffman
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reporting from outside the is a palace in paris thank you for your continued coverage. all right we'd like to bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. the afghan defense ministry says a u.s. drone strike has killed the leader of pakistan's taleban as a lot is pakistan's most wanted militant is notorious for doing the country's worst ever school shooting in the attempted assassination of nobel prize winner malala use of say a journalist and editor who's also worked for g w news has been shot dead in indian controlled kashmir along with his two bodyguards. who cari was the editor of the moderate newspaper rising kashmir police say assailants came on motorbikes and fired a volley of bullets at his car when he left his office. former tennis legend boris becker has claimed diplomatic immunity to try to stop bankruptcy proceedings
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against him becker was declared bankrupt last year over a debt to a private bank in london he says he acquired diplomatic status in april when he was appointed e.u. sports attash a for the central african republic the growing global trade dispute just moved up a few notches all at once donald trump hitting thirteen hundred chinese products with twenty five percent tariffs as of next month beijing says it is responding with immediate retaliation. he starts with tariffs and we'll hit you back that was china's response to the latest twist in a dispute pitting the world's two biggest economies against each other. if the united states imposes unilateral protectionist measures that harm china's interests we'll react quickly and take the necessary steps to resolutely say all guards are
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fair. right. of arguing. a clear statement of intent just a day after u.s. secretary of state mike pompei you met his chinese counterpart in beijing but those diplomatic efforts didn't stop the united states from imposing twenty five percent tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods. meanwhile on the other side of the world another country is vowing to fight back against trump's protectionist measures speaking at an event in berlin chancellor angela merkel had this to say. as well as addressing the issue of tariffs on steel and many i'm that you use retaliatory measures the economy minister will also tackle the question of the strategic importance of the car industry for u.s. security. starting from the munich all this must. believe
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we should consider the strategic significance of the car industry for the european union in the same way so that we can prepare for an exchange with the united states . for. an exchange is one way to put this but as the war of words heats up it's becoming clear that the white house's aggressive stance on trade is leaving the united states increasingly isolated from its allies. as the two of the world cup is underway and in the first game of the day group a favorites euro y.b. egypt one nil egypt held out for. thirty nine minutes on your way you finally got the decider to say jimmy was there rose above the egyptian defense to head the winner the south americans well they took second place in group behind russia who beat saudi arabia five nil on thursday. all right before i let you go and remind you of our main headline this hour. german job. is facing
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a mutiny in her own conservative bloc that could threaten her hold on power the standoff over migration policy is being seen as the most serious crisis to hit marigolds three month old coalition government. all right on little rock in berlin on behalf of the entire news team thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us the news continues at the top of the hour we hope to see you then. the people of the world over information. hands want to stress you don't want facebook and twitter you know today and in touch.


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