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it's party. detectives starts june thirtieth on t w. this is you know we knew his life from berlin stress tests to germany's government embroiled in a serious crisis over the country's refugee policy. chose the anglo american ola facing a mutiny led by her interior minister that risks bringing down the government a new poll finds eighty six percent of germans want a harder line against failed asylum applications also coming up the running for
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election from jail as turkey prepares to head to the polls one of the main opposition candidates is stuck behind bars but that's not stopped him from campaigning to unseat turkey's president and match the two move at the world cup is underway with either just finished taking on a luis suarez's that you're of weight in group a good the striker at least sides a victory or are the favorites going to be left prostrated. on leyla her rock bank you so much for your company everybody. germany is embroiled in a serious political crisis chose uncle americal za thora he publicly challenged by her interior minister horse a offer her position hanging by a thread after mr is a ha for a member of her own concern. bloc and sister party the c.s.u.
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went against her say offer was to implement a plan under which some migrants would be turned away at the german border merkel has rejected that idea insisting is set on finding a joint european approach. for medicals governing coalition has begun to wobble over her welcoming policy toward refugees while her own conservative party the c d u still backs her the very and conservatives the c s you are in open rebellion. despite attempts at finding a consensus c.s.u. leaders say a change in policy is needed now. to flaws in the stream of illegal migrants to germany is a big problems of the before and the populace is very critical of it it's a political hot potato wherever we go we have to solve this problem now. machall hopes to negotiate a european solution to the migrant issue when e.u. heads of state meet in brussels in two weeks' time she argues that germany
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shouldn't be acting on its own offering a quote to the effect that international problems require international solutions. the world is highly integrated everything is too interconnected for any individual country to determine its destiny alone very wise words. but germany c.s.u. interior minister horst see who for wants germany to refuse entry to migrants registered in other countries and he made issue orders to that effect against merkel's wishes the opposition sees this as a political putsch does isis do nuffin these are they the government is on thin ice that's obvious. this is another attempt from the right to being of the conservatives to launch a takeover in a hired on your own. time is running out for the two sides to be to compromise if they don't until americans government could be in serious trouble.
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the chief political correspondent linda crane is standing by melinda lots of ground that i want to cover with you is this chancellor merkel's worst crisis and could we see the german government collapse over its migration policy. it is certainly her worst internal power struggle and that within her own party and there is absolutely a risk that the government could collapse at the moment most people seem to believe that some kind of compromise is likely to be found and we've heard that the former finance minister of wolfgang schauble who is now the head of the parliament that he has been asked to mediate between these two conservative parties the chancellor c.d.u. and the bavarian conservatives the c s u and he is highly respected by both sides and that kind of a compromise would involve some sort of face saving measure for the c.s.u.
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but essentially allow the chancellor her two weeks to keep trying to find a a multilateral sustainable e.u. approach prior to that summit at the end of june but if that compromise isn't found over the weekend or on monday and the interior minister actually follows through on his threat to essentially reimpose border controls and send migrants back to other countries where they were registered then in fact the chancellor would be left only with the choice of firing him that would see his conservatives leave the government the government then would no longer have a majority in parliament and we'd be heading into new elections so well into the begs the question why is there so much bad blood between mr they offer and chancellor merkel. there have been long simmering tensions over immigration essentially the bavarian conservatives were never on board with that policy opposed it essentially from the inception in two thousand and fifteen but the fact is that
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this current urgency is not so much about real problems at germany's borders the fact is that the flows of refugees have abated and there's no great disorder on the border but what it's really about is the fact that in bavaria in the heartland of the c.s.u. elections are coming up and. and a far right wing anti immigration party has been making gains so the c.s.u. this interior minister's party is desperate to look tough on immigration and therefore is essentially pushing for this deadline now so it's essentially on one hand about tactics and and politics but it's also to some degree about principles on the one hand the questions about a broken immigration system in the e.u. and on the other hand the essential need in the chancellor's eyes for a multilateral approach that essentially sustains solidarity within europe she says sending refugees back to those countries on europe's perimeter italy greece would
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essentially leave them once again holding the main burn right now of melinda i only have thirty seconds left so i have a really one question for you this is a really risky move by mr they offer and his party the c.s.u. because these two parties the c.d.u. and the c.s.u. are joined at the hip could there be a backlash for him absolutely there could be a backlash in fact i don't see a good and gain for him if a compromise is found i guess that then he does remain in office as interior minister but it seems to me that he then looks substantially weaker and otherwise as i said he gets fired and essentially that means his time in government is is over all right to be continued chief political correspondent melinda crane thank you so very much and i'm bringing up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world french president at money when my call is calling for quote profound reforms in europe's migration policy he made the comments after
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talks with the talian prime minister just to pick on day in paris mccall said europe's response to mass migration is not adapted to the times he backed conti's plans to create perspire osas singh centers for asylum seekers in africa. donald trump's former campaign manager paul man of forty has been ordered to jail a federal judge revoked try to force house arrest a week after special counsel robert muller charged him with witness tampering matter for it is facing two criminal trials on charges including fraud and conspiracy against the united states. the afghan defense ministry says a u.s. drone strike has killed the leader of pakistan's talabani well off is alive is pakistan's most wanted militants he's notorious for ordering the country's worst ever school shooting in the attempted assassination of nobel peace prize winner
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malala yousafzai. a veteran journalist and editor who worked for many news organizations including this one w. news has been fatally shot in indian controlled kashmir so juggle cari was the chief editor of several newspapers on evoke and a vocal advocate for the peaceful resolution of the kashmir dispute it worked pretty w.'s hindi or do and english services. he was a journalist who stood for peace yes his end came violently. was leaving his office when gunmen on a motorbike fired a volley of shots he was killed along with two personal security guards the assassins left behind a shattered glass and an inconsolable family. the head of the journalist fraternity was killed today these gunmen have ruined kashmir for years once again
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one of the great treasures of our community has been snatched from us. because he was the editor of several kashmiri newspapers and a correspondent for international media including d w he worked under security protection having survived three previous attacks one of his final tweets called attention to a report into abuses by indian and pakistani forces d.-w. is editor in chief in his paul paid tribute to picardy saying he embodied the journalistic virtue of critical detachment in kashmir he reported on the conflict with moderation and reason his voice will be missed. groups have called for an investigation at least a dozen reporters have been killed in kashmir in the decades long conflict half of the killings remain unsolved. it is match day two at the world cup in russia where group b.
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kicked off in st petersburg with the to a lesser teams in that pool iran just managed to beat morocco one nil with a goal in injury time when worst of all was an own goal by moroccan aziz the boy deuce would be his own goalkeeper the header a lucky when that a good world cup start for the iranians we were being aware later today footballing powerhouses portugal and spain will face off in sochi. in the first game of the afternoon on friday group a favor it's your great beat egypt one nil egypt held out for eighty nine minutes before your way finally got the decider for fiji in their rose above the egyptian defense to head the winner for the south american they take second place in group a behind russia who beat saudi arabia five nil on thursday. i did other news now incumbent president richard tire may be the clear front runner but that's not stopping opposition candidates from running against him even if they're
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in jail the procrit ish h d p presidential candidate so hot in the demo tosh was detained back in november two thousand and sixteen he told t w system will correspondent julie hahn what it's like campaigning from behind bars. nihad dania is a political campaigner through and through from sun up to sundown he can be found working the streets of istanbul district he's drumming up support for the program. the voters who don't cross his path are unlikely to learn much about the party's program many turkish media outlets don't report on them if it bit you good as in the heat you. we don't get any airtime on turkish t.v. the we're practically invisible in this they're broadcasters and newspapers that have reported on us but they've been shut down if city hall they want to make it difficult for us because it's a little. head again jewish bluto we're not going to give up the. other mothers yet
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. according to the watchdog reporters without borders more than eighty percent of turkish media are owned by companies close to president ad that is particularly evident during election campaigning. for example in the last two weeks of made turkey's public broadcaster t.r.t. spend more than sixty eight hours reporting on ad months compay opposition leader more demean gente his c.h.p. were given only six hours of air time met all option as party featured for just thirteen minutes b h d p candidates. has never been shown on am. the procurator say sticky in particular faces many difficulties president out and has effectively declared the party an enemy of the states he accuses it of spreading terrorist propaganda and having ties to the militant p.k. take work because of this the h.d. peace presidential candidate. runs in his campaign from jail he has been in
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custody for more than one and a whole of years a presidential candidate standing from inside prison that's a first for turkey the e.u. and international observers have sharply criticize the government's handling of. but that doesn't help him much his election campaigning has so far been limited to social media recently on twitter he asked turkey's largest news broadcast as why they have never reported on his campaign but he didn't get an answer in a written interview with g w he said. there's no justification why in these critical times the media are opting to see no evil hear no evil and speak no evil and why they are serving the interests of the government. funny how damia the h d p campaign or any stumbles such obstacles are just part of everyday life but despite the challenges he continues he says the harder life becomes for his people the harder he will work for change. washington news we solve
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a lot more to tell you about here's what's coming up a bleak day for world trade us president doll trump slaps the billions in tariffs on china and beijing promises to retaliate. and was ill and we'll have that and a whole lot more coming right up at the top of the hour. on the. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for a good. go at africa people and projects that are changing no one farm and for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's explain each other. be good for the farming magazine. long do do you.


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