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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 15, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is it every news live from berlin breaking point germany's government embroiled in a serious crisis over the country's refugee policy turns on the american facing a mutiny led by her interior minister that risks bringing down the government a new poll now finds eighty six percent of germans want a harder line against failed asylum applications also coming up on the brink of
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a trade war us president donald trump slaps billions worth in tariffs on china and beijing promises to retaliate plus final farewell to the ashes of renowned british physicist stephen hawking are laid to rest in westminster abbey in london he takes his place alongside other join hands of science including isaac newton and charles darwin. and match day two at the world cup continued friday evening with morocco and iran facing off says they'd make an omelette clean bit advance out of group eat what should the two sides had a lucky day. and then going back to school when you're all grown up we find out how these parents and kenya are catching up on the education they missed out on when they were children.
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thanks for your company everybody we start our broadcast with what is proving to be a stress test for germany's coalition which is not even one hundred days old this country is embroiled in a serious political crisis after chancellor angela merkel's authority has been publicly challenged by her interior minister horse a ha for her position hanging by a thread after mr say hoffer a member of her own conservative bloc and sister party the c.s.u. went against her they offer wants to implement a plan under which some migrants would be turned away at the german border chancellor merkel has rejected that idea insisting instead on finding a joint european approach. medicals governing coalition has begun to wobble over i won't come in policy toward refugees but her own conservative party the c d u still backs her the but very and conservatives the c s you are in open
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rebellion. despite attempts at finding a consensus c s u leaders say a change in policy is needed now. two flaws in the stream of illegal migrants to germany is a big problems of the before and the populace is very critical but it's a political hot potato wherever we go we have to solve this problem now. machall hopes to negotiate a european solution to the migrant issue when e.u. heads of state meet in brussels in two weeks' time she argues that germany shouldn't be acting on its own offering a quote to the effect that international problems require international solutions. if it is the world is highly integrated everything is too interconnected for any individual country to determine its destiny alone very wise words. but germany c.s.u. interior minister horst c. who for wants germany to refuse entry to migrants registered in other countries and
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he made issue orders to that effect against merkel's wishes the opposition sees this as a political putsch does isis din of the indies or the government is on thin ice that's obvious. this is another attempt from the right to being of the conservatives to launch a takeover in the hyatt on your own time is running out for the two sides to reach a compromise if they don't until americans government could be in serious trouble. and many have been blindsided by the speed at which this crisis unfolded we have lots to unpack and thankfully we can do that we did receive political correspondent melinda crane who is covering developments and melinda my first question is two pronged is this a chancellor merkel's worst crisis and could we see the german government collapse over the refugee policy. it's certainly her worst crisis within her own
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party the tensions have been simmering for some time but they have truly come to a head here and yes the worst case scenario would indeed to be that the government would fall and germany would move toward new elections now there is a feverish attempt to find a compromise we're told that the former finance minister and now president of the parliament will function is trying to mediate between the two conservative parties the c.d.u. and the e.c. as you and he does have respect from both sides he's also known and known as being quite conservative and cautious in the area of migration and asylum so we can be sure that he'll be pushing hard for a compromise that would both allow essentially both sides to save face but also give the chancellor that two week period to try to find
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a multilateral sustainable european solution in the run up to the e.u. summit that is to take place at the end of the month but if in fact there is no compromise by monday and the interior minister moves ahead with his threat to essentially exercise his powers and reimposed border controls along some of germany's borders that could put the car the chancellor in the awkward position of having to fire him we'd then see his conservative bloc leave the government coalition and they would then no longer have a majority of the seats in parliament meaning the government would fall and would have new elections right so this weekend could be a make or break a type of situation for chancellor americal well you know why is there so much bad blood between mr de offer and chancellor angela merkel. as i said the tensions over immigration policy have been simmering for some time mr c. ho fers bavarian conservatives were opposed to that open door policy right from its
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inception in twenty fifteen and they have continued to oppose it not least right now because they have a very important regional election coming up in their heartland in bavaria they are extremely eager to be seen as tough on immigration because of increasing support within bavaria as well as within germany as a whole for the anti immigration right wing party the a have they are very concerned about losing their absolute majority in their homeland and that's why they're putting on the pressure now there is no objective urgency to this there is no great disorder at the border but there is certainly anxiety on the part of the conservatives all right melinda i suggest that we take a look at the latest approval ratings now because in for a test to die in one of the main pollsters here in germany has published the following findings in the midst of this political crisis this poll was conducted
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before the outbreak of the current political raul they surveyed one thousand and six german voters asking them what they thought about differing migration proposals and this is what came out of the proposal that to do the greatest agreement was the one that called for deportations of asylum seekers whose applications had been turned down eighty six percent of those who responded agreed with that premise and only ten percent disagreed now let's take a look at the level of popularity enjoyed by uncle america's coalition are these findings they also from before the political turmoil erupted so that's really important to keep in mind that people were asked how satisfied are you with the german government's performance and these. our findings that will put up on the screen right now a clear majority there you go almost two thirds admit that they were dissatisfied only about a third of voters said they were satisfied with the government's performance
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melinda if we take these findings at face value what do you make of them. first of all it is important to bear in mind that these questions were posed in the poll before the current dispute so that finding on deportation eighty six percent of germans saying they'd like to see clearer measures tougher measures on that to be honest that is not a big surprise if you look at the coalition agreement which i just went back to this evening to take another look it is clearly written in there that all of the coalition parties agree that there needs to be a clearer process of deportation more expeditious and that they would work toward that so both the chancellor and the interior minister have signed on to that in the coalition agreement and clearly that is what germans want but this finding doesn't
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necessarily represent a ratification of mr siegel first take on the matter because what he's suggesting is that germany should move ahead on this unilaterally and right now and if you again look at the coalition agreement they also all the members of the coalition signed up to a european approach to reforming immigration policy so in fact mr say hope for a path that does not go along with that now the second finding on the support for the coalition frankly many germans did not want another grand coalition they in fact much would have preferred to see the chancellor's conservatives got their govern in a different constellation that didn't come about so this coalition is nobody's favorite and i think that probably best explains that result no no what i wonder and i hope you can shed some light on this is this politically seen is a really risky move on the part of mr they offer and his party the c.s.u.
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i mean these two parties the c.d.u. and the c.s.u. are joined at the hip yes c.s.u. was big in bavaria but how relevant is it nationally without the c.d.u. . not very and that is a puzzling aspect of all of this to me i don't really entirely see mr z. who fares and game here certainly he personally as a political leader has a whole lot to lose if he sticks with this ultimatum on monday he's going to be fired by the chancellor and then that scenario ensues where in fact his his conservative party might leave the overall conservative bloc with as you say little clout on the national level if he stays he's weakened by what has transpired here so that's a bit puzzling there are however internal machinations within the varian conservative party that may explain some of this specifically if they have a bad result in that upcoming regional election some of the other party leaders may
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be looking to set up mr c. hall for as a scapegoat but that takes us so far down a very complicated internal political path that i think we won't go further on that but it is a very complex question very complex question indeed but thank you so much for shedding some light on it political correspondent linda crane as always thank you i want to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world donald trump's former campaign manager paul man of ford has been ordered to jail a federal judge revoked metaphor's house arrest a week after special counsel robert muller charged him with britain is tampering man of foreigners facing two criminal trials on charges including fraud and conspiracy against the united states the afghan defense ministry says a u.s. drone strike has killed the leader of pakistan's talabani who are a lot is pakistan's most wanted militant is notorious for doing the country's worst
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ever school shooting and the attempted assassination of nobel prize winner malala use of say. you're watching the news with sort of a lot more to tell you about including the man carrying to be president of turkey from jail we reached the supporters of the silver had seen the mirror toss we've just over a week to go to the collection. but first i'd like to hand you over to how our now because we had a quite a day in terms of global trade you can say that again lately things a definitely not getting any friendlier right now in fact the trade route while it just moved up a few notches is u.s. president donald trump hits china hard beijing says it will retaliate with quote equal strength is adding fuel to the far as well although the heat today mostly coming from washington with chump announcing twenty five percent tire ifs on every thousand chinese products mainly from next month think crude high text very much
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taking aim at beijing's ambitions to transition to a tech economy now they add up to a total of around fifty billion dollars in fact in punitive tariffs what trump calls unfair trade practices the european union is hitting back against the previous us to seize on steel and other medium by imposing levies on american goods worth about three point three billion dollars now included on that list of course we've got blue jeans whiskey and motorcycles now the e.u. may be united on that matter but on other issues of trade it's fair to say cracks are now beginning to show it please government for one threatening not to ratify the e.u.'s trade deal with canada sita italian saying that he agree when it does not protect regional products like parmigiano and pursuit it seems that we are now indeed on the brink of a trade war. u.s. president donald trump says the friendship with chinese president xi jinping is
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important to him but he feels chinese business practices are unfair and that's why he wants to impose twenty five percent punitive tariffs on goods worth some fifty billion dollars. around eleven hundred products will be affected especially those from china is made in china twenty five industrial initiative areas that will be affected are aircraft manufacture information and communication technology robotics and mechanical engineering and the car industry chinese consumer goods such as mobile phones and televisions are expressively excluded so that u.s. consumers won't be burdened by higher prices china for its part now wants to introduce additional tariffs on american goods on a similar scale as previously announced. if the united states imposes unilateral protectionist measures that harm china's interests we will react
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quickly and take the necessary steps to resolutely safeguard our fair and legitimate rights. washington has already primed its guns and is preparing another list of additional tariffs worth some one hundred billion dollars. and covering this story for us is a washington correspondent claire richardson we can bring her in now the intervals between moves in this dispute they appeared to be sure where are we now would and who has the upper hand. well this is a major escalation in what is creeping toward a trade war between the world's two biggest economies and as you say the kind of tit for tat retaliation is picking up pace and this is just the latest move in several very turbulent months in which we're really seeing president donald trump making good on his promises of a hard line trade policy things like imposing of those steel and aluminum tariffs
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on key u.s. allies trying to renegotiate nafta with canada and mexico and now these tariffs on china and he's hardly the first u.s. president to complain about chinese trading practices however it is very much the first time we've seen a u.s. president take them on like this it's part of trump's long held belief that the united states is really getting the bad end of a deal that the international agreements that it is partner to do not serve in its interests and that previous administrations have done wrong by the american people by signing on to them so trump sees him self as a master dealmaker and he's going he's fulfilling his campaign promise of going hard with his trade policy to try and get a what he sees as a more favorable circumstance for the united states and the supposed the question now really. is the strategy actually working for him. well some global economist think or at least hope that this is part of a grander strategy that donald trump has in which he's hoping to really hit hard in
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order to have more negotiating leverage to get a better trade deal however if this is just an end in the if these tariffs are just an end in themselves we could be looking at americans paying more in stores weaker profits of slower growth worldwide still an aluminum industry will be happy about it again one of his campaign promises was to protect american manufacturing and they will be pleased to see their jobs protected from that the tariffs on steel and aluminum but this streak is also the question how much this how much the rich the question of how much this is going to hurt is really going to depend on how china and the european union and other countries affected by these tariffs are going to retaliate and how much damage they can actually do right and of course the europeans and the chinese strategy over retaliation is that working because let's be honest the u.s. economy is looking well thirty robust right now the u.s. economy is strong and that's what republicans are banking on in order to hold onto
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control of the u.s. house of representatives and the senate in this november's midterm elections and i you mentioned the european union was targeting some all-american or products things like a bourbon jeans harley davidson motorcycles and that is meant to be politically damaging in states where trump has a lot of support and in areas where there are republicans seeking re-election. richardson in washington thank you very much. well as a visa leyla now and all eyes are on an upcoming presidential election very important one indeed because turkey goes to the polls in just over a week's time and the incumbent president richard tired one may be the clear front runner but that's not stopping opposition candidates from running against him even if they're in jail the pro kurdish h.t.t.p. presidential candidate so hot in their marriage tosh was detained back in november two thousand and sixteen it is the supporters are out in the streets rallying support. if you knew how to muse
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a political campaign through and through from sun up to sundown he can be found working the streets of istanbul district he's drumming up support for the program. the voters who don't cross his path are unlikely to learn much about the party's program many church media outlets don't report on them if it bit you. the. we don't get any airtime on turkish t.v. the we're practically invisible and it's their broadcasters and newspapers that have reported on us but they've been shut down it's that if they want to make it difficult for us because it's a little head again jewish pluto we're not going to give up the. other mother. according to the watchdog reporters without borders more than eighty percent of turkish media are owned by companies close to president. that is particularly evident during election campaigning. for example in the last two weeks of made
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turkey's public broadcaster t.r.t. spend more than sixty eight hours reporting on outlines compay opposition leader morgan in gent his c.h.p. were given only six hours of air time met on auction as each party featured for just thirteen minutes the h d p candidates. has never been shown on am. the procurators h d p in particular faces many difficulties president out has effectively declared the party an enemy of the state he accuses it all spreading terrorist propaganda and having ties to the militant k.k.k. group because of this the h.d. peace presidential candidate salatin damage runs in his campaign from jail he has been in custody for more than one and alvie is a presidential candidate standing from inside prison that's a first for turkey the e.u. and international observers have sharply criticized the government's handling of the. but that doesn't help him much his election campaigning has so far been
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limited to social media recently on twitter he asked his news broadcast as why they have never reported on his campaign but he didn't get an answer in a written interview with g w he said. there's no justification why in these critical times the media are opting to see no evil hear no evil and speak no evil and why they are serving the interests of the government. funny how dania the h.t.t.p. campaigner in istanbul such obstacles are just part of everyday life but despite the challenges he continues he says the harder life becomes for his people the harder he will work for change. time now to check in on a world cup in russia where the first full day of matches has served up plenty of drama to talk it all over we've got matt herman here from sports so good to see you
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matt talk us through the real nail biter of the evening up to now morocco iran what happened there yeah this was a real nail biter it was scoreless through eighty nine minutes there was lots and lots of stoppages in the second half there were six minutes of time added on and something happened in those six minutes let's look at the tape here the own goal very late on from. this before do. you know in the one minute left in this game it looked like these two teams were going to settle for a draw that might have benefited them i put it past his keeper of real tears as you see there from morocco jubilation for iran this is a very good start for them would be it looked like this might be a tough route from them but this is a really nice start if this is a harsh result has to be said they threatened to play iran off the pitch in the first half hour so i thought they were going to win this game and. i had the better
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chances but you know it is part of iran's game plan to come to this world cup and defend defend defend that plan worked they showed that they can do that well if they can do that against spain and portugal they might be going through all right who knows let's talk about the earlier match that happened in the day yet that was egypt versus worldwide this is another interesting match in that had a lot of star power have luis suarez tad you know potentially most sallah he didn't end up playing he was left on the bench i guess he's not fully fit egypt wanted to play it safe let's look at the tape here this is another late winner only came from you know not attacking player rather than an own goal it was a free kick headed. medico madrid defender cosi my via humanise this guy is probably going to have your very important member of the tour quite seem in this campaign not only for his his heading of the ball and putting goals but he is a crack central defender he's right next to his club central defender in diego b.
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dean and if they can have you know strength at the back and strength up front with the likes of luis suarez and it's in cavani could have a very very good world cup probably a deserved win for them they did also have the better chance they probably could've put in three or four if they had been a bit canny or up front and a really tough loss for egypt who you know they thought they were going to get away with a draw despite not even playing their superstar most sallah it's has to be hard on them to you know not see any points out of this but having said all of that who do you think is off to the best start at this stage well i mean you have to say in terms of the games that are completed russia i mean five gold margin win is very very tough to beat i still think that they might struggle against or acquire or egypt when they you know face them down the line and of course we're also going to have to see what happens in this portugal spain match which is underway at the. i meant. iran they are going to be very pleased with their three points
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a lot of folks thought that they might get shut out in this world cup of the ball didn't bounce their way so they're very happy you know what will have to see and they have to go shopping for shoes just wouldn't send them because the u.s. government said you know you can't sell anything to the iranians so if they were wearing adidas but you know boots today say that we've all got it right. now for matches the for tomorrow so you know we have to stay home we're all saturday along which ones should we be paying close attention to it's really a tale of two and two i mean two of these matches feature hot favorites france are facing australia bit of a minnow and argentina are taking on iceland they are world cup debutantes so those are looked at as probable mismatches but you're probably going to see two of the teams who are you know favorites to go very deep into this tournament and then you have two matches which have a whole different kind of intrigue you have a potentially very even match between peru and denmark and you know i think both of
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those teams are have an outside chance of also going deep in this tournament if things go their way then also you have croatia and nigeria two teams who at times in the past have had very good world cups at times they've had very disappointing world cups it's a bit of a wildcard match in that respect i would not be shocked to see either of those teams get as far as you know the last eight or get bounced in the group stage so i think that's going to be the biggest question mark and perhaps the biggest surprise of tomorrow's matches and some they have of course is our big day yes germany facing mexico we'll see how that goes all right thank you so much matt always a pleasure talking to you thanks a lot as you're watching news we still have a lot more to tell you about to hear is what's coming up the ashes of we're now on british business is stephen hawking are laid to rest in westminster abbey in london where he takes his place alongside other giants of science including isaac new. and
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trying to stop them. going back to school when you're all grown up we find out how these parents in kenya are catching up on the education they missed out on when they were children playing the photos and a whole lot more coming up with the right after these messages limitless the to. cut flame. your pan stars deliver rousing performances. play. the game the music sounds public. the british cross of the bands gene bandaids play.
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hooky concert please let me. play who do you think is going to be an emotional player. the measures the scores. flow flows in eighteen soccer world cup. d w news. the bay news almost immediately it's not seen a few months and. years ago supposedly changes outlandish concept oversight by the flame player people who put big dreams on the big story play.
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movie magazine on the w. . we make up over a week what times of the under educated we are the civil service or. the want to keep the continent's future. youngsters especially share their stories their dreams and their challengers. this ship seven percent. platform. great to have you back with us you're watching the. i will a law iraq these are made headlines right now. shows lango america is facing a mutiny in her own conservative blog that could threaten her hold on power the standoff with her interior minister over migration policy is being seen as the most
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serious crisis to hit miracles three month old coalition government. and the issue of migration also top the agenda at a meeting between the leaders of france and italy french president and many on my call once migration policy reforms arguing that europe's response to mass migration has not adapted to the times italian prime minister just epic on to says he is working on a proposal for what he called a radical paradigm change to migration management while the two leaders had a dispute over italy's refusal to allow a rescue ship with more than six hundred refugees to dock in an italian ports this week. all right let's check in now with max hoffman who is covering this by lateral let me to him he is outside the palace in paris where this talk of these talks took place the maxim that they patched things up. police at the outside they patched things up they were very keen on trying to show
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that they're on the same page here and i called the french president said that he really deeply hopes that the two countries france and italy will work hand in the head to solve the most pressing issues and those are of course the migration crisis that we've been talking about but also the convergence of the euro zone. now america saying that this issue is not about to go away and it remains a hot button issue for a definitely the months to come these two leaders seem to have very different perspectives on the role of the e.u. they have very different perspectives on many things but if you look on the migration the issues they might not be as far apart in spite of what happened this week than many people think because what italy is demanding from other countries is solidarity because they of course are having most migrants arriving on their shores at the moment and the solidarity principle is something that not only i get back of
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the german chancellor once but also the french president call so they seem to be working in the same direction here but other topics not so much when it comes to solidarity in the euro zone for example of a completely different topic if you look at what this italian government is promising its citizens in spite of a mountain of debt that they have this is clearly something that will upset all the other member states because it might trigger the next financial crisis at least that's what many financial experts in the european union think and that was the date of his max hoffman reporting from paris in london the ashes of the renowned physicist stephen hawking have been laid to rest in westminster abbey he joined some of the giants of science in turn there including isaac newton and charles darwin well hawking died in march at the age of seventy six after decades of living with a debilitating motor neuron condition. for
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a man who lived as an atheist a religious sendoff might have been considered and usual but stephen hawking's memorial was as much about science as it was about his life on his gravestone was the inscription here lies what was mortal of stephen hawking a picture of a black hawk and one of the most famous equations in physics. friends and family who gathered at westminster abbey read moving messages of and about the esther physicist. let's. be genuine. hate what is evil hope faster what is good love for one another with mutual affection outdo one another is showing honor do not like in seal beach argentine spirit serve the lord. recently been diagnosed with genitive disease and told he might not survive
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to finish his ph d. . after this diagnosis is expectations dropped to zero he later said everything that happened afterwards was a bonus and was a triumph of his life as big. as hawking's remains were laid to rest the european space agency in spain beamed to hawkings voice into a black hole as a message of peace and hope. the. moon the moon. stephen hawking's ashes and now buried in london next to some of the world's great geniuses a fitting resting place for one of this generation's greatest minds.
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right helena joins me now to take a closer look at a billionaire president not in the u.s. the u.s. whatever trump might say you know we're talking about the czech republic because the czech republic has gone and got one as well he could finally have a government behind him after eight months soft and inconclusive election now the billionaire andrei by the shans been struggling to find coalition partners for his centrist forty the social democrats are set to agree to a deal but any government will still depend on the communists. bread for prague straight out of the factory belonging to the country's prime minister and. the bread factory with its two hundred seventy employees belongs to agro fat a business success story for bobbish i prefer that as a yearly turnover of one point five billion euros the company's interests extend far beyond bread but it keeps its cards close to its chest only reluctantly giving a statement on the prime minister's involvement. hasn't been responsible for that
8:37 pm
since january two thousand and fourteen when he joined the government finance minister and now that he's heading up the government he's no longer with agro fat his share in the company has been transferred into a trust fund in other words mr bush has no part in agra fancy daily business. directly opposite the company headquarters the main office of the political party founded by bobbish is now the biggest political force in the czech parliament andrei bobbish is estimated to be worth around three billion euros was many czech people are concerned that so much wealth and political power concentrated in just a few hands in early june thousands of people took to the streets to protest against what they call an oligarchy. the anti bobbish protests were organized by a group of students. his holding which is now managed by his wife and by his
8:38 pm
close friends burned during prohibition spangles in government during four years. one and a half billion of euro and is the same amount his holding earned during twenty years before together. the activists say agra fat has acquired the most important newspapers in the country turning them into propaganda instruments. the senior editors have all left the papers and are now working independently. under a publishers or interests in health agriculture and commission and first two businesses are very much dependent on the state and the legislation of the state many see an indisputable conflict of interests between business activities and his role in politics business consultant otto brown knows the mood among czech business leaders how does he see things developing. the government will continue to align
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itself with the e.u. and the west and there's no danger of the czechs it either. so it's likely the czech republic will stay loyal to the e.u. but it won't adopt the euro as a currency the economy is growing wages are on the rise there seems little reason for andrei bobbish to change track to kenya now in an area known as the flower bed all of africa and lake vashon are the cut flowers industry that generates five percent of kenya's g.d.p. it might sound profitable not to mention beautiful but fishermen say it also causes extensive pollution claiming fertilizers from the fields drain directly into the lakes water is. the problem of hours spent on kenya's lake night. but only a few kilograms of to lobby a caught such a small hall will fetch about one euro the fisherman blame the maker yield on flour farms situated around the lake they say the farms are polluting the lake and
8:40 pm
depleting its water ten years of this has been catastrophic for the environment. why did it go so they've almost completely dried out the lake and their chemicals draining into it have affected the water on it and the perfect or my life there is hardly any fish left so i want to propose one option. there are more than fifty flower farms around the lake that conditions are perfect for growing the region is known for its fertile soil ample sunshine and the readily available water source. a syrian one of the largest flower producers here rejects the fisherman's claims they say they use only half the standard amount of insecticide and rely instead on natural means such as these small beetles to control the pasts attacking these
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roses. in addition the flower producers say they also utilize a closed water system instead of simply pumping used water directly back into the lake. and nothing from the walk of the shark to what they're all doing what they go to the eco system. but also it's safe for us regulars ching into the lake but the flower producers place the blame on small farmers like potato grower paul come on in the form of using what they say that that's what i'm going to be avoided because . they have to improve the top with the. environmental organizations are trying to help the farmers convert to sustainable pest control methods. meanwhile the fishermen bring their paltry catch to market the feud between the flower industry and the small farmers concerns them more and more they want solutions to clean up the lake so their nets can be full of fish
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again. heading back a bit and now we stay in kenya we stay in kenya with an inspirational story because for many growing up in kenya access to decent education is not a given which in turn can have serious repercussions later in life while parents struggle to find enough work to provide for themselves and their family but some of been taking action and returning to the classroom it can be a struggle but as we see in this next report that doesn't stop their determination to create a brighter future. when working with chemical solutions precision is crucial in this chemistry class the students are especially conscientious towards our c.e.o. bob bennett to is toxic this is no ordinary class these tenth grade students are between twenty and fifty years old all of them are here and to get their high school diplomas. melissa is close to reaching her goal
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she's been going to school every weekday for nearly two years the mother of two wants to be a good role model for her children. to have a story to tap into your children and it also by the way they come up this weekend that you didn't get what you waited and you have are you going to tell if you have to do that he loves you like me you know the weeks now when you have a tight. the teachers samuel meena often feels like a child himself most of his students are older than he is he tries to maintain a friendly reporter with the members of his class he knows that many of them have a lot more than school to cope with it is a hot dog because you have a store in the or you hope of responsibilities your from the business your my you just got to do it does not cost easy odds when a fossil is young. melissa and you can relate but she still values the chance to learn. it's what it is it's what it's right to be painful now but it is always
8:44 pm
a suit. many kenyans lack access to good education millicent was married off at a young age she finished school with poor grades as a result she couldn't find a decent job. nowadays she lives alone in a one room apartment in a poor district her children live with their father and have come to visit her. and all that. melissa and can't afford to take her children on outings or to the cinema but they can enjoy singing together her daughter faith was initially against her going to school at first it wasn't. hard when it was. it took a lot of day to bullying you need to make first money. but i am supporting her money is always tight melissa is not working at the moment so she can focus on school
8:45 pm
a woman from her church is financing her education others also help and melissa and wants to do the same when she's done with school and to be a nice. and. possibly i'd like doing community work. would be doing community work because i feel that i have to sean for the vulnerable person favored is proud of her. just given. i feel good because my mother is also learning so one day she can become a nurse i'm learning so i can become an engineer but. yes. happy and when i grow up i'll take care of my parents. and. to get near pensacola. to have a better life that's also sam a local lot in school the most i return to school at the age of forty two in rural
8:46 pm
and dong adults learn side by side with children but samuel needs a lot more time than they do especially in biology and chemistry of to trade because of the polluters. of to meet with the. subjects. they're going to want to know the real goal to put them in is one reason for this is that some world does not always come to class come for example the mundus to tuesday come on when is it soon find that the continued lagging behind series have to be towards you what you taught previously is for them to understand. but sam well has a herd back home that he has to take care of. the drought in kenya is taking its toll on the animals. of course and was. this is the. even though we would be able to say
8:47 pm
that's another reason why some well is going to school his uncle is paying for the classes and i thought oh my goodness who. wants to get an education. for his future. that's why i'm supporting him. it will help every was. with me to the so they were both to school. is because over the. poverty of two of . his formative. samuel's job as a shepherd just doesn't bring enough income to live on anymore melissa also worries about money all the time but she's still determined to keep going to school until she gets her diploma. probably but able. to take. the time to be able to do at. that moment the point and probably. going to be. speaking as
8:48 pm
a nurse so someday earn enough to be able to offer her children at least some support. in other news a veteran journalist and editor who worked for many news organizations including this one w. news has been shot dead in indian controlled kashmir sujata bukhari was the chief editor of several newspapers and a vocal advocate for the peaceful resolution of the kashmir dispute he worked for w.'s hindi or do an english services. he was a journalist who stood for peace yes it's end came violently shoot was leaving his office when gunmen on a motorbike fired a volley of shots he was killed along with two personal security guards the assassins left behind a shattered glass and an inconsolable family. the head of the journalist fraternity was killed today these gunmen have ruined kashmir for years once again
8:49 pm
one of the great treasures of our community has been snatched from us. because he was the editor of several kashmiri newspapers and a correspondent for international media including d w he worked under security protection having survived three previous attacks one of his final tweets called attention to a report into abuses by indian and pakistani forces d.-w. is editor in chief in his paul paid tribute to because saying he embodied the journalistic virtue of critical detachment in kashmir he reported on the conflict with moderation and reason his voice will be missed. thousands attended because his burial his attackers remain unknown indian police and rebel groups have accused each other for the killing of journalist groups have called for an investigation at least a dozen reporters have been killed in kashmir in the decades long conflict half of
8:50 pm
the killings remain unsolved. there's just a handful of living artists whose work sell for tens of millions of heroes now if you have that kind of cash burning a hole in your pocket you can buy their works at this year's are basel in the city of basel switzerland for instance this is still a show that you see right here by chinese superstar i way way or maybe some paintings by the african-american artists carry games martial art basel is considered the world's premier art fair in this year for collector as it's our reveal feeding frenzy and david leavitt's from our culture desk is here with me good to see you david now of course there are furs all over the world that aren't basel remains the gold standard why it's the best of the best what you have to know about the art world is that there's a big segment of it that spends a good part of its year going from airport to airport art fair to art fair with
8:51 pm
with air kisses. for them this is the highlight of that cycle that's because the biggest dealers go and they don't just go they bring their best their most desirable their most expensive pieces to show off and unlike in other art fairs people aren't just buyers aren't just strolling through hoping to see something they like you know the sales are choreographed and the sellers are spending weeks in advance courting buyers the opening day is reserved for v.i.p.'s the people with the fattest wallets and basically they're pitted against each other for the best good so it ends up being kind of like an auction enough about the finances for now let's actually take a look at some of the art. almost three billion euros of all it is up for sale at the forty ninth edition of basel they smoke zinc for example by spanish. it has a twenty one million euro price tag. or if abstract oil paintings are more your
8:52 pm
thing how about this work by the american artist joan mitchell two of her works fetched fourteen million apiece in the first days of the fat at the high end of the market money it seems is no object despite economic uncertainty. there may be terror clouds on the horizon in general economic terms and we're not going to go into that right now however the point is that even if those clouds start to thunderstorm the very high net worth individuals still continue to collect in trade are at their level there are untouchable. highlights include a number of picasso's and those are hanging metallic scopes by louise bush who are up for grabs standout pieces of beyond most basel visitors pockets but they are also and firms for the top galleries who have to maintain
8:53 pm
standards to keep being invited to back. it's the most important faire barnard it's the gold standard of how the art world is booths here what you're showing literally people put things aside all here and save them just for this experience there's nothing that compares. the ox basel unlimited home houses launch of books like this like sculpture neon forms by care if when evans despite a seventy five thousand a year of fifty nine hundred calories fights for around three hundred places art basel keeps a close eye on what's going on if a calorie is selling then new artworks of the same quality are expected to be hung in the place. amazing david business is booming fifty four billion euros in global art sales last year alone it was actually
8:54 pm
a twelve percent rise over the. you're before you would think that our dealers would be really excited about this and some of them are but there are a lot of people worrying too and the reason is that more and more art is being but at the highest and we're talking the big stars and big prices the rich are basically getting richer and they want more and more expensive art there are some people who won't even buy anything worth less than a million euros basically what that means is that we're seeing more and more top art stars selling for higher price tags at art basel and outposts of art basel in miami beach and hong kong the problem is that there are some wealthy collectors who think that it's not even worth investing in anything for under one hundred thousand euros they think they're not going to get anything good and that means that the smaller gallery is the one that foster the ones that foster up in coming talent you know maybe the next picasso they're basically being squeezed out right now what's
8:55 pm
the solution how do you counter that you know well no one knows for sure but one new york gallery even announced that they're quitting art basel for good they've started advertising their art on instagram and sponsored posts that will be targeted at people who are attending art basel and i think the more of the the more the the market goes toward this higher and the more we're going to see smaller galleries with smaller artists taking to those tactics instagram social media this is where the future is probably going to go to that we thank you so much david have a fantastic weekend. now with the world cup underway football fever is sweeping the globe but why she humans have all the fun want to leave you now with the china as they say and show paying a panda base where so furry footballers also got a piece of the action thanks for spending time with us.
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the bomb possibly. the be . the be. the be. the be. the but. the be . the but the be. the
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be . the best. for her. your pain stars the browsing the form and submit the music sounds call the british crossover band. the beauty. of country. to. abort.
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are fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of what appears come out. of the nose talk on g.w. oh they did the film superhero on a mission that's an attempt to smart women smart talk smarts to shut a legend isn't by no means missed out on or increasingly dangerous stunt double made for mind. a clash of cultures in india. a clash between those who believe that in a range marriage those who want to marry for love. the clash that shaking families and society to the core.
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the love commandos starts july eighth t w. crimes first against humanity. civilians become witness six of. their recorded ages travel around the globe just social media. but what is propaganda picture and what is fact digital investigators combed through the flood of images they combine sources choi to reconstruct what happened and to substantiate claims of crimes thanks to this video recording of the soldier who shot me young man is on trial now st. paul's forensics between bits parts. of. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t w.
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this is d.w. news live from bergland breaking point germany's government in broyles in a serious crisis over its migration policy chancellor angela merkel facing a mutiny led by her interior minister has said to be preparing to defy her and risk bringing down the government. also coming up a final farewell the ashes of her now in the british physicist stephen hawking are laid to rest in westminster abbey in london he takes his place alongside giants of science.


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