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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 15, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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but everyone has the right to. everyone has the right to. play. the bass. player. this is d w news live from berlin breaking point germany's government employees in a serious crisis over its migration policy chancellor angela merkel facing a mutiny led by her interior minister she is said to be preparing to defy her and risk bringing down the government but also coming up on the brink of a trade war u.s.
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president donald trump's lost tariffs on china and beijing already fires back plus a match day two at the world cup continued on friday evening with morocco and iran facing off as they make and unlikely been to a dance out of group b. which of the two sides had a lucky day. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. we begin with what is proving to be a stress test for germany's coalition governments chancellor angela merkel's authority has been publicly challenged by her interior minister or hoffa now her position is hanging by a thread after they offer a member of her own conservative bloc and sister party the c.s.u. said that he wanted to implement a plan under which some migrants would be turned away at the german border americal
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has rejected that idea insisting instead on finding a joint european approach. governing coalition has begun to wobble over her refugee policy while her own conservative party the c.d.u. still backs the bavarian conservatives the c.s.u. or in open rebellion despite attempts at finding a consensus c.s.u. leaders say a change in policy is needed now. two flows of the stream of illegal migrants to germany is a big problems of the before and the populace is very critical but it's a political hot potato wherever we go we have to solve this problem now than merkel hopes to negotiate a european solution to the migrant issue when e.u. leaders meet in brussels in two weeks' time she argues that germany shouldn't be acting on its own she offered a quote along the lines that international problems require international solutions
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. the world is highly integrated everything is too interconnected for any individual country to determine its destiny alone a very wise words. but the c.s.u. interior minister horsy hope for doesn't think a european solution is coming soon he wants germany to refuse entry to migrants registered in other e.u. countries and he may issue orders to that effect against merkel's wishes the opposition thinks he's going too far. does isis do not think the government is on thin ice that's obvious. this is another attempt from the right to being of the conservatives to launch a takeover in a hired. miracles other coalition partners the social democrats are also irritated by the whole phone puzzle that he seems ready to risk bringing down the government . to do it the argument between the c.d.u. in the c.s. year is dramatic and is causing serious trouble i don't understand why this is
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happening because not long ago when we were putting together the coalition agreement we discussed this question of how to get a grip on the refugee problem if we can time is running out for the t.v. sides to reach a compromise if they don't angela merkel's government could be in serious trouble. and chief political correspondent melinda crane is covering events she joins us now melinda it's clear that this crisis is not good for agel americal but does it have the potential to unseat her it absolutely does if the interior minister sticks to his ultimatum and actually moves to carry it out on monday as he spoke of doing then essentially the chancellor might wind up with no option but to fire him because that measure that he is proposing namely to essentially reinstitute border
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controls along some of germany's borders and to turn away some migrants or send them back to the first countries in europe that they entered that would absolutely contravene sections of the coalition agreement that he signed up to and would directly contradict the wishes of the chancellor so essentially he would be putting her in a very difficult spot indeed if she were to dismiss him then his party group the bavarian conservative see as you would lead the government that would mean that the coalition would then not have a majority of the seats in parliament which means that the government in turn would fall new elections would be in store and the chancellor herself would be without a job because she has said this would be her last term and essentially that would be a defeat for her so the stakes are so high for both of them as you've just articulated there and i just want to turn to mr hoffa his motivations because you know he's the
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chairman of the bavarian sister party of america he should be one of her closest allies within the cabinet why is he risking the downfall of the government and potentially his own. there have been long simmering tensions over immigration his bavarian conservatives basically were opposed to the open door policy from its very inception in two thousand and fifteen when there was a huge mass of refugees on the border and the chancellor said that given the the weaknesses in european refugee policy as a whole she saw no choice but to open germany's border whether the varying conservatives oppose that they remain opposed remained opposed they've pushed hard for tougher action both on deportations and on limiting the number of refugees to enter the country they did get some of those points into the coalition agreement and nonetheless they haven't been satisfied but this is really more than anything
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else about tactics and about sheer opportunism because there is a very important regional election coming up in the c s u's the very end hartland it will occur in october and the c.s.u. is very very eager to look tough on immigration in order to ward off the games by the far right anti immigration a.f.d. party so this is all about tactics. and ahead of that election i mean let's gauge the mood now of the country because there has been a poll it was conducted before this political crisis we have to mention and it shows the majority of germans that they also want change with regard to refugee policy and i'd just like to drill down into some of the details and then ask you about the melinda because the poll it was conducted by in for test you map they asked what people thought about different migration proposals here's what they said the proposal that through the greatest agreement was the one that called for deportations of asylum seekers whose application has been turned down eighty six percent of those who responded agree that premise with that premise and only ten
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percent disagreed and to build on that bill and we're going to have a look now at the level of popularity enjoyed by angela merkel's coalition itself these findings. they also date from before the political turmoil erupted people were asked how satisfied are you with the german government's performance here here's what they said a clear majority almost two thirds they admitted that they were disk satisfied only about a third of voters said that they were satisfied with the government's performance so how should we read these findings because i mean on the face of it it doesn't look good for merkel and her policies does it. well on that first finding that you showed on on policy regarding deportations it really comes as no surprise that has been the viewpoint of a large section of the public for some time and in fact the coalition agreement for
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cs tougher quicker better more effective action on deporting those who have no right to asylum in this country the point is that question was not put to daring the current crisis and he was not phrased to ask but do you want to see unilateral go it alone action by germany right now on this point that essentially is what safe hofer is is saying that he wants to do move ahead on his own essentially on a unilateral basis now the fact is the coalition agreement specifies that the coalition partners will seek you wide solutions multilateral european union solutions to what is a very complex problem that is the chancellor's position and in fact this finding that we just saw there doesn't necessarily contra contradict that the second finding about support for the government frankly very few germans wanted to see
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another edition of the grand coalition both for the s.p. divo toure's and the c.d.u. the conservative voters they would have much preferred to see other constellations of parties than what they got so we can't necessarily draw a causal connection and interestingly enough if we look at another poll that was released today that was taken after this dispute flared up the voters of nearly all german parties except the very and conservatives and the f.t. that far right party i mentioned all the other voters say immigration is not on the top of their priority lists and that's really fascinating indeed melinda and also you know in addition to that we we just have to remind our viewers that according to these polls as well merkel still remaining the most popular politician in the country by far how do you see this playing out well and i mean if she finds a solution what does it mean for her popularity and her government. well solution first of all would be a compromise to simply turn down the heat on this dispute now we are told
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especially the christian democrats her her bloc or her party within the conservative block we are told that they are looking hard for a compromise with their bavarian is strange to sister party but it sounds like it hasn't been found yet we're also told that the former finance minister and current president of the parliament wolfgang schauble who enjoys the respect of both groups of conservatives that he is helping to try to mediate so a compromise essentially would buy the chancellor time in which to look for that european union solutions she so badly wants before an e.u. summit at the end of this month fascinating stuff and we know in the world of power politics in germany angela merkel most often the last one standing so we'll just see if that is indeed the case this time around our chief political correspondent melinda crane we appreciate it. migration also topping the agenda when french president emmanuel mccaughan met with italian prime minister just said because in paris after those talks micron called for profound
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reform of the european union's migration policy the summit also patched up things after a tense exchange earlier in the week over italy's refusal to let migrant rescue ships dock at its ports. days ago they exchanged harsh words now it's handshakes and back rubs french president emanuel and italian prime minister just to pick a finding common ground despite their differences one is a european cheerleader the other the head of a euro skeptic government but both agree that the current rules for processing asylum seekers in their country of a rival are not working. the concept of a state of first entry must be reviewed whoever sets foot in italy that sets foot in europe. there will be. nothing today the current system does not work at the moment. the solidarity system is designed with quotas did not
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deliver satisfactory results we must find a mechanism so each state can bear responsibility for migrants on its territory but also allow for solidarity so that the geographical situation does not result in an unsustainable political situation. the meeting was almost up ended by a spat over the plight of migrants on board the rescue ship aquarius. spokesman accused israeli of cynicism and irresponsibility for turning the ship away italy demanded an apology and threatened to call off the leaders meeting the migrants remain on board the aquarius bound for spain heading through rough seas there is farrah conditions at the elisa palace contest says italy is working on a proposal to overhaul europe's asylum system he wants to see migrant processing centers established in africa something appears open to an attempt to keep italy close even as european countries are drifting apart. now let's get
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a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world donald trump's former campaign manager paul mad a ford has been ordered to jail a federal judge revoked metaphor's house arrest a week after special counsel robert mueller charged him with witness tampering metaphor to space into criminal trials on charges including fraud and conspiracy against the united states. the afghan defense ministry says that a u.s. drone strike has killed the leader of pakistan's taliban mullah fazlullah is pakistan's most wanted militant he is notorious for ordering the country's worst ever school shooting and the attempted assassination of nobel prize winner malala yousafzai. the ashes of renowned astrophysicist stephen hawking have been buried in blunder as well as mr abbey hawking was best known for his groundbreaking research into black holes and for his iconic digital voice he died in march at the
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age of seventy six after living for decades with debilitating motor neuron disease . helen humphrey is here and helen what a day for global trade i think it's fair to say sara relations have been friendly i in fact the trade has just moved up a few notches is u.s. president donald trump it's china hard beijing retaliating with equal strength that says him but lynn is adding fuel to the far as well the heat mostly coming from washington today with trump announcing those twenty five percent tariff saw an ira thousand chinese products mainly from next month now they clued high tech so very much taking aim beijing's ambition is to transition into a tech economy now they add up to a total of around fifty billion dollars in punitive tariffs for what trump calls unfair trade practices now the european union for its part is hitting back against
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the previous u.s. duties on steel and aluminum by imposing levies of it so on american goods to the tune of about three point three billion dollars included on its tariff hitlist bluejeans whiskey and motorcycle now the e.u. may be united on that matter but on other issues of trade cracks all beginning to show italy's government for one has been threatening not to ratify the use trade deal with canada the sea to deal the italian say the agreement doesn't protect regional products like putting the johnno on pursuit it seems that we are now on the brink of a global trade will. well the escalating international trade dispute made itself felt on the markets on friday the looming trade will between the u.s. and china and europe is certainly making invest this global share markets are under pressure even the dow jones lurching into negative territory across build a boeing was among the heaviest loses traders were reacting to their belief that and crofton agricultural projects would be on the list of retaliatory chinese
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sanctions and covering the fallout on wall street is a financial correspondent yens court against what are you hearing there on the floor. well the first round of for you of terrorists on imports from china will kick in on july as six and we will start was the amount of thirty five billion dollars and then china declared friday afternoon that they will retaliate they will also start imposing a tariff on u.s. imports also on july sixth also in the amount of thirty five billion dollars and we will see tariffs on a you as agricultural seafood and energy products or aerospace is a not going to be a tariff that at least for now and it was interesting to see that the reaction on
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wall street actually was rather muted so we did not see a huge selloff and maybe that's because if you look at the united states in general at the u.s. economy we are talking about the gross domestic product in total of about nineteen trillion dollars and now we're talking tariffs and the amount of about thirty five billion dollars so for now at least investors do not believe that it's really going to threaten economic growth here in the united states at least for now business as usual some might say thanks a lot for that yes quarter on wall street. czech republic could finally have a government eight months after an inconclusive election billionaire. has been struggling to find coalition partners for his centrist party the social democrats are set to agree to a deal but any government will still depend on the communist party. bread for
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prague straight out of the factory belonging to the country's prime minister andrei bobbish the bread factory with its two hundred seventy employees belongs to agro fat a business success story for bobbish grow fat has a yearly turnover of one point five billion euros the company's interests extend far beyond bread but it keeps its cards close to its chest only reluctantly giving a statement on the prime minister's involvement for mr babbitt hasn't been responsible for average fat since january two thousand and fourteen when he joined the government as finance minister and now that he's heading up the government he's no longer with i grow fat his share in the company has been transferred into a trust fund and in other words mr bobbitt has no part in agra fatso daily business . directly opposite the company headquarters the main office of the political party founded by bobbish is now the biggest political force in the czech parliament andrey bobbish is estimated to be worth around three billion euros was many
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czech people are concerned that so much wealth and political power concentrated in just a few hands in early june thousands of people took to the streets to protest against what they call an oligarchy. the anti bobbish protests were organized by a group of students. his holding which is now managed by his wife and by his close friends burned during prohibition in government during four years burned one and a half billion of europe and is the same amount his holding current during twenty years before you get there. the activists say agra fat has acquired the most important newspapers in the country turning them into propaganda instruments. the senior editors have all left the papers and they're now working independently. and they publishers are interests in health agriculture and community and first two
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businesses are very much dependent on the state and the legislation of the state many see an indisputable conflict of interests between business activities and his role in politics business consultant otto brown knows the mood among czech business leaders. time now to check up on world cup action everyone was really focusing on this evening we were watching a short while ago it was fortune go first to spain and it was a nail biter oh it was more than a nail biter it was everything so much happened in this game is the best world cup game of football i've seen in a really long time it all got started very quickly as well christian although was fouled in the box kind of a light challenge but for its look at the tape he stepped up to the penalty spot put portugal and france three and a half minutes into the scheme that puts fame under real pressure you know very
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fond of that pressure diego costa. some pretty nifty moves in the county area is only a couple of cut backs and unites the far post but portugal were nearly done for. c n n although decided to take a crack at his own it was just too hard for me to hey i'm in gold. i'm not even halfway done here say. and then after half time spain put things rubble diego costa finishing off a beautiful friendship play and look at this nacho the real madrid defender who actually found rinaldo for the penalty scored on a volley from distance which is hard to beat christianity although in the final minute of the game however. put portugal level a three three draw this was i mean i don't think that it is inappropriate to call this one an instant classic everyone is looking at this game right when the draw
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was made they know that might be a good game they were right and the fans got their money's worth and that is fish are another good one was morocco iran right here for totally different reasons i mean this was a game that i think a lot of fans watching and if they don't watch it or african or asian qualifying didn't know these two teams very well it turned out to be quite an even match a very different two different styles facing into the let's watch some of the footage it ended as a win for iran. last minute winner here iran jubilance but if we look at the replay it turned out as an own goal from. of morocco really a sad moment for him because it looked like you know it was going to get away with a draw they probably could've won this one they probably had the better chances they were really pushing iran around in the first half hour of this game or so but you know iran are a team that likes to defend they are they like teams to come on to them and they are very comfortable with that and that plan worked out very well for them today i think it's going to be tough for them against portugal or spain the two other teams
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in group b. but they're the ones with three points and those two teams only have one ok that's going to be one to watch how about the early match of the game yet that i should say about that yes. this is that one actually finished quite similarly to theo morocco. irangate it was also a late winner not quite as late an eighty seventh minute winner and let's look at the tape of that that was scored by hosts a few minutes in seven minutes powerful header coming off a free kick right wing this was also a crushing loss for egypt i mean egypt went into this game you know knowing at least behind closed doors that their superstar attacker khalid saleh was not ready to play they left him on the bench they just added to play it safe and it looked like that gambled that maybe they could get a result against what might be the best team in group a was going to payoff it worked for eighty seven minutes and just the last three minutes it didn't really
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work and really tough loss for them but. i have got to be looking ahead to the rest of the games in group a with a lot of confidence who is the best off so far a russia for sure we know russia i still don't trust them to get you know too many more good result is going to beat them but a five nil win is something that is a dream start especially for a host nation that didn't necessarily have a lot of confidence heading into the tournament they are sitting very very pretty indeed who else is likely to be sitting pretty after saturday because we have a big match also coming up tomorrow you know i think there will be two teams sitting pretty at least i'm fairly certain of that because two tournaments favorites are going to be kicking off their campaigns first bill france are taking on australia a fairly lightly regarded team it must be said and argentina have a somewhat smaller opponent themselves the cup debutantes iceland in the second game of the day but in the latter stages of saturday things are getting
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a lot more interesting what closer you're going to have peru versus denmark that could be a very very evenly matched game and those are two teams that i think have the potential to surprise viewers with you know a deep run of things go their way and then finally a game between two teams which are very difficult to judge croatia. have a very strong squad the likes of luke a mode rich of by i'm a jew kitsch big name players but they sometimes come up short in tournaments and they're facing nigeria another team is very hard to judge it's going to be a very interesting day fascinating stuff matt herman from sports breaking it all down for us thank you so much. yes yes. you're watching deja vu news we have more coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can always get to diffuse on the go that is on our apps you can download it from a google play or from the app store on your album i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching and to see you again soon.
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environmental protection. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and we're determined to build something here for the next generation the idea is the environment series of global three thousand on d w and all mine. another day of political uncertainty in germany angle america's conservative alliance is in crisis over the issue of refugees and a new national poll reveals german voters are not satisfied with migration policy the overwhelming majority of them want tougher deportation procedures for failed asylum seekers i'm sorry kelly in berlin.


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