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tv   Pop Xport - Bands Trends and Events - the Best Music from Germany  Deutsche Welle  June 16, 2018 1:30am-2:01am CEST

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the clash between those who believe in arranged. reform. that's taking families and society to the core. my father will be angry sometimes i think i'm. struck by. d.w. . hello and welcome to this week's edition off topic sport with the best from the german music scene when it was less so and here's what's coming up on today's program. what turned pop songs into football and then.
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it's always the talk of iraq the media for the boy china. and an interview with panic at the school's lead vocalist the brands and. the twenty thousand world cup has just kicked off but the battle for the most successful football and them has been raging for much longer already we want to know what a song needs to become popular chance at public screenings around the world is this the lyrics the beats or the video let's find out. i let my life was you know good so i was you know this is the official twenty eight thousand feet for world cup anthem live it up by regular tone start mickey jam featuring will smith the albanian kosovar singer error and strafing.
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germany's world cup song is from its national football association the d.f. beat it's called suzanne and or together performed by the fantastic and fear and clues of. the news or the d.f.t. northfield his songs necessarily become instant fan favorites. then you include host the editor in chief of one football dot com knows how fans tick what makes the perfect world cup song. then what is good for not more than anything it has to express the feeling of a world cup summer whether it's the lyrics or the beat you have to be able to close your eyes and think that was the world cup summer when france kicked us out in the last sixteen ideally the song somehow binds fans to the chain of logic and it has to be easy for them to chant along with it was fun i must say even after a couple of beers so by an i.p.o. and also. several german artists hope to land
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a hit with this formula this year newcomers like pop singer vulcan as well as big name acts. like singer other travis who rented out f.c. cologne stadium for the video of his song look leashed it was. a blast from the past can also help you get noticed such as this revival of forty year old hit moscow by genghis khan this time by singer jimmy caan. does his on the go all in five like what's unique about moscow. and comparison to all the world cup songs is that it's a song that people already know through the generations the monk you know that's once about by official and. or so it triggers a lot of nostalgia and memories in the room it's usually live. now it's time to get really into stodgy in
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one nine hundred seventy four the players of the german team are singing their own world cup song live perhaps just as legendary the village people's duet with the german team for the one nine hundred ninety four world cup in the u.s. but the song flopped and the players didn't dare step in front of a microphone for a while after that. play another milestone. in two thousand and six short find us did atlanta the huge number one hit when germany host of the world cup. play. thank you thank you even a song that was entirely unrelated to football became a big hit. does have big bite savy and i gave was the motivational song for the german team.
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to play twenty fourteen a two year old song from the top nose and became a world cup hit the punk rockers from dusseldorf sang about solidarity and it struck a chord with the fans. clear above all. else one spot on today as crimea was the theme song for the football coverage on german t.v. and it smashed through the brutes. the better twenty eighteen no one could have imagined that germany's national defender. would revive the lost art of player song. so. make you would like that's fair as a fan and a journalist of course i hope to see the german national team in ugly track suits
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and singing a world cup song again but i doubt that will happen for at least another twenty years that's why it's so funny to see someone like jerome or tang doing his own fame but i don't see a future that. definitely no trophy for a boy i tend to wrap skills but who knows maybe he'll get the world cup instead before the world cup. to turn. over the rest of the world. they seem to be having fun and i wish them all of best for the world cup german american the singer songwriter enemy cut is successful even without a football song and she's back with a new album ok well who went straight to number twenty on the german album charts and the single is in the battle on say even made it to number three let me go for a send for the song came from a vacation in france a young man tried talking to her but her french was well limited for the flirtation
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to go anywhere but at least she came back with this wonderful song. i love my family. so you can ask. that. dinah had. actually used. to.
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go on the field. trip. as. don't shun me love. me. you know.
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let's see who could be next to earn a spot on the german charts. for me for her so much in the design of the final. critical lyrics from luciano and the days when the berlin musicians take social media to task with this song click it's the first single off the disses new album which will be released in the fold. of. luxury goods. closer to one of those sold to. the side for. three cheers for friendship crow's former backup singer roland get support for her new song friend an old girlfriend from none other than her best friend the balancing act by yakking on
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a vast. belly and punk rock is that eskom lift a famous film quote for the course of their latest song it's from the german film absolutely gunton from nine hundred ninety nine. didn't claim man has made a name for himself with d.i.y. videos on you tube the internet star entrepreneur also and web designer is now
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taking a stab at singing morgan is his first single from estate new album set to be released in september. everything from the vibrant well to pop music on facebook at d.f.w. music. story stars and the latest from the music scene. join us in the universe of on facebook and send us a message we love hearing from you. next up s. always be from the northern german city of los thug the five band members are still hoping for a record deal here in germany where recently they went to china playing at the
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country's biggest rock event here's how it went down. dimity music festival in shanghai mainstage thousands of music fans are cheering for s o a b. from germany the band from all star can hardly believe it the german singing alternative rockers have never been celebrated by such a big crowd. their music has brought the five self declared village idiots from mecklenburg four common in northeast germany to shanghai one of the biggest cities in the world. out of. me so i catch myself thinking look what we've done here it's been unbelievable really. i think it's the coolest thing we've done together tightly or something so . with its eighty thousand visitors china's media music festival is comparable to
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germany's rock amazing. music manager got wind of the group and work them into a top spot. we went to the first agent oh yeah this is quite big but our manager said no the one behind it there was a second stage and this one would have been the biggest stage would ever played but he said again you know the one behind it that's a big so we went around and there was something i would never have guessed was the stage because it was so big it was one and a half kilometers away with ten thousand people standing in front of it at night we all had to take a deep breath of past and take you know what i mean. this is sort of in fire. in china and they're treated like celebrities formed in two thousand and nine s. only being now has fans in asia the band loves every minute. to the
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chinese fans they play their song. which. it's about their love for their home town of rostock this far east performance surely won't be their last. give your home if we had to make some real promises to return as soon as possible and we've also made a lot of contacts here a lot of people thought we were pretty good we'll be back for sure hope you know in five she only example. that the bronze star the members of s.l.a. be hope they'll also have a breakthrough at home in germany by way of china. whereabouts to me it's less than boyish german musician who explores the many facets of music whether his unconventional song is a view album at best other d.s. is the surprising makes of genres from disco pop and szell saul's to new wave and here's the video for his first single talk about pointing error.
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and a call to. the still not so close call. in the. making
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in the dome. into. i'm seeing her answer to the. munsters about the ability. to it doesn't surprise. me a company that. owns the only thing that our. families are told. not to come to the t.v. .
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series breland backstage we need to german and international musicians will come to the german capital for agape this time ari part of benedict's caught up with brandon you read lead singer for the alternative rock from a sand panic at the disco during the interview we found out why the band is still going strong even though yuri is the only remaining founding member. if you accept. the brand then yuri from panic at the disco is promoting the band's new album in berlin and going to meet him at the grand hyatt hotel on hot summer plugs brendan a supposed to speak german fluently and get the paper rolling take that see if that is true.
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the true issue of truth. thank. you when i entered this room was like wow what a nice wee it's a beautiful room you're going to stay here overnight them yes so we're actually sitting in your living room and that's right this is my summer thanks for having the dance in my room as if you're fluent in german i am not fluent in german by any means i took german in high school but i. i just forgot it over the years and you know german beer i love german beer so that's that's all i learned to ask i just said but the. the hub of your new album is called pray for wickets why is it called
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franklin week and that's how i felt i was feeling a little defeated politically i feel there's a lot of wickedness going around and the only cure is not just prayer but physical action so my prayer is my meditation i'm not praying to any specific god i'm praying to myself that how can i make a change let's meditate on this i hurt you have paper rolling tick so i do like you're old timey piece of paper i do would you like to see in your pocket right you have to show me this is a receipt from last night you can see it's perfectly rolled up like a little scroll on e yeah i just sit there and roll paper it's like a it's like a meditative process as i'm having a conversation or i'm having a beer or something i i tend to just roll pieces of paper i see many things there is a writer i didn't like maybe why not bring some paper for you to roll doing the interview maybe it helps you that makes you know and give it to that one i can give you one
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maybe oh yes and you do it ever since you were a kid right since i was about five six years old. talking about the band during the last remaining founding member of panic at that school that i couldn't help but wonder why did you hold on to the band and get new members and bought i mean you also could have gone solo instead oh yeah i'm sure that was in people's minds but for me like the band members started leaving because they didn't want to be a part of what panic was anymore and for me that was never a question i panic has always been the most exciting thing to me because it's offered me so many opportunities you had a role in the broadway music. kinky boots yes i was wondering how has your musical theater experience influenced the new album vocally i started taking these lessons
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from this is going to be a name drop so i apologize but cyndi lauper his vocal coach allowed me to do lessons with her my whole time when i was doing the show and so i learned like pulling the tongue out and different ways of singing and accessing different parts of your voice i kind of funk practice wasn't sound very funny it was like. basically like if i if i took this let's say this is like a paper towel usually you take this and you put on your tongue and pull out and go . so if you start to pull it out it will access these vocal chords apparently. so i have been where probably every fan would love to be in the private living room of brendan's hotel suite anyway he's not fluent in german but he can at least hear in german and here's my advice if you ever meet brendan jewelry from panic i've
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been to school make sure you have a piece of paper with you that's going to be a big plus thank you. time for the pop explored quit is that you can win a couple of awesome c.d.'s if you can tell us who the original artist was the following song the cover of what is live is performed by scum elian from western germany. my. my my. my. my my my. my
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. so who performed the song and it's original if you know the answer write to us at will pop exports that walk us past the six in one three three five five berlin germany are sent an email it to the public for it's at state of utah it's com and don't forget to include your mailing address if you have the correct answer you'll be entered to win c.d.'s by become less than bush set us cat and panic at the disco well to end today's public spark we send you off dancing with the video of scooter as how much is the fish even after twenty years i have to admit it's hard
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to tell what they are really trying to say there but the video keeps with the football theme just as we're all gearing up for the world cup so enjoy the video and i'll see you again next time right here on public for it's transforming. amie amateur me. me me me. me me. me. me
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me her purton to me the brittany the be. her me. live. live . live
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bomb. the fork or more. to fasten your seat belts thanks to our enemies the female look at the big. you can. travel god. every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word and the physical coaxing germany. why not
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tell her. it's simple our mind on your mobile and free. using the learning course. german made easy. christs against humanity. civilians become witnesses. there are recorded images travel around the globe just social media. what is the fiction and what is fact. digital investigators combing through the flood of images they combine to. try to reconstruct what happened to substantiate claims of crimes. thanks to this video recording of a soldier who shot the young man is on trial now. forensics between
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bits and bytes. saying again. this is the chance of a because justice is about to to the. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t.w. . german chancellor angela merkel is facing a mutiny within her conservative coalition over migration policy and cheerier minister for sale for a from her various conservative party has zero point two five by demanding border police to turn back migrants who lacked identification documents or are already.


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