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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 16, 2018 3:00am-3:02am CEST

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my. german chancellor angela merkel is facing a mutiny within her conservative coalition over migration policy interior minister or sale for a from her various conservative party has openly defied america by demanding to allow border police to turn back migrants who lack identification documents or are already registered in another e.u. country. a u.s.
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federal judge has sent donald trump's former campaign manager and paul man a fortune to jail pending trial the judge revoked manna forte's house arrest a week after special counsel robert muller charged him with witness tampering manna for is facing two criminal trials on charges including fraud and conspiracy against the united states. the afghan defense ministry says a u.s. drone strike has killed the leader of pakistan's taleban. what's pakistan's most wanted militant he's notorious for ordering the country's worst ever school shooting and the attempted assassination of nobel prize winner malala yousafzai. and world cup soccer cristiana rinaldo curled in a late free kick to rescue a point for portugal in a three all draw against spain the goal completed a remarkable hat trick i earlier diego costa scored twice for spain and nacho put his team in the lead in. so cheney.
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the german chancellor hinted a new front in the trade route with the united states washington to stop billions of dollars more in tariffs on china beijing flies straight back also coming up we'll see how andre babich the second richest man in the czech republic is shaking up his country's political landscape. this is your business update i'm going home free in berlin glad you could join me well the trade around just moved up a few notches as u.s. president trump hits china hard beijing hitting straight back with tariffs of its own and is adding fuel to the far as well although the heat mostly coming from washington on friday with trump announcing a twenty five percent tariffs on over a thousand chinese products mainly from.


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