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tv   Doc Film - Cahier Africain Part 1  Deutsche Welle  June 16, 2018 7:15am-8:01am CEST

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we could start rewriting the software of sample bacterial cells. we're not creating life rafts we're rewriting the folder for all the software or read all over sell we can redesign the they'll have different properties i don't have a clue or a little bit important changing their beetle as a top of the earth for the pope could give us better for christmas. just sort of using fossil fuels. to bake plaster. you could have fired lord of synthesizers the balls build the light. but plastic we're just learning this is a new thrill. me
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would be that for them. and that's why the nelson motto why didn't we end sadly why didn't and you will show up well if you did will never send for the heart of that i'm one of those she left for good. you're welcome. noddy oh my i'm a sudden mother and i don't go for. the folks who have another day salloum on. if you look here if you think you know their record rather i think you are very far. better after a member of our hard work of our favorite group for look up are for profit if
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i came across the exercise but in january two thousand and eight in a testy backyard. the central african republic. it contains id photos of women children and women as well as records before congress leaves mess and had done to them in two thousand take. the book was created in the often most of these crimes. when the victims refused to
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remain silent they turned to each other and decided to testify and put together evidence of the brutality they had suffered. since then this book has never let me go. i asked for money for the french translation of the title of my. account is correct . is an exercise. it relates to childhood initially it's empty and then you feelings. jim over a field instead of fell. forty . one
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into baghdad but then one hundred in a little i can now see done without id much i can live he. why bunny. man about that of this nonsense out of a visiting leader but not in the sunlight in a muddle i mean she has some. nine thousand in the chemists need data. modeling. i. did.
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research up yeah then about exactly what did in your book actually got here today to be i like. you feel me i'm not going to shock people clearly many people know if your question after creating the game you're going to pick with me sort of getting caught up in looks awkward again oh that guy you're a complete moron i thought about you the double it got him out to me it was. in one why don't we quit explicate really do any given you praise be my fault or credit off the topic until it broke. but i never have been you know when you've got a downright hostile believing in my expert opinion you should only. think you know very little one year. old peak psionic or kid out for you all but everytime i think you can see some good on
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that for. us you may look into concord command and control. the new show on. to come on martin. come to me you mean. like the question. for my. nephew. and. how. people will say one up with anybody to make within the classroom. because you saw in the song. i was going to thank you i was at that speck you
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think you will. be was. at that again at six you that's ok. but shouting was to get his own back and it's really. cool i was actually looking up because you know i think. make i did my best to you know did that with. coming out that it makes the message that it that i think that it's not quite that maggette that maybe the bigger stuff. to be. the next.
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looking back i'm seeing there was a young girl. is the first photo she's ever owned of herself now recently exercised with the photo of attacks. it was saturday in the evening when ben those men broke down the door. in two thousand and eight first meeting i'm xena tells us what happened that night six years ago. on a cattle man do with well i. mean i don't want to injure not. that i mean. well i mean from riding on an issue.
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you know that she moved in. and budgets illegal. and i'm wrestling and i don't solutions when i get to downwind game then you swim because such as you know why does it with. a person and i was it was just so i got on my soup and while i don't . think they got me or in some sense and so what are some names. i like a dead fish that's all the fish. that i think if i get. jealous who are like quizzing i don't want they don't kid falsify to. see. me in sort of logic when i'm doing the above a. by dup if. you things.
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just stay. calm. and. that. was you really going to help out without going to bed but i'm worried that. the civil will. have to. let me a little closer. to. the beginning. of the money you know what i am i mean you know no more we're just getting one hundred lonely. and defeated. but you know what honeyed await. the night shift if you. look i for one knows you want to get mentioned
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you we must. all come through here yeah i must listen you know one of them could mean some shabby old women i don't know. who she for most women would go. a little bit to the pool during. the marriage and so. it. was. just. the.
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the youngest face depicted in the book. and lets photo of her as a child it says there have been the neighbor's dog i heard gunshots and screaming and then a bullet struck me in the leg. me. awful small thing but one couple of them among one. of the big boots when you go. in with him comes up with one of. the staff and in that one. you. continued to pose and. it took until the spring of twenty twelve to get all the documents together. let
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flew to germany to have a new york rages on. whether the pain with never let a child go someplace and send the dogs is a better lives tell a tale was so his pain in grange itself in the brain. for the long day she spent in the hospital the nurses gave arlette a calorie. on the window panes the homesick child left opaque traces of hours spent standing by the window looking out into the alien environment. that returns home with a pain free need to. have. hair .
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it was. it was. a bit cold if you'll allow that. that. that. that it that the sun out really to. that's the limb that if it's in. the moments where you have it you. should see her. missing from the pull the construct cannot you think of it not to propagate the axis newbon as was if you knew or not i'm going to just. be amazing fucking
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a point that is so common if you want to share it not you know more don't want to read and you didn't go to med. school for money upon i just. finish it will be the movie listening to that much as a star. full of movies it was a leap to say from now. on the new one point is not if an equipment. check in your book and tell a trip around the city to live it did not but when you book a compound of sisal say most of forests. suppose like a good shipping that's for submitting a proper chain of way when you're still is supposed. to be strong the ship captain of what you see someone. sitting on a phenomenon became six and some people can confirm to game seven or not put it in the monte. words of an exercise book a for. prof some witness statements is heard on the other side of the yes the accused backyard members of
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congress the international criminal court in the hague believes the document holds great strength of evidence in the case against the congolese rebel leader jumping at. the i.c.c. since his staff member jamal to bangui has to bring the book to safety. jamal works for the evidence here in this not be recognized the ranges the discreet handover with benedix i. think. if. that very same evening the book is on its way to you. in a rucksack chained to his wrist jamal carries the book into the vault of the international criminal court in the head.
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he was. half a year later we returned to bangor. new tenants have moved into the small backyard where the book was once created is. all the remains of the victim self-help book an isolation of pieces of a signpost. what has become of benedetta saying the president of the association. said chain of the fleet. when it did say oh has become the minister of tourism. praises him by his easy
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office his office in exchange she had to give up her commitment to the victims rights of the world at a political one because the life else was an immoral song man. you. might come so you knew that our bond with me on. coming for you soon the pictures from would have been replaced. there won't be any tourism or elephant safaris anymore. the frame will hold the portraits of the next pooch. and ministers say. she will disappear unafraid edge of history and say will the donation funds of the victims organization. could. we hear from germany from the north of the central african republic he recounts his
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observations concerning a new muslim rebellion whose celica that has broken out. is spreading across the country while he writes at first there were very few but more supporters of jumping on the bandwagon with every mile they're leaving behind a swathe of destruction on route we saw hardly any campfires not a good sign he writes. entire strips of land depopulated the rebels for a cause i could tell to the family. one has to worry that the people in him that he is seeing because no one believes the hottest in the news. this morning the first date supplies arrive the best option for any suffering from hunger is to move towards conflict areas it's easy to supply. chain. them from within and i think you have to make them look at what their job but what
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about lieutenant i've got you to want to come see them or would you believe that they use a job that i'm going to need to do yes you know they can i guess you know they're going to pick. i do know as a good man but as a god i said let us take our guns or somebody like you tell you i give you to. be two countries i was going to let you know my bicycle to warn me. if you saw one. you know i go walk. out of there to never a mob you want to get up and look it up because i mean beginning it's and then he went on for a he did me the bus i'll go through shawnee circuit i'm going to come back but i'm going to get in one of his own and he's gonna have to go but i wonder if you think about it. because you think that you know.
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that going to have a model is a. sort of fog oh is she going to be so they can but then i say well done and honest for john. there was a particularly in. here that was a little rough you know with the mother but the minute do. if that little moron. i didn't show herself one of those be dead being mean i've said it too cause i knew sorry day and dressed out for to con the silver the mindedly the behind as absurd for me. to see the mind in the thing on a ship that was real. russia and got a bottle. and we're going to give us her lies here and now to settle the hundred of the. book on and so you can go to
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a wall. and you know i didn't get in and then you know now you could. leave and in a. blow job and i have the mind in legal issues that in fact you did it feel not my lot of women would. never say as you could imagine it will be just like you take the high let me tell you it's reality for. who.
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come to the marketplace and get you in a few feet on the street want to disagree for the good from either of the good that he got for. himself. as a stumbling. might . be seeking now he's on issue to call you don't miss a message in plymouth talking please not. design was enough. reason to use our little new. position to say good to good for you good or should you give it up were you see
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a good. average you know one of which will fail put it up if we leave the. place that they seek. in who they were plucked to say i could do to me a lot of talk dirty. in the early hours of march twenty fourth twenty thirteen muslim silicone rebels marching to bangui. their folk hard to fire some prisons and directed they come said. militia leader deduction has made himself president and set up his
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headquarters in the city's five star hotel. his bodyguards kept in the empty swimming pool. the rebel leader has promised his foot soldiers he will bring electricity to their remote villages in the hinterland. and says the men every socket and light switch out of the wall in the belief they are the source of electricity and like. a multinational peacekeeping force brings about deceptive. president goes easy flees to a neighboring country. rumor has it that one hundred fifty kilos of rough diamonds found in a minister's knocking at the airport. looking
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fifty five noted to suffer a very very corrosive. so look women find that a very. deep you know the sauce in you not you know i mean if you live in. would do would be got a case of you know a bunny. i see. you know by the bici opening song because you do song guys you know where if you could get into bed without their. you know what. i'm the guy that. want to suck a fish sinica visit second feed you know this is a computer. game
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and he's on this is going to sue. him for giving him perfect. what were her. oh. that. was. the that it was you know that the. that. eat them enough funny thing about things see so consequently always if you right now ever did this morning typical fish if i lift
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. i. would. think you. were losing me you know we're learning to live with being that they will. leave. the way you. did. the.
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oh never blame me. love me for losing i miss your own go in his cheek i'm going to look over as we look forward to more nagano look at him more. he got big enough was eighteen when i'm ready to learn the usual. i mean are serious i didn't value gays or being a member. of. the brain meller. our a little logic i don't get though i don't quite enough fourteen years old conflict and no child left are you forcing them to seek the help of his own and to me and i've seen you know watching for that act that you're not i'm not in it for you to buy an opinion from office on not in bundling because you act in a phony for fun is all there up on the low have been wolf i will go move through my family with a board game dug up it knocked uniform and off a lot if i'm alphonsus i meant by the vehicle i'm in the bhagavad i'm an engine
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was equal to five days on a party with the other project in the new album no was a bind like the day in and out but if you want to give it. enough when no song i know i think he thinks i'm going to let him from. the fucking clue thinking one of three new moves on leaving you. i. thank you. thank
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i. thank. the folks who saw you go and see the for you don't believe the parents who don't work. octave feeling some sort of a pulse and you are going to he could speak it was with him or something he looked up suddenly it's like what she said these six three zero s. wanted to see it in new york with six rings. so nice to. see the beauty. see the buick regal food for thought is really.
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self-sufficient you need to do this unless it's in the streets or for the oil the police. feel. feel feel. feel
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. we're going to start a book called the see below we're going to have fun i think i'm a loser get a good news. for the good old rule.
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of not love the stuff that's going to stuff up a lot of other stuff. but you go want to go clean up you know the good looking. cut nothing to. look things look great in the coming week are you going to be your bosses loosen up like yourself doesn't like the way a lot of the los vegas folks. go and. say i'm looking. good. but let me begin with this if i say this is something i know but i'm done is
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something that apart from god i know my. brother this is so. no don't make my living here think you know the good the bad the buses in the imposing things that they will go to the bus issue because the but i confess i'm letting up. for. the. leak was.
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not. cause. it's. going to. hurt your health i don't really think anything more to do with your heart because you got i can tell the american. story. with. me so. long you don't know i think you should all be good i visit i would love forever you know so.
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everybody knows now but you thank you nic i do something new that. well that's not much good to me smoking something to. isn't it to say i must give using my. best gave it a little bend a cynic i. mean jenny mission isn't like. these oh english saves you gotta have this but if you don't you you know them undocumented said to me don't you. you know you know. there's all this i saw. in them started to see. gas. tanks instrumental it's
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a bang. even before the perpetrator or sentence the i.c.c. begins to investigate the crimes of the new. war. a witness from the group of perpetrators is expected. in agrees to divulge what he knows about the latest pillaging emerges and writes. on condition that his face remains coverage jimoh allows us to watch as he sets up a mobile interrogation me. i'm going. to meet her.
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or. she tell me so kenya and uganda and if you come must see me he tells us about some of the places he has worked that he has recorded thousands of hours of interrogation in testimony to me he tells us about the quality of pride in terms of sound and images to ensure that cereal can be admitted as evidence before the coolness proximity to the by different people makes him an. early. jamelle works methodically while he sits down in the interview his place a moves in all directions he wants to make sure the witness is still on camera when he feels cornered being interrogated by the investigate his the suspect callouses just like to show consummate she said i'm in the nature of his colorful mischief.
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so but i've usually made it was about the connecting. via. my. first good little play for everything i feel now which. i. think. i want to. am certain alice was there is it throws them am i. his january twentieth or twenty fourteen. after ten months of tyranny the rebel
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leader has turned his back on the country. an interim council is and it takes an interim president. and. i. dream destination is majestic mountain scenery. he has told someone to reach a. new question michel mentioned backpacks of scales the peaks. explode from a mix. and indulges his passion for the angels customs. next
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detail you. know finish for liberia's chimpanzees the population have dwindled because of low. and before station and poaching have left them threatened with extinction now a rescue center hopes to say these critical danger it's been since. i read an interview with him i lost it so much. go ahead africa in thirty minutes on t.w. . it's clash of cultures in india. a clash between those who believe in arranged
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marriage comes those who want to marry for love to. accomplish that shaking families and society to the cool. my father would be angry sometimes i think i'm already dead and. commandoes starts joysticks d.w. . german chancellor angela merkel is facing a mutiny within her conservative coalition over migration policy interior minister or seo for the various conservative party is reportedly threatening to go ahead with this plan to reject migrants at the german border without merkel's approval. by french president emmanuel mccrone and italy's new premier do sepic conti have
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agreed to work together to push for changes to the european union's migration policy they said.


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