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and they're challenging. the seventy seven percent. platform for africa. this is the news live from berlin the lady's not for turning german chancellor angela merkel refuses to back down in the face of a public challenge from her interior minister over migration policy the standoff is threatening to bring down germany's coalition government just three months off or a true conference also on the program. at the world cup heartbreaks displaying his
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portuguese superstar cristiana ronaldo scored a light equaliser to secure a three old draw it was the tournament first heavyweight clash in a thrilling encounter we'll have the highlights for you and all of the talking points later on in the show. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring and. has reiterated her intention to seek a common european solution to illegal immigration escalating a standoff with her interior minister haas the whole of he wants germany to unilaterally unilaterally rather toughen its border controls is threatening to push through those plans on monday to see who for heads the bavarian sister party of merkel's crypto conservative christian democrats the bloc could split if no agreement is found. well for more on this let's bring in our chief political
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correspondent linda crane melinda this is one of merkel's key ministers haul see who for the interior minister threatening to go it alone on an absolutely major issue on migration help us understand first of all how dramatic the situations become absolutely very dramatic it has the potential to bring down the government and even to be the end of chancellor merkel's time in office if he thought follows through with that ultimatum which basically would say that he would use his powers as interior minister beginning this coming week to essentially contravene merkel's wishes and the coalition agreement and act unilaterally to reimpose border controls on some of germany's borders and then to turn away migrants and send them back to the first european countries where they were registered if he did that he would be deliberately flouting the chancellor's
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authority and it's hard to imagine she wouldn't be compelled to let him go to dismiss him theoretically she could warn him but that would be very problematic so if she were to let him go his but very and conservatives would then leave the coalition the coalition then would no longer have a majority in parliament theoretically they might be able to govern as a minority government just s.p.d. and chancellor merkel c.d.u. but that's also a rather unlikely scenario so in that case they would have to call new elections and chancellor merkel has made it clear this is her last term as chancellor she then would wind up stepping down so essentially we're looking at something with the potential to blow up the entire german government shortly after it took office absolutely i mean it is really very dramatic indeed the question is why is hall for doing this why is he doing now what to driving him to do this what's driving him above all are politics and tactics. namely his party is the bavarian sister party
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of the chancellor c.d.u. they have always disagreed with the c.d.u. on immigration since that open door policy of twenty fifteen but this is coming to a head because the various about to hold a very important regional election that is the heartland of say ho fers c.s.u. and the c.s.u. wants to look very very tough on immigration at this particular moment in time in order to ward off gains in their heartland from the far right anti immigration a.f.d. party which as you know has been on the rise so that's why he's putting on this pressure right now and just briefly what's likely to be happening this weekend lots of talk behind closed doors absolutely we're told that the former finance minister and current president of the parliament wolfgang schauble is trying to mediate to broker a compromise he has the respect of both sides he's also known to be fairly conservative on immigration issues they will be pushing hard for
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a compromise we've heard that the chancellor is not changing any of her travel plans for next week she's still going to be heading to jordan that would indicate that she is optimistic or at least trying to look that way nonetheless it's a tough situation and it's not clear that we will have a compromise on monday morning campbell to see what happens on monday morning melinda always good to talk to you linda crane the chief political correspondent. you know i should nations special envoy has arrived in yemen's rebel held capital in an effort to broker a cease fire off the days of fighting in the western city of her dado hundreds have already died there since wednesday when saudi backed forces launched an offensive to retake the strategic port from who three rebels aid workers are warning the attack on the country's largest port could shut down a vital route for food and humanitarian aid this with yemen already on the brink of famine. we're going to turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world nicaragua's bishops say they've brokered truce between the government and
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civil society groups ending two moments of deadly political unrest under the deal the government has agreed to an international inquiry into the violence some one hundred seventy people have been killed since protests began in april. the ashes of renowned astrophysicists king have been very good under his westminster abbey every now competing was best known for his groundbreaking research into black holes and of course for his iconic digital voice he died back in march at the age of seventy six of the living for decades with motor neuron disease. a major fire has torn through the glasgow school of art in scotland for the second time in four years firefighters worked through the night of the blaze ravage the macintosh building one of the country's most famous pieces of architecture the building had been due to reopen next year after a multi-million pound restoration. now voters in columbia head to the
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polls on sunday in a tense presidential runoff the two candidates come from opposite extremes of the political spectrum the front runner a conservative high on hard line unnamed even duke a wants to make major changes to the outgoing government's peace agreement with leftist fox rebels his opponent gustava breakthrough is himself a former guerrilla and the most popular left wing candidate in colombian history. for better. or. more you want. to. recall that up out of the. commons are divided between two candidates that couldn't be more different from each other on the one hand the conservatives and favored in the polls who want to make major changes to the peace agreement because he considers the punishments for former girl members to be too weak on the other hand the leftists who is
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a former guerrilla member himself no leftist candidate in colombia history had ever received so much support as with. most analysts agree that the support focused petro is related to colombia's recent turning point the disarmament of the left wing really growth and the end to the country's five decade long civil war. since the peace deal colombians attitudes to the far left stuff and. be honest roundup of the reason lections are on usual because we've never had a leftist candidate with such a good chance of becoming president chances are. you know this is because during the armed conflict the political class always accused social movements and leftwing party and of being associated with the label guerrillas. yes. but many colombians still oppose socialism and therefore many of petrels
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proposals especially given the economic crisis colombia's socialist neighbor venezuela displacing report in the city editor for most. of the series of reforms that will be very difficult to achieve but only leaves more. including radical ideas such as nationalizing essential social services like the health system pensions and my general imitations on the finance industry. some characterize as antibusiness or risky for investors. but is. the conservative candidate evander kane is seen as the favored choice for private businesses and investors he's vowed to cut corporate taxes and support oil and mining projects he also wants to punish former. link to smuggling. drug trafficking should not be considered
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a political offense it is disgraceful and unacceptable for colombians that drug dealing former members of fark can be elected to parliament rather than being sent to jail or extradited. but others fear that major changes to the agreement with dark could undermine pace still fragile after generations of armed conflict. last night saw the first heavyweight clash of the world cup in russia two european giants facing each other portugal and spain soccer fans of course were hoping for a fantastic match and that is exactly what they got. just four minutes into the game and can still remember how did johnny come back at suspension for not only portugal leads a penalty he had to kill but spain has an footballing genius is to jiggle cost out all the wrong moves portuguese penalty area but still the score was the last he
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finished for the spanish equaliser shortly before tomic was alone now it will time again the the superstar scoring portugal second coaches e of dogma to ts horrific blunder the end shortly after the break it was all square again spence to go cast off the booze a brace of his own and only minutes later spain took the lead for the first time the four natural fernandez and this better. but after eighty eight minutes abstained just general now it will be back this equaliser christiane oh no it was three space sri. v let's get more now from data of this emily short's is with me in the studio emily we already have a few candidates for goal of the tournament first let's talk about my game portugal versus spain what a game you know what was the result a fair result. was it a fair result in terms of the better team winning and so probably not spain created
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much more chances on goal they had twelve versus portugal's eight spain had more passes completed twice the amount actually with the much better pass accuracy but they didn't have christian a renowned terms of affairs all that have to say yet because if you want to win games you can't give away such penalties and dangerous free kicks to christiana rinaldo that's right and what about the there was a scene spain's first goal jacob costa looked to have committed quite a serious foul you know with his with his elbow leading the way on the portuguese defend a paper route was that is there any talk about that photo there was talk about do have before the game already whether those two would cause the are being used for the first time and that's exactly what happened it is a rough challenge you know custard jumps in like that at the same time pip i think falls quite easily there were nine video referees that were looking at the scene and they deemed it not worthy so that's just what will have to go as well i deemed it with a bit that i'm not
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a referee i'm just me what about the other two matches yesterday those late drummer in both of those games as well one that yeah morocco and iran looked set for a goal is draw for a long time actually and morocco were the better team they ended up scoring but into their goal which handed iran their first world cup win in twenty years you know that was tragic from harker wasn't yeah pretty much and then egypt faced group why egypt had to play without their superstar mohamed salah who was sitting on the bench on his person this is still recovering from injuries he picked up in the champions league final so they were a little bit you know weekend and they were hoping to go for a goal this draw as well the almost held on to it but in injury time close a human has scored and three points for why don't we just saw that really disheartening for the egyptians because they defended so well it's a very early stage of the tournament still play but are there any teams that you would say i'm making the early running that. russia had
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a dream start into the tournament let's be honest five zero win that's that's fantastic and also you're a guy getting three points against egypt is great but in terms of performance portugal and spain showed why there's such top teams why the world cup favorites as well and we really have to keep an eye out for them that's right now advance through the group stages the knockout stages rather much is still coming out today and anything we should look out for in particular yeah there's another world cup favorite playing right now actually france is facing australia and that's really be interesting to see how they fare in their first game what form are they and can they really be a top candidate to win the world cup later on argentina. face a surprise team from the urals iceland i think a whole continent is also hoping that ice and get far and show great performance again because they just had a fantastic atmosphere on and off the pitch through plays denmark and in the evening kray should take some nigeria which i think will be the closest game of the day ok emily russia's from the sports many thanks for that we'll be looking forward
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to the results of those games. you're watching news in baltimore from us at the top of the hour as ever in the meantime you can always get the latest updates from one charge to double your dog com including the latest soccer school as well coming up next here do you believe business. dealing. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all speak up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for mines. every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word looking cool nico.


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