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this is d.w. news live from the ladies not for turning german chancellor angela merkel refuses to back down in the face of a public challenge from her interior minister over migration policy the standoff is threatening to bring down germany's coalition government just three months after it took office. also on the program. muslims around the world are marking eat alfie to
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the holiday of unity generosity and sweets we'll show you how believers across the world are celebrating. and at the world cup a late goal from pope pope boss secures an unexpectedly slim victory for favorites france over unfortunate australia will get more of that from t.v. of useful say. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a good to have you with german chancellor angela merkel is standing firm today as the dispute over migration with one of the top ministers threatens to bring down her coalition government machall has reiterated her intention to seek a common european solution to illegal immigration escalating a standoff with interior minister haass the whole film he wants germany to unilaterally toughen. border controls and is threatening to push through his plans
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on monday to hold the heads of the bavarian sister party of michael's conservative christian democrats the block could split if no agreement between the two is found . more on this let's bring in our chief political correspondent linda crank linda this is one of merkel's key ministers haul see her for the interior minister threatening to go it alone on an absolutely major issue on migration help us understand first of all how dramatic the situation has become absolutely very dramatic it has the potential to bring down the government and even to be the end of chancellor merkel's time in office if he thought that follows through with that ultimatum which basically would say that he would use his powers as interior minister beginning this coming week to essentially contravene merkel's wishes and the coalition agreement and act unilaterally to reimpose border controls
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on some of germany's borders and then to turn away migrants and send them back to the first european countries where they were registered if he did that he would be deliberately flouting the chancellor's authority and it's hard to imagine she wouldn't be compelled to let him go to dismiss him theoretically she could warn him but that would be very problematic so if she were to let him go his book very and conservatives would then leave the coalition the coalition then would no longer have a majority in parliament theoretically they might be able to govern as a minority government just s.p.d. and chancellor merkel c.d.u. but that's also a rather unlikely scenario so in that case they would have to call new elections and chancellor merkel has made it clear this is her last term as chancellor she then would wind up stepping down so essentially we're looking at something with the potential to blow up the entire german government shortly off. it took office
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absolutely i mean it is really very dramatic indeed the question is why is hall for doing this why is he doing it now what to driving him to do this what's driving him above all our politics and tactics namely his party is the bavarian sister party of the chancellor's c.d.u. they have always disagreed with the c.d.u. on immigration since that open door policy of twenty fifteen but this is coming to a head because there is about to hold a very important regional election that is the heartland of say hope c.s.u. and the c.s.u. wants to look very very tough on immigration at this particular moment in time in order to ward off gains in their heartland from the far right anti immigration a.f.d. party which as you know has been on the rise so that's why he's putting on this pressure right now and just briefly wants likely to be happening this weekend lots of talk behind closed doors i'm saying we're told that the former finance minister
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and current president of the parliament wolfgang schauble is trying to mediate to broker a compromise he has the respect of both sides he's also known to be fairly conservative on immigration issues they will be pushing hard for a compromise we've heard that the chancellor is not changing any of her travel plans for next week she's still going to be heading to jordan that would indicate that she is optimistic or at least trying to look that way nonetheless it's a tough situation and it's not clear that we will have a compromise on monday morning campbell see what happens on monday morning melinda always good to talk to you linda crane the chief political correspondent. ok let's catch up now on some of the other stories making news around the world nick arrived u.s. bishops say they've brokered truce between the government and civil society groups ending two months of deadly political unrest under the deal the government has agreed to an international inquiry into the violence some one hundred seventy people have been killed since protests began back in april. the ashes of renowned
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astrophysicist stephen hawking brother is buried in london's westminster abbey hawking was best known for his groundbreaking research into black holes and also of course his iconic digital voice he died in march at the age of seventy six after living for decades with motor neuron disease. a major fire has torn through the glasgow school of arts in scotland for the second time in four years firefighters worked through the night of the blaze ravage the macintosh building one of the country's most famous pieces of architecture the building had been due to reopen next year after a multi-million pound restoration. now it's a weekend of celebration for the world's one point six billion muslims as they mock featured the end of the fasting month ramadan it's regarded as a holiday of generosity of hospitality and families and communities across the
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globe a coming together to celebrate. a time that unites hundreds of millions of muslims around the world. need to chop marks the end of the month of ramadan a time when believers fast from dawn to dusk. different branches of the face in different countries celebrate the need on varying days. but for the faithful everywhere eight is a time of prayer and celebration for rich and poor alike. it's a big day long thought that we really are all celebrating it we should remember to care for the poor people on this occasion in the for so that they can also enjoy the delight of this day. each outfitter is also known as sweet aid here in pakistan there were long lines as people indulged all stocked up for
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friends and family. for many aid it is also a chance to forget their troubles markets in damascus was flooded with those eager to celebrate. well syria's war seems far from over this central market was a picture of peace. in yemen two people mocked aid the festivities was subdued in sanaa but people still gathered in the streets a show of resilience as conflict and famine. lucky guy critical for now staying in yemen a u.n. special envoy has arrived in the rebel held capital in an effort to broker a ceasefire after days of fighting in the western city of data. hundreds have already died there since wednesday when saudi backed forces launched an offensive to retake the strategic port from goofy rebels aid workers are warning the country
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the attack on the country's largest port could shut down a vital route for food and humanitarian aid this was yemen already on the brink of famine. match day three of the world cup kicking off earlier this morning the first game seeing fronts taking on australia in group c. after an uneventful first time also found just inside the ball and one policeman got the game going the frenchman picking himself up after that foul to take a kick himself and it broke the deadlock in the fifty eighth minute just four minutes later though it was all square and again still half a mile from getting up with the equaliser and then paul bob broke all the hearts as he grabbed the winner for france in the eighty eighth minute two one the final school. let's get more on that match now with me in the studio
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emily rushes from sports some emily not really an impressive first game from france was it say underwhelming describes it pretty well france's game plan usually involves relying on their solid decent. sending they're incredibly fast off and some counterattacks but that doesn't work against teams like australia who are not necessarily known for their possession game so this was a difficult game but it wasn't a very convincing appearance for france and the counterattacks i mean the swiss fronts was just not switching quickly enough from defense to attack with day to day they weren't and they surely had a hard time scoring goals from play ok and well we'll see it's just the first match and they have got the three points we're going to look now at last night faction including the first heavyweight clash in the tournament so far two european giants facing each other portugal against spain soccer fans of course hoping for a fantastic match and that is what they got. just thirty minutes to look at and it's terrible how did johnny come back it's penalty for not only portugal each time
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which he had picked. but spain has an footballing genius is to jiggle close to all of the romans a portuguese penalty area but sting's goal was i don't see finish for the spanish equalizer i told you before tom it was a little knowledge of time again the superstar scoring portugal and second courtesy of us horrific blonde. and shortly after the break it was all square again spain's diego costa was a brace of his own and only minutes later spain took the lead for the first time i'm not sure said nanda us and sis bets off. but after eighty eight minutes up step just general now it'll be back this equaliser and it's general knowledge of three space serie. a c r seven doing it again still with me and lee rush it's from d w sports for a game emulate was it
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a fair result fair in terms of the better team winning i'm not so sure spain had much more possession they played twice as many passes better accuracy they created more chances twelve versus portugal's eight you know but if you want to win against portugal you can't give away penalties and dangerous free kicks like that christiana rinaldo of all people i mean that was never going to work out so so spain won the game of statistics as you say possession number of shots and so on but they just didn't have kris jenner and alda. what a spectacular trick from him. let me ask you also about video assistance referee because there was a controversial scene for spain's first first go from jake acosta in my view he. stormed he steamrollered pep a and was allowed to continue what people talking about that same faffing it's always a little bit different. to say from of years perspective as we see the game derek also had his arms out pippa fell quite easily about i think there were nine video
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assistant referees who are looking at the scenes quite closely and they thought that it was good to go so i guess that's what we'll have to go with ok well i beg to disagree on this point but no worries that's what football is about agreeing and disagreeing what about yesterday's of the two matches those late drama in both of them as well as in the morocco and iran were set for a goalless draw actually they played morocco played better but it was kind of just playing along and then they scored a goal not go but they scored it into their own net and gave around their first world cup win in twenty years of wonderful for iran but tragic for morale very tragic and then also egypt for egypt their superstar mohamed salah he was sitting on the bench on his birthday because he's still recovering from a shoulder injury that he picked up in the champions league final so they didn't they couldn't rely on him they tried to keep it to a goalless draw as well and in injury time has a human a scored for a guy and got them very important three points and really it was sad for egypt i mean i kept on showing most alarming in the on the substitutes bench and he was you
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know egypt to defended so well and then the heartbreak right at the end it was heartbreaking to watch and they really rely on him and he's such a hero in egypt we can only hope that he'll be fit for the next games briefly you know it's early stages of course yet we haven't seen all of the chains but who's making the early running in your view. i mean considering the situation russia had a great kickoff to their home turf the five zero win just gives them a fantastic spot in their group considering all things or why on the other hand are probably going to top off the group they've already won their game against egypt but in terms of performance portugal and spain really really knocked it out of the park a fantastic football they showed their favorites and for france there's still quite a lot of room for improvement that's right the spain portugal game definitely the highlight so far with at least two of the best golds in the tournament so far emily many thanks. you're watching. helena humphrey
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taking over. at the top of the hour with more world news for you in the meantime you can of course always get the latest updates from our website that's the dot com alternatively follow us on facebook and on twitter to stay with us if you can. get. your. highlights. program online. highlights. of cultures in india.


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