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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 16, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is the w.'s line from bugging the ladies no prove the tunning german chancellor angela merkel refusing to back down in the face of a public challenge from her interior minister is a migration policy the sound of his threatening to bring down germany's coalition government just three months off or to call they've also coming on. good lives around the world mocking each other trying to be on a day of unity generosity next week we'll show you how the leave is also out of
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range. of the world cup team and local ones with iceland to be second to four games on saturday tony i spent made it to the quarter finals of the euro zone to leave to go could very much on a high flying argentina. i'm kind of a home free client you could join me chairman charles and i'm going to standing firm today is a dispute over migration with one of the top ministers threatens to bring down her coalition government michael has reiterated her intention to seek a common european solution to illegal immigrating immigration escalating a standoff with interior minister says it will find out he wants germany's unilaterally toughened its border controls the german government could fall if you
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. no agreement has found. more and they saw chief political correspondent melinda crane joins me now in this studio menander i have to ask you the big question straight off how big is the risk that the german government could fall there absolutely is a risk if they don't succeed in finding a compromise over the weekend they are apparently meeting to talk about possible compromises and we're told that the person brokering that is the former finance minister current head of parliament. who absolutely has a great deal of respect from both sides but the compromise definitely would have to be something that offers the bavarian conservatives an opportunities to save face while also buys time for the chancellor to look for a european solution so probably not easy to find if they don't find one by monday the interior minister has said he would go through with his plan to essentially reimpose border controls or to toughen border controls and to begin sending some
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migrants back to the first year of p. and countries which they entered if he does that the chancellor basically would be in the position where she would have to dismiss him for insubordination that would then mean that he would take his party out of the governing coalition most likely and then the coalition would no longer have a majority of the seats in parliament they might try to govern as a minority government that would be a little bit difficult so essentially we would be on the path to new elections and possibly see machall step down because she has said this would be her last term as chancellor so the stakes are very high indeed absolutely from what you're telling me went into the is an awful lot riding on in these talks that take a look now at exactly what is dividing america and is the who for and what both sides want in this report now. the standoff pits chancellor merkel against her interior minister horst zee hoffa who is also a leading figure and various conservative c.s.u. party zero five and his party are challenging merkel even though they are part of
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the national governing coalition in berlin zeal for once germany to turn away refugees at the border if they have already applied for asylum in another european country but merkel does not want germany to go it alone and is pushing instead for a european solution to the crisis. z. hoffa however says he has lost faith in the e.u.'s ability to act and is threatening to move unilaterally if merkel and c. hoffa fail to resolve their differences the alliance between their two parties could on ravel and lead to the collapse of the government. well as you said melinda we do believe that there is a search for a compromise under way this weekend that said it didn't stop maskell from making her position clear did it tell us more well yes in a matter of speaking but she didn't simply go on t.v. and said hey i'm not standing down what she did as she very subtly wove the topic into her weekly podcast in
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a discussion where she was actually talking about her upcoming meeting with french president emanuel macaw this is the first time since the new government was created that german ministers will be meeting with their french ministerial counterparts so that is quite a major event and basically she was talking about the main topics they are going to be discussing and she mentioned migration as the second topic on the list saying this is a european challenge and we require a european solution and it's essential to european solidarity and just in a nutshell the reason for that is that if the interior minister were to follow through with his unilateral plan to send refugees back to the first countries they enter essential it all the burden is once again put on those countries those are the countries on the external border of the e.u. greece italy they have borne the brunt of this influx of refugees from the beginning and that obviously is not solidarity when when europe's richest country says hey they're your problem and why is this dispute breaking out now as i
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mentioned the government has or has really only up been up and running for a couple of months so why now is a great question and the reason is local elections in bavaria in october that is the heartland of the very in conservatives the interior minister's party they are eager to look tough on migration because they are very worried about potential gains by the anti immigration far right. they want to ward off those gains and that's why essentially they have pushed this simmering conflict to an absolute game of chicken and who's going to blink first we don't know yet absolutely you always have to look for the motivation thank you very much chief political correspondent melinda crane. now some of the other stories making news around the world in afghanistan at least twenty people a dead and more injured after a suicide bombing in the country's east the explosion happened a number ha province near the border with pakistan the boma targeted a gathering of taliban and afghan security forces celebrating and eight troops
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sokol islamic state has claimed responsibility. at least seventeen people have been killed in a stampede in a nightclub in venezuela's capital caracas office a school graduation party turned into a brawl police say a tear gas device exploded causing a deadly rush for the exits several people have been arrested in connection with the deaths well it's a weekend of celebration for the world's one point six billion muslims around the world as they mark eight fitted the end of the fasting month of ramadan and now it's regarded as a holiday of generosity and hospitality where families and communities coming together. it's one of the most significant holidays in islam and unites muslims around the world. future marks the end of the holy month of ramadan during which believers fast from dawn to dusk. different
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branches of the faith in different countries celebrate aid on varying days. but for the faithful everywhere aid is a time of prayer celebration and community. it's a big day alone for thirty really are all celebrating it's hard for them on what we should remember to care for the poor people on this occasion during the for so that they can also enjoy the delight of this day what if anything. the down future is also known as sweet aid here in pakistan there were long lines as people in tone all stopped up to friends and family. for many aid is also a chance to forget their troubles markets in damascus was flooded with those eager to celebrate while syria's war is far from over this central market was
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a picture of peace. in yemen two people marked aid the festivities was subdued in sanaa people still gathered in the streets a show of resilience amidst the conflict. and staying in yemen a u.n. special envoy has arrived in the country from urgency talks as fighting escalates in the western city of her data then lost in a griffis touchdown in the rebel held city of santa hoping to broker a cease fire hundred forty died since wednesday when saudi backed forces launch an offensive to retake the strategic port from the rebels. matter say three of the four will welcome in russia and another day of drama with me in the studio chris harrington from d.w. sports will get his take in just a minute chris first let's take a look at that clash of styles often tina versus iceland the south americans names
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their polish technique and came into the clash as the favorites but iceland with best scrappy physical style can never be ruled out. argentina broke the deadlock early on sergio aguero scoring the opening and then nineteen minutes. but iceland came back to school minutes later with the first ever world cup go out for him bogus in this school run by. in the second half put the pressure on forcing iceland into mistakes and penalty for the favorites surely this would be the lead upset leo messi see behind us how the sun and the fans they say visits like kuwait. as the minutes counted down messi tried as lucky again but it was soon though a veiled one over the final score as iceland was quite the upsets. they certainly did chris this is like
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a simple match up for argentina didn't it on paper they heavy favorites i mean everyone across the board except the residents of ice and of course had argentina clearly winning this you know especially when you consider the stats i mean there are twenty seven shots one goal the hero of the day was not messi like many expected but it was honiss how to say and his middle name is four and he had you know yeah it was and that yeah i mean you know perfect last name if middle name in perfect performance you know it was good it just says it isin is really still surviving and moving forward off of that success we saw from the euros twenty sixteen and then alford and bogus on the ice man you know scoring a first goal the world cup history for the nation you know it's like a victory is really like three points but one on paper so you have to give much respect and kudos to actually talk to us that about the n.l. performance because he said it when he was kind of makes the man of the match and he just the last name is what. that's exactly how i would define his performance out there because you know he is the team leader you know you know just this the
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aura of a team is really around bessie for him to miss a penalty and then it just didn't look like it was that much you know that great of an attempt to just you know typically he did. the starter but you know that was the first loss argentina suffered in the group stage since one thousand nine hundred ninety against cameroon all right so it's a shock especially when you consider crescendo rinaldo the airtight messy his hatch trick really disappointing day for messi and all the fans in argentina so i say nevan then also today from taking on australia in group c. how did that one pint yeah very eventful first half but it ended like many expected you know there was no score but you know once things got going this foul on and sundries man got the game going the striker took the result the penalty and broke the deadlock in the fifty eighth minute but it wasn't over just moments later the captain niel a huge enough equalized for the socceroos but it was a piece where paul called book came through with the magic breaking the aussie
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sparks in the immediate minute walking away with a two one victory and i'm also he wanted to make francis the formants really you know interesting about their lineup i was kind of surprised at their lineup they filled at the youngest lineup since nineteen thirty ok they had some season vets on the bench we saw olivers rw come in later you know even bought a start of the lineup i was shocked because you know we heard him getting beat up a little bit his joints wise so i was surprised to see him you know but they started slow but they and it's a finish the way i expected france to finish i mean i did expect france to use their speed and executed you know find the back of the net even though it was a little bit of luck if you see the last goal they gave them you know the wind paul pope but i think they started slow but they at the end of the day they got the three points and it doesn't really matter how they got it because now they're the top of their group until someone you know does just as well i hate to think that might be i think france who in their group oh all right. thank you very much indeed
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for. now for some people rada there's nothing like a vintage car. so for all those apparently destructive enthusiasts in the punish town already have no hostess the international rally of old tractors on saturday the show started dozens of models dating back to the one nine hundred forty s. outfitted with a range of extra options including site cars and exposed road engines which attracted plenty of attention from spectators. and just a reminder now of the top stories we're following for you germany's chancellor angela merkel has reiterated her intention to seek a common european solution to illegal immigration and made a rout with the interior minister over the issue the standoff threatens to bring down germany's coalition government that was forced into just three months ago. you're watching news i'm having
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a home free and then i'll have plenty more coming up at the top of the out until then thanks for your company and c.c. . my first boss i think mosul sewing machine. litter icon for old women their bones by the social rules even something as simple as learning home to write a vice and posies and. since i was in little good i wanted to have advice i'd love my home but it took me years to been there. finally they gave up and mentioned buying young guys like this but returns people sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for goods than writing i'm biased.


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