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e.w. news i'm going to hold free and then i'll have plenty more coming up at the top off the hour till then thanks for your company and submissive. little. my first by say was the sewing machine. i come from women are almost by this ocean for. something as simple as that in home to write a bicycle isn't. since i was in the guy that i wanted to buy say and it took me years to. finally gave up and went in by me and i say this but returns with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for goods than writing advice
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and i want to meet those women back home. and social who is informed in good basic rights my name is the amount of people and i wore them. at the. world cup fans have had football fever for days bringing festive cheer to the streets of russia many have forked out huge sums just to be here millions of tickets have been sold and russia expect some one and a half million visitors at the games. but many may experience sticker shock when they get here although hotel prices are regulated in russia authorities say they've already find more than five hundred hotels over inflated prices top moscow hotels are charging up to eighty five hundred u.s.
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dollars a night that's more than the average russians annual salary. and airline prices to certain world cup destinations have also risen over two hundred percent but it's not only russian hotels and enterprises benefiting from the world cup german companies are also profiting. lawns for the stadiums were imported from germany. and specialized equipment is being used to ensure the pitch is well ventilated and evenly watered. this machine is already being used on football fields where the teams are training. from lawns to technical installations and stadium construction german know how is in demand in russia. germany national team is coming to russia as defending champs the german economy also has a title to defend we're still the leading foreign economic presence here with five thousand companies. on site service gives german
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a competitive advantage it operates a facility on the edge of moscow its security climate and heating technology is integrated in all the brushes world cup stadiums. everyone here trusts german technology and engineering but it's put together here in russia according to standards that apply here in russia. german exports to russia in two thousand and seventeen rose by twenty percent despite international sanctions thanks to the world cup this could be another banner year with exports expected to increase by fifteen percent. u.s. president donald trump announced hefty tariffs on chinese products starting in july although trump says he values his friendship with chinese president xi jinping he accuses china of unfair trade practices the u.s. leaders plan would impose twenty five percent tariffs on fifty billion dollars
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worth of chinese imports and affect about eleven hundred products mainly in china's high tech sector. these include aircraft manufacturing information and communications technology robotics and mechanical engineering and the car industry . items such as smartphones and televisions are excluded so as not to burden consumers with higher prices china meanwhile has announced a new round of retaliatory tariffs on a similar scale on top of tariffs on u.s. goods already set to take effect next month. if the united states is going to impose unilateral protectionist measures that harm china's interests we will react quickly and take the necessary steps to resolutely safeguard our fair and legitimate rights. washington has warned it will take further action of china imposes new import penalties. the european union has also
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announced punitive tariffs against the u.s. on some two point eight billion dollars worth of goods this comes in reaction to recent u.s. tariffs on european steel and aluminum. this historic handshake between u.s. president donald trump and north korean dictator kim jong un could be consequential for economic relations on the korean peninsula. in the city of dandong on the china north korean border the leaders' summit was about business as much as politics. where sure if the meeting between trump and kim is successful it will be great for a down dong because we do a lot of cross border trade that dong is mainly about cross border trade my husband does it he had investments in north korea so we really hope that the country opens up soon. for a country as isolated as north korea maintaining ties with china has been
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a critical economic lifeline. the numbers say it all. in two thousand and fifteen north korea imported goods totaling almost three and a half billion dollars eighty five percent came from china india and russian imports together accounted for a further five and a half percent the remainder from other countries including mexico and the philippines. of north korean exports two point eight billion dollars or eighty three percent went to china just three and a half percent. it went to india north korea's top exports include minerals textiles and fish. and south korean companies are hoping for a revival of a special economic zone called k. song just across the north korean border engine component producer s.j. tech was the first south korean company to set up shop here until two years ago it
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had access to north korean labor. they were quick learners passionate about learning and talented ones those qualities made them stand out above other labor forces in the region. and that is why the companies in k. song were so happy to work with them. he says. and north koreans earn just one tenth of what their southern counterparts make that's on par with labor from other countries regionally ok song however is only sixty kilometers from seoul and everyone there speaks korean a major plus for south korean businesses but in two thousand and sixteen south korea closed the border after north korea carried out nuclear and ballistic missile tests this specific thawing could turn the situation around again.
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but german court says the w. must pay one billion euros for manipulating its emissions controlling software that's the biggest fine ever slapped on a german company nevertheless the world's largest car maker accepted the penalty and acknowledged its responsibility for the crisis in addition the german government has given the green light for victims to file class action lawsuits against b w. u s electric car maker tesla has told staff it's looking to reduce its workforce by almost ten percent the cost cutting comes as the company grapples to achieve profitability c.e.o. elon musk says the production of tesla's mass market model three sedan won't be affected the company has been grappling with a number of problems including the departure of senior staff and crashes involving self driving cars. but u.s. federal judge has ruled that can buy time warner for eighty five billion dollars
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the decision came after a six week antitrust trial the government argued the deal was illegal because it would go. the power to withhold h.b.o. and turner channels from smaller pay t.v. rivals the deal will allow eighteen t. to compete with internet companies that dominate digital advertising. spain's economy is on the rebound unemployment is falling and spaniards are spending more. marquez is an electrical heating supplier and a stoic entrepreneur neither fazed by the turbulence of bragg's it nor the change of government in madrid he's hoping the new administration will press ahead with the labor market reforms. there are always two large groups of employees one group is heavily protected and the other has almost no security at all. of the highly protected people need to lose some of that security. and the others they
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need to be given him or. one of those with no protection is dobbie calvo he's paying close attention to spain's changing political landscape the law school graduate sees himself as a victim of the previous government's labor reforms. given the i had a full time permanent position but thanks to the labor market reforms made by the conservative government i'm now out on the street for years calvo has drifted from short term contract to short term contract some of them as short as five days and the best case scenario he earns eight hundred fifty euros a month he's currently unemployed and hopes the new government can improve the situation. i don't know but i would love to have a real job with real workers rights. i want to put an end to this temporary job one where i'm working here today and who knows where tomorrow. economists are
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also saying the spanish labor market needs to change they trust the new prime minister and his cabinet to push through well considered reform measures. if. cabinet such as put together is very serious and orthodox and i think it can stimulate the economy and one in the happy years leading up to the next elections that's good news to entrepreneurs like marquez hoping spain can turn the page to renewed prosperity. the digital trade fair cib it is trying to reinvent itself there are many signs of this transformation on display the event in hanover wants to be hipper with more of a funfair by then a trade fair vibe in order to lure more startups. air taxi enterprise polo copter was here last in two thousand and thirteen now one of the
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firm's co-founders has back and he hopes it will boost his company's profile. but is still highly relevant no longer just a computer trade fair it's about the digital transformation encompassing a whole realm of digital technologies we've integrated into our flying machines. this electric car produced by a german startup costs just sixteen thousand euros by the end of this year the first customers will be taking delivery. and the company's electric micro bus could help ease congestion in european city centers the fourteen seater is scheduled to hit the streets starting in mid two thousand nine hundred. this mobility solution that we need now is a cloud based service solution it's a major theme at sea but because it's not just about mobility. cib it is also about artificial intelligence such as these human like robots that can help people
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