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tv   Doc Film - Aquarius - Rescue in Deadly Waters  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2018 3:15am-4:01am CEST

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to the limited.
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the italian island of lampedusa south of sicily. a legendary destination for migrants. a corner of europe within reach of africa. the most recent shipwreck still lies on the seabed. tens of thousands of men women and children have drowned while attempting to reach europe. our very own mediterranean has become one great graveyard.
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how many over there are waiting to cross the mediterranean. so far there have been more than a million. why do they do it and i do we do nothing. but ok i'm not a producer i wait for the aquarius vessel chartered by the european humanitarian organization s.o.s. meditative any. this isn't a ship like others it's more an idea borne of a discussion between a german merchant navy captain and a french humanitarian people are drowning in the mediterranean they said they must be saved to do that we need a boat europe's doing nothing let's do it ourselves. with winter drawing to a close migrants are getting ready for the arduous crossing the aquarius is he.
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heading out on its first mission joining its crew of volunteers doctors and sailors by board to experience their next adventure and to tell the tale. i was a young officer. i was on a ship and quite a big one two hundred metres long very modern. day boat people that was the time of the boat people. and we knew there were boat people in the sea like here. so have entourage i didn't see any at the time but we knew they were there. about two other ships were taking part in rescuing them but we didn't affect. us and that was the policy of the company and the company we avoided those routes i thought he'd never again me so and that's why i'm here now because as we see when. you.
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know what limbaugh is. limbaugh is not exactly the hell. it is. one step before the hell. actually i know most of you have a lot of knowledge about the people in libya well no waiting. was a german word to make it simple it's something like a concentration camp for those people and it's slavery. and we are here twenty miles away from them on the sea which is too rough that they can possibly cross it's too dangerous. what bothers me and what makes my nights and maybe your nights also like that. is the fact that we are here on the sea which actually is a bother. it is not
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a sense it has no dogs it has no soldiers there's no order to shoot people but it's killing anyway. people don't like to realize the truth. and nobody really speaks about it and here on the aquarius we can experience it in our own feelings. and water fire air he's elementz they will be always there they're not human but we are you and it's up to us to humanize the sea and the message which we could possibly have from this ship . could be that we wish the european people to understand that the mediterranean sea shall be a human place for human beings with human rights respect dignity protection.
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and connection and not a killing sea. thank you for. the african coast just off libya a country in turmoil since the ousting of dictator moammar gadhafi. is the most militant some people smugglers exploit the political instability from here the crew of the aquarius scars the horizon for vessels in distress and from here it and barks to save the shipwrecked and put them on safer ground. the so. that he. and his.
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feet he. all. that he. he and. it is. a shame it was so these are all the algae xix and antibiotics he's nice have nice things like mine field in fossil field all you pilots is it i heard about the ship last year i went to those in charge and said if the ship sails i'll be honest. civil it's true and that means i'll have a look at the mediterranean the same way again as you. see suspense
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i mean it what's happening in the mediterranean with the boats full of people who are terrified frozen in danger of dying you could fall in the water at any moment you don't even know how to swim. at all it's another world where you pull we watch the sea at night it looks beautiful we see magnificent sunsets the stars a splendid good at the same time we know that there are flimsy little boats out there on the water but people who are going to die it's terrible city here and their reaction has these two contrasting sides to it. we get on the ship full of enthusiasm ok let's go then we return each time saying it's terrible we're glad we're doing something all right it's terrible dick issues with them to leave.
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yeah. but the video since you are so quickly after star wondered why am i angry when i have the strong feeling of anger which is rare for me. to see if some cool or what was i'm angry with fix it is to move it was because well i see it every time in france when i say i'm going to help out in cali or on this ship so some people don't react in a nice way so. you know even among my family and friends or more generally throughout europe there are some people who close their eyes. the fact that they close their eyes and hearts to such distress makes me angry. ok they don't agree with that but they're not interested enough to find out what's really happening it doesn't seem to bother them good people are dying at sea i think that's what makes
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me angry. or probably like a little of the first boat here it is. if i remember right there were fifty four people on board. well i was twenty years old and it was like the big humanitarian action of my life they were refugees we were in indochina and they were vietnamese but it would have been the same for cambodians and today it be the same for. always refugees. it's a shock the first time you see both people. if you see both people first and then you see men women and children. and i'll be marked for life by that first experience and the powers that are now expanding also. maybe
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policing with my main goal is to take simple pictures which all people can see. especially those who don't agree with us doing this kind of work for us to try to convince them that we see the one. not war at least to make them aware that people are dying at sea school but i don't want is for them to become invisible i want to show that they exist that's it show that they exist. well i. will shoot her a paper route. that he will offer me. that. one playable.
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in a community physician. why. did you. make . it. ok cool piece so if i will stuff that has good relations. it could be or know. that little idea minutes ago oh you. said you minutes. these don't friends weren't following us they came to a set a right angle swam to the front of the ship instinct in a long while. and when the
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lookout signaled a migrant boat on the horizon they vanished as suddenly as they disappeared those don't phones weren't following us they were guiding us.
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we. feel secure because it feels.
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he can't. believe he's getting.
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ready. to come the kids are going to. think this is. something. you'll have you will know something and so through ok you can make. it was it.
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to be oh yes it is if. you. want to. look at me look at me the look you look at least a little bit it's going to look good you need. you know it's ok to be. cheap and good as it is isn't it ok to be a janitor. to get the twenty cents an. idea . that says. that and a couple. of just
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a. couple. that. are. always going to. show. they're all good at the budget because if i can't say it's good that isn't right see folks it's not good you know it's not it's about you know because if it's not good that those people are in such danger because. they're in shock social traumatized. that's not good to be a. little. tough. a lot of.
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muscle bound up because we're going to. be a half full. amid
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the resting men i meet a c. s. when he was pulled aboard the aquarius he was shivering it was wearing a t. shirt that said i don't like mondays i looked at my watch it was six forty am on a monday. getting so was when i left guinea bissau i was seventeen or eighteen and he said don't you think quick why did you leave guinea-bissau. mum papa lived to see my dad had died i didn't really know him. and my mother is still there. but i have lots of little brothers for sex and i saw we didn't have enough money to
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feed them to us that bothered me. so i decided to leave and make something of my life so if i succeed my family will be rich if i don't i won't return. it to me and when did you leave guinea-bissau so for seven years ago now said seven years just seven years. said the seven ers that's a long journey still it's a long journey with us up to seven years ago i left guinea bissau. to go to senegal so i was in senegal for six or seven months. singing satirist senegal. martain year. after mauritania i then went to mali. in mali i earned a bit of money and i went back to mauritania. then to morocco. morocco was uneasy so i went back to mauritania. and then i went back again to mali.
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mali algeria geria morocco morocco algeria. morocco morocco algeria algeria libya libya tunisia. but after that i went back to algeria and then back again to tunisia and then back again to libya and now here seven years in all and three years since i last called my family. she did it but even they tell you there's the boat in the water i don't know the water so it was my first time in the water a few flights you force yourself if you go under it's over you drown and it's over the icy feeling far away yes it's far away and you have to swim out to it.
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because there are lots of people who grab you like this they grab hold of you to pull you want board. well because with lots of people die trying to get on the boat it's a war try to get on a boat but after that you get into a war a war. it was all back to the moment. but they're not of a going to do with. it. but when he saw the ship he forgot all the bad things from before he was born again today or was it given yet you forgot everything for now it appears like i was born again today. yes born again today he's a new born baby you can never forget today. it's my first day of the first day of your life. pm you welcome to the world but i
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can't thank you. so much. that it was nice. to see you get. over. it think you need. to say. that. to you live.
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once again. in owning your heart she's fine. if you think that your. i'm a woman look until. you. look silly and ask your ration is even
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a man was good with you. he hit. you in the fragments. you do not. you don't wish the feeling. of needles that you're seeing is just. all things. now had not a single woman has said anything about what she's been through. the men who will talk about the hell of libya. there was even one who said when i asked him why he wanted to see me what the problem was he said i'm all right so well. but do you have some specific problem is that why you wanted to see a doctor yes what's this problem what we never hear.
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that alan was libyans don't like black people they don't like us they don't want us so whenever you go out you have problems if a libyan comes up to you if you look at him he says what are you looking at you're just hungry you need food if you don't have any money they put you in prison. they call your relatives to get them to send you some money if they don't send you any they'll beat you to death. so. it's ok and i was just want to go. get my last two of my brothers. the surprise you gosh i hate some of the most libyans found me and fired at me. from doing so many people you could get shot in the foot and you could die says no one would help you. if you get shot and you go to the hospital that ask you where does this bullet come from. the who did this
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even the doctor might kill you. or alter the law was.
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passed. just dozens of. i left on day one year ago today. it was the time that we had those attacks in the north of cameroon by the boko haram sect. that pushes it in the first thing that makes it hard to travel through libya is
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being a christian. that's the first thing being a christian the second thing is being black. i guess during the war in libya the parents bought weapons and gave them to their children to school when the children asked how they could practice shooting they said well there are blacks everywhere. he wonder stand. don't it's awful to fall so the children learn how to shoot by shooting at blacks they learn how to torture by practicing on blacks they use some black people who don't have any other means of surviving who have lost their faith to torture their brothers for full doctrinally for. the house and there are libyans who join in the torture with those blacks carrying out the torture actually they use those blacks to help them to communicate to try to get money out of our relatives you see him on the national go back.
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to you you pay up or you die that's what they say is they hate you every day as they hit us they smash your feet they hurt your head they hit you again and again on the head until you pass out and they tell you that if you don't pay up you'll die the bread they give you you have to pay for the bread but you don't have any my . so you see this they say it's better if you die with the symbolism or chose. somebody defy not to mention our women from a rape right before our eyes without even abducting them. just a few meters away just get a few meters away while they threaten you with a knife held in your face stuff. there might be five or six of them raping your wife right next to you bust is. going to do is not only do they rape women but they rape men too. they leave you to bleed out. they beat you to death
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they spit on them your rights are totally clouded. is it tough we dish up old you feel like it's society another world which. says if you're no longer in this world it's no longer in this world in which we live but in a world of beasts in a world that has lost all sense of selves sometimes yet to see souls i mean it sense or fraternity all the feeling of being a human being and all that and you also think that human beings have lost all their faculty for reason. to see that they're living by instinct. like an animal see the world come and then you might. believe so along these refugees there could be some who tortured other people it's quite likely yes quite likely that.
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that that. that that. that . how calm and disciplined the refugees are. there are one hundred eighteen of them on the deck waiting holding their bundles wrapped in great blankets. at the mercy
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of the swell as they shuffle around like ghosts. before them is the island of lampedusa to see. and the bull was to be stepped over. this morning the waves woke us the wind was back keeping us out of the forge. we needed to find a calm spot to transfer our survivors to the waiting coastguard launches. the migrants who fin through so much are nevertheless surprised to see the italian crew in the white overalls plastic gloves and masks. the martians have come to help the black people. a few orders and cecilia and the transfer
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begins. twice we change our anchoring and twice the wind and waves catch us again. my. mate. maybe i. would take them out so. that it. might.
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not leak and we're not going to kill you chip chip you know because i'm a. little bit. it's a little bit. but take a long time and you know as the part about the show the place. like that. where they're going to. tell ok. yes that's where we should go don't know what that said but that's not what it would be a. couple
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pop up on the planet something very. political nobody wants. the jumbo there's been a similar study funded study that awful lot of money going no no no no luck. perhaps a little fun now they're going to be out front loading one of you. got that if the rules say gives a go she didn't let you see them in the least that's. not the song to play leslie ok. city values come up. by just a simple cool off joe joe local. that. was ok but.
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was it. played out of one of the movie going to be like oh. please. pass. the to flame. the survivors have finally reached their goal europe. what they don't yet know is how long and hard the rest of the journey will be. already behind them on libyan beaches more desperate people are taking to the sea. for the aquarius there's always another rescue.
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feat but this one is different from the others the dinghy is split into and it's sinking. the plane. please. please. please. please. please.
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please please please. please. please. please. please. me. too man drop within sight of the rescuers and six lifeless bodies are found in the
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book. but on this day the aquarius saves one hundred eight mark. at all the experience of saving people from drowning is. one that you just can't imagine before you've been through it because it's on the mansion so you return as a different person than you were before is it mention big agent we have met people in a situation that we could never before have imagined possible for any cause. and that encounter has transformed us. is that all we have understood that we europeans have a duty to intervene. for me the aquarius and the other rescue ships operating out here are beacons of hope in a sea of distress and horror. show to hold on to some substance.
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with the world cup being a special sun. obviously useful. for that. company but we too
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will among the cope highlight topics for thirty minutes w. a. crime against humanity. civilians become a success. on. their recorded images travel around the globe just social media. is playing into. what is fact. digital investigators combing through the flood of images and they combine. trying to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of crimes skanks to this video recording of a soldier who shot the young man is on trial now. forensics between
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bits and bytes. of the phone. taping again. just. evidence. of the chance and the biggest justice is about to to the. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on g.w. . people have been celebrating in the afghanistan a day after the taliban announced a surprise three day cease fire that's despite a suicide bombing that killed dozens in the east of the country afghan president ghani extended the government ceasefire and asked the taliban to extend theirs that's due to end sunday night. at least seventeen people have been killed in
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a stampede at a nightclub in venezuela's capital caracas a school graduation party turned into a.


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