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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2018 10:00am-10:15am CEST

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daily. mail me. this is d. w. news live from berlin the german chancellor tries to ease a crisis that could bring down her government and in the macro is planning emergency talks with affected e.u. nations in a bid to solve a picture around of a migration with her own interior minister but how strong are the chances for compromise we'll have full analysis from our chief political correspondent in just a second also on the program football minnows iceland's giants argentina by securing a want to hold roll group stages of the world cup in russia we'll have all the
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highlights for you later on in the show. me a little. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a good to have you with us chancellor angela merkel is reportedly planning emergency talks with several a united nations as she struggles to avert a crisis within own coalition government over migration policy the german daily built says the high level meeting could take place as soon as next weekend chancellor merkel is currently locked in a round with her interior minister. who heads the but they're insist a party of christian democrats say hold for has threatened to unilaterally tighten germany's borders in defiance of machall who wants to find a european solution. so with fears spreading that this deadlock could bring down the german government who for his known denied he's trying to split the
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conservative block this is what he had to say to the german daily built nobody in the c.s.u. is interested in toppling the chancellor dissolving the conservative problem entry group or breaking up the coalition. for more bring in our chief political correspondent linda crane melinda we now have apparently the interior minister hasi who for softening his position somewhat is this the beginning of a compromise between him and chancellor merkel hard to say for sure because we are also seeing reports this morning that he told a circle of the the bavarian conservative party's leadership that's the c.s.u. party that's at the heart of this whole dispute he told them apparently i can't work with that woman anymore referring to chancellor merkel so that makes it sound as if he is still seeing this as an absolute head to head power struggle but he did go on in the quote that he that you gave us to say that the c.s.u.
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as much as anybody else wants a sustainable solution and that's kind of an interesting term that would tend to indicate a bit of potential for compromise because it's a term that the chancellor herself is using the only sustainable solution is a multilateral european solution so we know for sure that merkel and say whoa for had been speaking this weekend we're hearing some leadership within the c.d.u. merkel's conservative saying a compromise does look feasible but no confirmation yet about whether it's going to extraordinary how high the tension between the two politicians is and of course merkel herself under huge pressure to follow in this multilateral solution this european solution all migration the e.u. the has been so divided on this in recent months and years you know how difficult is it going to be for to secure that european solution that's. right the e.u. approach to migration essentially has been broken since twenty fifteen since that
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huge influx of refugees in fact the treaty that was supposed to regulate the whole thing dublin essentially was suspended and has never come back fully into force now in other words it is very difficult to get that multilateral european solution that the chancellor is pushing for but a couple of factors might indicate some room for movement here number one we've got different governments at the helm of a number of european countries than the ones we had in the past starting with italy now that is not an easy thing italy has a populist government has just turned away that boat full of refugees and said we're not taking any more but that means there may be some new negotiating dynamic here and as you mentioned the chancellor is now apparently looking toward a sort of pre-summit of affected countries that means the countries on the southern periphery of the e.u. on the x. sterna border that have borne the brunt of this crisis in the past and potentially
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if they get together in talks before the summit maybe there can be some movement she also emphasized once again in her weekly podcast that that multilateral solution she is looking for is the only way to deal with what she views as a european challenge let's take a listen to what she had to say there. this and all the piss is a european challenge that also needs a european responds and i think this is one of the crucial issues for europe's. remind us also melinda you know why we were talking yesterday about her interior minister horsley hoof and what's driving him what is driving her why you know is she so steadfast about. opposing the national solution to her interim minister once the fact is those southern european countries whom i mentioned the ones that are on the outer perimeter of the e.u. they have absolutely borne the brunt of this crisis from the beginning they have
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never had sufficient resources they have never had sufficient support from other e.u. member countries including unfortunately germany germany and its own way of course also has worn a norm enormous burden that there is never been a coordinated approach the chancellor has repeatedly said we cannot go it alone she's criticized donald trump for going it alone and said unilateralism nationalism cannot be the answer to the complex challenges we face today she is hardly in a position then to do the very things she has for sworn and in fact if we don't have those southern european countries on board in a far reaching solution then truly this crisis will simply continue to fester and would go against everything she stood for so ok melinda many many thanks for that melinda craned their chief political correspondent. we're going to catch up now with some of the other stories making news around the world in nicaragua a shootout in a fire bombing in the capital managua that killed eight people including two
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children the violence came hours after the government and protesters struck an agreement aimed at ending weeks of deadly political unrest both sides are blaming each other for the flare up but have agreed to continue negotiations. austrian chances of a stern court has called on germany to provide assurances that it stopped spying on politicians international organizations and companies in austria major in both countries have been reporting that the german intelligence service run an extensive espionage operation in the neighboring austria between one thousand nine hundred nine and two thousand and six. and in the russian capital moscow with or to say a taxi driver who crashed into a crowd on saturday had fallen asleep eight people were injured including many who come to the city for the world cup police have opened an investigation into the incident.
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now iceland with a big surprise of the european soccer championships two years ago they doing the same at the russia world cup they face giants argentina in group d. yesterday and proved that their scrappy physical style was a match for the polish technique of the argentinians. argentina broke the deadlock early on sergio aguero scoring the opener and then ninety minutes by but iceland came back just four minutes later with their first ever world cup go out for him bogus in this school run i in the second half argentina put the pressure on forcing iceland in some mistakes and penalty for the favorites surely this would be the elite upset leo messi saved by how does how the sun and the fans they save it it's like oh wait i asked the minutes counted down messi tried is lucky again but it was in the avail one of the final score as iceland was quite the
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upset. now let's look at all the results from the match they all think russia well comp confirmation of that unexpected draw between argentina on iceland croatia comfortably beating nigeria denmark just squeezing past peru and france sailing a surprisingly narrow win against australia thanks to like goal from paul pogba. now with me in the studio emily howell shoots from sports in moscow we have all world cup correspondent jonathan harding thanks for joining me to both of you going to start here in berlin with emily first of all that argentina iceland game emily what's your main takeaway you know was it messes missed penalty or the fact that iceland stood fost as it were a little bit of both and if you look at the statistics there now messi has failed to convert five of his last ten penalties for his club and country hoops so surely
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he's very disappointed that he has to add another one on to those and there will be some talk in the argentina camp where maybe sergio where should take the penalties from now on but it's a difficult situation overall had a good game i think there was no support for him from midfield there were no such chances created they had a very tough time against a good compact team from iceland that just deserved a draw. not starting its campaign very well let's get the view from moscow jonathan how have fans in moscow been reacting to that super saturday with no less than four games. all the fans have been reacting very well i would say after a slow start the atmosphere is certainly growing here in russia it seems that the south american brands are the ones that are here to have the biggest party they probably have the longest journey so that makes sense but iceland hop stole the show yesterday we were with the team's fans about two thousand of them just outside
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the red square before their game against argentina and they were singing songs and celebrating and it was the kind of pride that you don't necessarily see a lot of told events and it was just brilliant fantastic and a sign that it was cops i mean so much to these so-called smaller nations ok jonathan stay with us i'm going back to emily here in berlin what about the other games on saturday what was what are your picks from a lot of traction and one of the main takeaways was that france is not yet at the level that many. i expected them to be they have a young squad their starting line up was the youngest on average in the age since one thousand nine hundred eighty have a lot of young talent was london berlin but they just weren't really in the tournament yet against australia they managed to get the win but with that performance they wouldn't make it through a lot of michael games so that's certainly something to keep in mind they did get a late winner as we saw through paul told by so surely he'll just take those three points and try to restart for the next phase you know some some said that goal was lucky i thought it was it was
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a stroke of genius back to moscow back to jonathan germany of course opening its world cup campaign against mexico later today in the stadium right behind you what should we be looking for jonathan. well we should be looking for a performance that has been a lot of talk about this germany team in the build up to this woke up can they perform under the pressure can they defend their title has your home of picked the right team by the south to noon we'll finally get a chance to see whether this team can perform under pressure julian jackson is going to be the happiest of them all he will start your home of did confirm that yesterday but most of all it's a chance for germany to just show that they can deal with that pressure and put that poor performances in preparation to this woke up behind that's right they they haven't had a very good run up to the terminal which is rather on typical what about the other matches jonathan that fans can look forward to today.
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well there are a couple of other games brazil versus searchin and is perhaps the one that grabs the eye little bit more than costa rica later on against serbia brazil of course have neymar that's everybody's going to be watching him and continue know there's a whole host of names that will be on show and of course why germany are going for their fifth stop resilin going for their sixth so i'm sure there are lots of somber and football lights around here in russia ok thanks for that jonathan in mall. go just quickly emily you looking forward to that brazil switzerland game i had the joy of watching rizzo pregnancy last year recently and when they are on fire i mean it's just beautiful to watch when they start their combinations and the little brazilian samba on the pitch i mean every football fan can just sit there and enjoy their play and enjoy the goals that probably they will score with their with their star studded oftens and they had a much better run up to the tournament than germany what are you expecting from germany tonight briefly. germany has to prove to everyone that the most recent
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result is not what the team actually looks like there's money to prove that he's actually really fit to play in this world cup union blocks and some other places to prove that they're already their head is in the game and that they're worthy of being here and the other players that are left home were left at home and they're better than them so germany really has to get a win against mexico they asked to show that they're here to defend the title that they wanted and that they'll go for it ok anything at all shoots from the sports many thanks to use well. we have a quick reminder for you of our top story at the moment german chancellor angela merkel reportedly planning emergency talks with your nation's effect on migration as she struggles to a verge of crisis that could bring down a coalition government michel is locked in a round with her own interior minister haas and z. home for he has threatened to unilaterally tighten germany's borders in defiance of medical she wants to find a european solution. because you can always get news on the go just download from
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