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the corps. starts july eighth. and. it says details of the news live from dublin the german chancellor tries to ease a crisis that could bring down her government and is planning emergency talks with affected you nations in a bid to solve a bit around of a migration with her own interior minister but how strong are the chances for compromise will have full analysis for you from our chief political correspondent
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in just a second. also on the program football minnows iceland's giants cino my securing a one all draw in the group stages of the world cup and russia will have all the highlights for you like wrong in this shot. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a good to have you with us chancellor angela merkel is reportedly planning emergency talks with several a united nations as she struggles to avert a crisis within her coalition government have a migration policy the german daily built says the high level meeting could take place as soon as next weekend chancellor merkel is locked in a round with her interior minister haas the whole for who heads the bavarian sister party of her christian democrats say hoffa has threatened to unilaterally tighten germany's borders in defiance of. who wants to find
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a european solution. so with fear is spreading that the deadlock could bring down the german government has no denying it he's trying to split the conservative block he said this to the built newspaper nobody in the c.s.u. is interested in toppling the child dissolving the conservative palm tree group or breaking up the coalition. bring in our chief political correspondent linda crane melinda we now have apparently the interior minister hall seeable for softening his position somewhat is this the beginning of a compromise between him and chancellor merkel hard to say for sure because we are also seeing reports this morning that he told a circle of the the bavarian conservative party's leadership that's the c.s.u. party that's at the heart of this whole dispute he told them apparently i can't work with that woman anymore be firming the two chancellor merkel so that makes it
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sound as if he is still seeing this as an absolute head to head power struggle but he did go on in the quote that he that you gave us to say that the c.s.u. as much as anybody else wants a sustainable solution and that's kind of an interesting term that would tend to indicate a bit of potential for compromise because it's a term that the chancellor herself is using the only sustainable solution is a multilateral european solution so we know for sure that merkel and say hope for had been speaking this weekend we're hearing some leadership within the c.d.u. merkel's conservative saying a compromise does look feasible but no confirmation yet about whether it's going to extraordinary how high the tension between the two politicians is and of course merkel herself under huge pressure to following this multilateral solution this european solution on migration the e.u. the has been so divided on this in recent months and years you know how difficult is that going to be for. the secure european solution that's absolutely right the
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e.u. approach to migration essentially has been broken since twenty fifteen since that huge influx of refugees in fact the treaty that was supposed to regulate the whole thing dublin essentially was suspended and has never come back fully into force now in other words it is very difficult to get that multilateral european solution that the chancellor is pushing for but a couple of factors might indicate some room for movement here number one we've got different governments at the helm of a number of european countries than the ones we had in the past starting with italy now that is not an easy thing italy has a populist government has just turned away that boat full of refugees and said we're not taking any more but that means there may be some new negotiating dynamic here and as you mentioned the chancellor is now apparently looking toward a sort of pre-summit of affected countries that means the countries on the southern
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periphery of the e.u. on the xterm the border that have borne the brunt of this crisis in the past and potentially if they get together in talks before the summit maybe there can be some movement she also emphasized once again in her weekly podcast that that multilateral solution she is looking for is the only way to deal with what she views as a european challenge let's take a listen to what she had to say there. and all the piss is a european challenge that also needs a european response and i think this is one of the crucial issues for europe's. us . remind us also melinda you know why we were talking yesterday about her interior minister haas the hoof and what's driving him what is driving her why you know is she so steadfast about. opposing the national solution to her interim minister once the fact is those southern european countries whom i mentioned the ones that are on
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the outer perimeter of the e.u. they have absolutely borne the brunt of this crisis from the beginning they have never had sufficient resources they have never had sufficient support from other e.u. member countries including unfortunately germany germany and its own way of course also has worn a norm or norm as bird that there is never been a coordinated approach the chancellor has repeatedly said we cannot go it alone she's criticized donald trump for going it alone and said unilateralism nationalism cannot be the answer to the complex challenges we face today she is hardly in a position then to do the very things she has for sworn and in fact if we don't have those southern european countries on board in a far reaching solution then truly this crisis will simply continue to fester and would go against everything she stood for so ok melinda many many thanks for that melinda craned their chief political correspondent. and staying for
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a moment with the issue of migration a convoy carrying hundreds of migrants has arrived in spain a week after their rescue spot to pan-european around migration the aquarius ship and one of the boat docked in the port of the let's hear this morning the third vessel is expected coming six hundred migrants were rescued by their crevasse from the mediterranean last weekend but italy and baltar both refused the vessel to dock after days of bickering spain offered to grant the boat entry. now to some of the other stories making news around the world greece and macedonia had signed a deal ending a decades old dispute of the macedonians name the prime ministers of both countries were joined by united nations and european union officials who witnessed the signing ceremony on the shores of lake precipice under the agreement that there will be renamed the republic of north macedonia. in nicaragua
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a shootout and a fire bombing in the capital managua have killed eight people including two children the violence came hours after the government and protesters struck an agreement and ending weeks of deadly political unrest both sides of blaming each other for the flare up that have agreed to continue to go shooting. austrian. courts has called on germany to provide assurances that it has stopped spying on politicians international organizations and companies in austria major in both countries have been reporting that the german intelligence service had run an extensive espionage operation in neighboring austria between one thousand nine hundred nine and two thousand and six. and in the russian capital moscow all forty say a taxi driver who crashed into a crowd on saturday had fallen asleep eight people were injured including many who come to the city for the world cup police open to the investigation into the incident which. now iceland with
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a big surprise at the european soccer championships two years ago and the doing it again at the russia world cup they face giants argentina in group d. yesterday and proved that their scrappy physical style was a match for the polish technique of the argentinians. argentina broke the deadlock early on sergio aguero scoring the open and then ninety minutes by but iceland came back just four minutes later with them but have a world cup go out for him bogus in this school run i've. been in the second half argentina put the pressure on forcing iceland into mistakes and penalty for the favorites surely this would be the lead upset leo messi save by honda's how the sun and the fans they save it like away and i as the minutes counted down messi try to block again but it was similar avail one zero of the final score
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as iceland was quite the upset. very weak penalty there from leno messi now the late game on saturday was a rough and tumble encounter with croatia battling to a two no victory. in the thirty second when it was mario man two kitchen school with a diving head on his head and the deflected by it would probably have gone even without a nigerian then in the sixty ninth minute to catch was wrestled to the ground by william frost a call. captain comeaux bridge stepped up so far in the penalty making the finals for two no for russia. that was the light came the early game on saturday so france taking on australia in group c. after an event for the first time for found just inside the ball swung his money game going to pick yourself up and took the kick yourself to break the deadlock in
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the fifty eighth minute just four minutes later the results where captain miles equalising frustration also from a spot but then before they keep choosing tried to block a pawn shop. in d.h. if minute two one from the final score. just for the record we're going to give you a summary of all the results on match day three. there you have those results argentina's draw with iceland croatia the comfortable victory against nigeria france's two one victory over australia and another match on saturday very tight a fan between denmark and peru with the danes just squeezing through by a single goal. germany of course kick off their world cup campaign later today against mexico in group f. goalkeeper manimal neuer will be leading his teammates onto the pitch at the
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luzhniki stadium in moscow but this time four years ago in twenty fourteen when germany won the world cup it was phillip law who is captaining the side ahead of this afternoon's game he's been talking to a moscow bureau chief yuri rachet zero in an exclusive interview for d w news. how are you and what are your first impressions of russia. i'm doing great because i'm back at a world cup and that's always something special i get to watch lots of games and that's really nice. what do you like about russia. at the moment i'd say that the people here are really excited about the world cup they're happy that they can host such a massive event. come and see you at a public viewing in moscow. probably watching the games at the stadium instead but i'm not here for long so i look forward to enjoying the games from home this time around i'm watching on t.v. the last time i watched the world cup on t.v. was in two thousand and two so it's really nice to be able to experience it from
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home again. that's my take on what's it like as a retired footballer what do you feel when you see other people playing the game. stepping away from the game has meant i see things differently it's really nice that i can appreciate things differently than i could during my playing days when you're playing you have to be so focused on the games ahead now i can look at the stadiums and experience everything that happens around the matches and that's fantastic because you really get to see things from a different perspective. if you compare the preparations for the last world cup which of course ended very successfully with this tournament do you think there are similarities. we know that you know you love will prepare this team meticulously he has experience he knows how to set a team up he knows how to get ready for a tournament and the players are experienced many of these players have been to big tournaments before so i have a really good feeling. how do you see germany performing.
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well as i said there are players in this squad who have plenty of experience have already been to big tournaments they all play for clubs in the best leagues that also play in international competitions like the champions league. but there are also young talents in the squad who are a breath of fresh air and are also gaining some experience. what about the other teams who are your favorites. my favorites are brazil argentina the spanish and french and of course the germans. want to. thank you my pleasure. yuri rachet are there talking to the former captain of germany for the. a quick reminder for you of our top story at this hour german chancellor angela merkel reportedly planning emergency talks with the e.u.
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nations affected by migration as she struggles to avert a crisis that could bring down her coalition government knuckle is locked in a round with her interior minister last z. hold for these threaten to unilaterally tighten germany's borders in defiance of mouthfull who wants a european solution. from the top of the hour as ever in the meantime don't forget you can always get the latest updates from our web site that's the w dot com up next here on news and exclusive interview with the german author robert mann says. there is no. change. the banks. the language. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for mines.


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