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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2018 2:00pm-2:16pm CEST

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this is detail the news live from the german chancellor tries to ease a crisis that could bring down her governor engler mantel is planning emergency talks with affected a united nations in a bid to solve a feature round of migration with an interior minister but how strong of the chances for compromise will get full analysis for you from on chief political correspondent in just a couple of seconds. also on the program football minnows iceland star giants argentina by securing a one all draw or in the group stages of the world cup in russia we'll have all the
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highlights for you am plenty more later on in the show. hello and welcome my name is christopher springeth thanks for joining us german chancellor angela merkel is seeking emergency talks with several e.u. nations on migrant policy as she struggles to avert a crisis within her own coalition but germany's government has denied a report that a special summit is to take place merkel is currently locked in a round with interior minister cost z who've a rather he has threatened to defy her and go ahead with plans to unilaterally tighten germany's borders on monday michael is adamant a european solution has to be found. the hole for heads the very insistent party of merkel's christian democrats with fears spreading that the deadlock between the two . sides could bring down the german government he's now said he has no intention of
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splitting the conservative block he said this to the built newspaper nobody in the c.s.u. is interested in toppling the chancellor dissolving the conservative parliamentary group or breaking up the coalition. bring in our chief political correspondent linda crane melinda we now have apparently the interior minister hall suitable for softening his position somewhat is this the beginning of a compromise between him and chancellor merkel hard to say for sure because we are also seeing reports this morning that he told a circle of the the bavarian conservative party's leadership that's the c.s.u. party that's at the heart of this whole dispute he told them apparently i can't work with that woman anymore to chancellor merkel so that makes it sound as if he is still seeing this as an absolute head to head power struggle but he did go on in
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the quote that he that you gave us to say that the c.s.u. as much as anybody else wants a sustainable solution and that's kind of an interesting term that would tend to indicate a bit of potential for compromise because it's a term that the chancellor herself is using the only sustainable solution is a multilateral european solution so we know for sure that merkel and say whoa for have been speaking this weekend we're hearing some leadership within the c.d.u. merkel's conservative saying a compromise does look feasible but no confirmation yet about whether it's going to extraordinary how high the tension between the two politicians is and of course merkel herself under huge pressure to following this multilateral solution this european solution all migration the e.u. the has been so divided on this in recent months and years you know how difficult is it going to be for to secure that european solution that's absolutely right to the e.u. approach to the. migration essentially has been broken since twenty fifteen since
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that huge influx of refugees in fact the treaty that was supposed to regulate the whole thing dublin essentially was suspended and has never come back fully into force now in other words it is very difficult to get that multilateral european solution that the chancellor is pushing for but a couple of factors might indicate some room for movement here number one we've got different governments at the helm of a number of european countries than the ones we had in the past starting with italy now that is not an easy thing italy has a populist government has just turned away that boat full of refugees and said we're not taking any more but that means there may be some new negotiating dynamic here and as you mentioned the chancellor is now apparently looking toward a sort of pre-summit of affected countries that means the countries on the southern periphery of the e.u. in the x. journal border that have borne the brunt of this crisis in the past and potentially
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if they get together in talks before the summit maybe there can be some movement she also emphasized once again in her weekly podcast that that multilateral solution she is looking for is the only way to deal with what she views as a european challenge let's take a listen to what she had to say there. i know all the piss is a european challenge that also needs a european response and i think this is one of the crucial issues for europe's cohesion us. remind us also melinda you know why we were talking yesterday about her interior minister haas the hoof and what's driving him what is driving her why you know is she so steadfast about. opposing the national solution to her interim minister once the fact is those southern european countries whom i mentioned the ones that are on the outer perimeter of the e.u. they have absolutely borne the brunt of this crisis from the beginning they have
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never had sufficient resources they have never had sufficient support from other e.u. member countries including unfortunately germany germany and its own way of course also has borne an enormous enormous burden that there is never been a coordinated approach the chancellor has repeatedly said we cannot go it alone she's criticized donald trump for going it alone and said unilateralism nationalism cannot be the answer to the complex challenges we face today she is hardly in a position then to do the very things she has forsworn and in fact if we don't have those southern european countries on board in a far reaching solution then truly this crisis will simply continue to fester and would go against everything she stood for ok melinda many many thanks for that melinda crane their chief political correspondent. staying with migration for a second a convoy carrying hundreds of migrants has arrived in spain
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a week after their rescue sponsored pan-european round of migration the aquarius ship and two other vessels of docked in the port of the length here ending something of an all to sea for those on board spain stepped in to offer the migrants entry off to italy and most to both refused to let them by the spanish authorities say they will be examining the migrants on a case by case. basis to see whether they qualify for asylum. now let's catch up with some of the stories making news around the world police have clashed with protesters at the border between greece and macedonia as the two nations signed an agreement to change message during his name united nations and european union officials join the prime minister is all of macedonia and greece to witness the historic signing to deal renames macedonia as the republic of north acetone or resolving a dispute that's lost decades. in nicaragua a shootout in a fire bombing in the capital managua have killed eight people including two
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children the violence came hours after the government and protesters had struck an agreement aimed at ending weeks of deadly political unrest both sides on our lane each other for the flare up but have agreed to continue negotiating. austrian chancellor sebastian courts has called on germany to provide assurances that it has stopped spying on politicians international organizations and companies in austria media in both countries have been reporting that the german intelligence services have run an extensive espionage operation in neighboring austria between one thousand nine hundred nine and two thousand and six. and a taxi driver who injured eight people when he swerved onto a moscow sidewalk is blaming fatigue for the incident but i'm told police he hadn't slept in twenty hours and only fled the scene out of fear for his life several of the victims had come to the russian capital for the world cup.
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that's what we're going to talk about now iceland with a big surprise at the european soccer championships two years ago and they're one of the talking points already at the russia world cup they face giants argentina in group d. yesterday and they proved that their scrappy physical style was a match for the polish technique of the argentinians. argentina broke the deadlock early on sergio aguero scoring the open and then ninety minutes. but iceland came back just four minutes later with their first ever world cup goal outward from bogus in this story i. in the second half argentina put the pressure on forcing iceland into mistakes and penalty for the favorites surely this would be the lead upset leo messi say by how it is how the sun and the fans they save it it's like oh wait i was the minutes counted down messi try to block again
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but it was sunoco vale won all the final score as iceland was quite the upset. ok i'm going to give you the final scores of all the matches yesterday saturday there's confirmation for you of that unexpected draw between argentina and iceland croatia comfortably beating nigeria two nil denmark only just squeezing past peru one nil and de france had a surprisingly narrow victory against australia thanks to a late goal by the unfortunate aussie as he's behaved she fell so a lot of action yesterday a lot more to come today of course let's kept more on all of that from t.v.'s and they all should say emily thanks for coming in to talk to us argentina or iceland what caught your eye that missed penalty from the n.l. messi or that very tough icelandic team. the pouncer from the m.l.s. he was bad i mean he's now failed to convert five of his last ten penalties for
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club and country that's half of them surely there will be some people in the argentina camp questioning whether maybe sergio aguero who has a good record with manchester city should be taking the penalties for argentina especially when they're so decisive as this one as it would have given them the lead it seems is too much responsibility on messi shoulders and there is a sort of spread around the argentina so yeah they do they definitely do there was not enough support for yesterday from midfield he had to drop very far back into the pitch to even just get the ball the creating chances was really difficult the midfield didn't support him at all and had to drop deep as well it was just a very good performance by iceland not so well done by the argentina squad let's also talk about paul pogba he looked as though he was the french arrow in the game as. against australia but it turns out that chip the winning goal was actually a deflection yeah the shop i pulled out was deflected by a defender as a huge and they gave it as an own goal finally which is fair enough because they
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have to say that paul pogba didn't really contribute much to the came within this shot course that was decisive but it was quite underwhelming what he showed at the world cup so far as was the entire france team i mean they haven't turned up they really need to improve if they want to keep their hopes and chances alive is going far in this tournament ok so have engine tune front. making an underwhelming start i think is the way of describing it to this world cup what about germany the reigning world champions they face mexico later today. let's listen first of all before i ask you a question to our mexican friends have been telling us about this scale. was. mexico one your one ciro may he go right is the best team in the world we don't want to be given. the go or mexicans but we do
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know that you know that i feel that we have a fighting chance your money it's my friends with the i think makes it go we. two walls they provision for the game. if you don't air these in the mix can t.v. . i would say probably only maybe two to one to me. i. was feeling out of. mexicans don't give up that's what we do definitely i think a tough game in store for germany mexico such a season's team a lot of experience is a going to be a tough game they do have a lot of world cup experience and like we just heard they really don't give up their fighters they play with passion with heart so it will be a tough game for germany and germany has to step up because there's been some worries in germany among fans and media because they haven't really been performing
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great if you look at their latest friendly results they lost against austria they just narrowly beat saudi arabia who was defeated five zero at the opening of this with cup so they're going to have to step up they're going to have to show that they're up to the task and there's individual players will be in the spotlight as well on the one hand of course captain manuel neuer is back from his injury there was also concern about whether he'd be fit in time so she really can't make any good mistakes has proved that says there and she deserves to be there over mark under attack stating also union. announced that he will be in the starting line up and he's going to want to prove himself and prove his spot as well over probably marco voice or really have to see. whether they'll make it a great game ok emily many thanks for that emily should from d.w. sports bringing us up to date with what we can expect later today. more from us of course at the top of the ally in the meantime don't forget you can get the latest updates from our web site p.w.
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dot com up next here on g w news an exclusive interview with the prize winning german robert moments to stay with us for that. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for mines. germany state by state.


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