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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin i'm going to marcos fate hangs in the balance the german chancellor is interior minister may decide to define her on migration policy a move that could trigger the collapse of medicals governing coalition look ahead to a momentous day also coming up a conservative newcomer eva duquesne has won colombia's landmark presidential election his victory could have implications for the country's historic peace deal with part guerillas. plus giants humble world cup champions germany are in
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shock after losing to mexico in their first match of the tournament and the other favorites brazil failed to beat switzerland we'll find out what went wrong for the top ranked team says. hello i'm terry martin thanks for joining us a simmering dispute over migration could escalate today here in germany there is concern it could usher in the end of. government interior minister host z. hope meets today with the heads of his conservative c.s.u. party they will decide whether they hope for should seal germany's borders to migrants who entered europe by other e.u. countries and registered their medical opposes unilateral action on migration prefer an e.u. wide approach if say you hope it defies the chancellor it's possible that she will
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sack him something that could be the end of government. well here to put all this in perspective is t w political editor nina good to see you this morning nina very interesting developments saw the chancellor held a seven hour crisis meeting i understand with her party colleagues last night we don't know exactly what came out of that but her government is obviously in trouble what queen expect today well obviously it is a decisive day for the german government bill tabloids even called it the destiny day for. governments and the next few hours will definitely show that this government will persist whether it will survive because as we've seen there is is so down there are important meetings coming up in the next few hours and interesting the the sister parties c.d.u. party and the bavarian come to pots they're holding separate meetings in berlin and
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in munich and if they have a whole five goes it alone indeed that will of course challenge the tonsil and then she will have to make major decisions ok so the stability of the government is obviously in jeopardy at this point it is a crisis that's been building for some time if you've been watching daughter bella you know this to give you an idea of how this whole thing evolved we've got this report for you. but not even one year has passed since i got a miracle and her party won the last german elections for the fourth time in a row. but since then it has become lonely and the berlin chancellery americal could be undermined not by the opposition but by her closest allies because they simply cannot stand manacles liberal refugee policy the impetus came from this man . head of the small bavarian c.s.u. party the sister party to uncle a medical concern but if c.d.u.
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medical made him interior minister in march but then he used opposition to undermine merkel's authority the rift began in two thousand and fifteen the year when germany saw a massive influx of refugees in the end nearly one million people came to germany from war torn countries like syria and iraq but also from the balkans and north africa many believe the chancellor is someone who could save them from their circumstances then merkel made this statement that defined a pivotal moment in her government. the arms if you missed the shot fish offered us we have achieved so much we can do this since then there have been two sides to the machal the world sees her as the most powerful woman who was close friends with us president barack obama and two other world leaders looked up to. but the other side of on the american as our own country sees her the long serving german chancellor head of a grand coalition that few actually wanted in the first place with tensions growing
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machall stime as chancellor could be coming to an end unless she can close the ranks between the c.d.u. and the c.s.u. from the beginning of the refugee crisis the c.s.u. strongly opposed policy of opening the borders the two party leaders frequently clashed as at the c.s.u. party convention in november two thousand and fifteen years since the first. we are convinced that this is a story task of the integration of refugees into our society. will not win the approval of the german people if we don't have a maximum cap for the number of people allowed into our country. but the information given public. demand machall was not willing to accept and the rift between the parties became wider and more evident by the day. when this oh by the if things go on like this we will have more refugees coming in than last year. the nazis no coordination. the government in berlin this not have
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a plan field. no matter how you look at it there won't be any other possibility than to limit the number of people coming in. trying to be quote by. i've said it before the system is collapsing. in the end its domestic policies that are threatening her tenure the influx of refugees sparked the rise of the right wing populist a.f.d. party in germany making them a real election threat and the various upcoming state election and that has seen the c.s.u. threatening to break with merkel and the c.d.u. a partnership that has existed since the second world war it's a major policy battle that could ultimately spell the end of mantles thirteen years in office. so the name is the controversy over the chancellor's migration policy appears to be coming to a head with a challenge from within her own government. what options if any does the
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chancellor have for resolving this crisis at this point. well i think that we have to wait another two hours for the c.s.u. to have their party meeting in munich because it logically depends on what the c.s.u. decides that maybe they'll go it alone and they although tell the federal interior minister you go alone and you implement a plan to close the borders essentially and to not let asylum seekers into the country and send them back to the e.u. countries if they do that then it depends on how much time will be needed to actually implement this plan and marichal if this plan is implemented straight away she would have to fire her interior minister that would mean the collapse of the government but then she could look for other coalition partners in the bundestag another option of course would be that she holds a vote of no confidence and asked the question once and for all are you with me or
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are you against me in this question of migration policy now there is a important summit coming up later this month the chancellor merkel still hoping to get agreement on what she calls a european solution to the migration crisis is there any sign that an agreement within europe will be forthcoming. well in recent months and there have been a lot of. movements springing up all around me and so there it is not really a big sense of european unity at the moment at the same time anglo-american has already announced that ahead of this you summit she does want to hold bilateral meetings for example tonight she's going to meet the prime minister for the first time tomorrow going to meet french president in modern micro and so we'll know a lot more about all the details of potentially you migration policy in the next coming days ok and watch this space. political editor nina thank you so much for
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now. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines today in the u.s. at least five people were killed in texas when the s.u.v. they were travelling in crashed while being chased by border patrol agents the agents who tried to stop the car because they believed it was smuggling undocumented migrants. hundreds rallied in the u.s. state of texas to protest the government's policy of separating migrant children from their parents under the trump administration's zero tolerance policy adults who enter america illegally are placed in custody and their children are taken away some two thousand children have been separated from their families between mid april and may. and powerful earthquake has shaken the japanese city of osaka several dozen people have been injured in at least three are dead the quakes knocked over walls and set off fires around the city with a population of more than two million people. in colombia
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conservative candidate even duke a has won the first presidential election since a peace deal was signed with park guerrillas two years ago he was elected on sunday with a fifty four percent majority he comfortably beat former guerrilla gustavo pates row although the runner ups for formants at the ballot box was the best ever for left wing voters in colombia for. conservatism has held its ground in colombia facing an unprecedented challenge from the left the right to. victory in a divisive but ultimately peaceful election. the two candidates could hardly have been more different to stop a true a former rebel fighter was popular among colombia's young voters he championed gay rights abuse to social programs and a switch to renewable energy. petro took his loss in stride.
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on twitter he celebrated his eight million votes the best result. for a leftist presidential candidate in colombia's history. yet it is the business friendly do kay who will soon take the reins in bogota. a protege of the controversial former president. campaigned against a peace deal signed in two thousand and sixteen that ended a decades long war between leftist rebels and the colombian government while the deal brought relative peace to the country duke a promises to renegotiate the still fragile cease fire. what i've been saying about it is that we're not against the process where against it is that we don't have the right measure of justice. the divisive election is over but pedro and his base will not be brushed off the leftists will enter the senate and is expected to be appointed leader of the opposition. well joining us now from bogota is a correspondent affiliate a routine she's been covering those elections there for us ophelia event ok has
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emerged the victor in this election how did he go about winning it. well both event duke and would have a bet there were representing the more extreme sides of the political spectrum and pledging to be anti establishment candidates so they outvoted the more moderate candidates in the first rounds even though even duke is though has been handpicked by one of the most traditional politicians in colombia who is the former president about all the way he is seen as a young and quite unknown face he has lived abroad for a long time and he's a very good speaker so these three elements definitely gave him a lot of popularity but at the same time the popularity of his contender. gave him a lot of popularity because. people were scared of the style better as he represents
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socialist ideals and many people see the neighbor in venice well are reflecting in someone like by the way if you enter a bus here in bogota for example you hear migrants from venezuela warning people from someone like better who openly supported a former president in venezuela chavez and so many people that might not have liked even as much were more afraid of i will bet that. even his pledge to revisit the deal struck with the fork in two thousand and sixteen the peace deal that ended decades of conflict is there a possibility that the deal could be undone risking a return to buy lots. well this is a big fear is have even though what has been signed on paper is back for three periods what could do with a majority in congress is to slow down the implementation of the process and to failure and this is very threatening as the implementation has already been too
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slow the state has not been able to enter many of the territories that former five members have been leaving and that have now been taken over by criminal gangs and drug dealing groups and so this could further worsen and we could see more dissidents former first members taken back on weapons or purely a thank you very much for ophelia holmes a rooty there in bogota. well u.s. president told troll post been active again and trade policy with china monica's here to explain busy busy as ever he's been terry and asian shares headed south today after u.s. president donald trump cranked up trade tensions by imposing tariffs on chinese imports on friday trump an ounce hefty tariffs on the fifty billion dollars worth of chinese imports he also laid out a list of more than eight hundred products that would be subject to a twenty five percent tariff starting on july the six including cars by using
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responded in kind with a retaliatory tariff list of fifty billion dollars worth of you as products of this of course is just the latest chapter in foreign trade strategy all aimed at making america great again but a year and a half into trump's presidency how do things really look. when trump came to power he said he wanted to supercharge the american economy to six percent growth his main stimulus for that was an initial raft of tax cuts but since that legislation passed a six months ago what's changed superficially the u.s. economy looks strong the stock market has been buoyant unemployment is falling down to three point eight percent in my the lowest since nine hundred sixty nine trump delivered on his promise to create more jobs job openings rose to six point seven million unite prole but there's been a decline of work about getting power and erosion of labor standards nor have wages
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grow and since trump took office there's also been a decline in foreign investment and foreign investors are also buying less american credit but rather than raising taxes and decreasing spending washington seems content to fund itself by continuous bond issues and although trump came to office promising to reduce the country's trade deficit it has in fact grown since the end of the oval office it's now at a ten year high. let's talk to someone who's actually doing business under the trump administration much in the recent hugging the c.e.o. of the a.g.c. oh achoo cooperation and i think cultural multinational based in the u.s. state of georgia but you joined us today from a conference in marked orbit off in southern germany you are all regionally from germany you have people citizenship are you glad to be home yeah if you go look we are very close to the famous. king look because of the very earth bunny very very
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out of your different country ok so above from the beautiful landscape back here we're told and looking to the united states now how is donald trump's trade policy impacting your business in georgia. well not so much in georgia about all of the business community is very negative about or texan ism so we'd like neatly to eat and that's what we try to support david but let me looking at his track record he's he's been in office now for one and a half years and as because unemployment at least in the united states is down to its lowest level since one thousand nine hundred sixty nine that is impressive is donald trump doing something right you say yeah maybe but i think want to do it for tax reform i think it's something everybody supports supreme court i think is helpful but overall i think he needs to change his mind because he to always talks
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about greater deficit between you over the u.s. and that's only half full because i have to because if you add all the services and everything the americans are doing here and we are doing here it looks much better looks very very balanced but he doesn't want to understand that now then what would you then advice the german government to do i mean the u.s. german relations certainly have improved since donna trump is in power what can or what shall it germany do in order to improve the situation. well i think the transplant needs to talk to her and she needs to simplify her speech so to say when go talk to a populist tool doesn't want to go too much into detail you need to answer in a simplistic way or throughout and need to explain him why basically he might be along in a first place and second what can be done i think there are some things which have
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to be tackled like the car. permits which are different between you are the u.s. or let's say also i think the contribution to nafta all of those are things where he might be right or where you might have a point and i think they need to get a little bit more into a conversation in order to avoid that problem is all but reacting over time business needs going through certain themes and we need to understand what that walls are and now we are surprised let's say on a daily basis by a stranger initiatives of the president all right now to the beat in hardness ial of the actual cooperation a company based in the u.s. state of georgia talking to us from the southern german town of not all at all thank you so much. europe. google is said to invest five hundred fifty million dollars in chinese online sales giant jadi dot com making it the latest us company to dive into asians growing e-commerce boom the deal will
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c.j.d. dot com products displace on google's a shopping service and could help a chinese company spread beyond southeast asia the region is rapidly becoming a battleground fifty industry players hoping to cash in on asia's rapidly growing middle class. it wasn't a great start to the terminal well to champion shift terry i digested last night's game. now to the world cup as monaco suggested where the two top ranked teams failed to win on sunday that of course includes defending champions germany they lost one nil to a quick and resourceful mexico in their opening match of the group stage i am mexican stunner in the thirty fifth minute she tried eto'o left match homo's injured in his tracks and fed having lozano who hammered the ball and said that.
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this was a blazing counterattack from the mexicans maisano made a nifty move a measure it is of in the box and fired the ball past a helpless mind well neuer exaltation from mexico d.j. action for germany. germany got their best chances in the winning minutes first mario gomez heading over the bar from close range and two minutes later you'll see him brought to moscow to ice to go home as but he couldn't make it past year would show up the ball then found its way back to bronze but his streaking long range shot clipped the post mexico now top group as well germany need to go back to the drawing board. well for more on the world cup action i'm joined here in the studio by emily short's from d.w. sports and from the outskirts of moscow by d.w. correspondent jonathan harding good to see both of you
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a stunning loss there for the germans let's start with you jonathan you're keeping tabs on the base camp with the german team is there a sense of shock in the air there are today. absolutely after that performance germany have got a lot of work to do and i don't think they were expecting to be in this position your home of even said off their game that losing and being behind in games is not something that this team is necessarily used to they've got to look forward and start to get results in this sort of an otherwise it could be over very quickly today is a media free day that was supposed to be a press conference with philip that's no longer happening germany have taken a step back and taken a step away from the rest of the world and of course some work seducer improve on almost every single aspect of their performance if they are to get a result against sweden i mean not a great start to the german teams to the german team there at the world cup what
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did you make of their performance in this first match with mexico actually i don't think it was much of a surprise because i think we saw a similar performance to the friendly games the games that they had before the world cup like against saudi arabia when they just narrowly won or when they lost against austria but this time their opponent mexico was just much much tougher we didn't see much improvement and funnily enough for me the players i had the most impact on the game and looked the best with the subs the ones that came on. boys so we have to wonder whether you're some movement the right decision in his starting line up many people are asking that question also because of the goalkeeper of money well neuer he was back in action after nine months of layoff due to injury do you think it came back to early do you think he might have saved that goal that he didn't save when he was at its peak. maybe could've maybe mark under testing could have saved it we don't really know all of that is pure speculation but what we can say is that money and i was not as sharp not as quick on his feet as we're used to seeing him so i stand by what i've said for the past couple weeks or if i were you
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i would just give mark and detesting the chance to prove himself he's fit he's played a fantastic season at barcelona this year and he wants to prove that he can be germany's number one keeper as well ok so that's the first game we've got some other games coming up let's talk to jonathan about that jonathan germany up next against sweden how should coach your human be preparing for that game but i expect he'll be preparing with changes i seventy just said i think he's got to bring in mark or royce maybe julian brown as well he's got to make some sort of alteration after the opening day performance my son was sent off to the game last night but obviously if germany had seven or eight players in attack but their defense was going to be unstable and he said that that was something that he had talked about inside the team and obviously hasn't arrived that hasn't come to be clear in the minds of his teammates and if that's the case then germany will have
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major problems going forward so they've got to improve their balance they've got to get their attack right on the base of their midfield there's a lot of work to do but i think germany have enough time to get it right. john as and thanks so much for now jonathan harding there with the german team in russia emily we've got another game to talk about here because it was a night of upsets on on sunday one of the co favorites brazil also didn't manage to win their game what happened actually brazil failed to win their world cup opening game for the first time since nineteen seventy eight that's a long time so actually what happened was the swiss went behind when they headed to brazil across right to the field for me to continue with the long range shots who scored the keeper had no chance stopping this one really. if you just look at that the way that that curve went through and that's beautiful and then five minutes after the restart security sent a corner curling into the box and stevens who were made at one all he shoved around
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a little bit out of his way but no foul and so it ended a draw. so another shock result this time from brazil that was not how they scripted the game what exactly went wrong for them funnily enough their star studded off and was had problems finishing twenty one shots and only one goal only five shots on target that's just not enough they need to use their chances better and it really seems as if the big teams in this tournament just underestimated their opponents or thought they could cruise through the first games based on the fact that their favorites to win the world cup if you look at germany they had a loss argentina spain brazil drew and that's not enough if you want to win the world cup what about neymar i mean a lot of people watching him very high expectations he had to live up to did he do good to say i mean he had a good game he didn't score which is probably what the expectation was but we also have to mention that neymar was fouled more in this game than any other player previously in the past twenty years at a world cup so he was taken off his feet
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a lot of times and many thanks so much emily bell shots from the various sports thank you. before we go just a reminder the top stories we're following for you today on the news the fate of german chancellor angela merkel is hanging in the balance as her interior minister decides whether to define her on migration policy if he goes ahead of merkel will probably sack him and his c.s.u. party could pull out of the coalition government. and conservative newcomer even duke a has appealed for unity after winning colombia's presidential election his victory could have implications for the country's historic peace deal with ark gorillas. so you news for now i'll be back at the top of the next hour with another full bulletin the course you get all our stories online f.t.w. dot com thanks for watching.
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and. turkey is gearing up for another election. half the voters are under the age of thirty six. there are the ones who will decide the country's political future. a whole generation has come of age under president recha type anyone. but how many young adults really believe the president's monkhams. next.
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from the netherlands urgently needs a new kidney. that. tarde finding a donor with the right match. so he's taken matters into his own hands on social media. will he find the right donor in time. dying to live organ donation via facebook. in sixty minutes on. the same. board. a clash of cultures in india. a clash between those who believe in arranged marriage those who carry for luck in.
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a clash that's taking families and society to the core. my father will be angry at some time i think i'm already dead to. the scots joy a w. hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm michelle henery good to have you with us turkey's citizens head to the polls to determine the fate of their country's future for months now many have said that the reelection of president reagan the type eartha one is a foregone conclusion and no matter who wins the vote brings in major causes to tional change one.


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