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this is news coming to you live from berlin. fate hangs in the balance the german chancellor's interior minister of may decide to decline her on migration policy a move that could trigger the collapse of merkel's government look ahead to a momentous day. also look at the depth of the division in germany over migration we've got a special report from a town that's become a battleground for the far right also coming up giants world cup champions germany are in shock after losing to mexico in their first match of the tournament
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and the other favorites brazil failed to beat switzerland we'll find out what went wrong for the top ranked teams. hello i'm terry martin thanks for joining us a simmering conflict over migration could escalate today here in germany there's concern it could put an end to governing coalition interior minister hosts a hope for his meeting with the heads of his conservative c.s.u. party they will decide whether they hope for it should seal germany's borders to migrants who entered germany other e.u. countries and registered they're still seeking an e.u. wide approach if the hope of defies the chancellor it's possible that she'll sack him and that could be the end of the government. let's bring in our
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correspondents here in berlin at the seaview headquarters is our is our chief political correspondent linda crane and munich at the c.s. you had quarters d.w. correspondent max million a caution well it will start with you the chancellor held a seven hour crisis meeting with her party colleagues last night here in berlin now they're meeting again what can we expect to come out of these meetings. well there are signs at least here in berlin coming from people in the inside circle. c.d.u. that a compromise is likely to be found as you said lots of meetings going on here today after that seven hour marathon yesterday with some of the state premiers from the christian democratic party this morning meeting with party leadership both at nine and again at eleven so clearly hoping to move forward with proposals for compromise from the c.d.u.
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side then later on she will be speaking to the public and to the press at two o'clock this afternoon and assuming that some form of compromise can be reached and what that might look like according to c.d.u. speakers here would be something that would essentially give her two more weeks in the run up to a very important you summit to try to come up with bilateral agreements with some of the countries like italy and greece on the southern perimeter of europe countries that essentially are those where refugees are first registered and those are the countries that horse safe over the in an interior minister wants to send refugees back to america will have her first opportunity today to try to hammer out such a compromise because she will also be meeting with the prime minister of italy here in berlin he's coming for a visit today so the stability of chancellor merkel's government is clearly in jeopardy and as you mentioned it much depends on whether or not they hope for of
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the c.s.u. in a very is going to give chancellor merkel a couple of weeks to work out a european solution will be coming back to max million there in in munich in just a moment for more on that but first we want to give you an idea our viewers an idea of how this whole crisis over migration evolved we've got this report. it seems like ages ago but not even one year has passed since i got a miracle and her party won the last german elections for the fourth time in a row. but since then it has become lonely and the berlin chancellery americal could be undermined not by the opposition but by her closest allies because they simply cannot stand manacles liberal refugee policy the impetus came from this man horsey hoffa head of the small bavarian c.s.u. party the sister party to on the americans can survive c.d.u. medical made him interior minister in march but then he used opposition to undermine medicals authority the rift began in two thousand and fifteen the year
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when germany saw a massive influx of refugees in the end nearly one million people came to germany from war torn countries like syria and iraq but also from the balkans and north africa many believe the chancellor is someone who could save them from their circumstances then merkel made this statement that defined a pivotal moment in her government. the arms of feel a special fish offered us we have achieved so much we can do this since then there have been two sides to angela merkel the world sees her as the most powerful woman who was close friends with us president barack obama and two other world leaders looked up to. but the other side of on the manacle is our own country sees her the long serving german chancellor head of a grand coalition that few actually wanted in the first place with tensions growing machall stime as chancellor could be coming to an end unless she can close the ranks between the c.d.u. and the c.s.u. from the beginning of the refugee crisis the c.s.u.
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strongly opposed policy of opening the borders the two party leaders frequently clashed as at the c.s.u. party convention in november two thousand and fifteen years since the first. we are convinced that this is a story task the integration of refugee. into our society will not win the approval of the german people if we don't have a maximum cap for the number of people allowed into our country. but the information given called. a demand medical was not willing to accept and the rift between the parties became wider and more evident by the day. and its domestic policies that are threatening her tenure the influx of refugees sparked the rise of the right wing populist a.f.d. party in germany making them a real election threat and the various upcoming state election and that has seen the c.s.u. threatening to break with merkel and the c.d.u.
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a partnership that has existed since the second world war it's a major policy battle that could ultimately spell the end of magical thirteen years in office. let's cross over now to munich where our correspondent maximilian. is standing by for us really other the c.s.u. in bavaria they're expected to decide today whether or not to give a couple more weeks to hammer out a european solution migration is that likely. well that's to be seen as we are speaking right now they're discussing what to do with right behind me here in the headquarters in the north of munich and if there's one indicator to be said or to be seen from this weekend it's the alleged reports that interior federal interior minister horse sale office has said about german chancellor angela merkel that she can't work with this woman and the longer now this is just
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a report this is not been officially confirmed that's definitely an indicator about how strained the relationship between these two iconic conservative parties are and it will certainly be at ground rift if these two are not working together anymore. in front of the german chancellor what are the options if the c.s.u. in the seaview these two conservative partners in the current cold do not find a compromise. well in theory if the interior minister then moves ahead to enforce his ultimatum and essentially unilaterally close germany's borders and start sending refugees back who have been registered in other european countries the chancellor basically would have no choice but to fire him for insubordination because he would also be in violation of the coalition agreement to that both of them signed so at that point he most likely would take his but very
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and conservatives out of the governing coalition that would mean that coalition would no longer have a majority in parliament it could then attempt to govern further as a minority government just the christian democrats and the social democrats together that path is unlikely and pretty unstable the chancellor could theoretically try to get the green party to join the other two in government again long odds on that possibility probably the most likely course then would see the government subjected at some point to a confidence vote the government fall new elections being called and the chancellor at the end of her term. is there in munich there's a state election in bavaria later this year how does that factor into the c.s.u. strategy in challenging markel right now over migration. x. million are you still with us. ok i think we will try to get back to you
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in just a moment let's move on to we'll come back to both of you i hope my committee on it and melinda first let's get some more background on this political crisis public concern about migration has been fueled by high profile crimes involving migrants here in germany one is the case of an iraqi asylum seekers suspected of raping and killing a fourteen year old german girl and then fleeing the country that was very much in the headlines last week now another asylum seekers due to stand trial accused of killing a fifteen year old girl the case has inflamed passions in the small town where the killing took place condo in western germany residents say the far right is exploiting the incident to stage regular demonstrations against migration in germany d.w. correspondent yellow that has been there and filed this report. watch over your children america is still in power that's the reading cry here and come the time
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these marches have become part of everyday life ever since mia a local school go was murdered allegedly by an afghan refugee. over the weekend of out a hundred people from the so-called right wing women's alliance showed up thousands have turned out every month drawn from the right wing and the un that's the groups across germany most residents are outraged come the artist are mean and his daughter nina see it's unbearable. you know i do miss our homes our condo i'm freezing they are abusing our town for their own purposes even going to four idea they pretend to have certain reasons which onto the real reasons they're here and they're paralyzing us here. once in come to. barricade yourself in your house all day with the children because it's too dangerous that is just not thousands of kin those are mean anina are involved in efforts to combat rightwing propaganda and town but army is no afraid to put up and tie nazi signs outside his house.
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the buy the let's go with the more dealing with the last big demonstration i couldn't even pin them up on the wall with much less mouth them here. grabbed them out of my hand and seriously threatened us with ward. in march right wing extremists and hooligans broke through the cordon in front of our men's gallery and stormed into the courtyard and to wait luckily the police were there to prevent anything more serious from happening. ever since the murder of fifteen year old mia calif seen at street hijacked by heatedly was raging. cullen has become a microcosm of germany's internal division striking a nerve around the country and fueling the polarized attitudes against my question in the street like that simple unfortunately we have to expect that there will be more murders it's unfortunate situation owing to all the migrants that we've let
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into this country. my know what i will miss i demand a fair policy and that the borders be closed off and was most people here see things differently at this demonstration residents confronted organizers of the right wing women's alliance for the first time face to face when i worked at the company for a company you're not you're only doing this because you hate foreigners and you want to stop immigration that's why you're exploiting this murder here if you want . the peaceful tone festival had been planned for this weekend and refugees had been explicitly invited. to bittorrent mr summary of their base a family of refugees we're looking after who wanted to come today. a father to school children but they were afraid to show up because of the demonstration in the market square that's what's in the east because. in the end not many residents came
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the tensions here seem to have kept many away but our main. nina and their fellow citizens want to keep up the struggle and take back you know it's kind of. always return now to our correspondent back to millionaire cause shake and munich and d.-w. political correspondent a crane here in berlin linda how much are these incidents that we've just seen or at least that one poor portrayed in our film how much are they a much anger are they fueling here in germany. that depends with whom you speak they are certainly fueling passions amongst the voters of the far right and also amongst some voters for the of the christian social union the bavaria consider a very conservative party of the interior minister and the party that is at the very center of the current dispute over policy and interestingly enough
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a survey that came out on friday that asked germans in general how much priority they would put on the question of refugee policy shows that only for those two groups only for the voters of the far right party the a.f.d. and for as c.s.u. voters is this priority number one so despite the fact that there is a lot of passion around these very very tragic stories and that they have absolutely been instrumental ised to heat up tensions about migration in fact the majority of voters in germany are saying that is not our top priority and one other interesting statistic cystic if we look at the polls from friday and over the weekend we see that although a majority of germans would favor tougher measures on deportation for those people who have no right to stay here in germany two thirds of the germans who were surveyed say they do want to see a european solution to the current dispute about migration policy though so they do
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in fact want to take the chancellor's preferred path that migration policy is set unilaterally and those show us i think the degree to which there is still a sense in germany of moderation as far as asylum policy goes. maximiliano what about there where you are what role are these high profile criminal cases involving migrants in germany what role are they playing in the political debate in the various i know this is really interesting i was as i was traveling throughout the very over the weekend i've been in nuremberg i've been impossible cities that's both very important for the question of refugee politics in bavaria nurnberg has one of the first central as horst if it wants to implement them all across germany and pass out a boat a city next two or three a has been hit hardest in the refugee crisis in two
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thousand and fifteen and i've been speaking to people and politicians there across parts of spectrum and the interesting thing they were saying was that this isn't a question of in a phobia packet in bavaria but a question of right florida correct refugee policies it's a question of if you are keeping people away from the border what is your legitimate cost to do that and if you're sending people away what is your right to do that so people are just as shocked if people are send away on right back to their home countries as they are shocked if something is happening as the alleged killings by refugees by some of the ana thank you so much this much million or so so i'd like to think we're going to leave it there that's really all they call schick they're the c.s.u. party headquarters in the munich in bavaria and our chief political correspondent melinda crane there just in front of the chancellor thank you both very much. now the world cup for the two top ranked teams failed to win on sunday night of
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course includes defending champions germany they lost to a quick and resourceful mexico one nil in their opening match of the group stage. a mexican stunner in the thirty fifth minute she chatty joe left much from rosen's around but what's happening is tracks and fed having the sanyo who hammered the bones of the nets this was a blazing counterattack from the mexicans the sino made a nifty move a measured isn't in the box and fired the ball passed to help this man well neuer exultation for mexico dejection for germany. germany got their best chances in the winning minutes first mario gomez heading over the bar from close range and two minutes later yulian brunt to marco toys to go mad but he couldn't flick it past the show on the ball then found its way back to bronze but his street chain long range shot clipped the post mexico now top group f well germany need to go back to the drawing board. sunday was
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a day of upsets in the world cup as giants brazil also failed to live up to expectations they could only manage a draw against switzerland the swiss went behind when they headed to brazil cross rights for the feet of the if they could she who fired a rocket from long range in the twenty has been a goalkeeper had no chance of stopping this one. beautiful goal then five minutes after the half shut on shut cheery sent a corner kick curling into the box and stuff and made it one all he definitely eased the defender out of the way but no foul was called and the match ended one one. now to some other stories making headlines around the world today colombia has elected the conservative to be the country's next president duke a defeated the leftist candidate will stop its role in the first presidential runoff since the controversial peace agreement with rebels was signed duke a has
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promised to make changes to the deal but said he would not shred it completely. and a powerful earthquake has shaken the japanese city of soka several dozen people have been injured in at least three are dead the quake knocked over walls and set off fires around the city with a population of more than two million. and hundreds rally in the u.s. state attacked texas to protest the government's policy of separating migrant children from their parents under the trumpet ministrations zero tolerance policy adults who enter america illegally are placed in custody and their children are taken away some two thousand children have been separated from their families between mid april and may. so we've had an election in italy the economy is very much unfocused toas balika her things look and the prime minister is headed for berlin today terry italy's new prime minister just off the continent is paying
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a visit to two german chancellor angela merkel later today they have a lot to talk about who won the italian economy is in dire straits rome's financial options are limited italy is the e.u.'s fourth largest economy and its debt is the blocks highest right behind greece now condit wants to bring down italy's dead through growth rather than or stare at the reducing the gap between dead and g.d.p. a tall order considering that italian debt has been growing since the financial crisis in two thousand and eight from one hundred two percent of g.d.p. right up to one hundred thirty two percent in twenty seventeen rome is planning massive tax cuts to stimulate long term growth in the short term however this will likely lead to shortfalls in revenue and even more debt now the direction of italy's new administration a coalition of populous from both sides of the political spectrum is anyone's guess this uncertainty however can be felt at present in the southern italian city of
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toronto. finch inns of court choice has been working at the steel mill for twenty years he takes us to the cemetery to explain the problem caused by the mill he shows us how everything of the cemetery has turned red the steel mill is the problem the red eye and oxide particles and unhealthy dust which descends on the inhabitants. that thought it was just too much after a while it got me really really angry because i had the bad luck to see lots of colleagues and friends die or get sick from the dust. thirteen thousand people work in the steel mill which used to be state run it can be seen best from the roof of the church now us law mittal is taking over the company and wants to cut three thousand jobs fabio could show has no hope of better working conditions not even from the new government even though toronto is the heartland of the five star movement. norm. they could never carry out what
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they were promised that's the way it always is at this time it's looking really bad because they are bound by the coalition agreement with the northern league. the steel mills real dimensions can be seen best from the air the giant produces eight million tons of steel per year which is then transported to northern italy or abroad one of the few local processing companies owned by the employees association president of the region he hopes that the new government despite the five stars and leaks positions will finally put italy's industry at the center of attention. but we hope that a new door will open for small and medium sized enterprises in the region we in the employers' association have proposed that support be given to small and medium sized enterprises to enable them to process the steel produced here and increase the value added that these are. the companies around the steel mill are hoping that
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the government will do something about unpaid bills debts to the tune of two hundred million euros. they do shift all support this reduces their ability to search for and invest in new activities and if you can't invest you can't expand or diversify because. grinch and as a saudi or shows us how he's trying to improve the future the company has developed a hydrogen storage facility but until all those unpaid bills are settled and change can be initiated the steel mill still shapes the fate of the region. and from toronto now over to sunny frank standing by for us outside the frankfurt stock exchange when it's a nice. is missing and get america later today migration sadly high on the agenda but what will italy want in return. i think some
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recognition of its importance and in relation to that some recognition of this government's legitimate legitimize ation in rome and there's talk and german media for example that country will look for some german italian access access an unhappy word but maybe the better word in english as a german italian coalition similar perhaps to the kind of relationship that's talked about a lot and it's demonstrated symbolically with visits and with words between france and germany at the present time between angela merkel and. call in the elites and if there were some sort of feelings sensation that this was developing that both were steering towards something like this that would be a huge win for country and of course it would be an important ally for markel to win before the e.u. summit in two weeks of course today is a very special day for i'm going to america i mean these days not dominated by.
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basically a very strong dispute between her party and the sister party of the c.s.u. how is german business actually handling this current uncertainty. it's not handling it well people are gentry everyone has the jitters in the building behind me that you see that's the seat of the frankfurt industry of chamber of commerce the local and regional branch and the frankfurt stock exchange and nobody i've talked to there has everything anything else on this mind one trader said germany's loss yesterday and the first to much of the world cup sure but for the market it's all important what is going to happen with the german government a strong europe is a view of the challenges not least towards trade needs a strong europe and a strong germany and at the moment michael is seen as a guarantor for that. it's in frankfurt thank you so much for this. the european
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union is heading down under looking for a new trade partner the block is said to open free trade negotiations with australia in july your trade commission us to see among stream seen here in a moment you see her called on supporters of open trade to stick together she said a deal would be a win win for both regions the e.u. is australia's largest trading partner off to china. that's awful business terry and that's all for news monica this is the end of this particular both and but we will be back at the top of the next hour bring you up state on the latest developments in the ongoing clash between chancellor merkel and her very end sister party. they're trying to work out a compromise we don't know any way to stay tuned for the very latest thanks for watching.
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a clash that shaking families and society to the core. my father will be angry sometimes i think the way he did to indian. commandos starch joysticks d.w. . well head into tomorrow today. this week's show is all about differences and similarities we look at gender and the brain are they differences between women and men. also not everyone is born in the body they identify with women as a teenager who's undergoing a sex change. and we find out about the brains role in waking up feeling full comes not for.


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