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d.w. made for mines. this is the news coming to you live from berlin i'm going to take pains in the balance the german chancellor's interior minister of may decide to do follow her on migration policy a move that could trigger the collapse of merkel's governing coalition we'll look ahead to what could prove to be a momentous day also coming up giants humbled world cup champions germany are in shock after losing to mexico in their first match of the tournament and the other
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favorite brazil failed to beat switzerland will find out what went wrong for the top ranked teams. below i'm terry martin good to have you with us a simmering conflict over migration could escalate today in germany there's concern it could put an end to uncle america's governing coalition interior minister hawse zia is meeting with the heads of his conservative c.s.u. party which traditionally dominates politics in bavaria c.s.u. leaders will decide today whether say who put should send migrants along germany's border back to the first european countries where they registered for asylum so you hope his party is under increasing pressure as far right politicians make gains in the run up to the berrien state election article is still seeking an e.u.
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wide co-operative approach if they hope it applies the chancellor it's possible that she'll sack him which could spell the end of math goals government. well here in berlin senior members of merkel c.d.u. party have been meeting today we asked one of them the premier of the state of has whether he thinks the coalition government will survive this dispute. since we both want the same which is to say the autumn migration i am confident that we will find a compromise two more weeks can seriously be a problem here that is why i expect both sides to understand the need to keep a cool head and i think that a compromise is absolutely doable. so i call for a compromise will chancellor merkel get it let's talk to a couple of our analysts. cautious standing by at the c.s. you had quarters in munich and outside the chancellor here in berlin is our chief
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political correspondent linda crane start with you maximiliano the various conservatives the c.s.u. are threatening to defy medical and go it alone on migration is any compromise in sight. well that's the question that's being discussed right now here in munich as the party leadership is meeting up in the headquarters the question is what is their end game the question is how do they want to go forward what do they want to reach out they're supposed to give a statement fourteen. two pm here in munich and until then we have to wait what they're really going to decide there's certain scenarios to think of how they're going to play this out it's one thing is they're going to really make this about the refugee politics they're really going to take a stand selva is going to defy the chancellor and that can mean the political risk between the two and between the two parties the other option will be that that's trying to say phase they're trying to make like get a compromise and then find a solution that both parties will be happy with and a third option could be that the party will completely try to make this about
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getting merkel out of office and rift break with the party totally and actually lose their own spot in the government. if the bavarians do go with their proposed border policy what would happen then what would chancellor merkel likely to do. if they decide to go it alone today in other words to start reimposing some kind of border controls unilaterally then the chancellor basically would have no choice but to fire the interior minister for insubordination he would then actually also be in violation of the coalition agreement that both of them did sign so at that point most likely he would take his but very young conservatives out of the coalition government as you know they are just one part of the conservative bloc that would leave the chancellor's christian democrats her part of the conservative
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bloc still in the government but with the s.p.d. they would only have a minority of the seats in parliament meaning they could try to govern as a minority coalition that generally is viewed as unstable and the chancellor has said in the past she does not like that option another possibility would be for chancellor merkel to try to bring the green party into the government as a coalition member that's also viewed by many people here in berlin as a long shot so the most probable option should it really come to a head today and by the way most insiders in the city you don't think that will come to a head if that word though then in effect the government would most likely fall and that could be the end of chancellor merkel's last term well let's take a step back now for a moment get some perspective some context if you will the political tensions over migration have been building for a long time those tensions have been fuelled by high profile crimes involving migrants one of the cases is involved in iraqi asylum seekers suspected of raping
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and killing a fourteen year old german girl and then fleeing the country that dominated headlines at the beginning of last week here in germany now the focus is on another asylum seeker on trial in the killing of a fifteen year old girl the cases inflamed passions in the small town where the killing took place in western germany residents say that it is exploiting the incident to stage regular demonstrations against. gratian in germany correspondent yalda sabanci has been there and filed this report. watch over your children machall is still in power that's the rallying cry here and candles oldtown these marches have become part of everyday life ever since mia a local school girl was murdered allegedly by an afghan refugee. over the weekend about one hundred people from the women's alliance a far right group showed up thousands have turned out every month drawn from the right wing and neo nazi groups across germany most residents are outraged artist
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amin and his daughter nina say it's unbearable you know i don't miss our homes our country i'm freezing they are abusing our town for their own purposes even going forward they pretend to have certain reasons which onto the real reasons they're here and they're paralyzing us here. in kunduz. barricade yourself in your house all day with the children because it's talk dangerous just not thousands of kin both amin and nina are involved in efforts to combat right wing propaganda and town but army is now afraid to put up anti nazi signs outside his house. for the let's go with the more dealing with the last big demonstration i couldn't even pin them up on the wall with much less mouth them here. they grabbed them out of my hand and seriously threatened the board. in march right wing extremists and hooligans broke through the cordon and front of awnings gallery
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and stormed into the courtyard entryway luckily the police were there to prevent anything more serious from happening. ever since the murder of fifteen year old mia calif seen at street hijacked by heated they were exaggerated. color has become a microcosm of germany's internal division striking a nerve around to come. injury and fueling the colorized attitudes against migration to street life that simple unfortunately we have to expect that there will be more murders it's an unfortunate situation owing to all the migrants that we've let into this country. my know what i will miss i demand a fair policy and that the borders be closed off and was most people here see things differently at this demonstration residents confront the organizer of the right wing women's alliance for the first time it might not accomplish the benign work of the company phone company you're not you're only doing this because
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you hate foreigners and you want to stop immigration that's why you're exploiting this murder i think you want. a peaceful town festival had been planned for this weekend and refugees had been explicitly invited. to be torn mr so are you there is a family of refugees we're looking after who wanted to come today i am. not a father to school children but they were afraid to show up because of the demonstration in the market square that's sinister because. in the end not many residents came the tensions here seem to have kept many away but amin nina and their fellow citizens want to keep up the struggle and take back their beloved condo. well and how much are these high profile criminal cases involving migrants affecting the national debate on migration policy here in germany. that depends on whom you ask
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polls that came out at the end of last week show that for voters of the far right party and also for the bavarian conservatives migration and asylum are absolutely a top priority issue but that is only a minority of germans all together if you look at the broader survey people who support other parties including chancellor merkel's christian democrats they say migration is not their top priority issue so for those very conservative voters c.s.u. a.f.d. indeed stories like media's very tragic stories and the instrumental ization of those stories by politicians and right wing media have inflamed concern and tensions but i think another interesting thing to look at in terms of public opinion again surveys that just came out very recently after this dispute over migration policy was already in full swing show that a majority of voters do watch more rapid and more effective deportation of people
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who don't have a right to asylum in germany but also a majority says they do want a european solution to migration issues so there is clear backing there for the chancellor's way. million the in munich what about boaters in bavaria or the criminal cases involving migrants playing a role in the debate there ahead of the state election or are these cases fuelling horse zero hole for his determination to take on chancellor merkel over migration. well it's certainly been a topic here as you can see for example in towns like that i've been visiting over the last days paso has been hit one of the hardest during the migration crisis in two thousand and fifteen and at the same time pass on other communities in that i have also been handling the crisis rather well that there is done extremely well in this wreckage of politics in the sense that has been putting focus on building up
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integration centers and encouraging people to help and make this go full but the question i thought i felt that was awesome a very i wasn't a question of like them not belonging to us that they should leave again or a question of should we keep the borders open or not but a question of like what is right and what's wrong and how you approach it within a more cohesive policy like political approach people have been just the shocked about alleged killings by refugees as has been shocked about. those have been working here have been trying to integrate in germany and then had to leave again after two years and i think people would just like to see a general approach by germany and with bad area together. actually on the thank you so much that was much million on the question there in munich and at that she's the c.s.u. headquarters and d.-w. political correspondent linda crane at the cd you headquarters or rather the chancellery here in berlin thank you both very much. and we've got some breaking
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news coming in for you now a german carmaker boast biden has confirmed that the c.e.o. of its audi subsidiary has been taken into custody over the diesel emissions scandal rupert stock is under investigation for fraud and false advertising he is one of several b.w. brands that have admitted using specialized software to defeat emissions output for diesel powered vehicles. that is the unabashed joy of mexico fans celebrating their team's lone goal and eventual victory over germany the defending world cup champions few outside of mexico had given them a chance but against the powerful germans mexico was quick and resourceful and they won their opening match of the group stage it was only the second time in one
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thousand tries that germany has lost their world cup opener. i'm mexican stunner in the thirty fifth minute she tried to tell that much homos in jerome boateng in his tracks and fed having lozano with the bones of the. mistress of blazing counterattack from the mexicans maisano made a nifty move on measure it is of in the box and fired the ball past a helpless manuel neuer exultation for mexico dejection for germany. germany got their best chances in the waning minutes first mario gomez heading over the bar from close range until minutes later you'll see him brought to moscow to ice but he couldn't get past. the ball then found its way back to bronze but his straight chin long range shot clipped the post mexico now top group as well germany need to go back to the drawing board. back to the drawing board for germany you are
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watching do. we have more for you coming up the next hour sumi will be with you then. you can get all the latest news information around the clock on our web site that's of d w don't. thanks for watching. the. information. the pennines the stress d.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch.


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