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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 18, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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i'm susan g. w. news live from berlin back from the brink of arkle survived a mutiny for now germany's chancellor had clashed with her interior minister what they call for over migration policy he has backed down but he's given merkel and ultimatum to sort out border control in two weeks or he will do it himself. also coming up ahead of german luxury carmaker audi arrested on suspicion of fraud it is the latest development in the diesel emissions cheating scandal our business you will have more coming up later in the show. and giants humbled world cup champions
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germany are in shock after losing to mexico in the first match of the tournament and the other favorites in brazil failed to beat switzerland we'll find out what went wrong for the world's talked to frank sheen. i'm sumi so much gondar good to have you with us german chancellor angela merkel has managed to fend off a potential government crisis by agreeing to a compromise with her bavarian coalition partners the c s u the agreement secures the coalition admirals job for the next two weeks in a press conference merkel stressed that the two parties share the common goal of reducing immigration and they would work on it together for his part interior minister who said he would wait for an upcoming e.u. summit before imposing communes with the order of controls with the purpose of the let's listen now to a what the chancellor sat. supports the initiative of
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the german minister of the interior see who first to present a master plan on migration and in everything we do is just from conviction as they seem to you we need to keep in mind germany and european interests in view which is why we do not want any lateral actions here we don't want to act this image. of others and as i said thursday already. in the future we will not allow those asylum seekers to come in to germany in accordance with the double an agreement has already registered asylum. or we have our correspondents covering the story for the for us maximilian a kosik at the c s you had quarters in munich and melinda crane at the city you had
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quarters here in berlin good to see you both lax let's start with you there a new nick what they were saying he is not backing down on migration policies he's giving the chancellor two weeks time is that are you see it. here at the federal interior ministers or saver so he has gotten what he wanted but at what cost we can see all eyes have been a munich today and what he will say and what his party will do in the ongoing crisis and we've now heard it before now have seen him preside and his much debated but not have been seen before masterplan migration the one that initially kicked off this crunch this crisis between the two parties and the government and he's been presenting that plan not just a couple of minutes because in munich saying that. he wants to go forward with this plan with his preparations but not implemented them as long as german chancellor angela merkel sold out over reach a deal at the u.s.
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summit in a few weeks time now this is the second thing he's actually managed to get is that he's pushed german chancellor angela merkel to a policy shift in a sense well not completely yet because the still have to wait for the u.s. summit but he's managed to have her acknowledge that there needs to be something else to be done and the third thing he's actually managed to do is that he has implemented or he's said he will implement one direction and immediately well not today but within the next day which is that he wants to have a ban on those migrants who have been previously. banned from entering germany or for that those those will not be allowed to enter germany through the borders anymore the question now is at what costs well this has been a significant rift between the both sister parties that they're called here in germany see as you can see to you and german federal mint interior minister dossier of us now headed back to berlin and the question is how will he be received by his coalition partner the c.d.u. and also by the s.p.d.
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he's been putting this whole government the goal call the grand coalition and take toll over the last weeks it's been already starting late within the legislature period and the question is will they be happy to see him and they be happy to keep working with him in the lead max has been taking a big risk indeed you know how of members of his c.s.u. party there been reacting to all of this. within the seas you potsie well this is the one interesting thing there has been quite a strong backing for the federal interior minister and party to hold itself but the same time there's also been questioning if there is doubts within the on policy and there's certainly doubts within the varian population which. eventually is voting on the party and other parties in the state election coming up toba so one thing i've noticed traveling around the country in the last day speaking to several people is that they were quite shocked by the tone that's been stroke and by the
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leadership and the way they have handled this debate so the question is will it have hurt them so far we haven't seen any significant polls on it yet but there certainly has been a mood of thinking this has not been the right approach to push this issue right melinda let's come to you in berlin now we had the chance or say earlier the c.d.u. the c.s.u. the conservative bloc still share a common goal where does all of this leave the chancellor. essentially it leaves her with two very tough weeks ahead of her trying to get together by lateral agreements with the countries on the external southern perimeter of europe the countries that have borne the brunt of the influx of migrants for the past three years countries like italy countries like greece and she's going to be starting with that hard job the c evening she will be meeting the prime minister of the new italian government as you'll remember a nationalist populist government that came into power in italy just a couple of weeks ago not least because of the strains over migration and the
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burdens it has imposed on italy she herself acknowledged that it's going to be a tough job she said anybody who knows the european union knows that this isn't going to be easy but she's been absolutely adamant saying germany cannot simply go it alone unilaterally to say we are going to turn back refugees in our own interests on our own who have already registered inside. in european countries and send them back and say this is your problem now and she essentially told her party leadership this morning she believes that the german response on this essentially will determine whether the european union can even remain together so she sees very high stakes indeed and for that reason she also is not accepting the interior minister's basic argument which was repeated just now in his press conference that he in his capacity as interior minister with german interests. in his main priority that he has the right to proceed unilaterally and automatically
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if there is no solution involving other european union member states in other words the sound bite we just heard from the chancellor saying german and european interests he doesn't agree with the second part of that clause he believes it's german interests that should determine his behavior going forward and he's ready to move unilaterally and automatically to implement his master plan on migration if the european union summit doesn't ratify a multilateral approach or an approach based on bilateral agreements with those southern countries and linda we've seen really dramatic days here in berlin the interior minister haas they hope for with those words essentially threatening to go over the chancers had could have toppled the government you know how much of this also now as a whole for dictating an ultimatum to the chancellor how much of this has damaged medical standing within her party and also her government. theoretically by the way
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it could still topple the government it's possible they simply kick the can down the road and we'll have the whole discussion again after that e.u. summit how much has it damaged the government there was a poll taken over the weekend it's taken pretty much every sunday people here call it the sunday question and it essentially asks those who were polled which party's would you vote for if elections were to be held today and we saw the c.d.u. c.s.u. the two conservative parties together falling by several percentage points and that was interpreted by the pollsters and by most analysts as showing that germans on the whole have not seen this dispute with equanimity but in fact that it will diminish support for both parties both for the interior minister's varian conservatives and also for the chancellor's c.d.u. so it's left this very young government definitely i think diminished in the eyes
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of the public and essentially a disadvantage then for for both of the leaders here at the heart of this dispute all right and as you said the end of the dispute is far from over our chief political correspondent melinda crane at the city you had quarters in berlin and maximally on a kosik at the c.s.u. headquarters and munich thanks to you both. now to some other stories making headlines around the world colombia has elected the conservative even to get to be the country's next president defeated the leftist candidate who stumbled through in the first presidential runoff since the controversial peace agreement with dark rebels was signed newquay is promising to make changes to the deal but said he would not to shred it completely. a monitoring group says airstrikes in eastern syria killed at least thirty eight foreign fighters allied with syria's government the attack hit a village outside the town of book amal near the iraqi border syrian state media
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attributed the attacks to the u.s. led coalition but u.s. military officials deny involvement. a thirty four year old dutch man has surrendered to police hours after he allegedly drove a van into a group of pedestrians at the end of the pink pop music festival one person was killed and three other seriously injured it is not clear whether the incident was an accident or a deliberate act. of the on a basher joy of mexico fans celebrating their team's lone goal and eventual victory over germany the defending world cup champions few outside of mexico would give them a chance but mexico was quick and resourceful and they won their opening match of the group stage it was only the second time in nineteen tries that germany has lost their world cup opener. an absolute styler in the thirty fifth minute cheech i read
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so let the german defense in his tracks and fit the lozano to hammer the bullets and the next five it was a blazing counterattack for the mexicans lozano twinkle toes his way past me as it is in the books and by the pool passed the helpless manuel neuer by elation for mexico dejection for germany. and the reigning champions got their best chances in the final minutes mario gomez with a chance and two minutes later he was asked it again but couldn't flick it past yet more show up by the bull found its way out to u.t.m. guns the history ching long wait shot clip the post mexico now top group while germany needs to go back to the drawing board after the match mexican fans spilled out onto the streets of moscow. cut the rope. broke up i lent money as it would have worked at germany was seen as the strongest team
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in germany this germany that in the end mexico one goal mexico the fans celebrated their country's made in world cup win against the football powerhouse well into the night's. episode that i'm. not that. well it was a day of upsets in the world cup as giants in brazil also failed to live up to expectations they could only manage a draw against switzerland now the swiss went behind when they when they headed to brazil process right to the feet of so we think continue and fired and a rocket from long range in the twentieth minute the goalkeeper had no chance in stopping the swans scene. but a five minutes after the past shared on to carry sent a corner kick hurling into the box it's even so we're made it one all now he definitely needs the defender out of his way here but no foul was called in the
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match ended that way one one. you're watching t.v. news a still to come on the program bad of german luxury carmaker audi are arrested on suspicion of fraud it's the latest development in the diesel emissions cheating scandal. gardell first we'll have that story for you and all of the business headlines coming up in two minutes time stay with us. tom. truth.
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from the. major store t.v. the smarter mr t. w. bush much of. what you want when you want to look today at the extraordinary. depth you decide what songs some don't more than double john carlos more cheesy.


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