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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 18, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin back from the brink on the american survives a mutiny for now germany's chancellor has clashed with her interior minister paseo for over migration policy he has backed down but he's given their all and ultimatum to sort out border control and chill weeks or he'll do with himself. also coming out bad in german luxury carmaker audi arrested on suspicion of fraud it is the
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latest development in the diesel emissions that cheating seattle. and giants humble world cup champs in germany are in shock after losing to mexico in their first match of the tournament and the other favorites brazil failed to beat switzerland will find out what went wrong for the world's true top ranked team. i'm sorry so much going to good to have you with us german chancellor angela merkel has managed to fend off a potential government crisis by agreeing to a compromise with her bavarian coalition partners the c.s.u. the deal secures the coalition have merkel's job for the next two weeks michael stressed that reducing immigration was a common goal for the two parties and that they would work on a solution together for his part interior minister horst say hoffa said he would wait for an upcoming e.u.
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summit before imposing new border controls basically. let's listen now to what the chancellor had to say. the deal supports the initiative of the german minister of the interior see who first to present a master plan on migration and in everything we do it is our from conviction as the c.d.u. we need to keep in mind german and european interests in view which is why we do not want any unilateral actions here we don't want to act this way at the most bands of others and as i said thursday already in the future we will not allow those asylum seekers to come into germany who in accordance with the dublin agreements has already registered asylum so. let's get some analysis on the
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story now we have our correspondents salman young at the city who have quarters here in berlin and max hoffman is standing by in brussels good to see you both sam and let's start with your words there's the outcome leave chancellor merkel. well so me i think it means that she's got that small reprieve if you like of two weeks up to the e.u. summit. there's still i suppose a slim hope that she can work out some kind of deal or at least the beginnings of a deal with other european countries on migration and what's been averted today is this looming splits within her conservative blog the varian conservatives who said you know they're going to give her a little bit more time to show the way forward because what they want is her to send a message that germany is now going to get tough on migrants and in particular on
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illegal migrants. so i mean we heard conciliatory words from the chancellor earlier saying that the two sides c.d.u. c.s.u. one conservative block is working together on this but it does seem like the c.s.u. the bavarian sister party has the upper hand here. well absolutely and it's the bavarian c.s.u. lead a horse who's been in effect threatening the chancellor and forcing a hand by saying that he's going to implement various tough rules in fact he's still saying that in relation to a small group of people who've already entered germany they've been processed by the german authorities and they've already been given barron's on reentering germany there's about one hundred or so of those people and he's saying that you know as soon as he can even before the next couple of weeks he's going to introduce or tell he's officials to make sure that these people cannot enter germany but as far as the much larger group of people some tens of thousands who've been
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registered as asylum seekers elsewhere in the e.u. he's going to wait for a couple of weeks but that's not very long really and nobody believes that there can be a comprehensive european solution in that time so essentially all that's happened is this crisis has been it hasn't been solved it hasn't been solved max that brings us to you there in brussels as you said no but as a sign of it was just saying nobody really believes there can be a comprehensive european solution what are the odds there in brussels. yeah simon's right to put it very short here they've been trying to get that comprehensive european solution since the end of two thousand and fifteen and it's proven to be impossible notably because of the resistance of a number of eastern european countries especially hungry with their prime minister viktor orban i don't see why he should change his position especially because he might be one of those not entirely unhappy if america fails here and might even
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have to leave as german chancellor of course we're not there yet but his allies potentially have grown more numerous take italy for example if there should be a bilateral agreement now or if the chancellor of the german chancellor should try to have a bilateral agreement with italy so they take back all those asylum seekers all those migrants that make their way from italy to germany there's no real rationale there especially now for a populace government that you have in power there now to take them back so it's unclear how the german chancellor should be successful for a comprehensive european solution but also for bilateral agreements some x. let's play this out if two in two weeks' time chancellor merkel comes back to germany empty handed if you well in germany the interior minister decides to act alone without including european partners what happened then. well first of all i would like to say you know we're not there yet because if you listen to will see what i'm sure simon would agree they're listening closely he insisted an awful lot
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of that group that simon mentioned earlier those who have been through the asylum process in germany were denied asylum and therefore are denied to re entered germany after having left germany that's not a big group but this could be the key to selling whatever comes out in the next two weeks as a success for policy hopefully but if not and he really decides to close the german border besides of being outside of european regulations for that the austrians would probably start closing their borders to the south to not be the one stuck with all the migrants that are then in limbo between italy and germany and that would probably have a reaction from the italians the who would say ok you're all leaving us alone with this we're just going to stop registering migrants and just leave let them roam freely going north towards austria towards germany they used to do that in the past that's something that didn't go down too well with those countries so basically that move would most likely make everything much more complicated in the european
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union complicated indeed max coming back to you simon and this is been a huge crisis for the chancellor how much has all of this damaged her authority. well i think it has already damaged her authority quite a lot and i don't think. for really today is thinking in terms of of compromise exactly he still holding a gun to angela merkel's head he's saying that you know we're not over the mountain yet as he puts it there's still a lot of difficult issues to decide and he's also suggesting that there's a sort of automatic process now that if i'm going to medical can't get a deal that as he says you know has the same effect as the dublin rules that were originally in place across the e.u. then he's going to press ahead by turning migrants back at the border that's going to put him in direct conflict with the chancellor and many people believe she'll be forced to sack him and the government could fall it was a result so it's still
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a huge crisis right now a lot at stake there ok simon now we're going to come back to you in just a moment and max thank you there in brussels but we're going to look now at the issue at hand that simon's just been talking about the political tensions over migration have been building for a long time those tensions have been fueled by high profile crimes involving migrants once the case of an iraqi asylum seeker suspected of raping and killing a fourteen year old german girl and then fleeing the country that dominated headlines at the beginning of last week now the focus is on another asylum seeker on trial for the killing of a fifteen year old girl the case has inflamed passions in the small town where the killing took place cundall and western germany some residents say the far right is exploiting the incident to stage regular demonstrations against migration in germany did have these yeld as our reports. watch over your children america still in power that's the rallying cry here in come those all town these marches
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have become part of everyday life ever since mia a local school girl was murdered allegedly by an afghan refugee. over the weekend about a hundred people from the woman's alliance a far right group showed up thousands have turned out every month drawn from the right wing and the a nazi groups across germany most residents are outraged come the artist armin and his daughter nina say it's unbearable you know i don't miss our homes our hundred people are abusing our town for their own purposes it's the far right just pretending to have certain reasons that aren't the real reason they're here and they're paralyzing us. in canada. and barricaded ourselves in our house all day with the children because it's too dangerous to go out. thousands of. both arming and nina are involved in efforts to combat right wing propaganda and town but arming is now afraid to put up and not see signs outside his house.
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the scorn the power the lives of the last big demonstration i couldn't even pin them up on the wall much less put them up here on the neo nazis grabbed them out of my hand and seriously threatened us all and must go forward. in march right wing extremists and hooligans broke through the cordon in front of our men's gallery and stormed into the courtyard and luckily the police were there to prevent anything more serious from happening. ever since the murder of fifteen year old mia can within a three hijacked by heated we mature age of. color has become a microcosm of germany's internal division striking a nerve around the country and fueling the colorized attitudes against migration the state like that's unfortunately we have to expect that there will be more murders and it's a very credible situation because of all the migrants that we've let into this
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country last minute i demand a fair minded policy and that the borders be closed off cities back then for. most people here see things differently a distance ration the residents confront the organizer of the right wing women's alliance for the first time face to face. on a meaningful company. where you're just doing this because you hate foreigners and you want to stop immigration that's why you're exploiting this murder. a peaceful town festival had been planned for this weekend and refugees have been explicitly invited. do you get to point to some lira to the toilet there's a family of refugees we're looking after who wanted to come today a mother and father and two school aged children but they were afraid to show up because of the demonstration of tomato plants and sinister because. in the end not many was done scheme the tensions here seem to have kept many away but arming mina
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and their fellow citizens want to keep up the struggle and take back their beloved come to life. simon coming back you know how much have high profile criminal cases like these driven a public debate on migration will soon be sadly there have been repeatedly these high profile cases of serious crime of rape and murder involving migrants but they've been high profile not least because the far right groups in the far right party have jumped on them in many cases very quickly and stood up local feeling as you've seen in that report as to whether it's justified in any way crime experts have pointed out that a lot of migrants are young men and crime is all over the world in all societies perpetrated predominantly by young young men to crimes of this coin so perhaps there is a reason to be feared but it isn't what the far right says these people just can't
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be integrated into german society but it certainly fuelled emotions here and that's continuing already our political correspondent simon young outside of the city your party headquarters here in berlin thank you simon very much. well let's get some insight on migration policy now if you ran laymen from the global public policy institute think tank here in berlin he's advised the german foreign office on migration policy julieann thank you for joining us we keep talking about this master plan that the interior minister horace they hope for one to introduce what exactly is in this plan sixty three points where we keep hearing it's sixty three points but we don't actually know what those sixty three points are because the planets in the entire he hasn't been published so what we talk about is this very controversial one point off the master plan according to which see if you have the ones to immediately push back a certain category of people namely those asylum seekers who have been registered
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somewhere else in other european states wants to push those back from the border so that's one plan but we don't know about the rest of the master plan what do you make of that very controversial point well insured it's not possible both legally speaking has that state you think that is responsible you need to ask are you really responsible you need to look other than maybe family members in germany and and so on and so forth and all the takes time and it persist in order for that procedure to follow you need to let the person in so you can immediately push the person back that's the legal part and the practical part is imagine a situation where somebody has been registered in italy comes to through austria to germany how should we be pushing back someone to austria when australia isn't really the state responsible for will say no thank you it's not on us ok so that's why the chancellor and also the interior minister as they hope to have said that a european solution would be wanted here to this crisis what would that look like
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what a european solution what form would it take we always talk about one law that is called the dublin law and that's exactly the law that i just talked about to and there is for for a couple of years now there's been talk of going on a. the reform of that law merkel has now is used as you said earlier asked for two weeks deadline to achieve reform on that law but i don't think it's possible to be reforming that law because we're in a stalemate when it comes to the dublin regulation so i think what will need to happen if merkel doesn't want her government to be toppled i think she needs to address this on the level of heads of state and she needs to try to pile something together with other heads of state that could sort of simulate simulate the future european asylum policy and that could be we we let the you decide a certain number of asylum applications already in italy and then afterwards we
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distribute them across european member states that's not currently what's going on but i think it would be important to to as i said to pilot that in order to demonstrate to other member states this is working and we want the future european asylum system to function like that and it's possible what about germany specific case we're talking about a felon seekers who have been registered in other countries how many people are we talking about what do most asylum seekers coming to germany because germany the landlocked country already have been registered in other countries yes exactly so that's that's exactly why we see the proposal of wanting to send people back that's exactly the case most will have been registered elsewhere unless the member states in which they have first set foot decides to not register that right so you can you can for political reasons and that's the danger mind you also of this whole
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proposal of zero four for political reasons you can very easily say we're not registering people and they still can iraq they can travel on words drive in germany and that's i think what merkel also fia's that if we now bilaterally go for border closers what's the disincentive for for italy to say ok we're. why should they not stop registering people and then the consequence would be that we would have the cascade effect of more and more border closures along the way all right julieann women from the global public policy institute here in berlin you land thank you very much for that insight. on u.s. president donald trump has responded to the political turmoil surrounding the migration issue here in germany and in europe on twitter trump wrote quote the people of germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous berlin coalition crime in germany is way up big mistake made all over europe in allowing millions of people in who have so strongly and violently
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change their culture trumps tweet is not based in fact according to a government report released last month germany's crime rate fell five percent last year due to to its lowest level in thirty years more than one million migrants have arrived in germany since two thousand and fifteen nevertheless trump went on to add quote we don't want what is happening with immigration in europe to happen with us well trumps incendiary tweets on immigration in europe come amid a growing backlash in the u.s. over his government's practice of separating migrant children from their parents at the border with mexico now the un's human rights chief has denounced the policy hussein said quote the thought that any state would seek to deter parents by inflicting such abuse on children is unconscionable even president trumps wife melania has waded into the rao she issued a statement saying that she quote hates to see children separated from their families protesters have been out on the streets.
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at this border town in texas protesters call for families to be reunited this as the country celebrates father's day the trumpet ministrations new zero tolerance policy has triggered a fierce debate and drama bipartisan condemnation now the president's own wife melania trump has voiced her concern over the country's immigration laws in a statement a spokeswoman for the first lady said mrs trump hates to see children separated from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform she believes we need to be a country that follows all laws but also a country that governs with heart in new jersey lawmakers criticize the administration while visiting detention centers this is of course the sure.
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it's father's day. you have all right. and you don't even know where your children are that's other. adults who enter the u.s. illegally are now detained for first time offenses leaving their children in state care previously families have been allowed to stay together until their court dates since the change nearly two thousand children have been separated from their parents over a six week period on twitter president donald trump appeared to blame the democrats for the crisis although the policy was introduced under his administration he said democrats can fix their forced family break up at the border by working with republicans on new legislation for a change this is why we need more republicans democrats are only good at three things high taxes crime and obstruction. with foster centers now reaching maximum
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capacity tens out in the texas desert are being hastily pitched to accommodate the influx of undocumented children but with temperatures set to soar in the summer many are calling for some degree of humanity in a zero tolerance policy. all right staying in the u.s. now looking at donald trump's economic record after eighteen months in office. installed trump moved into the white house he's claimed repeatedly that his policies have grown the american economy from supporters argue that his tax cuts for big business have helped to boost u.s. says the trade war between the u.s. and china escalates says a taking a hit so what's the state of the u.s. economy a year ago hoff into trump's president's. when trump came to power he said he wanted to supercharge the american economy to six percent growth his main stimulus for that was an initial raft of tax cuts but since that legislation passed a six months ago what's changed superficially the u.s.
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economy looks strong the stock market has been buoyant unemployment is falling down to three point eight percent in my the lowest since nine hundred sixty nine trump delivered on his promise to create more jobs job openings rose to six point seven million in a pool but there's been a decline of work about getting power and erosion of labor standards nor have wages grow and since trump took office there's also been a decline in foreign investment and foreign investors are also buying less american credit but rather than raising taxes and decreasing spending washington seems content to fund itself by continuous bond issue and although trump came to office promising to reduce the country's trade deficit it has in fact grown since the end of the oval office it's now at a ten year high. the latest fallout from the mission's cheating scandal the tale of corporate misconduct that is refusing to go away today the head
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of german luxury carmaker audi who put star has been arrested to prevent tampering with evidence stardoll is being investigated on suspicion of fraud police raided his house last week in connection with the emissions cheating scandal that has cost out his owner of. billions of euros in fines and buybacks earlier this month saudis said that another sixty thousand diesel cars contain software designed to produce unrealistically low results on emissions tests that's on top of nearly one million are these already recall last. we may think of an elizabeth plane but gram for grumman's worth as much as silver among spices only saffron is worth more the east african art and of mother gus car is the world's largest vanilla producer accounting for four fifths of world production demand has been growing and so have prices but it has only brought new problems for farmers
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that. they cool it's black gold the fragrant vanilla pods in madagascar every year fall must produce around one thousand five hundred tons of but been familiar for export demand for real vanilla is soaring this event weather has taken its toll on the harvest driving up the price of the spice. four years ago vanilla pods cost less than one hundred dollars per kilogram but then prices shot up peaking at a the six hundred last year the price has dropped slightly since then but it's much higher than it was and those high prices mean others want a piece of the action pharma say fees will stop at nothing. really to death watching every night that's why it's so hard to walk a vigil and you wouldn't. the fair thieves is driving some farmers to harvest that
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paul it's too early which is bad for quality he he certainly there are some who are in this industry solely for opportunism we live i'm familiar it's getting harder and harder to justify it because some people have been cheated they've both vanilla that was moldy old russian. madagascar depends on its reputation for high quality vanilla cultivation i'm processing account for one fifth of the country's economic output performance haven't been benefiting munge it's the middlemen who scooped up most of the profits are now the high price means more and more countries are planting vanilla i'm not could bring the price back down again. that's for business for now all of more that later in the show but it's. thank you there have let's take a look out some stories making headlines around the world
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a powerful earthquake has shaken the japanese city of osaka several dozen people have been injured and at least three are dead the quake not before walls and set off fires around the city with a population of more than two million people the thirty four year old dutch man has surrendered to police hours after he allegedly drove a van into a group of pedestrians at the pink pop music festival as it came to a close one person was killed and three other seriously injured it is unclear whether the incident was an accident or a deliberate act. and the monitoring group says airstrikes in eastern syria killed at least thirty eight foreign fighters allied with syria's government the attack at a village outside the town of book a mall near the iraqi border syria state media attributed the attacks to the u.s. led coalition but u.s. military officials deny involvement. germany loses its first world cup match we'll tell you what went wrong for the world champ coming right up .
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how the germans came to her one. place bismarck and the german empire claim the chancellor who dominated an era before in terms of germany. you're missing gets translated germans. in forty five minutes of the.
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month small children are such a. tomorrow today g.w. . movement fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of work here's what's coming up. on w o they'd use the film superheroes on a mission such as how to sum up the smart women smart talks smart strange and legit fears and by no means missed out on a brain creasing doing dangerous stuff. made. do you think it's going to be a little tricky. to
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measure. a team so google. d.w. . welcome back you're watching didn't you news our top story german chancellor angela merkel has survived a mutiny over migration policy for now by agreeing to a compromise with the coalition party to see s u v i chair here minister plus they've called for wants to turn migrants back at the border a move machall is vehemently opposed to tell friends how given or two weeks to find a solution. that will be on the bashing joy of fans in mexico celebrating their team's lone goal and eventual victory over germany the defending world cup champs they even triggered earthquake sensors with all their jumping for joy few outside the country
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had really given them a chance at mexico both work and resourceful and they won their opening match of the group stage it was only the second time in one thousand tries said germany have lost their world cup opener. an absolute stunner in the thirty fifth minutes chichen retailer left the german defense in his tracks and fit even lozano who had made the bull into the next five it was a blazing counterattack for the mexicans lozano twinkle toes his way past me as it is in the books and fired the ball past the helpless manuel neuer my elation the mexico dejection for germany. and the reigning champions got their best chance is in the final minutes mario gomez with a chance and two minutes later he was absent again but couldn't flick it past yet more choice by the pool found its way out to uli and guns to his street sing a long wait shot clip to post mexico now top group while germany needs to go back
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to the drawing board after the match mexican fans spilled out onto the streets of moscow. the. germany was seen as the strongest team in germany this germany that in the end mexico one goal mexico the fans celebrated their country's made in world cup win against the football powerhouse well into the night. that's. right so now let's go right to do that you jonathan crane from sports he is that in moscow joins us for more hi jonathan so those mexican fans pretty happy not a lot of people gave mexico a chance there and they must've been paroled. before the game mexico coach ron called us or sort of told his players to play for the love of winning and not the fear of losing and i think we can safely say mexican found
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supported the team in exactly the same way because more than one hundred thousand of them have traveled to russia for this world cup and they certainly made their presence felt at the news nicky stadium behind me yesterday was awash with a sea of green and you knew from the moment they felt it out their national anthem that they meant business i was watching the match in the fan zone and it reached fever pitch every chance mexico got until they got back to go in the first half slightly different story in the second half a few nervous faces some people can even better look at the screen in the closing moments but then when that final whistle blew an eruption that felt all the way probably to mexico city were amazingly seismologist detected some seismic activity mexico literally cools down right now where fans i would speak and see after the game i was saying look if we've beaten the world champions germany why can't we go all the way and win this tournament and if they did that certainly would be an earthquake the other side of the coin jonathan some despondent german fans and perhaps despondent german players what do you think germany took away from this
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loss to mexico. and i think. it's taken away a lot more than he thought he would he really got it all wrong against mexico got the balance of the side or wrong two front loaded too many attack minded players and that left him very vulnerable in mexico exploited that send you down the right hand side yahshua kimmage the right back always pushing forward and that's what having a sound i took advantage of to give mexico the lead and then ultimately the winner now the german fans i was speaking to him over the sides lack of pace they said they were slow they looked tired and i think none more so than perhaps sammy kundera and tony cruz the central midfield this defensive midfield as he really also has their center backs little protection are going to hear from mats hummels the center defender he wants a lot more protection from the rest of his side in the next two games. when seven or eight players are on the attack then it's obvious that offensive power is greater than defensive stability. it's something that i've often spoken to the team
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about but it's yet to bear fruit. cup it isn't good quite often it's just a room in the back and that's how mexico was so brutal on the counter-attack. and i had a frustrated mots homo's there jonathan a stay there we want to ask you about the other match up in germany's group in a moment but let's take a look at that first because after germany's to field last night it was their group rival sweden and south korea who got the ball rolling on match day five a sweeping up the upper hand for most of the game and finally their pressure paid off in the sixty fifth minute men who came bringing victor clausen down in the box the referee awarded a penalty only after the video system brecker really took him off and the sweden's captain andrius ground was stepping up to give his side the lead and ultimately a win in that match. so jonathan there we get a feel for the other two teams that germany's going to have to play in group f. are germany in trouble no points two games left to play. i
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don't think they're in huge trouble just seeing me i think judging by what we saw today they won't have too much to worry about mexico was always going to be the most difficult match in the group sweden and south korea not so much and that's cost of mines back to nine hundred eighty two because if you remember the germany lost that algeria and then they went on to reach the final say nothing to much to worry about at the moment it's got a very strong squad i think you're trying to bring in some more defensive minded midfielders now perhaps about or germany are in good company because for the first time after woke up the three powerhouses argentina brazil and germany all failed to win games would you believe that. then what else is on the dock for today. we have a few more matches fest up. panama panama making history this is that cup one of
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the courses perhaps for this favorite tournament a lot of expectation and then we hear about the golden generation of players the likes of kevin to brewarrina. in has but they've disappointed in the last two tournaments going out of the quarter final stages so they have a lot to prove and if you let me a moment of patreus is england's play. so the one thing they have got the youngest side in this tournament but they are a good hands down south. and a measured calm approach he's played down expectations facing who've never made it out of the group stage in forward ten and this is a repeat of the nineteen. thousand nine hundred ninety eight the french woke up in france and on that occasion england won two nil i think we'll have a similar school today that's the. sports. right now in the business of sports now if you had well as we've seen repeatedly
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germany hasn't exactly got off to a good start at the football world cup and there's also been bad news for added us the german teams official outfitter who's shares actually tumbled following the reigning world champion surprise defeat in their first match the world cup after all is a huge business that rewards the cash still reign of success to global sporting goods giants between them account for the lion's share of team business germany's added us is equipping twelve teams at this world cup making it the world's champion sports supply besides germany those teams include argentina belgium and spain for example and also hosts russia in the second place comes the other industry heavyweights nike the u.s. company is outfitting ten teams including the favorites brazil england france and portugal but he was small companies getting in on the game they are trailing far behind for example the italian family company area has only one team on its books
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iceland but that's been a huge boost for the company after the unlikely success of the smallest world cup participant spot as a german small german sporting goods manufacturer as well with only one team tunisia but us footballing giants are like germany's stumble could be a big upset ahead at the world cup outsiders like tunisia and they're of it is counting on it italy's new prime minister just up the county is paying a visit to german chancellor angela merkel today with migration high on the agenda but italy has other issues too the use fourth largest economies sits on a huge mountain of debt the new government rules out of stereotypic of tax cuts aimed at boosting growth would likely lead to shortfalls in revenue and even more debts economic pressure and on going on certainty weighs on the southern italian port city of tire and so for example. vincenzo court sure has been working at the
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steel mill for twenty years he takes us to the cemetery to explain the problem caused by the mill he shows us how everything at the cemetery has turned red the steel mill is the problem the red ion oxide particles and unhealthy dust which descends on the inhabitants. that thought that it was just too much after a while it got me really really angry because i had a bad luck to see lots of colleagues and friends die or get sick from the dust. thirteen thousand people work in the steel mill which used to be state run it can be seen best from the roof of the church now a slow mittal is taking over the company and wants to cut three thousand jobs fabio could show has no hope of better working conditions not even from the new government even though toronto is the heartland of the five star movement. norm.
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they could never carry out what they were promised that's the way it always is at this time it's looking really bad because they are bound by the coalition agreement with the northern league. the steel mills real dimensions can be seen best from the air the giant produces eight million tons of steel per year which is then transported to northern italy or abroad one of the few local processing companies is owned by the employers association president of the region he hopes that the new government despite the five stars and leaks positions will finally put italy's industry at the center of attention. fed a new door will open for small and medium sized enterprises in the region we in the employers' association have proposed that support be given to small and medium sized enterprises to enable them to process the steel produced here and increase the value added. the companies around the steel mill are hoping that the government
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will do something about unpaid bills debts to the tune of two hundred million euros . they do shifts the focus reduces their ability to search for and invest in new activities and if you can't invest you can't expand or diversify because the clintons a saudi or shows us how he's trying to improve the future the company has developed a hydrogen storage facility but until all those unpaid bills are settled and change can be initiated the steel mill still shapes the fate of the region. and that's all your business is back to zoom in a key election in colombia that's right there have been a decisive moment of the country's peace process as well conservative candidate even bouquet has won the first presidential election since a peace deal was signed with far less two years ago though he was elected on sunday with fifty four percent of the vote he comfortably be to former gorilla. of the
4:43 pm
runner ups performance at the ballot box was the best ever for the left in colombia . conservatism has held its ground and columbia was facing an unprecedented challenge from the left the right wing even duke a claim a solid victory in a divisive but ultimately peaceful election was the two candidates could hardly have been more different to stop a patriot a former rebel fighter who was popular among colombia's young voters though he championed gay rights a boost to social programs and a switch to renewable energy. i was a troll took his loss in stride. on twitter he celebrated his eight million votes the best results for a leftist presidential candidate in colombia's history. yet it is the business friendly do kay who will soon take the reins in bogota. a protege of the controversial former president. campaigned against a peace deal signed in two thousand and sixteen that ended
4:44 pm
a decades long war between leftist rebels and the colombian government while the deal brought relative peace to the country duke a promises to renegotiate the still fragile cease fire. what i've been saying about it is that we're not against the process where against it is that we don't have the right measure of justice. the divisive election is over but petronas base will not be brushed off the leftists will enter the senate and is expected to be appointed leader of the opposition the. over the weekend more than six hundred migrants who were denied entry to a tally imports last week docked in valencia in spain they've been picked up off the coast of libya which is the main departure point for african migrants trying to get to europe but not all of them make it onto the boat many are turned back and some find themselves tricked into virtual slavery we have this report from bending city in one thousand. i was. singing and praying hoping to find
4:45 pm
themselves almost all of these young women experienced something traumatic they were on their way to europe then they reached libya. brand new truths like they treated me like a slave they give you work but when you get tired they start beating you they say continue to work so you keep working but you won't eat from morning till night unless you finish your work. and they live with sister bianna she runs a home for girls who have returned sour as the only one willing to talk on film she returned just a short while ago. sorry made it onto a boat headed for italy but then she was caught and sent to a libyan detention facility. prison is not good. there's no water or the water is very salty. and the food is no good for the people there are
4:46 pm
men women babies and pregnant women many of the women was sick. some of the men died. sorrows ransomed off to a man she was forced to do housework for him and his family to pay off the debt she quickly gave up her dream of becoming a hairdresser in italy. sarah was stuck in libya and wanted nothing more than to return home. in benin city sister bibiana took sarah into her home here young women should live together and readjust to everyday life. they should learn to be independent and they should also think about why they wanted to leave part of it might have had to do with the roles within the family structure sister bibiana helps them in this process. you know here we would know it's
4:47 pm
a good states because we know their family everything is under given and because of this impact that it can't. do you know take the situation of their family to heart so there are some of them volunteered and served to go and do that to go for curiosity but majority of them where traffic. a different meaning. than in city is considered a human trafficking hotspot a high proportion of the young nigerians who leave home for europe or at least try to stem from the city in the south of the country. there's also a history of trade with italy says sister biana and those who made it to italy eventually branched into sex trafficking. some of them now came back and did it to get. their own blood sister or andree nation
4:48 pm
to go and then when did good it is covered to them making money each family or motto is it have you know see this dear she had viewed house they had worked more too for their family dad did it their indecent their endurance to come see. their family is a long and a decent job enough money to live on for many in been in city there is no prospect of that ever happening the unemployment rate in edo state is high which is why many set off for europe. but if they fail to get there and have to return they face the same challenges as before. that's why the state is trying to create opportunities for example at this farming center. tony gmo also spent time in libya he too tried to reach europe to earn money so now together with friends he leads a small aid organization that helps educate people that have returned. we.
4:49 pm
give. each. visit. to the group provides training in how to keep chickens it's not a complicated task the chickens only need to be fed twice a day at the moment the program is financed by an international aid group. this is a comprehensive farming. you see british ship. you can be brutal and cruel zero but there are calls also then. but keeping chickens isn't the only way to make money and start a new life when i mean me and tony gmo has also trained over three hundred fifty people on how to breed snails apparently there's a waiting list with thousands of names on it. friday managed to get a place in this course and he is gung ho about it afterward see any other
4:50 pm
participants will receive money from the government to help them start their own businesses breeding snails. and he has no idea when it will come he has no other choice but to continue with what he has been doing since he returned to benning city collecting plastic garbage and trading it in for a little money to make it through another day. at the victoria and albert museum in london the v.n.a. a special exhibition has just opened about mexican artist freedom kahlo now considered one of the great artists of the twentieth century and we have robin merrill from our culture desk with us to tell us more what is so special about this exhibition it's not concentrating on our art ready but more on how to look she was one of the most record books recognizable office around today because of her very distinctive style not just in herat but also in real life she had
4:51 pm
a trademark flower often as we see here in one photograph. and she also wore very often traditional mexican costumes nearly all the time in france also recognizable because of her works a self-portrait something she has she paints one hundred forty three paintings they reckon in her life fifty five of them are self portraits of a very recognizable exhibitions called frida kahlo making herself up and it's the first time since her death in one hundred fifty four that any museum outside his mexico has had access to personal belongings they were actually locked away for fifty years after a death came out two thousand and four and as i say it's the first time so it's really quite a coup for the v.n.a. . far away from frida kahlo home in mexico city of london's victoria and albert museum is hosting the exhibition frida kahlo making herself up featuring
4:52 pm
calos colorful embroidered outfits jewelry and cosmetics. i think this exhibition is really special because this is the first time we'll see frida. the persona. the artist but also the room on. i can tell you i met personally for the first time when i went through her archives and i found i woman who are few. enough to dress. let her this is beneath his they find her. the artist famous for her self portraits was no stranger to suffering she contract of polio as a child at eighteen she broke her spine in a bus accident her leg was later amputated below dressed her purse benteke in a red leather boot employed with dragons to support the artist's body she had plaster corsets made some she decorated with mexican flora or the communist hammer
4:53 pm
and sickle many of the items on this way feature in colors art works including the make up she used to emphasize her distinctive look we also discovered the ebony eyebrow pencil and which. which is very very special because. as you see her in her paintings how she will darken her eyebrows with. favor american brand. some critics have said putting collars belongings on show trivializes the great artist for others the connection between free does self styling in life and on the canvas just profound. such an extraordinary life because she had a lot to overcome. she did what wasn't mentioned there was she live rather in the shadow of a husband to go rivera who was perhaps the the greatest known mexican officer of his time and he was
4:54 pm
a serial philanderer as well they actually married twice each other so anyway yeah but yes she had polio as a child and we saw all the prosthetic leg that she wore later in life that was a result of and she was also in a horrendous box bus accident. that she had as a young woman seeing pictures here of selma hayek who played frida kahlo in the two thousand and two by a freedom which was also produced by selma high against the all because she recently reported in a newspaper article that she was bullied by the big producer of the hollywood mogul known as solving weinstein that name has come up a few times of late now the film that film that you mention is actually a great success would you say frida kahlo is more famous now than ever really i think so she's a real star la influence is ever everywhere let's have a look at some pictures of madonna and the famous busty as it is called the corset that they reckon was based on the medical course it's the collar had to wear off so
4:55 pm
that horrendous acts and instantly madonna is said to own least two of her paintings this is a thing from vogue magazine that we see this so many things that influence. frida kahlo has influence and recent and how one can catch this exhibition runs until november so plenty of time more on the web site at the w dot com slash culture all right robin mail from our culture of death thank you very much. are you watching didn't you knew this film will have an update on your headlines in just a few minutes the book . the best of. the by.
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the big. boobs. the book. the be. the book. the be. the best. odds. how the germans came to me.
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the bismarck and the german empire mubarak chancellor who dominated the arab origins of germany above your misguided street subjects subsisting d.w. the boom. boy. story that people are all going for you on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch. clash of cultures. a clash between those who believe in arranged
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marriage and those who want to marry for love. a clash that's taking families and society to the core of. my father would be angry sometimes i think the only thing that's. commandoes starts joysticks on t w.
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this is the dubliners live from but later in the back from the brink of
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a magical survives of mutilated germany's chancellor topping the trashing with the interior minister of the migration policy all say hoffa has not backed down but he's also given the chance of an ultimatum to tighten asylum groups within two weeks we'll do it yourself also on the program. world cup champ.


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