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this is the governor's life from the back from the brink of a magical survives of mutiny germany's chancellor had been clashing with the interior minister over my creation policy or say hoffa has now backed down but he's also given the chance of an ultimatum to tighten asylum groups within two weeks will do it himself also on the program. world cup champions germany after losing
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to mexico in the first match and the other favorites from brazil failed to beat switzerland so what's gone wrong for the world's top two teams. i feel gal welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel has diverted a government crisis of a migration policy for now by agreeing to a compromise with a very insist apart of the c.s.u. the chancellor has secured the governing coalition and her job for the next two weeks so this year interior minister jose hoffa had been threatening to close germany's borders to illegal migrants have been registered elsewhere in the e.u. chancellor merkel said have part of the c.d.u. supports his initiative to present a master plan on migration but only in cooperation with germany's a new partner today's deal means interior minister will not wait for an e.u.
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summit in two weeks to produce a comprehensive solution otherwise he says he will act alone his chance of america . this of course in the image when you thought we don't want to act unilaterally in an uncoordinated way or at the expense of third parties. that corresponds with what i said on thursday that in the future we will no longer accept those refugees who have already been sent back to the country they were registered in according to the dublin agreement and doesn't salute of much good for the indians it's yes the dispute forms and. more than from hoffman in brussels and simon young who's at the scene you had courses here in burma welcome both simon let's start with you where this is how come leave chancellor merkel. well i think chancellor merkel is still in a pretty difficult place this crisis within her conservative bloc has not been
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solved it's just been perspire owned you've still got the bavarian c.s.u. leader horse they hold for saying in effect that you know he's going to carry out his threats to introduce tougher measures turning migrants at least some of them away germany's borders and he has the power to do that as interior minister you know he's going to do that he said all right are waiting to see what comes out of the upcoming summit in a couple of weeks time but of course nobody really believes that a comprehensive european solution although everyone in berlin says that's what they want they don't believe that that's going to come about and certainly not be implemented in a couple of weeks time so essentially we still have the two parts of angle americans party on a collision course and you know her government looks a little bit wobbly at the moment i saw her in brussels business being a problem for europe for the last three years are they likely to come up with a comprehensive solution in the next two weeks. basically the answer is in your
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question because if they haven't managed to come up with a solution in the last almost three years why should they come up with one now to save on going to america she doesn't only have friends in the european union especially if you look towards the east toward one and hungry he has absolutely zero motivation to liberate the way here the pathway for a comprehensive european solution and even if i mean these things take a lot of times they take negotiation they take more than just one political summit the one that simon just mentioned so really the only hope that i'm going to macro here has are bilateral agreements for example with italy to convince the italian the new italian government to take back the migrants that made it to the german border and then just maybe be turned away and taken back but also here the question is what will she be able to offer the italian government in return and why should the italian government take that this is going to be
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a very very hard path for the german chancellor so what would happen then if germany did stop turning away migrants without including its european partners. well first of all it would get in trouble with the european institutions and with other member states because just turning away migrants that have already applied for asylum in other states let's say in italy is against the european law more or less first of all and this was confirmed by the european court of justice the germans would have to make sure that they have applied for asylum and then they would have to request from that country where they have applied for asylum to take them back this is a process that would usually take at least four to six weeks so just saying at the border sorry you can't answer it please go back that doesn't work it's not in the framework of the european union. decides to do that anyway he's in trouble with the european union institutions and then he'd probably be in trouble with the other countries that are south of and austria would probably close its border to the
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south and then the italians would say ok you're leaving us alone here that means we're just going to stop registering migrants and send them back up north there's a precedent for this severe ballast going you did that a couple of years back and i can tell you the countries farther north weren't happy about it. simon young so it now looks as if i'm going backwards judy coalition partners are calling the shots why is jose hoffa taking on his own chances why now . you know there's a little bit of you know the bavarian tail wagging the dog in berlin here because the whole for the bavarian c.s.u. leader is still saying that he's going to implement a rejection of some certain groups a small group of one hundred so also people who have already been processed by the german authorities and of already been given a sort of a ban on them entering germany as a result of that is going to already before two weeks is up that they can't come in
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and you're going to put his police in readiness to you know get tough on the borders why is he doing it now well because he believes it's important to send a message to voters particularly in his home state that this government is tough on migration and simon young. thank you stay with us if you wouldn't mind much often will say goodbye to you and. we want to stay with us because a donald trump u.s. presence of course meanwhile has decided to get involved into this route writing on twitter he said the people of germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous birth in coalition crime in germany he says his way up big mistake made all over europe in allowing the millions of people in who have so strongly and violently change their culture so that it's going back to political correspondent simon young. simon tell us about this is is he right on the facts. he doesn't appear to be there or there was
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a study produced just a month or so ago by german orthorexic is suggesting that crime in germany overall dropped five percent last year and it's now at its lowest level since one thousand nine hundred ninety two so in that sense you know he probably isn't right although it is worth saying that stumm some studies show that people in germany don't feel safe or they don't feel as if crime is falling they feel as if it may be on the rise and particularly in relation to migrants maybe donald trump is one of those people crime experts point out that many migrants are young men and it's young men in general who are responsible for most crime that could be why migrants crop up in the crime statistics disproportionately much more than other groups some young in berlin thank you. the yet chief executive of german luxury
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carmaker audi has been arrested stadler is the latest casualty of the country's ongoing these will emissions scandal he's been investigated on suspicion of fraud police raided his house last week in connection with a scandalous already cost out his own volkswagen billions of euros in fines and buybacks earlier this month that he said that another sixty thousand diesel cars contain software designed to produce unrealistically low results on emissions tests and that's on top of the nearly one million of these recalled last year. let's have a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world i thirty four year old dutch man has surrendered to police hours after he's believed to have driven a van in to a group of pedestrians as the pink pop music festival ended one person was killed and three others seriously injured so clear whether the incident was an accident or a deliberate act. powerful earthquake has shaken the japanese city of
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a soccer killing at least three people and injuring several dozen a magnitude six point one events knocked over walls and set off files around the city the population of more than two million. brother in law of spain's king philippe turned himself into authorities to begin a six year jail sentence for crimes that include tax fraud and then best moment. in our case or done god it was found guilty after a year long trial in february twenty seven twenty seventeen his wife princess christina was acquitted of being an accessory to tax fraud twenty years ago with the. i. stands in mexico a celebration that seems low and go and eventually victory over germany defending world cup champions. chris hansen from the different schools he's here to tell us
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more barsetshire welcome chris what do you think germany coach you like him love took away from not lost. one thing he has to go back to the drawing board i mean it hasn't happened in over three decades and clearly your he looked at the lineup wrong specifically our defense they had trouble keeping up with the counter attack specifically. the logo the lone goal scored by mexico yahshua kimmitt some call him out because he looked real slow and just collectively on defense he looked a little slow. your him love is going. that's a look at that defense to try to match up with sweden in a better way that's our next opponent you know but and then obviously on the off chance of side of things you know thomas is typically finding always the right space to contribute and often it's. the only true number ten was you know pretty much not not on the pitch off it simply so a lot of things have to go right for germany they are known as the tournaments teams are expected you can love and company to turn things around. why you think
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germany's world cup campaign is do you think it's in serious trouble no because you have to look at nineteen eighty two the last time this did happen against algeria they were defeated in the first match but they did finish second behind italy in that same tournaments and we all know germany to be a tournaments tame they do have the experience i think would hurt them a little bit is. they have an easy path here you know their qualifying group was fairly easy the friendlies they didn't really take those seriously they only had one win you know and in this match right here you know we can see that one lone go by liz i know germany is going to have to step it up i mean it's only one direction to go at this point and i think they will respond in a positive way against all of the naysayers and the haters right now throwing shade towards germany with today's action starting with sweden against south korea and tell us how that game have panned out for the the other two teams in terms of good will that was a deadlock you know the first shot on goal came in the twentieth minute and things
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finally opened up in the sixty fifth minute we have we can look at this video sweden had the upper hand for most of the game pressure paid off in the sixty fifth minute man who can bring down victor clausen down in the box referee awarded a penalty after consulting with the video assistant referee sweden's captain andres crime chris stepped up to give his side to leave and the win and now sweeping leave the group after so off to a great start for sweden a lot of people didn't think sweden would do well because latin. brahim of it is not on the team but sweden showed who had the soul versus south korea like we did that tell us about today's other games well you know the other game belgium is playing right now in england face to tunisia and belgium right now i think belgium it's hard to say how these games will turn out. things haven't worked out towards
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the favorites as of late for zille didn't have a positive effect argentina result and neither did germany so belgium england we have to wait and see what these european sides do but i do think they do have the upper hand they should win on paper at the way and say so on paper does doesn't really seem to be putting out so far nowhere in the early days yet because they the result mexico germany was such a surprise to so many people not least to the mexicans yeah mexico they had a party you know obviously you know in the reports where they were jumping up says so much it triggered seismograph there was a little earthquake in mexico but you know all that all they do have the speed they had nothing to lose they have no pressure. and it paid off you know because everyone wants to knock down the king obviously the defending champions germany has a target on their back mexico proved you know just to have the mental fortitude to pull it off it's big shock. good talking to a cross and we will talk again thank you so much it is time to remind top stories at this hour here on the tough new german chancellor angela merkel has survived
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a mutiny over migration policy for now by agreeing to a compromise from a coalition partner the c s u the chances of serious humanitarian minister jose hoffa has given her a two week deadline to tighten asylum looms in cooperation with the european union for he says he will do it himself. and. search for gold up to date set up at the top of the hour but. we make up about three quarters of the under which we all know some of us are. being one to shape the continent's future to be part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent of these platforms for africa charedi.


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