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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 18, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin germany's chancellor survives a rebellion in her government and get a makeover has been clashing with the interior minister over migration policy told zehava has backed down but he's also given the chance when an ultimatum tighten asylum roups in two weeks i'll do it myself also on the program. chief executive of a german luxury carmaker audi arrested on suspicion of fraud the latest developments in the diesel emissions cheating scandal. mexican painter feed
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a column known for her fabulous eyebrows is now a style icon as london's victoria and albert museum devotes an entire exhibition to her distinctive walk. i'm from gail welcome to the program. german chancellor angela merkel has a verse of the crisis in her government of migration policy for now at least our interior minister jose hoffa from the chancellor's but very insistent party the c.s.u. wants to close germany's borders to some refugees but the chancellor says i would go against the european principles today is to say forgave on that america a deadline if she can't deliver a solution in cooperation with european partners by the next e.u. summit in two weeks it will act alone. she didn't get more than a short respite but that was still more than chancellor angela merkel was expecting
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. after fears her government would collapse she has now won some time until the e.u. summit at the end of june to find a european solution to the asylum dispute. merkel has made it clear that she doesn't want to go it alone. that have long been we believe that uncoordinated rejection of asylum seekers at our borders in the heart of europe could lead to a negative domino effect at germany's expense in german interior minister horse as a whole for and his party the c.s.u. want german border police to reject asylum seekers who have already been registered in another e.u. country but chancellor merkel says that's not compatible with european law she says germany would first have to check which country is responsible. she'd like to agree to individual treaties with countries such as greece and italy to facilitate the return of refugees but even if no such agreements come out of the summit merkel
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says that doesn't mean the c.s. use plan to refuse refugees entrance into germany will come into effect. that these things will not happen automatically we in the c.d.o. believe it is important that we first discussed the situation amongst ourselves and only after that will we enter into discussions with the c.s.u. . well merkel spoken berlin her interior minister horst day hoffa held a news conference in munich he's supposed to be merkel's ally but today the two sounded like fierce rivals they hope for war and germany would act alone if the e.u. summit doesn't yield a solution we saw in a spring no workable decision is made i have decided and the party leaders agree with me that at that point it will be necessary to turn away refugees at all borders. meet their kids to work work so they hope for says he is determined to carry out that policy even if germany has to go it alone but acting against
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americans will would probably lead to his dismissal and the dissolution of the governing coalition was a halter and merkel battle it out the coalition's third political party the center left s.p.d. made its allegiance clear by raising the e.u. flag at its berlin headquarters when it comes to migration the social democrats agree with merkel compromise with europe is the only way forward. but although it's like it's going a little bit wrong let's get more from data before this will cause for that simon young welcome simon where does this outcome leave the chancellor where she's had a bit of a reprieve today and she's managing to keep her sort of conservative block just about together but it's a rocky road the clock is ticking down she's only got these two weeks the horse they have reserved it effect in effect given there is an ultimatum to show some kind of significant progress and it's not sure what that might look like european level and getting to grips with the migrant issue of course they've been searching
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for some got a common policy for years so it seems there's not much confidence here in berlin from any quarter that two week deadline could really be met so it and lightness is what's going on here is that because we have the boss and her interior minister and . the interior minister seems to be giving the boss orders so why is he taking her on and why is he doing it now well he's taking a wrong because he sees that as he believes the mood in germany is moving to the right and in particular he's worried about that in his own home state varia he's interior minister he's also. the leader of the c c s you're the former leader and he's he's got to make sure that he's c.s.u. the very conservative party does well in actions coming up in october so he's thinking it's the reposition he needs to send that message that the government the
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national government is getting a grip on this because it's a national issue and hosts a hope he's in a figure of long standing in german politics always been a tough guy always been a problem for the conservatives in berlin and he showing that again now trying to sort of send the message back to bavaria i am fighting for your interests and you're skeptical about migrants so i am too and is this damaging the chances of r.t. i think it already has damaged your authority because of course issues in open conflict with iran so i don't forget there's another party in this coalition the social democrats who are effectively ideologically in another place entirely but they're just sitting back watching this in effect internal wrangling unfolding. interesting thing to note in german the german system the ministries the minister in this case the interior minister has competence in his own severe that's why he's
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able to say i'm going to go ahead on my own and put the police you know struck the police on the borders to send certain groups of migrants back if they you know if they don't fit the criteria and the chancellor is effectively sort of prima's into power and she's equal with their own ministers she just gets to say where the general direction has to pay and. this is a question now of her personal authority within her own cabinet and that's being really tested oh wow so at the end of last week of service what wondering whether this coalition is going to collapse this this this two week deadline this just seems to be just just pushing the problem just a little bit further down the road i think i think that is absolutely right it's been postponed not solved and host say over for instance as he was holding a press conference of his own today you know these extraordinary thing these two leaders from the same party effectively holding contrary press conferences at the same time and he said oh well we're not over the mountain yet as he said lots more
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difficult negotiations to be had he's going to need to see some kind of result before he's willing to back down and effectively remove the threat that he's got against his own chancellor. stay with us if you word because we're going to talk more about this political tensions of migration have been building a saddam hussein for some time fueled by high profile crimes involving migrants and warm i mean iraqi asylum seekers accused of raping and killing a fourteen year old german go and then fleeing the country so that dominated the headlines at the beginning of last week now the focus is on another asylum seeker on trial for killing a fifteen year old go the case has inflamed passions in the small town where the killing took place condo in western germany some residents accuse the far right of exploiting the incident to stage demonstrations against migration yeah there's a batch reports. watch over your children merkel still in power
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that's the rallying cry here in condos all town these marches have become part of everyday life ever since mia a local school girl was murdered allegedly by an afghan refugee. over the weekend about a hundred people from the woman's alliance a far right groups showed up thousands have turned out every month drawn from the right wing and the and that's the groups across germany. most residents are outraged come the artist armin and his daughter nina say it's unbearable you know i don't miss our homes our con people are abusing our town for their own purposes it's the far right is pretending to have certain reasons that aren't the real reason they're here and they're paralyzing us. and barricaded ourselves in our house all day with the children because it's too dangerous to go out now i wasn't looking both arming and nina are involved in
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efforts to combat the right wing propaganda in town but arming is now afraid to put up and not see science outside his house. this the part of the let's go to the last big demonstration i couldn't even pin them up on the wall much less put them up here the neo nazis grabbed them out of my hand and seriously threatened us all in fear with muslims but the ward. in march right wing extremists and hooligans broke through the cordon in front of our men's gallery and stormed into the courtyard and way luckily the police were there to prevent anything more serious from happening. ever since the murder of fifteen year old mia can may have been a three hijacked by heated women here agent. cullen has become a microcosm of germany's internal division striking a nerve around the country and fueling the colorized attitudes against migration the street life fortunately we have to expect that there will be more murders it's
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a very critical situation because of all the migrants that we've let into this country last minute what i demand a fair minded policy and that the borders be closed off cities back when for. most people here see things differently a distance thresh in the residents confront the organizer of the right wing women's alliance for the first time face to face. behind. me from camp you're not. just doing this because you hate foreigners and you want to stop immigration that's why you're exploiting this murder. a peaceful town festival had been planned for this weekend and refugees have been explicitly invited. ditto and just do some you know. toying with their family of refugees were looking after who wanted to come today a mother and father into school age children but they were afraid to show up because of the demonstration of the mob that's sinister because. in the end not many
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residents came the tensions here seem to have kept many away but arming nina and their fellow citizens want to keep up the struggle and take back their beloved comedown. political correspondent simon young is still here welcome him in cases like these how much have they driven public debate on migration here in germany i think there has been a lot of focus on it and you know sadly there have been repeatedly these rather high profile cases of serious crime of rape of murder involving migrants and of course they partly been high profile because the far right groups and not least the far right polity the de that's now in parliament of have seized on the main many cases as we were seeing in that report they've motivated opinion they've sort of rent a mob demonstrations in some cases with people you know turning out to say this is
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going to stop and this is a widespread phenomenon where there have been these cases again and again and that has allowed these people to seize on them other people point out you know crime experts say. crime in general in all countries and all groups is mostly committed by young men and of course the large majority of the migrant influx of those arrived in germany in recent years is young men and so that perhaps explains why you're getting a sort of heightened level and a heightened proportion of crimes among migrants but the other hand i think you have to say that it's not it's not really the full picture and crime is a much more complex phenomenon speaking of the u.s. president ultra power. now got himself involved in this control to say. that the people of germany turning against their leadership as migration is rocking we're already at ten u.s. and coalition a crime in germany is way up he says big mistake made all over europe in allowing
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millions of people in who have so strongly and violently changed that culture so simon gun donald trump very weighing in on this is he right on the facts well as far as crime is concerned and i don't negate because the government just produced just last month a report showing that for instance in two thousand and seventeen crime over rule at any rate was falling by about five percent it's at its lowest level since one thousand nine hundred ninety two of course individual kinds of crimes may go up and down and exactly committing them as i say is something that's not always. possible to find out because the statistics always kept but i think donald trump is is not right in tweeting that you know they the german people is up in arms but it is true that some studies show people don't feel safe from crime they actually often feel that crime is rising in the world getting more uncertain around the proposal
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because of tunnel trump incident right let's go to washington and bring in washington reform and the cost of a moment welcome coston do people in the us believe this distorted view of what's happening here in europe. well at least some of them do women the problem here in the us is that people live in very different worlds depending on what kind of news they consume and if they watch fox news every day and use online platforms like breitbart or the daily caller they are presented with a view of europe where the continent is swamped with refugees and this crime and terrorism everywhere of course that is far from the truth but we have had encounters with strong supporters where they would pity us when we told the viewer from germany and said oh it's so terrible what's going on in your country and he told them well yes there are some problems but on the other hands unemployment is on the record low crime overall is on
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a thirty year low they simply wouldn't believe us they say we are brainwashed and they don't believe statistics that don't believe what the mainstream media says they believe the president trump because he says what feels right to them never mind the facts and so i think clearly president trump has his own agenda when it comes to migration i wonder custom even people within his own party saying that having trouble with the administration's new family separation policy is the white house showing any sign of bowing to pressure. so far it is not present trump today once again defended his policies so the his justice minister the attorney general jeff sessions who more or less at mit said that this was about deterring people from crossing the border illegally but there is some resistance even within the republican party several republican lawmakers
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evangelicals given the current first lady trump and the former first lady laura bush have spoken out against this they seem to feel this is christian it's cruel and as they put it on american so let's have a look because the scenes on the ground really terrible kept in cages people cut crossing the u.s. border illegally these images from inside to tension facility in south texas more than eleven hundred men women and children don't risk jail and separation from their kids. that. are outside there is outrage protestors call for families to be reunited the trumpet ministrations new zero tolerance policy has triggered a fierce debate and drawn bipartisan condemnation. now the president's own wife
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malani a trump has forced her concern over the country's immigration laws. in a statement a spokeswoman for the first lady said mrs trump hates to see children some paraded from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform she believes we need to be a country that follows all laws but also a country that governs with heart. adults who went to the u.s. illegally are now detained for first time offenses leaving their children in state care previously families have been allowed to stay together until their court dates since the change nearly two thousand children have been separated from their parents over a six week period. on twitter president donald trump appeared to blame the democrats for the crisis although the policy was introduced under his republican administration he said democrats can fix their forced family break up at the border
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by working with republicans on new legislation for a change this is why we need more republicans democrats are only good at three things high taxes crime and obstruction. with foster centers now reaching maximum capacity tents out in the texas desert are being hastily pitched to accommodate the influx of undocumented children but with temperatures set to soar in the summer many are calling for some degree of humanity in a zero tolerance policy. in washington is the trump administration correct when it says this family separation policy is just in force and. not really laws regulating how to deal with immigrants also illegal immigrants have been the same under republican president george w. bush and democratic president barack obama and now on the trump what has changed is
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the interpretation of the law and normally the law says that only if the parents are charged with crimes then their children can be taken away from them now what the ministration earlier this year is to say every illegal immigrant basically is a criminal and that's what we're doing previous administrations didn't see it that way cost and phenomenon in washington thank you. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a thirty four year old dutch man i was surrendered to police hours after he's believed to have driven a van into a group of pedestrians as the pink pop music festival ended one person was killed and three of the seriously injured it's unclear whether the incident was an accident or a deliberate act. a moscow courses or that the detention of a taxi driver who drove into pedestrians near the kremlin at the weekend injuring
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six before fleeing the scene he could just suspect will be held in custody for two months pending trial he says he fell asleep at the wheel. the brother in law of spain's king philippe has turned himself into authorities to begin a six year jail sentence for crimes that include tax fraud and embezzlement in the uk a god who was found guilty after a year long trial in february twenty seventh his wife princess christina was acquitted of being an accessory to tax fraud. going to be big news for one of germany's biggest car makers now and it's all about to publish on history and he's still the only going to thank you very much after the arrest of c.e.o. rupert stalder in connection to the diesel gate scandal chairman luxury carmaker already is set to receive an interim boss according to reports sales director auberon short is likely to assume the position v.w. supervisory board is meeting in spork to confirm this this issue now german
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authorities arrested stalled the this morning as part of an investigation into a mission's test cheating prosecutor said he was being held due to fears he could tamper with evidence here is more. it's a getting a bit tight for audi c.e.o. stadler he's the first top executive in the auto industry to be arrested for his involvement in the deal. he's been on the radar of investigators for a while a week ago the prosecutor's office had initiated a preliminary investigation against him and his private rooms with. the charge fraud and follow such a vacation start law alleging knew about the manipulations in europe after the uncovering of diesel gate in the united states but unlike in the u.s. he didn't order a sale stop in europe the fifty five year old has been driving out east since two thousand and seven and was criticized for being slow to respond to diesel date audi is now at the center of the exhaust cheating scandal. has always rejected the
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allegations. now they arrest of his boss is the latest twist in a scandal that first engulfed the german car industry three years ago since then millions of cars have been recalled billions of dollars spade out in fines and several managers have lost their jobs let's take a look at the most dramatic bumps in the road so far in twenty fifteen ports fog and admitted installing emissions cheating software in eleven million cars now c.e.o. martin to korn you can see him here on the left he resigned and was replaced by this man the heart of porsche you see him here on the right yes miller the following year facing pressure from all sorts the comic a paid out almost fifteen billion dollars to cover buybacks and fines in the united states finally last year has begun to roll but not at the top a u.s. court sentenced this man here on the left its name is james flying engineer to
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fourteen months in prison for helping to design cheat software and this man here on the right or liver schmidt a manager got seven years in jail for fraud around the same time other carmakers including already porsche and honor came. under scrutiny then this year just three years into the job w. sacked much yes miller on the left and replaced by this man here on the right that's her birthday's nor official reason was given and that all the boss who preached there are now in custody in germany one thing is clear it's far from the end of the road for days that gate because it's so far from the end let's get more on this from a correspondent involved spoke on the core on the ground q. adore thanks for joining us what are you hearing on the ground how does this resonate with people here who are working there behind you. well the atmosphere here is quite tense also with the workers who are coming out
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here behind me out of the gates have actually tried to talk to quite a lot of them but nobody really wants to speak to me and people even a avoiding me by going on the other side of the road and i can understand that because probably they fed up with the journalists like me have been pestering them for close to three years as you said and trying to talk to them whereas top executives like one right now who just drove past us can just go by in their cool cars and don't have to talk to us actually and they're responsible for it. you just mentioned what it would be one such a walk about the situation it really is a bad monday for the company what about the management want to be expect to come out from this session ongoing session there when it comes to the what's next after . all the boss is the taint. yes that's quite hard to tell actually because the board meeting is supposed to have started at around two meaning that at least it has been going on for six hours maybe over
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ready we don't know because one executive just left but the thing is that for the entire time these three years the top tier people here at the company have been protecting rupert's he's been accused of hushing the entire thing up audio has been accused of being the breeding ground of diesel gate scandal and a lot of people have asked him to stand not to give up his position actually but the thing is that hasn't happened and we don't know yet whether this is going to happen and whether his arrest actually is going to cost him his job here there are covering they are for us involved. thank you so much. on a different story the european union is hunting down under looking for a new trade partners the block is such open free trade that was it also chile are in july e.u. trade commissioner it's a city i'm all sure i'm seeing here only are cold and supporters of open trades
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just stakes are gathered she said a deal would be a win win for both regions the e.u. is australia's largest trading partner after china. so much from the business that's for now back to you with. thank you so much funny this is the they'll be news line for about and still to come the lady with probably the most famous eyebrows in the world being celebrated for her opulence wardrobe london's favorite using the staircase he's dedicating an entire exhibition history to columns dresses and shoes. for a job that has failed asylum seekers sounds proper program filled with a sense of shame of failing to find a better part. of the world for those stories from the old world the news business and of course world cup coverage here on the them.
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both of them. gone from leaving to. joan recalled to me johnny to new was held in a turkish jameson each month she has now been released but you still not come easy to leave the country. and the chance. just spreading terrorist propaganda machine been in terrorist organization a plane crash and standing up for freedom and human rights. in forty five minutes on t.w.a. flight.
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claimed who do you think is going to be a little shook up the flame claim to match the scores. close to closing eighteen soccer world cup on t w news. playing music has made it just looks a little unsettling it seems. like it's a call to play shake up the buddhist concept side by slayer playing people have put big dreams on that big story playing the movie magazine on d w. we make up over three quarters of the under budget we are civil service and.
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they want to shape the continent's future. market enjoying african youngsters of testing share their stories their dreams and their challengers. to seventy seven percent of the platform for africa during. this is did every news live from the other nine through a gala our top story this hour german chancellor angela merkel has survived a rebellion in her government of migration policy of the interior minister holds a chance for the conservative sister party the c.s.u. has given up until a new so much in two weeks' time asylum rolls in cooperation with the e.u. otherwise he says they'll do it themselves. the final asylum seekers who are sent back home i can face a bleak future especially if they're for one of the poorest countries in the world
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the gambia was under a dictatorship for twenty two years high unemployment has pushed many young gambians to try and make it to europe but one that returned home they can find themselves overwhelmed by a sense of shock. known in directly as a smiling coast of africa the gambia has little in way of its economy to smile about two decades of tyranny call rue forced especially young people to europe in such a better life but now into new governance these migrants asylum applications of being rejected and dumb down spent three years in germany training and working as a kid give a full deal to me until he was unexpectedly deported he now lives with his mother and six other people in a small house in the capital bundjalung so. this is my far from school now. well me if it's been i mean the colossal i had it in the classroom with me.
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so i still have it now i have my fall from the school in full time front and i brought it back with me. this is the worst case scenario well integrated immigrant with job prospects in germany ends up back in the gambia with nothing the twenty two year old can barely bring himself to leave the house ashamed he didn't live up to his expectations. the government who would visit every word they want to deport him enough but i don't have any. problem in germany my whole three years. i couldn't comment not in only walk then my home that are between them and finish and go to school what is really hard for me right now because they deport me without money i lost my job in john i'm here in one year i don't have any support for anybody so. an. activist
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knows how bleak the situation can be they're coming home to a country that has no. opportunities for their. coming to a country that has been on the right. you know they're coming back our society that we stigmatize them that we treat them like they're fairly loose. free to be deported is to us is a the be treated like a feeling and to be used to stigma of a society that notifies the western world it's not the best start for the gambia as young democracy but youth minister henry gomez says these little the virtually bankrupt country can do it i can assure you that anybody. who came to my office. has been put into some way to do something we have not. no one of them but minister are you saying that in this country in
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order to get a job you have to see the minister i cannot. cite for all of them understood what i can't sue what they're probably at least into their problem and what the over there problem if it comes to my office but listening will do little for people like dial who have nothing to show for their stay abroad and nothing to look forward to at home. in a commodity reporting now in colombia conservative candidates duke a has won the first presidential election since a peace deal was signed with gorillas two years ago ok was elected on sunday with fifty four percent of the vote becomes a big b. to form a given pacha over the run up performance at the ballot box was the best ever for the left in colombia. conservatism has held its ground in colombia facing an unprecedented challenge from the left the right wing dukie claim the
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solid victory in a divisive but ultimately peaceful election was the two candidates could hardly have been more different to stop a true a former rebel fighter who was popular among colombia's young voters he championed gay rights a boost to social programs and a switch to renewable energy. i am a troll took his loss in stride. on twitter he celebrated his eight million votes the best results for a leftist presidential candidate in colombia's history. yet it is the business friendly do kay who will soon take the reins in bogota. a protege of the controversial former president. campaigned against a peace deal signed in two thousand and sixteen that ended a decades long war between leftist rebels and the colombian government. well the deal brought relative peace to the country do k. promises to renegotiate the still fragile cease fire. what i've been saying about
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it is that we're not against the process we are against is that we don't have the right measure of justice. the divisive election is over but patron his base will not be brushed off the leftists will enter the senate and is expected to be appointed leader of the opposition. so wednesday five of the world cup in russia kris hollington from the date of use force he said he had to talk welcoming the crest if you will start with belgium cruising through to an easy win against the panama was an impressive performance yeah a lot in all honesty i would say the second forty five minutes a lot more impressive than the first half you know because it was a sluggish start you know belgium though after that sluggish first half juries manses finally broke the deadlock shortly after half time with this i think we have a video here do we have video here it is with this effort he broke the deadlock.
8:37 pm
the great strike by the forward and after that the match finally just opened up thanks to manchester united's romulo who kaku adding a brace there he is right now celebrating you know they're striking coaches terry honoree you might have heard of that yes yes clearly he was a sense of the right hand side because they definitely turned it up a notch but we can't forget you know belgium is a team that made the quarterfinals in the last two major tournaments the european championships and the last installment of the world cup and all the way up to the world cup qualifiers didn't lose again nor did they lose a friendly and they have an awesome midfield kevin to broil you know and company i'm expecting that a lot from this team in. hey they got what they deserve panama their debut world cup i think indeed like many expected it to in on the losing end ok right that's harsh and maybe. today's action started with sweden taking on the south korea
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how did not pan out for the those of us who teams in germany's interesting match you know but a lot of questions surround his sweden because there is no zlata to break him of it he's over enjoying the sun in l.a. right now so sweden didn't think would be the same team without that star but shows enough a lot people as well as i believe that sweden will unite and be a solid team because they don't have to rely on the pressure that brings to the table but this again was a game between south korea's slow start the first shot came in the twentieth mini the second longest wait for a shot in world cup history nine hundred sixty six in a long time and here it is right now they have the upper hand and it paid off in the sixty fifth minute that's men who can bring down victor clausen in the box in the v.a.r. confirmed it was a penalty who took it sweden's captain andreas run twist stepped up gave his side believe and the win. so sweet in and mexico now lead
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group f. south korea in this particular match had no soul they need to do some soul searching seriously because they only had five shots on goal they just looked frustrated couldn't really create anything on the off chance of side and the south korean team played enough friendlies to get their office of game plan on track. they're going to have to as i said do some soul searching for there you've used that one as way to. everyone renee tell us about the teams and the have been the top performers so far into day five in rio ok i have to look at the host nation russia you know because russia they scored five goals four different players contributed to that and that was a nice way to kick off the world cup but you have to look at the upsets you know the first upset the biggest upset i think mexico defeating germany the defending champions that was unexpected you have to give mexico a lot of credit because they punching above their weight clearly you know germany
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known as a tournament tame mexico's looking good right now in iceland iceland drew with a finalist of the last world cup argentina you know won one alfred finn bogus son was the lone striker for iceland so that team made waves reaching the quarter finals of the european championships and again this team is looking to get off to a good start because that was a shock messi missed a penalty that would have given argentina the victory i think so it just looks like the teams that have punched above their weight are the biggest shocks right now good talking to chris thank you so much for that chris hunt ok. some let's talk about mexico that few people outside mexico rated that their chances against overwhelming favorites germany on sunday but the mexicans were quick and resourceful they pulled off an upset win to the delight of vesta forces. the joy of the frogs in mexico celebrating their team's lone goal i eventually victory
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over germany the defending world cup champion. jumping for joy even triggered the earthquake sounds. football has taken over russia with a fee for world cup but taking place but not just in the way you think the newest sensation is called swamps aka it is. need to keep in a swamp six players battle through the mud in an effort to score at this tournament near leningrad nine teams played for the trophy although in some close games penalty kicks were needed to decide the winner was. the national issue our fans are the best and i think they will confirm it both here in the swamps of the leningrad region and in the stands of our stadiums during the world cup. the sport originated in finland in one thousand nine hundred ninety
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eight and was used to train athletes or soldiers it is physically incredibly demanding. the rules are modified a bit for this one each half is ten instead of forty five minutes and substitutions are unlimited. the swamp soccer world championship will take place at the weekend of the fifa world cup final local fans will surely be dreaming of the big title in the swamp as well as on a dryer stage in moscow. now out of france about to tennis and roger federer is once again the world's number one men's player a day after he won the stuttgart cup here in germany this was making his comeback on grass having skipped the clay court season and in the final against a canadian against canadian route it a one in two sets to push rafa nadal from the top right down to world number two try to trace the snow removal title next. some.
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business with the fish on the ongoing crisis in argentina and if it is an economic political crisis in argentina which is coming to i had the stock market in beausire a slump by six point five percent at the start of trading and it just stocks are taking huge hits following the resignation of energy minister gordon now an investor confidence in latin america third largest economy is dwindling the paso has lost more than a third of its value against the dollar since the start of the year international monetary fund recently granted argentina an emergency loan of fifteen billion dollars in an attempt to give the country a breather. to the u.s. now since donald trump moved into the white house he has repeatedly claimed that his policies have grown the american economy supporters argue that his tux. it's for big business south helped to boost u.s.
8:44 pm
shares but as the trade war between the u.s. and china escalates shares are taking a hit so what's the state of the u.s. economy a year and a half into trance presidency here is more. when trump came to power he said he wanted to supercharge the american economy to six percent growth his main stimulus for that was an initial raft of tax cuts but since that legislation passed a six months ago what's changed superficially the u.s. economy looks strong the stock market has been buoyant unemployment is falling down to three point eight percent in my the lowest since nine hundred sixty nine trump delivered on his promise to create more jobs job openings rose to six point seven million united prole but there's been a decline of work about getting power and erosion of labor standards nor have wages grow and since trump took office there's also been a decline in foreign investment and foreign investors are also buying less american
8:45 pm
credit but rather than raising taxes and decreasing spending washington seems content to fund itself by continuous bond issues and although trump came to office promising to reduce the country's trade deficit it has in fact grown since he ended the oval office it's now at a ten year high. italy's new prime minister. is meeting with german chancellor angela merkel she wants to help the country tackle its high unemployment rates drawing on german reunification the job situation was dire the italian economy is in a mass and rome's financial options are limited italy is in the use fourth largest economy its debt is to blocks highest a call to answer you stick out between that and economic output italy's status currently at one hundred thirty two per cent of. the product by growing the economy that all important percentage can be changed without significant cuts in
8:46 pm
the limit on boring to stimulate diag growth for the long term rome is planning massive tax cuts in the short term havard this will likely need to shortfalls in revenue and even more debt it's a risky strategy considering that it's hellion debt has been growing continuously since the financial crisis in two thousand and eight from one hundred two percent of g.d.p. two hundred thirty two percent last year to direction italy's news italy's new administration will take a coalition of populous from both ends of the political spectrum is anyone's guess this uncertainty can be felt at present in the southern italian city of. vincenzo of course choice has been working at the steel mill for twenty years he takes us to the cemetery to explain the problem caused by the mill he shows us how everything at the cemetery has turned red the steel mill is the problem the red eye and oxide particles and unhealthy dust which descends on the inhabitants. that
8:47 pm
thought that it was just too much after a while it got me really really angry because i had the bad luck to see lots of colleagues and friends die or get sick from the dust. thirteen thousand people work in the steel mill which used to be state run it can be seen best from the roof of the church now us law mittal is taking over the company and wants to cut three thousand jobs fabio could show has no hope of better working conditions not even from the new government even though toronto is the heartland of the five star movement. norm. they could never carry out what they were promised that's the way it always is at this time it's looking really bad because they are bound by the coalition agreement with the northern league for. the
8:48 pm
steel mills real dimensions can be seen best from the air the giant produces eight million tons of steel per year which is then transported to northern italy or abroad one of the few local processing companies owned by the employees association president of the region he hopes that the new government despite the five stars and leaks positions will finally put italy's industry at the center of attention. fed a new door will open for small and medium sized enterprises in the region we in the employers' association have proposed that support be given to small and medium sized enterprises to enable them to process the steel produced here and increase the value added. the companies around the steel mill are hoping that the government will do something about unpaid bills debts to the tune of two hundred million euros . they do shifts the focus reduces their ability to search for and invest in new
8:49 pm
activities and if you can't invest you can't expand or diversify the engines as a saudi or shows us how he's trying to improve the future the company has developed a hydrogen storage facility but until all those unpaid bills are settled and change can be initiated the steel mill still shapes the fate of the region. google is set to invest five hundred fifty million dollars in chinese on j.t. dot com making it the latest u.s. company to dive into a just drawing room to deal with c.j.d. dot com products displaced on google's shopping service could help the chinese company spread beyond south asia the region is rapidly becoming a battleground for key industry players hoping to cash in on rapidly growing middle class.
8:50 pm
london's victoria and albert museum showing a special exhibition about mexico don't just frida kahlo now considered to be one of the great artists of the twentieth century robin merrill called a desk is here as well welcome robin tell us what's so special about this exhibition well it's not concentrated trading on art really but more hull look i mean she was one of the most she is one of the most recognizable osas around today because of the way she looked very distinctive style she had she was often shown with flowers in a headline here and she also wore traditional mexican costumes in real life and also recognizable because over a third of her paintings pages about hundred forty five pictures in a life well over a third of them are actually self portraits like we see that now this exhibition is called frida kahlo making herself up and this is the first time since her death
8:51 pm
that any museum outside meth mexico has had access to her personal belongings have personal belongings were. locked away for fifty years actually by husband diego rivera until two thousand and four and as i say now they have the first time outside mexico so quite a coup for the v.n.a. let's have a look. far away from frida kahlo home in mexico city of london's victoria and albert museum is hosting the exhibition frida kahlo making herself up featuring colors colorful embroidered outfits jewelry and cosmetics. i think it's exhibition is really special because it's it's the first time we'll see frida after the first some of. the odd things but also the room on. i can tell you i met personally for the first time when i went through her archives and i found i woman who are few. enough to dress up.
8:52 pm
even let her this is beneath is the fine for. the artist famous for herself portraits was no stranger to suffering she contract of polio as a child at eighteen she broke her spine in a bus accident her leg was later amputated below dressed her purse benteke in a red leather boot broyard with dragons to support the artists body she had plaster corsets made some she decorated with mexican flora or the communist hammer and sickle many of the items on display feature in colors art works including the make up she used to emphasize her distinctive look we also discovered the evony eyebrow pencil and which. which is very very special because it shows also as you see her in her paintings how she will darken her eyebrows when we've. seen
8:53 pm
faber american. some critics have said putting calos belongings on show trivializes the great artist for others the connection between frieda's self styling in life and on the canvas is profound. so well quite an extraordinary life that romanists. she had so much to overcome i mean she has she did indeed something not mentioned there was the fact that also she lived very much in the shadow of a husband diego rivera who was considered the greatest mexican artist of his day and he was also a serial philanderer a swell so she did have to live under that and of course polio which as we saw eventually led to having a leg amputated and she had to have a false leg that we saw that also we see here pictures from the movie from two thousand and two starring selma higher because frida kahlo and she had this horrendous accident in
8:54 pm
a bus and you know this this she had to wear those things that we saw you know all the time it was a terrible time for i mean but she. i should say instantly olds were stacked against selma hire also who produced the film because she had she had to deal with harvey weinstein as she said he bull she believed him he didn't want to make the film she pushed the book she eventually got the film made and it in fact garnered i think six oscar nominations including best actress she didn't win. so the film was a success. but frida kahlo itself is famous now than ever yes she really is a style icon and now and influence is really everywhere to see i mean here we see madonna in her famous sort of go to a bust and that was evidently. based on the medical course it's that collar had to
8:55 pm
wear off her head renders accident here is a vogue magazine photo shoot that's obviously ask one could say a many designers like dolce and gabbana been see aga speak of collars influence in the designs recently that his his the p.s. to resistance feel this is a bobby dall. frida kahlo. you know the usual coffee cups take ups whatever you like to say tea bags with frida kahlo designs on the i mean i said trysting i think what she would have made it all herself was i think she'd been quietly amused this a barbie doll was made off to have the ones where the money's going how long does this exhibition run and run still right through till november so anybody going to london i would thoroughly recommend it and of course there's much more on our website at d w don't call. brother now as after where you thank you.
8:56 pm
that's it's your up today it's of a half or more for you at the top of the hour of course is always the website at st w. dot com have a good. leaving
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to. joan recalled to mission in june was held in a turkish chancellor. she has now been released but is still not commuting to leave the country and the challenge was spreading terrorist propaganda undiminished of an interest organization trying to standing up for freedom and human rights. and fifteen minutes long detail one. of the fast pace of life in the
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this city's d.w. news live from berlin tonight germany's chancellor holds onto power but faces what could be a political mission impossible under the americans today avoided a head on collision with their interior minister over migration policy course as a whole further has given the chance for an ultimatum tightening asylum rules in two weeks with the e.u.'s blessings or else also coming up double trump tweets himself into germany's migration realm but backlash in the u.s. is growing over the.


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