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this is. from berlin tonight germany's chancellor holds on to power but faces what could be a political mission impossible. to the head on collision with interior minister over migration policy. has given the chancellor and ultimatum tightening asylum rules in two weeks with the e.u.'s blessings. also coming out. tweets himself into germany's migration but backlash in the u.s. is growing over his government's treatment of the practice of separating migrant
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children from their parents at the border with mexico. and at the world cup of belgium he got off to a start by beating debutantes panama. and the day's other get. off it's good to have you with germany's chancellor angela merkel today averted a crisis in her government over migration policy and she did it at least for now her interior minister horst as a whole for from the chancellor's bavarian sister party the c.s.u. wants to close germany's borders to some refugees but the chancellor says that would go against european union principles today's a whole forgave a deadline if she can't deliver a solution in cooperation with european partners by the next day you summit in two
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weeks then he says he will act alone. she didn't get more than a short respite but that was still more than chancellor angela merkel was expecting . after fears her government would collapse she has now won some time until the e.u. summit at the end of june to find a european solution to the asylum dispute. merkel has made it clear that she doesn't want to go it alone. that's a long but we believe that uncoordinated rejection of asylum seekers at our borders in the heart of europe could lead to a negative domino effect at germany's expense it's something in german interior minister horse as a whole for and his party the c.s.u. want german border police to reject asylum seekers who have already been registered in another e.u. country but chancellor merkel says that's not compatible with european law she says germany would first have to check which country is responsible. she'd like to agree
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to individual treaties with countries such as greece and italy to facilitate the return of refugees but even if no such agreements come out of the summit merkel says that doesn't mean the c.s.e. is plan to refuse refugees entrance into germany will come into effect. let's give these things will not happen automatically we in the c.d.o. believe it is important that we first discussed the situation amongst ourselves and only after that will we enter into discussions with the c.s.u. . while merkel spoken berlin her interior minister horst zehava held a news conference in munich he's supposed to be merkel's ally but today the two sounded like fierce rivals they hope for war and germany would act alone if the e.u. summit doesn't yield a solution. we saw pay no workable decision is made i have decided and the party leaders agree with me that at that point it will be necessary to turn away refugees
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borders. records they hope for says he's determined to carry. that policy even if germany has to go it alone but acting against america's will would probably lead to his dismissal and the dissolution of the governing coalition was a hunter and merkel battle it out the coalition's third political party the center left s.p.d. made its allegiance clear by raising the e.u. flag at its berlin headquarters when it comes to migration the social democrats agree with america compromise with europe is the only way forward. kind of way forward let's talk about that now with our political correspondent simon young he joins me here at the big table you know we said at the top of the show that this is a political mission impossible now that the german chancellor is supposed to deliver in two weeks what she hasn't been able to do in the past three years how can she do that well i think she thinks that she's still clinging to this idea of
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her european wide solution she's talking to all the particularly affected countries the same thing she's been meeting the new italian prime minister there in berlin trying to promise him more support to deal with migrants because of course it's lisbon one of the countries most affected and the italian promises are saying oh well thanks very much for those words of support but we really need the system to change we can't be taking these people in and dealing with them all so this is right on the question that has caused this huge dispute here in berlin between the two wings if you like of angle america's conservative party she's got a very difficult task ahead of her i don't see it happening in two weeks and clearly any solution even if that one couldn't be implemented for much longer after that and you know a horse is a hole for from the very and sister party i mean he is basically taking on his own chancellor i mean they're supposed to be allies so why you see turning a friend into an an enemy and why now here i mean it's not new from
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horse a horse he's been around in politics. for a long time for a long time he was the bavarian leader still leads the c.s.u. which is this big conservative party that strong there and you know he's always been a difficult customer for the government say in berlin to deal with so this is in that sense expected from him why now of course a lot of people have pointed out in just a few months i don't. know lection coming up in bavaria who is seo for is very well aware that the far right and i'm healed to a certain sector of the electorate there maybe he's more worried about them than they should be but he's thinking you know people all in the back of their minds that continuing to worry about this migrant issue that has been the dominating domestic issue in germany for the last three years and he wants to do something about it he was a change of course and he is risking what a lot of people say is the collapse of this government in the end of the miracle
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err i mean if it didn't come today but it could come in two weeks what do you say were the chances that we're looking at the final weeks of uncle americal well i wonder whether in the aimed hosts a of a would decide that that that he really wanted to push it that far and musically he's pushing is lucky's again today said today that you know there's a small group of people who have already received bans on entering germany already been come here once they've been sent away he's does he's going to send back so he's going to sort of use the full extent of the powers that he has in wishing it as far as he can with angle americal but you kind of think he might pull back from the brink because as you say if he really you know forced an open confrontation i'm going to be forced to follow him that could lead to a split in the in the conservative bloc and the government could fall you know the possible collapse getting the attention of the u.s. president donald trump he has chosen to involve himself in this controversy the u.s. president when he tweeted today that the people of germany are turning against their
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leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous berlin coalition crime enjoy . money is way big mistake made all over europe in allowing millions of people in who have strongly in violently changed their culture arts i mean we know that the us president likes to tweet and he's pretty good at tweeting things that bend if not destroy the truth so does he have his facts here right. well i know on the headline of it no he doesn't because you know the government has produced a report just just last month saying that crime overall in fact is being fulling and i was at its lowest level last year since nine hundred ninety two so there is wrong and why in that sense yes although there may be of course particular types of crime and if you look at exactly who carried them out or indeed if you look at crime related to the specific asylum process and where the people have put their documents in on time that sort of thing if you call that crime then you know there
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may be something to it but i think you have to see that donald trump has always been against the the medical migrant polis a i remember him tweeting back when he was running for office you know medical is ruining germany you know and a few weeks later he was all smiles with america is rushing to you know it's it's a strange well that he lives in but you know this is very unusual for a u.s. president to sort of get involved in it in a live jim and domestic issue in this way that's a very good point art so i'm young as always thank you don well from the tweet to the street what do people here in berlin think about trump's tweet aimed at the german chancellor we ask. ok. yeah well can i say. what. the crime in germany is in a partisan his ideology is exactly what we should be fighting against think is i
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think this tweet represents the views of the minority in germany not the whole country. generally speaking i think it's right usually don't expect much from him but in this instance he set the nail on the head. he's probably not the right person to be listening to his part of this debate is opinion is not the most important but i don't notice any negative impact from migration at all exactly the opposite it's actually an opportunity a chance for enrichment for our culture to have more influences from other countries and. drums tweeds on immigration in europe come amid a growing backlash in the u.s. over his government's practice of separating migrant children from their parents at the border with mexico where now the un's human rights chief has denounced that policies are you saying saying that the fault that any state would seek to deter parents by inflicting such abuse on children is unconscionable what we're going to
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show you that i guess we're not even president trump's wife did into this right now issuing a statement saying that she hates to see children separated from their family. kept in cages people caught crossing the u.s. border illegally these images from inside a detention facility in south texas more than eleven hundred men women and children the adults risk jail and separation from their kids. outside there is outrage protestors call for families to be reunited the trumpet ministrations new zero tolerance policy has triggered a fierce debate and drawn bipartisan condemnation. now the president's own wife melania trump has voiced her concern over the country's immigration laws. in
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a statement a spokeswoman for the first lady said mrs trump hates to see children some paraded from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform she believes we need to be a country that follows all laws but also a country that governs with heart. adults who went to the u.s. illegally are now detained for first time offenses leaving their children in state care previously families have been allowed to stay together until their court dates since the change nearly two thousand children have been separated from their parents over a six week period. on twitter president donald trump appeared to blame the democrats for the crisis although the policy was introduced under his republican administration he said democrats can fix their forced family break up at the border by working with republicans on new legislation for a change this is why we need more republicans democrats are only good at three things high taxes crime and obstruction. with foster centers now reaching
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maximum capacity tens out in the texas desert are being hastily pitched to accommodate the influx of undocumented children but with temperatures set to soar in the summer many are calling for some degree of humanity in a zero tolerance policy. for eyes on the fog of the world. title contenders comfortably. panama three. nil after a sluggish first half three smetana's finally broke down what should we have to have with this effort a great strike by the forward and after that the match really got rolling for the favorites from belgium a romelu lukaku needing just six minutes to add two more go despite a slow start belgian kick off their world cup campaign in a convincing fashion. well after germany's defeat last night it was their group rivals sweden and south korea who got the ball rolling on match day
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five sweden had the upper hand for most of the game and finally their pressure paid off in the sixty fifth minute kim bringing victor thousand down in the box the referee awarded a penalty after the a.o.r. tipped him off sweden's captain andreas heard on this stepped up to give his side the league and the win. a few people outside mexico rated the country's chances against overwhelming favorites germany on sunday but the mexicans were quick and resourceful and they pulled off an upset win to the delight of their supporters take a look. lots of joy there the fans in mexico celebrating their team's lone goal and eventual victory over germany the defending world cup champions all of the jumping by the fans all of that jumping for joy by the way was so strong it even triggered earthquake sensors across mexico. now that's what you call having
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a heavy foot all right your updates on the news back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day you're going to see is that. the first information of. the pennines they want to express t.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us.


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