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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  June 19, 2018 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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two weeks conservatives from southern germany want a european migration plan or they could bring down the government here in berlin for transfer. it's make or break and if that weren't pressure now. there's now a trump tweet in the mix tonight a crisis that reaches from bavaria to a white house bully. in berlin this is the day. i'm by nature a compromise proposal last week that puts me under pressure to negotiate. you know that you don't have the whole issue of migration under control because if you be surprised when we must be able to immediately reject people at the border
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seven most missing do we must try to present german on to a european interests at the same time you seem to feel we are not responsible for the many political decisions that have to forbid europe to tell them to be strong but. nobody is seeking the end of the coalition and so on can at least nobody i know. also coming up what the murder of a teenage girl did to the soul of a small german town and the politics of an entire nation. and then has become a microcosm of germany's internal division striking in there around the country and fueling the call the rise at its roots against microsoft. or we begin the day with america's mission impossible how to deliver in two weeks what no political leader has been able to do in three years it was the summer of two thousand and fifteen
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when an unprecedented influx of migrants into europe began and it coincided with the german chancellor's controversial open door policy since then no one not even miracle has been able to find common ground in the european union on how to deal with migration in fact the issue has polarized politics like never before we saw proof of that today in real time when chancellor i'm going to america excepted it all to made him with a deadline of july first by then merkel will have performed a political miracle in europe or she herself could be headed for the history books . we believe that uncoordinated rejection of asylum seekers at our borders in the heart of europe could lead to a negative domino effect at germany's expense in these times will not happen automatically we in the c.d.o. believe it is important that we first discussed the situation amongst ourselves and
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only after that will we enter into discussions with the c.s.u. . in a spin you know workable decision is made i have decided and the party leaders agree with me that at that point it will be necessary to turn away refugees at all borders. joining me tonight here at the big table is julian lehmann he is from the global public policy institute a think tank he has advised the german foreign office on migration policies and right next to me our very own political correspondent simon young gentlemen welcome to the show simon let me start with you is there any reason to think that merkel can do in two weeks what she has been able to do the past three years well i don't see that i see the the timetable that she's been set by her very and conservative friends as as it wants a baby has a hope of two weeks to get real movement on the migrant question he wants to see
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you know the way forward for resolving this european level if that doesn't happen he says he's going to take action have his police to sending turning people back at the border and so on so those under a huge amount of pressure as she's talking about having bilateral negotiations with some of the other e.u. countries she's meeting the new italian prime minister here in berlin the seeming to sort of talk about this question of course the italians one of the countries that's really faced a lot of migrant pressure recently and they're not a total happy they too want to change the policy just like holes they hope. you know it's a it's a really really difficult choppy waters for anglo american at the moment julian we know that the message from the interior minister seems to be if the european union cannot agree on a migration policy then germany will act unilaterally is it feasible at where we are right now just with the technology for border guards to determine at the border
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whether asylum seekers should be rejected i mean can they do that i mean you're alluding to the practical side of things and i do in fact see practical as well as legal obstacles and first of all in the legal one as we seen it also in the clip there is a procedure that normally needs to be followed even for those that have been registered somewhere else in other e.u. states and that procedure takes time so it goes against pushing someone immediately back right even if another country is is normally responsible for that state so that's a legal thing that's the whole question under the so-called double in law that is a huge law but on the practical side of things there are also obstacles i mean look we have more than eight hundred kilometers border line separating austria and in the very alone right and more than seventy border crossings it's not really
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possible to staff those overnight. and then in fact many of the people who come to germany will have crossed another country right and imagine the situation where somebody has been registered in italy travels through austria then arrives in germany and germany says to the austrians look italy is responsible that's why we're sending them back to austria what will be the reaction of the austrians be right it's it's not on us now you know good luck trying to document all of that as well in so i mean so let's go to this meeting next week kim merkel can she put the pressure. on the rest of europe at that meeting i mean when the doors are shut and she's there with her counterparts in she look at them and say either you help me now or you're going to take me down and with me the european project as we know it well as you say good luck with doing that i mean merkel is in a in a weak place at the moment she doesn't really have friends around europe so i think
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if she was. trying to say help me now that may not pay off and i don't think it's about putting pressure exactly either what she needs to do is to set out a vision that that will work and there are two things really you need to make sure that the external border is well protected so talking about this from texas border agency having that beefed up having it have real powers and be really effective possibly even doing the process of migrants wanting to come to europe doing the processing is in the states like north africa outside the european union where they can get some processing you have their asylum claims looked at and the other thing is this question a board is you know to take people in that is the difficult persuading game that she's going to get very briefly i mean can we talk about the can a more compassionate more humane migrant policy across europe if the e.u. can even reach a deal. i mean if she can't reach a deal now in the in the next two weeks then i think the only think that's really
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left is for her to try to forge an alliance between different like minded states and try to solve that question of both border protection and distribution because otherwise indeed it's going to be politically difficult it's not clear what she wants to do in the next two weeks because there have been conflicting reports or we definitely will see julia lehmann from the global public policy institute think tank and our political correspondents i mean young gentleman thank you very much. well the political tensions over migration have been fueled by several high profile crimes involving migrants in one case an asylum seeker is on trial for the killing of a fifteen year old girl it has inflamed passions in the small tell where the killing took place condo in western germany some residents say that the far right is exploiting the incident to whip up anti migrant sentiment that we use corresponded young. reports. watch over your
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children america is still in power that's the rallying cry here in congo it's all tone these marches have become part of everyday life ever since mia a local school girl was murder it allegedly by an afghan refugee. over the weekend about a hundred people from the woman's alliance a far right group showed up thousands have turned out every month drawn from the right wing and the a nazi groups across germany. most residents are outraged come the artist armin and his daughter nina say it's unbearable you know i don't miss our homes our hundred people are abusing our town for their own purposes the far right is pretending to have certain reasons that aren't the real reason they're here and they're paralyzing us. income. barricaded ourselves in our house all day with the children because it's too dangerous to go out not
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thousands of gain. both arming and nina are involved in efforts to combat the right wing propaganda in town but arming is now afraid to put up and not see signs outside his house. this the by the let's go through the last big demonstration i couldn't even pin them up on the wall much less put them up here in the near nazis grabbed them out of my hand and seriously threatened us all in fear within months and with ward. in march right wing extremists and hooligans broke through the cordon in front of our men's gallery and stormed into the courtyard and sweep way luckily the police were there to prevent anything more serious from happening. ever since the murder of fifteen year old mia can live in a three tight end by heatedly was originally. cullen has become a microcosm of germany's internal division striking a nerve around the country and fueling the polarized attitudes against migration
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the state like that support for lunch unfortunately we have to expect that there will be more murders and it's a very critical situation because of all the my quince that we've let into this country last minute i demand a fair minded policy and that the borders be closed off the cities. but most people here see things differently at distance thresh and residents confront the organizer of the right wing women's alliance for the first time face to face. how many phone companies. you are just doing this because you hate foreigners and you want to stop immigration that's why you're exploiting this murder. a peaceful town festival had been planned for this weekend and refugees have been explicitly invited. db it would just be some media. toying there's a family of refugees we're looking after who wanted to come today a mother and father and two school age children but they were afraid to show up
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because of the demonstration of the mob plots and sinister because. in the end not many was the nz came the tensions here seem to have kept many away but arming mina and their fellow citizens want to keep up the struggle and take back they have been it's come down. or guess who decided to tweet about the german migrant roughan its existence will threat to the government the bungle americal that's right a monday morning in a shower of twitter activity by donald trump one tweet caught our attention because it suddenly targeted germany migrants and crime and here's what the u.s. president tweeted the people of germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous berlin coalition crime in germany is way up big mistake made all over europe in allowing millions of people in to have so strongly and violently change their culture over that tweet is screaming for
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a fact check and sorry mr president but the statistics on crime the facts they contradict your claim according to a government report released last month germany's crime rate fell five percent last year to its lowest level in thirty years now that's despite the more than one million migrants who have come into the country since twenty fifteen whenever the last trump went on to tweet this we don't want what is happening with immigration in europe to happen with us. well something tells me that the feeling is mutual mr president let's pick up the story now with our correspondent kirsten phenomena who joins me tonight from washington good evening to you karsten you know from where you're sitting how do you explain this tweet any idea what trump is trying to accomplish when clearly
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donald trump is trying to defend his own policies and he's catering to his base and he's playing to the fears and the prejudices that many of his supporters have when it comes to immigration and donald trump has painted a very dark picture of europe repeatedly he has described as a continent that is swamps by refugees and other immigrants and where terrorism and crime is renton's of course never mind this is not covered by the facts but it is working among many of is support as we have encountered trump supporters quite often and they have pitied osmund they heard were from germany saying oh it's so terrible what is happening in your home country and this idea down our problems of is the with immigration but we can manage unemployment is at a record low the economy's booming crime is quite low as we've just heard but they won't believe us they think we have brainwashed. they don't believe the statistics
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they don't believe the mainstream media but they believe donald trump because they think what he says is right never mind the facts. and with this tweet what do you think person has done with trump once and for all aldred himself as an enemy of chancellor merkel and the migration policy that she stands for. well there's nothing new really i mean even during his election campaign he painted under america as his personal bogeyman when it comes to any gratian he claimed that he had and that she has ruined germany and that germany was a catastrophe as also mentioned other countries but france sweden where life is terrible because of immigrants and terrorists according to donald trump but angela mack and germany in particular has been his obsession both as economic competitors
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to the united states but also as a failed example of a wrong headed it's immigration policy as he sees it. carson stand by we'll talk with you again in just a moment it is not migration in europe but rather in the u.s. that is drawing condemnation tonight you win is calling the trumpet ministrations policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the mexican border unconscionable and there is a growing backlash inside the united states as well. kept in cages more than eleven hundred people caught crossing the border illegally into south texas these photos the only glimpse of this facility allowed by the u.s. border authorities the adults risk jail and separation from their children. outside there is outrage protestors call for families to be reunited the trumpet
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ministrations new zero tolerance policy has triggered a fierce debate and drawn bipartisan condemnation. now the president's own wife melania trump has voiced her concern over the country's immigration laws. in a statement a spokeswoman for the first lady said mrs trump hates to see children some paraded from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform she believes we need to be a country that follows all laws but also a country that governs with heart. adults who enter the u.s. illegally are now detained for first time offenses leaving their children in state care previously families have been allowed to stay together until their court dates since the change nearly two thousand children have been separated from their parents over a six week period. or let's go back to carsten in washington of course is the
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trouble ministration correct when it says that this family separation policy is simply a case of enforcing the current law. not really the law that regulates how to deal with immigrants has been in place or the laws have been in place for some time republican president george w. bush and under a democratic president barack obama what has changed is the interpretation of the law according to the law children can be separated from their parents when parents are accused of a crime and i want to trumpet ministration has done just a few months ago is to basically declare that anyone who enters the united states illegally is a criminal by the finish and therefore those children can and should be taken away from them other ministrations haven't seen it that way and we know that some former first ladies they've also waded into this debate this is what laura bush the wife
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to george w. bush this is what she wrote in op ed piece today she says i live in a border state i appreciate the need to enforce and protect our international boundaries but this is zero tolerance policy is cruel it is immoral and it breaks my heart. the administration says that the harsh line on immigration is there to curb crime i mean how much crime are illegal immigrants responsible for in the united states. well there has been some horrendous incidents some terrible crimes committed by illegal immigrants and of course there is a problem with the drug smugglers with the gang members coming into the united states illegally but if you look at the overall or figures all the studies all serious studies basically have found out that crime among immigrants is actually lower than among the general population is or people who were born u.s.
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citizens just one figure here about seven percent of the united states population are non citizens but only five percent of inmates in prisons. non-citizens so clearly the figures tell a different story but of course donald trump doesn't care for that he said he believes what he wants and he says what his supporters want to hear. kirsten phenomenon the story for us tonight in washington helping us preview it again why the facts and the statistics are important kirsten thank you. shari the latest from the world cup in russia a group g. actually got started on monday two games both with a common theme a big favorite pitted against a relative soccer minnows when england to continue and an even bigger golfing class when belgium walked horns with world cup debutantes panama here's all the group g. highlights. after
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a sluggish first off denise mountain sunnily broke the deadlock for beijing shortly after half time and with this i thought great strike was a forward on and off the sets a match when it got rolling for the favorites in a comical meeting just six minutes to add two more golds stream is despite a slow start thanks them also watched the campaign in convincing fashion. england followed suit against an uzi needing just eleven minutes before the top marksman how we came to us and then front johnstone's us had a brilliantly saved only for came to be perfectly positioned for the rebound but after this challenge between walcott and ben you assess the referee or watch a penalty to newsy set yanni sussy kept to school to convert from the spot one all asked us to five minutes a three letter in school as a two new zealand's one zero win at state and deep in injury time when harry came became a national hero by scoring a second to ensure england's got
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a winning start to this world cup and now a group g. east definitely poised to be a two horse race between england and benjamin. all right here the big test now is present in from our sports desk a cool shirt and the bow tie to say you think yes so here we think he gave england just enough to beat so how do you rate thing. you know yet that put this put the football goggles when we look at england they've been underachievers when it comes to the world cup they've ever scored more than one goal in their last nine games until harry came the captain you know had heroics in the last extra time in this game you know and it was interesting because england had trouble finishing in the final third ok way more talent they'd come into this game sneezy yeah they had an unbeaten run you know gone for a while but different different levels we're talking about here and you know they had trouble finishing in the final third there was
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a substitution change right in sterling you know got swapped out for marcus rash for it at one point to try to really reignite the off it's they had fourteen shots in the box and one point it was a draw you know the ninety minute mark and i was shocked to see harry kane actually come through for his team you know but it is it was nice to see and expected and it's nice actually that england is finally showing what they should have always been showing sure on this stage you know because now their level with belgium on points obviously doesn't have the benefit because of goal difference but you know all in all a great start for the originators of this modern game of football you know cruise to an easy when he gets panama this evening i mean would you say that was an impressive performance you know impressive expected i would call it impressive you know belgium in the every supporter finals of the last two major tournaments they have an awesome midfield ok that's one thing they had a lot of momentum behind you know this is
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a team that had no losses in the world cup qualifying no losses in the friendlies we're looking at some action here you know things really got started in the second half. look aku right there scored a brace to really give belgium the victory over panama panama surface world cup i don't think there were a lot of expectations you know in terms of them winning you want to as want to show a good face but belgium are now and being. in their last ten world cup group games so they're on my one heck of a run are very few actually started with sweden taking that. game you know a defensive struggle early on in this particular match to you know a lot of questions around a sweden knows lots of brahim of it you know but the game finally opened up the bill in the sixty fifth minute we're taking a look right now the be player was taken down. and the captain for sweden stepped up after the video assistant referee awarded the penalty they always have to verify that of course he was going to have to give them
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a go ahead victory the be south korea has to do some soul searching about that because there has always we appreciate it thank you all right. all right the day is nearly done but as always the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter and t.v. . and remember no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another big we'll see the. middle.
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name in. the world com is all and a call to an impressive stock. of the hosts on not favorite to win the tournament. still coach thomas launch a chance hoping is dreaming of the final. launch of the russian final samak the world cup. kickoff next.
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