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and we're determined to do something here for the next generation gloomily the environment series of global three thousand on d. w. and online. this is news coming to you live from berlin. a race against time she meets the italian prime minister in her quest to find a solution to the migration issue after her mutinous interior minister delivers an ultimatum donald trump to the fray with the tweet also coming up a new record for misery the united nations refugee agency says nearly sixty nine
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million people were forcibly displaced last year clean war violence and persecution . and the world cup england tried to avoid the curse of the favorites in the group stage against tunisia it was anything but old walk in the park superstar hurricane did all he could but. we're live in moscow with the latest. oh i'm terry martin good to have you with us what to do with unwanted migrants german chancellor angela merkel and u.s. president donald trump have very different answers to that question and on monday trump took a shot at germany's migration policies in a tweet that's not likely to win him any points here in berlin here's what the president tweeted the people of germany are turning against their leadership. as
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migration is rocking the already tenuous berlin coalition crime in germany is way up big mistake made all over europe in allowing millions of people who in who have so strongly and by changed their culture. well for the record crime in germany is twenty five year low and germany's conservative coalition he referred to has had a close bond since world war two in light of misinformation we sent a reporter asked what people here in berlin think about his tweet. ok. yeah well can i say. what. i mean germany has been a partisan his ideology is exactly what we should be fighting against these i think his tweet represents the views of the minority in germany not the whole country. generally speaking i think he's right usually don't expect much from him but in
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this instance he set the nail on the head. he's probably not the right person to be listening to the banks is opinion is not the most important. i don't notice any negative impact from migration at all exactly the opposite it's actually an opportunity a chance for enrichment for our culture to have more influences from other countries. well german chancellor angela merkel is scrambling to end a divisive dispute over migration policy and her government her interior minister hall say hope is threatening to close to her many supporters to some refugees chancellor says that would go against european principles so she met italy's prime minister just have to try to find a solution at least in part michael will meet with france's president mccollum later today. the first steps toward a european solution to the asylum dispute a meeting with the talian prime minister just said picone today in berlin. facing an ultimatum from within her governing coalition to crack down on illegal
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immigration chancellor angela merkel was able to win time until the e.u. summit at the end of june for america going it alone is not an option. this does have long been we believe that uncoordinated rejection of asylum seekers at our borders in the heart of europe could lead to a negative domino effect at germany's expense which comes in german interior minister horst c. hoffa wants german border police to reject asylum seekers who have already been registered in another e.u. country mikel says germany should first check which country is responsible for them she'd like to agree to individual treaties with countries like greece and italy to facilitate the return of refugees but even if no such agreements come out of the e.u. summit mikel hopes to delay the c.s. use plan to turn back refugees at the german border. these things will not happen automatically we in the cd i believe it is important that we first discussed the
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situation amongst ourselves and only after that will we enter into discussions with the c.s.u. . well miracle spoken berlin interior minister as a whole for held a news conference in munich the conservative c.s.u. he heads is the bavarian sister party of mikel c.d.u. but on monday they sounded like fierce rivals. we saw. no workable decision is made i have decided and the party leaders agree with me that at that point it will be necessary to turn away refugees at all borders. as a whole for says he is determined to carry out that policy even if germany has got to go it alone he knows that acting against nichols will would likely lead to his dismissal and the dissolution of the coalition as for now the crisis in the german government has not been avoided only postponed medical needs to find
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a european solution to the migration crisis. so the german interior minister is threatening to take unilateral action on germany's borders on july first if the chancellor doesn't get a europe wide agreement on migration here to talk about the implications of all this is our own political correspondent peter craven good to see you peter the chancellor has now met with the italian prime minister she's supposed to meet with the french president as well presumably this is the start of her two week campaign to convince europe to get on board with the some sort of of agreed migration policy do you really think that she can achieve in two weeks what she hasn't been able to achieve in three years i think the question is whether she can achieve a pan european deal of any kind and she certainly hasn't been able to achieve that in the last three years she's been leading from the front saying we can manage it we can do this and the other nations have been following very reluctantly now she's moving away from a pan-european deal towards what is being cold bilateral deals especially within
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the you mentioned the italian prime minister being in berlin what they're talking about as far as we can understand it is a bilateral deal with that silly maybe with greece maybe with spain these are the countries that are bearing the brunt of the traffic across the mediterranean the refugee current traffic giving them incentives to hold the refugees in their countries rather than channel them off around the rest of the european nations what what sort of incentives should they get will people be looking to the two thousand and sixteen refugee pact with turkey where turkey was given substantial monies and other incentives will it still be offered money what else will it be offered we don't know at this point in time to be frank ok if the chancellor does manage to get these kinds of deals to satisfy her coalition partners then great but if she doesn't her interior minister is threatening to take unilateral action on germany's borders does he have the means to do that and i think he does i think you know there are a lot of german voters who in the polls have made it perfectly clear that they want they now want to see potential they want to see refugees turned away germany's
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borders and that is the promise that jose hope has made he said he will do that. the two categories of refugees that everybody's looking at there are those who have been registered in other e.u. countries and they can be clearly identified through the euro tax system or fingerprinting which is now pretty efficient these days it wasn't in the past the last couple of years and then there's also the undocumented refugees and they you know they can be identified by the fact that they are simply undocumented and voters here in germany saying they want both of these countries to be turned away at germany's borders that's what whole horse a whole face promising to do this is a big crisis in germany and the government how much of a threat does it pose to the stability of germany's government peter briefly. i mean you've used the word ultimatum what is the will come to at least here in germany when the interior minister is threatening the the chancellor she will not allow him to undermine her authority she might fire him if it comes to it that could lead to a minority government that could lead to the conservative c.s.u. being shifted out of government the greens coming in instead it could lead to the
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fall of the government could lead to fresh elections that something we don't want to see it or thank you so much clinical correspondent peter craver. deported migrants can face a bleak future especially if they're from one of the poorest countries in the world the gambia was under a dictatorship for twenty two years high unemployment has pushed many young gambians to try and make it to europe but when they are sent home they often find themselves overwhelmed by a sense of shame i. know in india as a smiling coast of africa the gambia has little in way of its economy to smile about two decades of tyranny call roofless to specially young people to europe in search of a better life but now and a new governance these migrants asylum applications have been rejected and spent three years in germany training and working as a caregiver for the elderly until he was unexpectedly deported he now lives with
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his mother and six other people in a small house in the capital so. this is my file from school. well i mean if there's been i mean the colossal i had it in the classroom with me. so i still have it now and i have my fall from the school in for time and from there and i brought it back with me now. this is the worst case scenario well integrated immigrant with job prospects in germany ends up back in the gambia with nothing the twenty two year old can barely bring himself to leave the house ashamed he didn't live up to his expectations. government who would visit everyone do they want to do what you mean but i don't have any. problem in germany my whole two years. i couldn't comment not in only walk then my home that are
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between them and finish i'm going to school what is really hard for me right now because they deport me read out morning i lost my job in germany and i'm here in one year i don't have any support for anybody so. activists knows how bleak the situation can be they're coming home to a country that has no. opportunities for them. i mean talk on three that are going on right. you know they're coming back or society that we stigmatize them that we treat them like you feel use. need to be deported and used to this is really be treated like a failure and to be used to stigma of a society that notifies the western world it's not the best start for the gambia as young democracy but use minister henry gomez says these little the virtually bankrupt country can do it i can assure you that anybody. who came
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to my office. has been put into some way to do something we have would not. know one of them but minister are you saying that in this country in order to get a job you have to see the minister i looked. site for all of them understood what i could or should want to apple. what. if it comes to my office but listening to you too for people like dow who have nothing to show for this brought nothing to look forward to at home. in many places around the world strains caused by a record number of people on the move causing massive problems but a new report by the u.n. refugee agency says war and conflict have led to the largest increase in refugees and displaced people since it started monitoring the situation in one thousand nine
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hundred fifty one the u.n. report says that since two thousand and sixteen the number of refugees has increased by three million to a total of sixty eight point five million people roughly two thirds of them are from these five countries syria afghanistan south sudan myanmar and somalia and the agency says that resolving just one of these regional conflicts would have a major impact on the global refugee crisis well let's get more on that latest report from the u.n. high commissioner for refugees with us here in the studio today is dominic bosh he's the u.n.h.c.r. representative for germany thanks for being with us this morning first of all let's talk about the numbers there the numbers have jumped significantly tell us what's behind those numbers that's correct we haven't increased by another three million we've now reached sixty eight point five million that comprises refugees into the
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new displays than those asylum seekers there is however a counter-trend of play here and that is the numbers reaching europe those have come down quite dramatically in two thousand and seventeen over two thousand and sixteen we had to decrease by forty four percent and that's really quite significant and that of course also extends to germany germany has had a significant drop. in the numbers all from your rivals now you're with the united nations and many people look to the united nations to help address the conflicts that are driving these refugees to leave their homes what is the u.n. doing to try to solve the driving forces behind the refugee crisis if you call that i think first of all there is a real need to deal with the countries of origin with those five countries you just mentioned but it's still embroider in conflict and dispute with them that are
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basically forcing people to seek protection elsewhere so that really is the primary attention of the united nations has the has the security council and has various options in order to deploy peacekeeping operations another. but if you look at a major conflict like syria that has been brewing for seven years now it doesn't look as if a solution was imminent so here now i think under these circumstances the best we can do is to try and support those who have to seek protection in the neighboring countries and as you said the vast majority of refugees are really in the countries immediately surrounding the conflict areas and to provide a perspective so that refugees are able to rebuild their lives and this is not just you many tearing the systems but also longer term support that's crucially education to make sure that children can attend school and many of the countries that take in the refugees there they're quite poor and they're having difficulty
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coping with that here in the western also concerned about the number of arrivals but europe is rich compared to much of the rest of the world what about burden sharing what is the u.n. doing to promote burden sharing among the countries that are taking in the refugees that's right. is in the process now of helping with the negotiations for a new global compact which really is intended as a tool. to also recalibrate international solidarity to make sure that those countries that are. countries for refugees. effectively supported. internationally just parts thank you very much dominic bush from the u.n.h.c.r. here in germany thank you. well a high level arrest in the car industry here in germany that some people are not
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surprised monica well terry at least he is the first top executive in the industry to be arrested for his involvement in the diesel affair out d.c. over. was arrested on monday as part of an investigation into emissions test cheating supervisory board appointed out the sales director. as new interim boss the c.e.o. maintained he knew nothing about the diesel scandal at a shareholders meeting last month everything happened very quickly after that prosecutors searched his home last week then monday's arrest something that there have been hints that the defendant could try to influence evidence for example the evidence of other defendants or witnesses. is accused of knowing about the emissions cheating in europe when the scandal broke in the u.s. but unlike in america he did not order a halt to production thousands of audi's with software issues have since made it
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onto the road. has been at the helm of audi since two thousand and seven within the company there's been criticism of his handling of diesel gate audi engines fitted with the emissions heating software have ended up in of the cars in the v.w. family like poor. which all means that once again germany's faux wagon is in damage control the world's biggest carmaker is losing trust among investors its own workers and motorists. no different design be great sense that if someone is found guilty of having done the wrong thing then they have to answer for than it was one of your kardashian yeah friends of the shadows it's the only sure it's not only a v.w. and our but always germany in a bad line for reasons of graeme's large learnt. stadler is the highest level executive at volkswagen to have been arrested since the scandal erupted but he may
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not be the last. well the stakes have gotten even higher beijing accused washington of blackmail and vowed retaliation battle after u.s. president donna trump threatened on monday to slap a ten percent levy on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports in the latest round of tit for tat ex changes in a rapidly escalating trade dispute between the world's two biggest economies these fresh threats follow what trump calls china's quote unacceptable decision to raise tariffs on fifty billion dollars in goods following similar levies from the united states. that's an interesting situation my colleague out until to joins me in the studio now so donald trump thinks that more terrorists could quote encourage china to change its unfair practices what practices are you talking about well i mean there are two aspects of the trumpet ministration is really easy focusing on i mean one is some of the protectionist policies we've seen come out of china you know
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protecting the industries like the steel industry or their agricultural industry and then flooding the international market with cheap products but also in the last couple days we've seen kind of a new tune coming to washington they're really focusing on this issue of intellectual property you know for years international companies doing business with china have lamented the fact that chinese companies are all too ready to basically take advantage of their patents and their intellectual property for their own for their own purposes and now we definitely have seen that move heard reports of. american and european companies being forced to turn over their patents or give chinese companies access to their patents if they want to do business in mainland china and we've also seen things like well in my own experience i was at a tech show a couple years ago and i want to see a new app developed by a chinese maker and now the the little is a mid-level company they were displaying their new app on i phones i took a look at his i phone and as i was looking at it i realized it was running at the end right operating system meaning it was they were displaying their apps and faked
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cell phones which really just kind of goes to show you that while china has a different. a different way of viewing intellectual property and some of their international partners ok so it looks like trump does have a point however does tit for tat tariffs one side's imposing one retaliate against a force will this lead to anything well that remains to be seen i mean at the end of the day if we really get down into like a need to critique trade war the question is you know who's going to win who's going to come out of it on top and if we're looking in the near future i do think beijing has the better hand you have to realize you know the government in beijing has complete control of the economy there and they and. no one on the other hand is looking at mid-term elections coming up very very shortly and we've already seen the chinese tariffs focusing on agricultural goods and those agricultural goods come from deep red states in the united states those are states like my home state of iowa that actually supported trump but at the same time they export a lot of soybeans a lot of corn
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a lot of pigs to china and if they start feeling the pinch that could reflect the midterm the midterm results of which means i think in this case beijing is the stronger hand all right on tilton there as always thank you so much. world cup now in russia two more powerhouse teams went into their matches as heavy favorites both were trying to avoid the fate of germany who lost to mexico over the weekend first on monday england took on tunisia and then there was an even bigger gulf in class when belgium last torrens with world cup debutantes panama. after a sluggish first off denise mountain sunnily broke the deadlock for belgium shoki after half time with this i thought great strike by the forwards enough doesn't so much we've got rolling for the favorites who are going to win cancun meeting just six minutes to have two more golds trina's despite
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a slow start to badger people so watch cup campaign in convincing fashion. england followed suit against a newsier needing just eleven minutes before the top marksman how we came to us and then front johnstone's us had a brilliantly saved only full came to be perfectly positioned for the rebound but after this challenge between walcott and ben yusef the referee was a penalty to tunisia set yani sussy kept to school to convert from just talk one or asked us to five minutes a fletcher in school as a two new zealand's one zero one and stay two deep in injury time when how we can become a national hero by scoring a second into an england squad and winning start to this world cup and no group g.'s definitely poised to be a two horse race between england's and bangs and. let's get more now on a day of drama then with me in the studios. from d.w.
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sports and in moscow our world cup correspondent jonathan crane start with your limit harry kane he gave england just enough to beat tunisia how do you rate england how to england say they've done so far i mean they've done a lot better than in previous trying to men's i mean this was really where in the past in that was sometimes collapsed this time around they didn't they had that late when a hurricane came on the field and he didn't make that difference but in terms of in this group i think in terms of them getting top spot i think they probably will make it to the knockout stages but i think top spot spot will still go to belgium. for me they still have the right blend of talent and experience and a pass i don't think it was really that decisive in the final of. could have been up by two three goals it didn't happen but at the end when it's a win and i'm sure a lot of english fans are very happy with the results so let's hear what harry kane
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the man that they already call a national hero has to say ok let's just cross over to get johnson's and put here to his johnson course been following developments there as well what did what did you make of what of that game last night well as an englishman i obviously had a very keen eye on this one and i think for the first twenty minutes england read breath of fresh air they were pos in the board well moving well creating space and arguably they should have been three or four nil up with the first twenty minutes they only had one goal to show for their efforts and then they conceded from the penalty sports a controversial penalty some may say and i think that england fans were fearing that it was going to be a familiar story frustrated by a weaker opponent and they weren't sure how he came up top price at the end one side notes of this match the play is at the back so with an infestation of mosquitoes images the stadium is very close to the vogel river and that violates
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the perfect breeding ground for those kinds of insects and even that the player has to spray themselves with insect repellent before the game you can see them just watching away the insects from their faces england they were bothered about that they were because they had diary lord of the flies to fact harry kate and was saying i think we can hear from him and what he said after the match. who is in the back in mind that's going to be one day who is in the document that's going to be one of them days but we just won't fall into the right time but that's what it is about us was you so this is not you plus minutes and and thankfully that one and then. there's been a lot of talk about the title holders curse should germany be worried. yes the title holders cast indeed i think if you're a gemini fan you should probably put your fingers in your is now or maybe pop out and make a cup of tea because what i'm about to say doesn't really fired well frons the one
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thousand nine hundred eight champions huang's out in the group stage in the following tournament span the twenty ten champions runs out in the group stage in the following tournament and it's only the trend that's two thousand and six champions if you know what i'm going to say don't you when sours and the great stage of the following tournament so three of the last four title how to have fooled us the us has all insights on the present of the exceptions to that rule when they won the tournament in two thousand and two brazil incidentally the only team of the last side rather i should say to retain the world cup that was in one thousand nine hundred sixty so that really shows how difficult it is to defend this trophy and keep together a winning group of players you camilla has tried to do that but then consequently his germany site a very old baby fact it was the oldest starting eleven by a germany stage squad since two thousand and two ok i don't like the consequences and some of the players. i'm afraid we're going to leave it there johnson crane in
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moscow and only one talking here in berlin thank you so much. to me to movements and it seems packed only on c. d tom he used noble media for full contribution when choosing gas from three continents. discuss conditions will female advances and change in construct just as well one new milestone me to
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come female nice culture today. the next on the list. the world cup is on and russian girl to an impressive start. over the hosts are not favored to win the tournament. still coached on a slab church up in his dreaming of the final. water russian fashion set about the world cup. to go in sixty minutes on the double of. crimes against humanity civilians become witnesses to. their recorded images travel around the globe via social media. but what is
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propaganda fiction and what is fact of digital investigators combing through the flood of images they combine sources to try to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of crime as a. forensics between bits and bytes of. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t.w. . today and arts twenty one special. women say time's up. muse maestra to. and the global consequences how has women's protest changed the arts are we on the verge of a new type geist everybody is talking about it so are we. our hearts twenty one
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special with karan how instead at deutsche of l a global media forum in bonn.


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