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it's about the truth. truth detectives george truth thirty years on t w. this is deja vu news live from berlin chancellor angela merkel is due to meet president in manuel mccall france in a few moments she is likely to ask for his help but she scrambles to forge a new european refugee policy merkel has already had talks with the italian prime minister in her quest for a solution to the device of the migration issue that's after her own interior minister told her to find a solution or he take action himself also coming up
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a record for misery the united nations refugee agency says almost sixty nine million people were forcibly displaced last year fleeing more violence and persecution. and the world cup in england get their campaign off to a winning start but it was no walk in the park against tunisia we'll have highlights and preview today's match. i'm serious so misconduct good to have you with us germany's chancellor angela merkel is about to meet france's president mark owen a push to solve europe's migration crisis and save her government her mutinous interior minister has told her to get a grip on the issue in germany or he'll do it himself on monday she had talks with the new italian prime minister and promised her support in his efforts to tackle illegal migration. last week he was in paris last night in berlin it was
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italy's newly elected right wing conservative prime minister. who set the tone for today's meeting between angela merkel and found since president. these borders are european borders instead of being divided in europe about solidarity and responsibility we must all act together the multilevel of throat. in. that very solidarity just backfired on the german chancellor at home to avert a government rebellion she promised to deliver a new pan-european deals on asylum so today's meeting with the french cabinet near berlin is key to bringing paris on board as most other e.u. partners keep chattering past each other in a babylonian fashion despite a tower of problems to solve with merkel's troubles at home the long list france
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and germany want to discuss has just been refocused to what was already top of the list migration here the french president to wants to see progress. systems that were designed to work by quotas didn't deliver we must therefore find suitable mechanisms you boy we want to support italy's desire for solidarity and hope that germany will also get understanding when we talk about solidarity in europe about the issue of migration. so as madeleine mccall sit down to talk europe has ms about manor house both under pressure to find an answer on e.u. migration and ideally a common definition of what european solidarity actually means. let's go right to our political correspondent simon john he is just outside of berlin rangle americal and in our meeting today hi simon good to see you as we saw in that report there chancellor merkel needs an e.u.
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solution here to this very divisive migration question as she met with the italian prime minister yesterday today she's meeting with him on one macaw what kind of support can she get from the french leader. well i think in principle angela merkel and emmanuel mccrone who are due to meet here at this imposing government palace here just outside berlin very soon now and they're not really too far apart on the asylum and migration question in general they both believe a european solution is essential that the home annoys ation of procedures is necessary they'd like to beef up the external border force and so on so these are areas where they can absolutely agree and i think we'll hear some of that from president michel today who of course knows that franco german relationship is at the heart of the e.u. and if those two countries agree then that's the first step for getting
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a europe wide agreement which of course is what angela merkel needs desperately she's really under the gun she's got two weeks to produce something nobody believes it will be a full comprehensive agreement from all the european nations but certainly some kind of starting point a blueprint for how she intends to get a grip on this situation a european solution is what she wants and she needs a man to a macro for that seventy seven mark on my car not too far apart on migration what would a german franco solution look like and where do they differ. yeah well i like i mentioned i think they agree that a european solution is necessary they agree that what that means is for instance you know making more effective the external protection of europe at europe's borders as we heard there the italian prime minister saying that you know he wants to make it clear that when people reach italy they've reached the e.u.
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that means you have to have a clear external border that you know that that is controlled by a procedure that everyone can understand so there's this frontex border agency that needs more personnel probably needs more cash it may involve agreeing with for instance north african countries that they can do more to process people as they pass through their countries and it means harmonize ation of asylum procedures across the different e.u. member states which are quite different at the moment where they differ what is worth pointing out that france already has some of those things that horst say hope for this troublesome c.s.u. leader in bavaria is asking for according to italy at least france is already being turning back migrants at its border ten thousand of them this year so far that's exactly the outcome that angela merkel says she doesn't want so we'll have to see when the detail comes out if it does ahead of that e.u.
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summit next week whether there is a clarity on this question of national borders purses the e.u. border as a whole or at our political correspondent simon young for us outside of berlin where. that to meet in just a few moments thank you very much simon. it's not just in europe but in many places around the world a record number of people are on the move a new report by the un refugee agency says war and conflict has led to the largest increase in refugees and displaced people since it started monitoring the situation in one nine hundred fifty one now its report says that since two thousand and sixteen the number of refugees has increased by three million to a total of sixty eight point five million people now roughly two thirds of them are from five countries syria afghanistan south sudan man maher and also somalia that agency says that resolving any one of those regional conflicts would have a major impact on the global refugee crisis well many western governments are
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tightening their policies so more and more migrants are being sent home the gambia in west africa is one of the world's poorest nations so many young try to make it to europe but when they are sent back home they often find themselves overwhelmed by a sense of shame and with few opportunities to improve their prospects. known endearingly as the smiling coast of africa the gambia has little in way of its economy to smile about two decades of tyrannical rule forced especially young people to europe in search of a better life but now into new governance these migrants asylum applications of being rejected and spent three years in germany training and working as a caregiver for the elderly until he was unexpectedly deported he now lives with his mother and six of the people in a small house in the capital. minor from the sure this is my folder from school in germany for
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a moment in the class they arrested me inside the classroom so i had to take it with me and one of the via i brought my school books all the way back with me. from your bra. this is the worst case scenario a well integrated immigrant with job prospects in germany ends up back in the gambia with nothing the twenty two year old can barely bring himself to leave the house ashamed he didn't live up to his expectations. the government who would visit every word they want to deport but i don't have any. problem in germany my all three. i couldn't commit not in only walk then go my home that are between you and finish i'm going to score points is really hard for me right now because they're deport me morning i lost my job in
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germany and i'm here in one year i don't have any support for anybody so. an. activist knows how bleak the situation can be they're coming home to a country that has no more opportunities for them. coming to a country that has been done right and you know they're coming back or society that we stigmatize them that we treat them like if you lose. me to be deported just to this is a the be treated like a video and it will be used to stigma of a society that notifies the western world it's not the best start for the gambians young democracy but hughes mr henry gomez says these little the virtually bankrupt country can do it i can assure you that anybody. who came to my office. has been put into some way to do something we
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have would look. no one of them but minister are you saying that in this country in order to get a job you have to see the minister i cannot. cite for all of them understood what i could or should want to applebee at least into that problem imo what with the butt out problem if it comes to my office but listening will do little for people in my condo who have nothing to show for this stay abroad and nothing to look forward to at home. now to some other stories making news around the world indonesian authorities say at least one hundred twenty eight people are missing after a ferry capsized and sank on the island of sumatra about twenty people have been rescued from the water one is confined to a wooden boat went down in rough water on lake toba a popular tourist destination. north korean leader kim jong un is in beijing it's believed there he's there to brief chinese president xi jinping on his summit with
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u.s. president donald trump china's foreign ministry said the visit would strengthen relations with north korea and promote peace in the region. reports from yemen say saudi backed forces have entered the main compound at the airport in the city who data after heavy fighting with the rebels coalition forces started an assault on the rebel held city a week ago data is yemen's main port and a key supply hub for the rebels. and a u.s. rapper just say on four he was shot dead in his car in florida beach on monday better known by his stage name x x x ten to theone the twenty two year old a twenty year old brother released a chart topping album in march the police suspected killers motive was robbery until. monica's your business now and monica's the trade spat that just keeps on growing it could be going from bad to worse to me the stakes have gotten even higher beijing accused washington of blackmail and vowed retaliation but of course
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after u.s. president donald trump threatened on monday to slap a ten percent levy on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports in the latest round of tit for tat exchanges in a rapidly escalating trade dispute between the world's two biggest economies are these fresh threats follow what donald trump calls china's quote unacceptable decision to raise tariffs on fifty billion dollars in u.s. goods following similar levies from the united states. now all that back and forth of course is weighing on stock markets but to kill only in asia and our financial correspondent he's keeping an eye on the action on the trading floor the asian markets suffered losses already on monday and again today how bad is it. much worse than in europe the shares in china went down by three point eight percent if you look at the shanghai come come position and hong kong the hang seng
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hong kong closely related to of course anything to do with trade with china also down by two point eight percent tokyo the nikkei affected going down by almost two percent the cost be reflected in the shares and seoul and basically anywhere in the area you look taiwan australia new zealand all we're down here in europe shares are down as well the dax is down by around one percent and if you look at the shares that are not suffering as much the pickle shares you look to when you think of an economic trouble there consumer care shares or health shares like for ten years like merck like buyer stuff which makes nidia creams and heavily affected our exporters like siemens like a volkswagen like di miller and like the auto supplier continental interestingly the dollar went down in comparison to the yen because the yen is seen as a safe haven and safe havens are in demand gold and the german bonds for example
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also seen as safe havens there and then today a typical classic scenario for a situation in which risks are feared so those to put tough sanctions suddenly having an impact in frankfurt thank you so much. that's an interesting situation michael our until to joins me in the studio now so donald trump thinks that more terrorists could the quote encourage china to change its unfair practices what practices are you talking about well i mean there are two aspects of the trumpet ministration is really focusing on i mean one is some of the protectionist policies we've seen come out of china you know protecting the industries like the steel industry or their agricultural industry and then flooding the international market with cheap products but also in the last couple days we've seen kind of a new tune coming out of washington the really focus you know on this issue of intellectual property you know for years international companies doing business with china have lamented the fact that chinese companies are all too ready to basically take advantage of their patents and their intellectual property for their
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own for their own purposes and now we definitely have seen that move heard reports of. american and european companies being forced to turn over their patents or give chinese companies access to their patents if they want to do business in mainland china and we've also seen things like well in my own experience i was at a tech show a couple years ago and i want to see a new app developed by a chinese maker and now the the little is a mid-level company they were displaying their new app on i phones i took a look at his i phone and as i was looking at it i realized it was running the android operating system meaning it was they were displaying their apps on faked cell phones which really just kind of goes to show you that while china has a different. a different way of viewing intellectual property and some of their international partners ok so it looks like trump does have a point however does tit for tat tariffs one side's imposing one the us retaliating and so forth will this lead to anything well that remains to be seen i mean at the
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end of the day if we really get down to like a needy pretty trade war the question is you know who's going to win who's going to come out of it on top and if we're looking in the near future i do think beijing has the better hand you have to realize you know the government in beijing has complete can. the economy there they answer to no one on the other hand is looking at mid-term elections coming up very very shortly and we've already seen the chinese tariffs focusing on agricultural goods and those agricultural goods come from deep red states in the united states those are states like my home state of iowa that actually supported but at the same time they export a lot of soybeans a lot of corn a lot of pigs to china and if they start feeling the pinch well that could reflect the midterm on the midterm results of trouble which means i think in this case beijing is the stronger hand all right on tilton there as always thank you so much . tesla found musk has worn stuff as a former employee attempted to some will toss the company in an e-mail to tesla
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employees musk said to the unnamed to employ you had conducted quote extensive damaging including reprogramming test lost manufacturing facilities and leaking trade secrets it's just the latest in a line of problems dogging the inability pioneer as tesla attempts to expand its production capacity for its new model three. day six of the world cup in russia there is plenty to talk about we have a lead talkee from v.w. sports with us here in studio hi lima ok before we talk about what's on the dock today monday was a dramatic day yes it was especially for england because they struggled against tunisia they left the any late but they did get the job done when will you say as much drama for belgium against panama they won three no in convincing fashion or at let's take a look at what happened yesterday. after a sluggish first time trees martens finally broke the deadlock for belgium shortly
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after house time with this effort. and after that the much really got rolling so the favorites a man would be cocky needing just six minutes to add two more golds three mil despite a slow start belgium two goals the world cup complained in a convincing fashion. england followed suit against tunisia meeting just eleven minutes before their top marksman hurricane put them in front johnstone's header brilliantly saved only for came to be perfectly positioned for the rebound. but after this challenge between walker and ben use of. the referee awarded a penalty to china. for johnny sutton kept his cool to convert from the spot one of us or thirty five minutes a flattering score for that unit's hands. would all it stay till deep in injury time when harry kane became a national hero by scoring his second to ensure england got a winning start to this world cup group is definitely poised to be
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a two horse race between england and belgium. what a game for harry came there can england finally go far in this tournament i mean in their not favor favorites but the potential is there and you know what with these top teams like germany and brazil who have been underperforming quite underwhelming performances who says that in and can't go all the way in the tournament i do feel like the forward line of kane delhi i lever him sterling i feel i still feel like that should have been they should been a lot more decisive in the final there were a lot of missed opportunities they could have easily been up by two or three goals but you know what to me a win is a win and i'm sure a lot of english fans in fans are enjoying this moment so let's take a look at what harry kane have to say about the match because he's already being hailed a national hero in the country. always in the back your mind that's kind of the one and there is always one for and two are clarity right time but that's what
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a character is about us why you are so hard is the car until ninety plus minutes and and always on the end. ok so they prevailed even though if you watch the match last night there were some unwanted visitors on the field tell us about that yeah i'm sure a lot of fans worldwide could see the small small little critters on the screens of basically its neighboring season for the flies involved there you go you see those . and swarms of them have invaded the cd on and off the pitch and it doesn't even matter like if the amount of repellent that the patients are using it's like nothing seems to get the job done they keep spraying themselves but nothing you can fight. hats off to them i would have left the pitch at once. let's take a look at today's action alina russia is taking on egypt look about much that this will be a very very decisive match i think whoever wins between russia and egypt will very likely go on to the next round there's still
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a very big question mark around morsi will he be fit for today's smash will he represent and play for egypt the late last against europe drive for example told us that they can play without him but the just can't score in his absence they really need him he is a talisman he is a game changer for them as for russia i think egypt will be their first real test of the tournament especially after winning five against saudi arabia and columbia in japan will also be battling it out today yes so come in japan this is one of the most evenly matched groups in japan have actually met up three times before the most recent meeting was in brazil at the twenty fourteen world cup colombia one for one in fact japan have yet to beat colombia but income of course have a lot of stop play as we talk just take a look at how mr greig is right among college they have all these great players at their disposal but how much for three just who he has a muscle problem so he might be we won't know until right before the game if he
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will be fit enough to play as for japan i mean the qualities they don't always we don't we know. what to expect when it comes to japan they have the speed they have a quick passing game but they struggle against european and south american opposition will have to see what happens in that match their talking from thank you so much for sharing your analysis with us today. now the artist christo is world famous for his huge works of open air are here in berlin he has wrapped the reichstag for his latest installation the bulgarian born american has chosen the british capital london take a look at jai park's latest attraction. on a normal summer day the serpentine lake in central london belongs mainly to the tourists and to the birds but not from today until september it's home to this
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giant artwork floating barrels made by christopher. barrios is the water. there many thing the humans around there work is not some of the septic natural elements is enormous part of our project. something. over seven thousand barrels horizontally stacked and floating on the water it's called the london must harbor and crystal once the reflection in the water to come across like an abstract painting. there is no grand political message says the artist just the hope for people to engage with this work here in london this seems to work it's really easy for passes by to explain what they make of this new installation that is so huge and just so different from everything else in the environment around it i think it's going to be curiosity people are really going to
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know or want to know why it's here it's not a mosque the police it's not a great a great piece of work but i'll put it it's not a lot i'm expecting and it's ordinary it's the first time in ca so i don't know what he wants to tell me it makes me think for sure and it's nice peter like the green backdrop it's amazing yeah. an exhibition in the new. by the serpentine gallery shows earlier works by christo and his late wife shawn clode all relating to barrows the food that has inspired them for decades it also shows a project that the artists are still hoping to do it giant structure and abu dhabi consisting of hundreds of thousands of barrels any interpretation. all make you think this is why we're human to think thank you very much.
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now a hat believed to have belonged to the french emperor napoleon bonaparte has gone up for auction in leone and france now the military dress hat was purportedly plucked off the battlefield after napoleon's eighteen fifteen defeat at waterloo it sold for three hundred fifty thousand euros as to who actually bought the imperial headwear well the auction house was keeping that detail under its hat. our minder now of the top stories that we're following for you here on d w germany's chancellor angela merkel has met the italian prime minister in a push to solve europe's migration crisis and save her government listen cheerier minister has demanded changes to refugee policy in germany or she'll take his own actions the chancellor is due to meet france's president shortly hoping to create a unified easy to clan. the united nations refugee agency says almost sixty nine million people were displaced last year many are fleeing border violence and
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persecution the agency says it's an unprecedented new record for people forced to flee their homes. don't forget you can always get you give you news on the go download our app from google player from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as a push notifications for any breaking news and that you can also use the new app to send us your photos and your videos. and we'll be right back here at the news desk at the top of the.
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you can preserve them. pasta mom and celebrate them to. european traditions. like the ultimo one building one time on a german craft. our series on. the
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romans next on the detail of. the world cup is on and russian girl to an impressive start. although the hosts are not favored to win the tournament. still coach thomas love chess hope in his dreaming of the final. quarter russian fashion send out the world cup. to go in sixty minutes on the double. take your support team the smarter with the d w four small. sunday more than dot com smart t.v. . talking face is its most highly contested elections in many years.
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they could cement president tayyab adams grip on power ball possibly even on the c.t.m. can alter the course of a country to place a key international wrong. we'll tell you what you need to know when for a halt sometimes coverage from istanbul and ankara this week. welcome to the show i'll be guiding you through the latest in european lifestyle and culture this week is what's coming up today. striking snap.


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