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i think again. that evidence. is a chance because justice is about due to the. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t.w. . welcome to the show i'll be guiding you through the latest in european lifestyle and culture this week is what's coming up today. striking snapshots and amateur photographer caption an amazing picture of starling. musical memory germany's organ building tradition that music will make the unesco heritage list. the beatles
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birthplace we told the british city a little cool. we start off today's show with a visit to the netherlands amsterdam boasts a rich cultural history and some of it's tucked away in backyards in the private gardens of seventeenth and eighteenth century canal houses normally visitors wouldn't even know that these spaces exist but once a year during the open garden days event tourists and residents alike can get a glimpse into the secret world here max reporter meghan lee took a closer look. at these private gardens are small oases in the heart of amsterdam they belong to the city's wealthiest residents and once a year homeowners allow visitors to get a sneak peek inside for the open garden days. and i was on hand for the experience . so we've just arrived at our first address let's take
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a look inside and see what awaits us. twenty eight private addresses where on this year's program visitors can catch a quick glimpse into how the home owners live on their way to the garden. some of them designed the gardens themselves like dutch architect hans witt who says he's happy to welcome visitors into his home for many reasons the moment we are retired so that's number one so we have the time to do it needs are also always supported the garden should be beautiful for the day so you push yourself a little bit to make the garden beautiful and the most important part to use the privilege that we live here and i see a lot of people like to see gardens behind two canals now you designed this garden what is the key to it. maintenance and it should be fitting by the more or less eighteenth century of these building. camps in residence as is the organizer of
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open garden days and a garden designer herself some of her creations are also on display including this one which she designed for an office it was a very romantic overgrown old garden the maintenance of. years ago something like that it was an old couple. and it had very old trees but they were sick so they have had to cut them so they start all over again sort. of well it's nice to do something with flowing forms the shape of the greenery and the landscapes are meant to reflect the constant movement in the office. so i've just visited yet another garden there is so much walking around on this tour but i have found a really clever way to get around to the next garden to was the dutch to. runs out next. navigating amsterdam streets is best.
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but even that can be tricky when the crowds take over. and. opening each door is like stepping into another world. from scenes that reflect the wilderness to manage your landscape architecture every garden is different. it's been lovely it's so different than doing it it's the normal american tourist it gave us a chance to see more how the dutch look. many of the visitors are also surprised to find such green spaces behind these canal houses but each one offers a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of city life. history is always present. designer eric fun of mind center of his design around a symbolic tree when it stood tall jewish teenager and frank side every day from her window while hiding from nazi persecution is a bit of
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a monumental sportspeople treat it something that's necessary. for me to remind me sometimes of the following and then you have this gap in the ground with a lot of water for example to. recreate it's a little. cold just before it's more of the swamp thing but there. so it's about life it's also a monster it's like a fairy tale. dam is famous for its can now so travelling by boat is popular we're doing is the dutch and we flagged down a boat so we're going to travel down these canals by boat with one of the local residents so let's go. to amsterdam has more than one hundred kilometers of canals the three main ones were dug in the seventeenth century during the dutch told me. even more for the working people for the working people and the. where for the wealthy people and you can see it at the space steak next to each other they have. bigger and more ornamental more beautiful houses do on the busy
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top that are more basic than most basic here means an average house price of one and a half million euro is enough but looking at them cost nothing. so my tour of the open garden days is coming to an end but what i'm taking away is that this event is so much more than just about seeing the private secret gardens behind the doors of these fantastic houses it's about meeting the people and talking to them and seeing what they're i see behind their gardens and their lives and visitors can do this every year on the third weekend of june so till next time i don't seen. done chevelle meghan now let's get up to date with what's going on across the continent in all your remarks express today we're featuring the horses in france and hobbits in the czech republic but first up is an open concert right here in the capital of germany.
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once again berlin's. open era vent attracted thousands of classical music lovers to the city's babeu square for the twelfth year in a row the event drew huge crowds to enjoy a stellar open air symphony concert for free. thanks. the shunts cup ellabella an orchestra conducted by daniel barenboim performed among other things a work by giacchino receive any some forty thousand people attended the event. this weekend fans of fantasy author james king descended on a forest near the czech city of doxy one thousand enthusiastic playing or just war zone man reenacted the battle of five minutes from tolkien's famous novel the hobbit. these mock battles have been stage for most
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twenty years now thanks to weapons made of plastic and want nobody has ever been. extravagant hats and exquisite dresses were on display at the one hundred seventy fifth please d.m. close race in champion this weekend the race sometimes referred to as the french oaks is the most glamorous of its kind in all of france. the winner of sunday's race secured one million euros in prize money and not i mean that is also an award for best dressed mademoiselle. now we take to the skies with a feather a friend the stalling for talk. loves nothing more than getting. the lens to watch their graceful choreographies as most stunning photo was captured while he was
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travelling through spain as thousands of starlings creative and often logical masterpiece. when thousands of starlings take to the skies it's always a mesmerizing display of nature. amateur photographer dunya bieber has been capturing memory asians of starlings for years. but even he has never seen anything quite like this before a flock of tens of thousands of starlings that form the shape of a huge bird. shot the image in spain spawning startling formations like these in germany that's become super rare. and defunct if i started photographing with two cameras i was completely focused on that i spent four days photographing taking thousands of pictures and it was only while looking at them off to it that i found this one the bible. usually bieber has to wait until he's back in germany to
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look at the thousands of images properly. and sometimes that means he's in for a surprise. because i was concentrating so hard i didn't notice the formation that mangled up truck and then i realized it was an amazing display and they made quite a racket and there was a huge energy and dynamism in it but it was only later that i saw what they conjured up in the skies of what was it like when you realized oh. none of the beloved his hobby whether out with his bike or on foot he spends almost every day outdoors in nature. and he never goes anywhere without a camera. he started taking photographs when he was seventeen and then gradually honed his craft birds are one of his favorite motifs. now his remarkable photo has given him
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a name internationally. but it is the photo was so out of the ordinary that it hasn't just attracted interest in on a logical circles it went around the world media outlets were interested lots of people wanted to talk to me but it's private and commercial really opened doors for me to help all new to him. and who knows maybe daniel bieber will pull up another stunning shot like this starlings in spain. were. one of mesmerizing moments captured that now we change and bring you a close look at one of the most spectacular musical instruments organ in escrows list of intangible cultural heritage compiles unique traditions and crofts every year new additions make the list a series european traditions we're exploring five new entries from the continent and start right here in germany with the odds of organ building.
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the music fills every corner of the mushy cologne cathedral. the world famous church birthed two pipe organs even after decades as an organist here linford pernik is thrilled by the instrument. i was just going through what i think it is no coincidence that it developed like this over the centuries the sound produces an otherworldly failing in the usually you don't see the performer the sound just comes from somewhere on and that enchanting and it's what captivates people as was the mention. that also goes for the client company that built the organs philip klein who runs the family business in bonn is a great grandson of the founder. recently were all and all for me
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a good organ has to touch people to work with dark bass notes which can be felt in the belly it should turn the space into a warm full soft bath of sound and not just reach the years but the entire body hope of a vehicle the company girls three or four organs every year philip lysander seventy employees manufactured every part themselves starting with casting the ten sheets from liquid metal. there were old cat and sold it to make the organ pipes the right pitch. large organs may consist of more than ten thousand pipes that's more than ten thousand different sounds. or when building is a complex craft that requires money patience and passion. is help question i have never sought solace i was a volunteer here during a gap year and i just couldn't get enough of this horrible. tear gassed has been building organs for fifty one years and plan to retire soon he is convinced that.
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no machine can entirely replace his craftsmanship part of dollars and organ building is a wonderful profession there's so much for writing every project is different and when you're finished with it and you see it or it's never boring it's great. do it all over again reform all. the most complicated component is the console which controls the organ it consists of many tiny mechanical parts with a connection to the parts every organ has to be carefully planned down to the last detail. the sunan five law the great thing about pipe organs is that each organ is built individually to match the space and the surroundings and the language of the people who live there the book of the scrotum mentioned you know what they have to feel as if it's speaking to them and perceive it as harmony and want to hear more and feel.
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the first organs came from egypt in the ninth century one was brought from by send him to germany as a gift to the holy roman emperor charlemagne. the rich diverse sound of the organ is one reason why in two thousand and seventeen unesco selected organ craftsmanship and music for its list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. in the regular in many regions even if they say the same words the characteristic vowel has a different nuance in trying to well for example taken away by the. it can be our way. and there's an entire range between the lightness and the organ builders and musicians from particular regions wanted to hear the sound they were used to from their language in their instrument of war with the. instrument who want. to also make the concert halls like the morning and hamburg the instrument there is
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a very special one built by the close company and took ten years to plan and built . of course the biggest challenge was the acoustics of the el villa mani the sound is incredibly direct with an amazing transparency and crystal clear sound sleep you can hear every detail and it was such a pleasure to do it. because company has built organs all around the world for instance and ok new zealand madison wisconsin and the us the chinese capital of beijing and count in taiwan. and obviously about i'm so glad i can get to know musical traditions and cultures all over the world and interact with them i always learn something that i take home with me and then that will influence the next instrument i'll be working on for many of us the ball of the moment i'm just. and that's how organ builders continue
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to create unique instruments all around the world as they once did for the cologne cathedral. what a wonderful instrument which has also been heavily featured in film music throughout the years now for over four decades stahl was has not only been hugely popular on the screen but also holds the guinness world record for the most successful film merchandising franchise memorabilia from the movies is a huge hit with fans and some of the rarer examples can be worth tens of thousands of euros star wars fanatic mock falls from northern germany has invested heavily in his collection and even set up a mini museum for us in this. these life size figures of star wars characters are highly sought after collectibles.
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and they belong to a passionate fan of the franchise mark boss has fulfilled a dream and collected his film heroes in the attic of his house still. he's been collecting the star wars figures for the past ten years. there is going to continue throughout my childhood i collected star wars action figures on the back when i was eighteen years old i used to play with them to. do you don't dispute. now the tiny figures from back then have grown in size of life size busts are covered in items. character is produced in limited editions ranging from one hundred to fifteen hundred items. so far mark has managed to acquire sixteen of
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the figures. it can take up to a year from when a figure is issued or announced until it gets dispatched again or dolphins which i have to import the figures from the u.s. so i have to transfer the payment to the us and then go to the customs office in whose room to pick the mafia in his own party stand point this is one of just three life size figures of boba fett autographed by actor jeremy. mark search collectors forums for years to get hold of it they sell for twenty one thousand euros a few i only started in two thousand and eight so i'm missing four figures odd really like to have them but the prices have become so an affordable that i don't have a chance in one of your balls and. the life sized busts
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cost five hundred euros and. and the prices are constantly rising. should switch if you decide i have to say no to a lot of other things to finance this otherwise i couldn't afford it. among the things he does without our vacations but he does have a home movie theater where he and his friends watch the films that have been fascinating millions of fans for decades. these are the. cons for me sharing this passion with my friends and relatives and coworkers when this all the feeling of togetherness among the star wars i decided pull. as i call them star wars you're going to love the latest star wars film introduces some new characters one day they too may find their way into mark boss's collection. and finally in vis weeks and storm and of your max extras for we're responding to the wish of one of us who wrote in to us from ecuador gabriele must see us lives
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in a queue and asked us if we could take him on a virtual tour of liverpool the port city in the northwest of england is like me a massive fan of the beatles who were all born and raised there so with that in mind we're off to visit a hotbed of musical history that was also so much more. the beatles may have put liverpool on the map but there isn't lots more to the city. one huge draw for visitors is the historical point complex which includes the famous royal albert don't. know where houses have been converted into hotels apartments and restaurants. but the main attraction remains the beatles even more than half a century after they left liverpool. the cavern club is where the beatles performed in the early one nine hundred sixty s. . kevin mcmanus never saw them play here but he's an expert on the history of pop
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music. so well matthew says he and his the whale famous cover which still attracts millions its artists and the still thriving beatles industry that my my real musical life started over there i was in a club called attics which is where which is the center of the punk scene in liverpool i saw many famous bands such as the clash joy division and call all appropriate. visitors start arriving before lunch for their taste of the fab four. land land. deals even on this time later the deals are still massively important to the liverpool economy blasting their figures it was with over eighty million to the city eighty
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million pounds is the city over to the half thousand jobs where response but credit says to the beatles industry. lots of bands play here there's cover bands for famously the arctic monkeys play there at del well fame the star now plays it ok here. it says tatty now as it was in the sixty's. a hard day's night hotel is a more elegant tribute to the band. with a suite dedicated to john lennon. but musical life in liverpool didn't begin with the beatles or end with them. mcmanus is the curator of a museum of pop music here and he says it's the countless immigrants from ireland who brought music to the city. and its people and traditionally write and make music tell stories sing songs and that's that's that was their way of of all social events and i am around music. liverpool is also famous for the fare is
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that cross the river mercy. this one's dazzling paint job was designed by veteran pop artist peter blake. these are liverpool's three graces building on the right used to be the headquarters of the q not shipping line. jackie rafferty works there she's a location scout knows all the most evocative sights in the city. this hole has featured in many films. so when our. mccune are building on the ground floor and we're in what would have been in its day the first class arrivals departure lounge this is where people travel and on the quay not line boats and ships would have called before they've taken off to a brand new life or a nice holiday. the place to go in the name is crosby beach in the north of the city in the mouth of the. stroller shadow sounds with one hundred constantine
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figures by the sculptor antony gormley all staring out to the horizon in silent expectation. well worth a visit now just before we go we have time to let you know about this week's prize draw your max is turning fifteen soon and we want you to send us pictures of yourself watching your remarks so just visit d.w. dot com slash lifestyle to submit your snaps and you could win this fantastic collection of your max prizes including our very own book fifty kitchens one city council from us for today about for no. next time on your knocks in the second part of our series on european traditions we look at the art of making the a palace in pizza. it's been cultivated in the italian city of naples for centuries . in the old town you can sample it on every corner of the right way
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a preparation is handed down from generation to generation and that's part of the mask is intangible cultural heritage carved out of the often next time on your next .
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is the news lot for chancellor angela merkel seeks the help of the president to call off france as she scrambles to forge a new european migration policy the two leaders are meeting near berlin with their ministers the chancellor is under intense pressure her own interior minister has told her to find a solution to the migration crisis fast or she will take action himself. also coming up a new record for misery the united nations refugee agency says almost sixty nine.


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