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detectives starts june thirtieth d.w. . this is. wrong migration and the money the leaders of france and germany talk about reforming the eurozone but europe's migration dominate the french president and the german chancellor are calling for a unifying the european response to migration but is a money well micro-loan support the numbers to ease the pressure on the americans
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at home also coming up children in cages these are the images attached to america's a zero tolerance immigration policy anger is growing as u.s. president donald trump defends tearing families apart and upsets go lower at the world cup in russia sinegal put on a blazing display against poland we'll show you how that turned out plus of the rest of the day is a world cup action. hybrid golf is good to have you with us tonight germany's chancellor is digging her heels in insisting on a unified european response to migration i'm go americal in french president emanuel met today to discuss euro zone reform and solutions to europe's migration crisis said that europe should stand up for its democratic principles and she
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called for greater e.u. solidarity in managing migration. to people who may need one another french president a man who needs under merkel for his ideas on europe and the german chancellor needs france for a europe wide migration policy maze about palace outside of a pleasant atmosphere for difficult subject after the talks mccrone called for franco german cooperation and a united europe. over the issue of the society it's really a decision for society women perhaps even for civilization. do on the one hand there are those who say we can get rid of the earth and no longer addresses challenges it's really upon us if you. on the other hand are those who say as we do that this europe can make progress if we become more sovereign and unified that the op on the whole don't just a more to tell
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a for pursuit of an. on asylum policy mccrone sent a strong signal back in the german chancellor in her domestic dispute with her party sister organization the c.s.u. . merkel plans to quickly make deals with individual countries to take back refugees who were fast registered their mccraw announced that his country would be ready to take back its share but the ultimate goal of both leaders remains coming up with a europe wide solution. you avoid in the end we want to prevent europe from thirty division and instead we want to promote common solutions. there's also optimism on both sides when it comes to e.u. reform the issue that micro has made his own the euro currency is to be made more stable france and germany have agreed to invest millions in the euro zone however the eurozone but it will be a bit smaller than what micron wants as perm the coast wishes. she meant to get
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it's totally pragmatic what budget do we have today in the eurozone none what do we have to moral a euro zone budget. at maze of a palace france and germany agreed to a reform package which they discussed in the evening with european commission president jiang claudio they're hoping to push through those reforms at the next e.u. summit at the end of june. all right for more on that new chapter i'm joined by our political correspondent so i mean young he has been at that meeting just outside of berlin maser baron good evening to you so ivan we know that the german chancellor angela merkel she needs results on migration quickly and she could use a political wife wine from mr mccraw what did she get today. well she certainly got a certain amount of support no. obstacles placed in
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a way by president marc wrong he signed up as far as the migration issue is concerned to that object of a european solution of finding common asylum rules that suit all the members of the european union and they've agreed to go a little bit further some of the detail talking about for instance setting up asylum census processing centers for migrants outside the e.u. for instance in north africa and other african states where people claims could be looked at that's the kind of thing that even the populists in italy if for instance will will like because it could mean that people don't arrive in europe in the first place also both leaders talking about providing more help for those countries particularly affected by migration of course the southern european nations it's the in greece in particular have been very affected by this issue and even on the
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question of bilateral agreements a little bit grudgingly perhaps but france's president marcos said you know he won't be letting migrants through to germany that's exactly what the troublesome bavarian conservative leader wants out of medical of course he's got her under pressure because he said if he doesn't see advances on the migration issue in the next two weeks he's going to take unilateral action and start taking a tough line on his own so a little bit of what she needs to keep going in the difficult situation she's in in berlin is what the chancellor got from the french president today we know that she needs the support from the french president but that's not enough she needs more support from other edu countries when it comes to finding some solution on migration dishy have anything that she can offer these other countries to get them to come on board. well they've talked about that as well they talked about providing incentives as i say support for the particularly affected
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countries i think. in the last few days is a travelled a little bit on this issue in respect of this idea of boy lateral agreements so wish she would prefer to have a european wide range but that everyone signs up because as the team leaders said in that declaration today you know individual solutions result in more migration nonetheless merkel is now saying is well you know if it's a question of doing bilateral deals with particular countries to say you keep your migrants there and maybe we'll support this project or we'll help you to deal with that problem that is the poff that mikell seems to be inclined to take because again she's under such time pressure to show some kind of concrete results and a change of policy on this very troublesome issue so we know that merkel wanted to talk about migration today and that's what happened we know that mr mccraw and he
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wanted to talk about the euro zone budget and reforming the euro zone i mean did they have any results to talk about i mean we know that a euro zone budget will go into effect by two thousand and twenty one but i mean is there are we talking about real reform here simon or is this just window dressing to keep the french president happy for a while. well they for. this declaration here today which is a piece of paper that contains all sorts of technical details about france that's the european banking union about the european stability mechanism developing that into a european monetary fund and so on so there's a lot of detail there but they also suggested that these were just ideas because you've got to get the leaders around the e.u. to is sign up to these ideas as well. our political correspondent. in. berlin tonight simon thank you. here's some of the other stories now that are
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making headlines around the world a small number of people were injured by what police are describing as a minor explosion at an underground station in north london police said they are investigating the incident that happened at southgate tube station tuesday evening but they say it is unlikely to be terror related italy's new far right interior minister matteo savini says that he will not back down from a controversial proposal to conduct a census of his country's roma community the proposal has been sharply criticized by coalition partner the populist five star movement its leader described the proposal as unconstitutional. flash floods in the financial capital of ivory coast have left at least eighteen people dead and displaced hundreds more original rains washed away homes while sinkholes formed on some roads causing chaos
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heavy rains are expected to persist first several more days. but now to the united states anger is growing on both sides of the political aisle there as u.s. president double trump defense is zero tolerance border policy of separating migrant children from their parents of the number of children separated from their parents at the border has risen sharply since may leading to many children being confined within sealed camps with little or no contact with their families or now an audio recording has been released by the transparency group pro publica and it appears to feature sobbing central american children separated from their parents and it is adding fresh fuel to this debate. and there will all. the.
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children detained in cages calling for their parents this is the trumpet ministrations zero tolerance policy and action critics have likened the practice to torture. opponents of the law interrupted a u.s. congressional hearing to demand an end to separating immigrant children from parents this is a policy and i understand this this was a policy invented implemented and executed by president donald trump and i'm talking directly to my republican colleagues we need you to stand up to president quote from we need you to join us in telling him that we reject this mean. policy. president donald trump has blamed the separation of families on democrats saying they're at fault firth fusing to pass new immigration laws yet the zero tolerance
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policy driving the separations was introduced under his own republican administration i have put in place a zero policy for you they go it three on a southwest border if you cross the border a long way. off to do that so if you are bungling a trial we will prosecute you and that shall maybe separate it from you by law. as the sides trade blame in the debate over family separations the children in these detention centers are forced to cope with the new reality it could be months before they're reunited with their parents. cup hosts russia look set to go through to the knockout stage thanks to the tournament schedule they were the first outfit to play twice and of course their comfortable three one win against egypt and all one go another from our tim zuba
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and dennis sherry chef with his third tournaments help russia into the ground the sixteen before they left. egypt salah converted a penalty on his world cup debut to ground zero the three one school la. also at the world cup group eight the last one to enter the fray able it turned out to be rather intriguing the group is viewed as wide open with no clear cut favorite it kicked off on tuesday with two matches as colombia clashed with japan in the early game and later poland faced off with senegal. senator poland so to start strikers this captain so badly want to ask inside your money to let at least one provider for isa gay who nets the first gold shortly before of time but it turns out to be a known goal for opponents juggle charnock with deflection hits a ball into the net and it gets second come off that terrible back pass by the
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polish defense and after that it was all too easy for him by a neon at the hour mark. poland could only manage a late consolation those who. have done just the left no mark on this match was sent to go its two one success is the first win for football match africa at this world cup. colombia meanwhile shut themselves in the foot against japan after just three minutes carlos sanchez got sent off for handball and shinji count of a convert to the ensuing penalty. columbia back in funf and i'm talking to the level it's called before the break. but those are called save the day for japan when he knocked in it calling off the seventy three minutes to one the fans call here as well. and here's a reminder of that top story we're following for you german chancellor angela
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merkel insisting on a unified european response to the migration crisis she's called for greater solidarity among european countries merkel met with french president emmanuel macron today to hammer out a new reforms the leaders also proposed setting up a euro zone budget. you're up to date with your news for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company but we're back with more world news at the top of the hour. liberate kuwait you think it's going to be bullshit live all the magic all the scores. two thousand eight hundred soccer world cup. double you know.
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germany state by state. the most.


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