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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  June 20, 2018 2:30am-3:01am CEST

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a clash that's shaking families and society to the cool. my father would be angry sometimes i think him when he didn't. commandos starts july d.w. . welcome to today's edition of your i'm max we've got plenty fantastic stories to share today is a little taste of what's coming up. impressive ups christo and his huge sculpture made from truck. lucky charms we look at five mascots from football world cups held in europe. and the age old tradition we learn about the
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art of neapolitan pizza maker. we start off with the latest on insulation from christo he's known the world over for his huge works of open air here in berlin he's wrapped the reichstag in fact i remember visiting the close building as a child marveling at its otherworldliness for his latest installation the bow garion born american has chosen the british capital london we were there for the unveiling. of london's hyde park as a new tourist attraction a monumental stack of multicolored going barrels twenty meters high floating on the famous serpentine lake the new work by installation artist christo is titled the must stop. the project no it's not the bottles. is the water that to read this guy
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there many thing the humans around there work is not some of the septic things because the natural elements is enormous part of our project. it took two months to stack the seven thousand five hundred six barrels the most common floats on a platform held steady by anchors the installation changes color with variations in the sunlight as for the point to it that's a question the artist would rather leave to the beholder the visual art play would form or to nation the proportion spraining the visual art is like the music. of the bach what is the meaning you need to educate appears. the serpentine gallery near the lake house is an exhibition that illustrates the project's development. in the one nine hundred fifty s. christo began experimenting with old paint cans and later with barrels eventually he had the idea for a new concept that must stop it takes its name and shape from ancient egyptian
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burial terms. as a form is by what's not fully created three stuff came barrels horizontally and for him he's very interested in the way in which the uncle's on the star but once is in the us since one of his big sculptures is very unique and each point of them a stopper is very different and the insulation in london is only a test run for a far bigger venture for decades the artist has been planning a stop in the desert of dummy made from over four hundred thousand dollars barrels it would rise higher than the pyramids of giza. oil barrels have featured in earlier christo projects in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine the gas ometer in the western german city of obama's and hosted the wall twenty six metre high wall building. with multicolored. christo and his wife co artist
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john include who died in two thousand and nine and turned the former industrial site into an internationally famous exhibition space this project is really about space i hope you. and. shape form and the art. space. with a limited lifespan like all of their installations they've made international headlines in the past by wrapping famous landmarks such as paul new friend paris in one nine hundred eighty five. a decade later the artist couple wrap berlin's or i stocked building some five million people came to marvel at the installation two week existence. in two thousand and sixteen floating piers was installed on lake easy oh in italy the three kilometer
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long piers wrapped in fabric became an absolute magnet for tourists who are also allowed to walk on the installation. they. moved by the project. for the walk. in london to cristo wants people to reflect on his work. opinion news already divided. it's the first time in ca so i don't know what he wants to tell me makes me think for sure and it's nice peter like the green backdrop it's amazing yeah it's not a great piece of work. but i'll put it this noise and this lot i'm expecting and it's at the ordinary it's extraordinary it's a word i would use mine to have something like this in hyde park is
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a lot so i'm saying i don't think you'll see anything like this for a long time. the mr harper will remain afloat on the serpent dineley in london's hyde park through september twenty third and. it will disappear. now let's take a look at some of the topics making headlines around europe and today's express a certain cristiana rinaldo makes an appearance but first up it's all about fashion in italy and fronts. emporio armani as a casual but elegant men's range in store for its twenty nineteen spring and summer collection on monday at his show for milan's when his fashion week designer giorgio armani featured baggy trousers and one constructor jackets. meanwhile taking fashion observers back to the nineteen eighties italian label m. is g.m.
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ed one clear message sporty is smart to lend authenticity it held its runway show it in jim. can't attribute it to napoleon bonaparte has been optioned for three hundred fifty thousand euros the former french imperils renowned for his beak own hats and is believed to have worn about one hundred twenty of them during his fifteen year reign this half is one of nineteen for to still exist it said it was taken by enemy troops after his defeat at the battle of waterloo which took place two hundred three years to the day before the auction. a new bust of christiana are now those now on display outside the airport serving his home island of madeira. the sculpture of places in your version unveiled in march two thousand and seventeen at a ceremony to name the airport at the to soccer superstar the original had been
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mocked for its crooked smile and luck of resemblance to another of the new version created by a different school was quite installed in its place last friday the same day rinaldo scored a hat trick at the world cup. well as we heard that christiane although has attracted plenty attention at this summer's world cup in his first match he scored a hat trick all three of portugal's goals including an absolute belter of a free kick while i'm a big fan is not universally liked and the same can be said for world cup mascots they're often mocked and derided by football fans this is example has been quite well received here is be vaca a russian wolf whose name loosely translates to gold gets the design was chosen in an online survey so he's a popular choice but his predecessor as well not so much. the five mascot for the world cup held in europe that you probably didn't know what
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controversial net time. when world cup willie was introduced to the world ahead of the one nine hundred sixty six world cup in england the general reaction was one of big news meant join him and mascots when you back then and not everyone played ball the lion figure was taken from england's christe and wore a union jack jersey number five in all ranking he was a hit with the fans selling all manner of merchandise from tea towels and cuddly toys to t. shirts. he also proved to be a lucky charm for the england team who won the cup. in one thousand nine hundred eighty two he was spain's turn to host football's biggest tournament and of course they had a wealth of choices for a mask. a majestic iberian bull perhaps or a proud messenger took them all and went to a free fall number four is not an easy job one little orange but the cheery little
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fellow turned the critics wrong still at least he did get to start his own conscience there is on spanish television. after. when the world cup came to recently a ninety nine hundred year old denies those wanted to come up with something truly original games third place. the first computer animated mascot was a stick figure comprised of cubes in the colors of the host countries flag it's almost legs and bodies spelt out the word italian so least. in one thousand nine hundred seventy four the world cup was held in west germany. this time then went to moscow. to contact two lads with red cheeks and buck teeth and come back on number two of european world cup match. but tip
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top did their job west germany went on to win the cup on home ground. arguably the most widely ridiculed mascot and number one in all rankings was go live representing the two thousand and six event in reunify germany the line was the first mascot to appear in person of the stadium but he said face together with pillow he's talking football time is missing shorts raised eyebrows not come ayos proven liar and never wear pants this week but that wasn't going to spoil what turned out to be a truly fabulous atmosphere throughout the world cup in germany. well let's get the ball rolling with my favorite. of food it's pizza we traveled from naples to get a taste for tradition for three hundred years the city has been home to what is allegedly the world's best pizza for eight is italy has been fighting for its
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inclusion and unesco's list of intangible cultural heritage it's finally made it on the list and is today's entry in our series european traditions. in the italian city of naples pizza making is not. one that has been perfected over centuries and been exported around the world in the old town you can get a pizza in every street corner. we took the boy to see that street food forever. it gets enough money time and it's the best league in the world by its own tent poetry. t.v. chef gino see below is a star among the city's pizza makers by lunchtime the line of diners already extends out into the streets. forty three year olds are below and this trusty team served up around fifteen hundred pizza day. surveille over learned the craft as
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a boy from his family. said charlotte the basic rules were invented in naples and pizzas now made all over the world in endless varieties but no other place can look back on a three hundred year old tradition like naples does something fun for pulling off the thing about it on. the basic recipe is straightforward enough. to take flour water east and a dash of salt and need them together to form the dough which is then left to rise for at least twelve hours. the resulting elasticities allows the dough to be harmed portions into balls. they inserted are also left to rise only denver's the p.c. on a stretch them into thin this. six. i did something to forget what was the first you flatten the dough with your fingers now only from above not signed letters. the next topic is the slap will. hit the dough in concert from one hand to the other
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destruction. but with suspender use a minimum of flour so it doesn't burn in the other. the classic neopolitan pizza has a simple topping of tomato sauce plus a relevant basil. the baker doesn't slugs it into the oven which is wood fired. it turns the pizza a couple of times to ensure it even baking and then quickly cools it ends it's ready to eat in just sixty to ninety seconds and crucially the pizza has to be soft enough to fold so can be held in the hunt. plus it's interesting that would be so you only are getting ever more prestige in recent years nowadays pizzas are on the menu at upscale restaurants too so in addition to the head chef the pizza you'll know is also important the most i think and so you will right by the entrance to the old town is naples oldest pizzeria on t. could pizzeria points out that. there was
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a stand making and selling pizza in this spot way back in seventy thirty eight so. the pizza yellow makes sure the oven temperature does not stray outside the standard four hundred fifty to five hundred degrees celsius. if it's not a wood fired oven it's not near polishing pizza. general luciano lets his don't rise for forty eight hours. the base has to be thinned and soft enough crispy the raise crust for corn and jony is another typical feature you couldn't hold in a beer my crust should be no higher than two or three centimeters the florida. today naples is home to some three thousand pizza makers gennaro luciano also trains aspiring p.c. only understand it catered to maintaining the tradition of authentic neo pilots and pizza from a film it i inherited the passion from a need so from my great grandfather my grandfather and my father. but you know when
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i was thirteen i learned the art myself now i'm fifty seven and will pass it undermines children and grandchildren it's a tradition that should never be allowed to disappear from the direct mine field even hollywood immortalize naples pizza making tradition julia roberts appearance in the end seek a pizzeria mickael it certainly added to the restaurant's popularity. and you know its own think with we came here straight from the airport and we even brought our suitcases just to eat the pizza here. ok provide service that. there are only two varieties here marinara and margarita both cost four euros pizza it is after all supposed to be nourishment for everyone and the parts of the tradition that fostered by naples pizza makers. kids strong was always going to be special he could speak and count before the age of one and they aged
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five started playing piano and composing songs no surprise then that he was dubbed a vendor kynde and compared to mozart now at age twenty six he is an internationally renowned pianist performing the world over we caught up with his compelling character on his current tour of germany. kid armstrong jets all over the world playing a good hundred concerts a year at the tender age of twenty six he already looks back at over two decades of experience. the one time child prodigy is getting down to the business of life as skip mentioning. this. there are people whose job it is to tell stories and for them terms like vonda kids may be useful on occasion once my white house but i myself have never thoughts in such terms. so it isn't a cripple if a. kid armstrong came to germany from the united states at the age of thirteen
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piano master are afraid brenda recognized his exceptional talent and became his mentor. armstrong soon played work centuries old or contemporary with equal virtuosity. whatever kit armstrong does he does it meticulously and passionately whether studying piano or. that's not a lot to show you can't separate the mathematical and the emotional mathematics is there to describe and discover worlds of beauty which to endecott. kid armstrong is multi-talented he masters a range of skills almost like child's play he sees origami as a sort of cross between mathematics and music. he likes chicken because he had some as a boy at the age of six he composed used chickens so not are. just
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. as they were my pet stick in so it's a great blessing to be able to compose at such a young age. it's because it's six kind of you can't really use language to describe what's important to you or what you feel with and invest it is just but music can do that. at once or vita i became was a qantas theory hearses with the ensemble present not soon hamburg's you know how morning. because i understand there's this point in the first movement where it switches from a major to d. major we wanted to freshen up the a major. kid's fellow musicians agree that he's really a nice guy and his interests are by no means limited to music.
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yeah we talk a lot about food that's a subject we have in common with the well before you before you got here he spent a few days concentrating intensively on learning how to make the very in dumplings this have to be long yes it brings us together and it's very important actually we've agreed it's the most important thing in life like this and that seems to be just one of many activities he does besides amusing. but we're busy cook when he's on the road three hundred days a year. his mother came from taiwan his father from england he grew up in the united states and studied in paris so where does he call home in two thousand and thirteen he moved to al's own northern france into this church in atlanta how this is actually my home i always say there's no living room in the world that's more beautiful than this. just down the grand pianos that the children and. fortunately he's got
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a second grand piano apparently this one held up better in this almost unheated room kaito and whatever the cold the motivation go together has happened i bought this building in two thousand and thirteen with the idea of turning this former church and have a kind of cultural center. an act court to attend a place where friends and other musicians could get together to hear find. a place for artist to lock in right next to the sack history as his dearly loved and often sorely missed kitchen he's still trying to perfect his per variant dumplings. this is an attack this really is something unusual and if. dinner is followed by an exclusive concert now kid armstrong could try to impress
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and demonstrate his virtue on sunday but he has no need to show off he plays william burns contemplate a mass for four voices from the sixteenth century. how many hours a day does he normally play. in this i mean natalie or actually sitting at the piano. you also play in your head janitor it is yes of course i can't keep from it . when i'm having a boring conversation for instance i love the piano and in my mind's eye. i'm kept here for all. to music is for me music is a mental process that exists even without the senate. next up we take a stroll through one of europe's more in conspicuous capitals but warsaw in poland
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is fast becoming a populous city break destination as it has plenty to offer a young culture scene is blossoming i'm now in summer visitors can explore unique balls and policy of open and d.j. sets. it may not be one of the most visually appealing cities in europe but right now it is one of the most exciting herman's capital warsaw is booming with a growing list of attractions with tourists and locals alike. the city's most famous landmark is the palace of culture and finance for decades a resent it symbol of soviet domination nowadays the square in front of it is a popular meeting place. was the reason today that four years ago we began setting up trees in flower containers we couldn't plant them in the ground because of all the concrete. and the garden keeps getting bigger in the summer a d.j. plays contemporary sounds to a relaxed crowd in this little oasis. look at the there's
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a lot of people work in the summer too so it's nice for them to come down here to enjoy themselves afterwards if i may we let the muslim say sorry to hear the loud say warsaw is in the top ten of european capitals in terms of what it has to offer night vision. and like paris and but then it's off as a riverside beach it's a far cry from the old grainy image of warsaw. the night on the bank of the vistula has become one of the city's new hot spots. so it's the should there's always something going on here we have no center in the classical sense it was like it was more so center is spread across various neighborhoods. and dr dunn central was always positively hopping for many visitors young and gentle the highlight of the weekend is the multimedia fountain pump on light sounded music extravaganza with a pro european message. but so when i'm going or saw it is such
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a vibrant place now with so many new attractions at the back to stand out there in sales attractions there are making a thriving punish capital an increasingly popular destination for tourists. just before we go i want to urge you to take part in our prize draw which is commemorating your max's upcoming fifteenth birthday so we're giving away a goodie bag with everything a true your max fan could wish for including our very own wristwatch and cookbook so send us photos of yourselves enjoying the program and upload them on our website d.w. dot com slash lifestyle being creative will certainly those two chances i'll see you again tomorrow about from now. on your own max whenever he knows there is a storm brewing nearby must you. outside the news
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a storm chaser the german photographer specializes in capturing the extreme weather phenomenon on camera from this guy who's turned ominously dark and everyone else seeks cover that's when this man is easy element the stormy weather next time on your own facts.
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roads and railways overcrowded transportation looked like a century from now thanks when it's been cast driving us into the future. looking down back at the speed of sound. today's bright idea coming off tomorrow. fifteen.
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the colby's in germany to learn german polish beneath. why not learning with him. you learning course. climate change. the state. environmental. biodiversity species nontraditional exploitation ebola the. human rights displacement the bowl. of local action. three thousand. females i. look at it she said let's see it let's see. the book it's a call to. get sucked into this kind of side by.
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the end. of the play put big dreams on the big screen in. the magazine on the w. o. . the. under couldn't opportunity through arms and tribal music god was not the answer is fear that made me as i'm talking before. then you're falling for the one hundred one. missile defense was passing me under oath one. even though he did have a grip on this blog with the dismissal com newsroom pinkney the other things for him and all funkadelic me good and near constant i swear to once in feel on some of the people talk to him was the most beautiful thing going on this is
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raising me dozens of police. french president and my new all mccrone and german chancellor angela merkel have agreed that countries must be able to turn back asylum seekers at their borders if they previously registered in another member country during a meeting near berlin the two leaders also backed the creation of a euro zone budget to bolster investment and economic convergence in the one nine hundred. number of people fleeing wars persecution and other violence has grown to six.


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